Potential baseball stadium financing for downtown Wichita?

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, August 14th
A visit with editor Bill Roy from the Wichita Business Journal

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9713. Thirty K in a sense you get in the morning Allison who. 46. Here on Tuesday morning predict today news. Three if you don't police report no cooperation in murder investigation. Number 33 and 32 weeks this year C news Wichita City Council will approve budget today. More than thirty more cups and no property tax increases blood. Mayor along wells says a new stadium is planned for what's involved in place by 20/20. Three big things even dead. And our traffic updates here on this Tuesday morning we do have fire crews on the scene of a bar and on fired. North east of valley center. This is in the 7100 block of east 125. North. East of I 135 of barn on fire. We also have an injury traffic accident in southeast which kicks off. The northbound lanes of southeast boulevard are shut down and Marion road that's a little bit south of on east. Southeast boulevard traffic updates. From Kate in SS the details. Mostly cloudy with a 60% chance for rain today than the high of 83 degrees 30%. Chance for rain tonight the overnight low 65. Wednesday tomorrow a 20% chance parade tomorrow's high 88. A mostly cloudy seventy degrees we've got to south winds at seven. Miles per hour. For the safety of our elections systems didn't exactly hurt a vote of confidence following last weekend's Defcon hacking conference in Las Vegas. One session reportedly featured an eleven year old. Who successfully hacked into a replica website for the Florida's secretary of eight and changed election results. Took the young hacker ten minutes to break it and aid access. Then that's acted and can an eleven year old. I've got two granddaughters or 12 I can't imagine am. The child took part in a Defcon voting machine hacking village that long PBS reports were kids as young as eight years old attempted to. Access replica web pages and change information. Which basically means to me is there's nothing. On the Internet that you can trust. In a week the I guess we can be hacked into its obligatory journeys towards I don't know our website by the way is a terrific website. Kansas association of broadcasters just voted them number one of the state so we do a great job and and you can trust ourselves. Gathers like I have to enter somebody passwords ya know kids an affair not out or eleven year old Gary. They stocks are starting off the week in the red. The Dow down a 125 points yet and 500 down eleven NASDAQ Composite down nineteen and change. Meanwhile all eyes on Tesla today that's not finishing lower. After CEO Elon Musk blogs that Saudi officials had told him they were willing to help take the company right it. Musk and regulatory cross hairs last week after he said he had secured financing. To take the company private at 420 dollars a share so far no investors have stepped forward to say that's true. SEC is investigating us claims will watch that story closely. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Gerri Willis Fox News. Talk of a new baseball team for which atop the editor bill Lloyd launched on business journal below us this morning is always good morning bill. Good morning Steve and ten the Abu talk about a little bit the last couple of days could we have an announcement on baseball teams soon. Rumors have been swirling an announcement could come soon mayor Jeff Long while since an announcement could be close in Lawrence Dumont stadium is definitely coming down. On wells says plans to have new ballpark in place 20/20 that's contingent of course on getting a team affiliated with the big league club. Senator industries is one of defense contract worth as much as 66 million dollars the company will produce magazine cartridges for US army firearms. It's a fixed price contract that would last the next five years. Senator industries began as an initiative that has cerebral policy research foundation to help provide opportunities in manufacturing. The company has about 200 employees. And the cancer center Kansas has been selected to participate in two new clinical trials there for immunotherapy. Is being developed for the treatment of advanced breast cancer. CCK was modified cancer center selected nationwide the sixteen CCK locations across Kansas. Might also be included in those trials. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Bill listen tell me a little bit more about center industries have never heard of them. On the got a 66 million dollar contract is this a nonprofit or. They did they were created dead like a see through the cerebral palsy yeah search foundational long time ago. And they are they were created to help folks with disabilities get jobs in the manufacturing industry okay. And they're located near Wichita and taking up. I'm 66 million dollar contract pretty nights they've been talking a laundry dinner before I got on the air this morning I talked with two people. About the best about the stadium and you're talking about in met the mayor was on yesterday here Steven did talking about the new stadium and so what we've been jet chatter about it this morning. Start bonds we're looking for start bonds from the state is that right to help us finance this thing. Well I'm not sure not sure what the financings going to be on this it depends on what they work out with the with the affiliated. Baseball team's owner. I'm pretty sure the owner not only wants to sort of be in charge of the stadium and also be in charge of the area around the stadium I would assume there's going to be. No we've heard about a village you know around the stadium that day includes retailer probably restaurants so now. Please you how much to control they have the and they were supposed to go in there with the something and they've already been told they can't go and oh is that right we haven't heard anything about that into I would assume the new owners of the earth the owner of the team that's going to be coming here. Wants to wants to keep take control that don't have a lot of say in what happens there and then got in return we get to. Maybe come to a ball game herb. The new stadium new restaurant and retail maybe so maybe it's more comfortable to watch somebody would hit into double play I don't know the it's it's really if you like but it's got which dot docket. I mean oh yeah I have a lot of people are talking about this watering about it and it's got to be kind of secretive I guess Julian all the negotiations done. That he had a year you he said reported just a minute ago they're hoping to hear something soon. Yeah and but soon as soon what does that mean I don't know we were supposed to have an announcement last December okay. Sick of us to Hamachi you live on the west side how much rain did you get out here in west last night we got a fair amount there were a couple of pretty heavy downpours I haven't seen any official measurements are on an answer yet that. I would Alison maybe at least happen putts in Riverside re got a good dredged for a couple of hours and yet two of the guys it is at the national weather center about it and it is station now by. Eisenhower told me this morning and gotten next to nothing out there so it's been real body. But out. Any rate we get is good bright good for the wheat has receive that. Well now the artist is over now there they're planning that's now throw crops for the hall all right. Thank you bill 754 now Stephen Ted does save received in the 8 o'clock hour. We'll have the latest from. Wichita 33 homicide of the year not many clues in that when Ted's gonna update sports right Ted. Dirt forty minutes from now we'll have our live chat with me told us play by play voice the Kansas City Chiefs live from chiefs training camp in tournaments plus entertainment news on the floor this morning unit that handles that as well he's. He's the most sport's best of our best he's everywhere this morning dead. What's gonna happen on the board this morning. You know let's say we go I I'm excited about this and a lot of interesting notes including. The old Elvis Presley. Well the 8 o'clock hour here on K and. Spanish. Sounds so. And this. Is the sound of.