Predicting future college costs

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, December 26th

Don Grant says there are many different factors that contribute to how much a college education will cost.


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It is 713 thirty K and as that we are even attend the morning here on Tuesday morning day after Christmas. 646. Now all three big thing you which the government keep Ramsey says body can go resolving citizen complaints seeing. Ford dead in Iowa house fire line. Blizzards and bitter cold across much of the US three big things even dead on K in a sense. And it happened just minutes ago. Which stuff police reporting in auto theft honor resilient and it sort of an out of them you know he was pouring of their car where they lose. Now that right around the 3200 block of Seneca. So. Outstanding this again. It was happening this morning. Guess something warming up their vehicle probably. Remember vehicle he slept in it and it's on this thing happens a lot system here they're adults traffic updates as heinous as radio and pitching. Mostly cloudy and cold today with a high of nineteen degrees and Monday's high was 35. Hopefully coming cold tonight Gilbert like little 9 AM. Wednesday only partly sunny we're gonna warm way up to 25 degrees tomorrow wow. Mostly cloudy sixty degrees northeast winds at sixty miles per hour wind chill is one with Don grant CF beat them on the record with a sporting mortgage market and. Have you Weathers this morning good to be here George Washington and his troops annual Christmas Day trip across the Delaware River. Has been saved by boats made by children. Okay organizers had feared yesterday's crossing would have to be canceled because low water levels on the river between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Would have made it impossible for re an actor to navigate. Their middle and there wouldn't Durham boats. But Philadelphia waterborne nonprofit that teaches both buildings skills to middle and high school students. Let the organizers six and made twelve foot rowboat for the crossing. The bullets only draw about six inches of water meaning they can get across a river under current conditions but that. I'm Bridget marking the most Christmas Eve when Georgian is Washington is troops cross the Delaware and then attacked the actions. I am I remembering this right IQ's editor tis I history expert who closely now there's a big paying of Washington standing in the bow. Yeah correctly going gets the all ruled that isn't a vote. Markets were closed Monday in observance of Christmas and would just four days of trading left in 2017. Stocks are on pace to finish every month of the year was gains and dividends are included move while. Stocks finished slightly lower Friday in subdued trading ahead of the three day holiday weekend the S&P fell point. Dow lost 28 NASDAQ fell five points. And shoppers who are feeling good about the economy. And spending more than expected on items like kitchen gadgets toys in coats. Can make this the best holiday season is that we're years. That's good news for retailers some of which have had few reasons of late. To be marry bad news from my bank account. And it's that time of the year Bob humbug. Okay unions act. Unions have got a whiff of a rare opportunity to organize a whole new set of workers as recreational marijuana becomes legal in California. The United Farm Workers Teamsters and united food and commercial workers are looking to unionize the tens of thousands of potential workers. Involved in the legal means game very well in my in my book he's got to have a have a union stamp on it or I'm not gonna pull us explore the union label. But and tens of thousands really isn't going to be that date is that external road clips through and pious and everything we're in the wrong business. They we should be in the pot business. Yeah I think yet you would never lack. Employment now looks like he also likes growth industry. That until about. Wichita State you know marijuana marketing moral or something like that era. And K state how to grow in cultivated. In case you had to buy it in pencil set analysts. Now the potential and market you don't have to market it that's through the Manhattan bar and self and is always there like Stephen did it market itself right. Right six. It's that they want it was Stephen dead Don grant CFP the funny tracker predicting future college costs or getting in the twinkies. Can predict if you're you're telling us I will say they're going higher. Really need gather that I see a good guest says. You know if you're working college grad take a second think about what it cost to go to college. I went to university California at the time. Paid more for books at two than I did for tuition. Paid more for books in 94 to wish and while you wish and also. To have that tuition was cheap. That's the point here tuition also included a medical clinic on campus for health care needs. Boy times have changed now. Pay for college has become a long range planning necessity and to wish and inflation is becoming. More burdensome many times doubling or traveling in the general rate of inflation. As indicated by the Consumer Price Index for the CPI. How do you know the best way to project for the cost of college in eighteen years it's even newborn let's not. You different from general financial planning. But we are dealing with a higher historical rate of inflation we generally look at the cost of tuition now than apply an average rate of past tuition inflation to project for living expenses are projected by using the average of past general inflation. And if you're putting money away for college savings plan like a 529 account for the potential investment growth two factors. College tuition and expenses and inflation. And investment growth or think you need to consider. But there are several other often overlooked factors. First is in come every parent of a college student looking for ways to pay for college has probably spent an hour filling out the free application for Federal Student Aid or the fat so plan. The family income and the number of kids in college will determine whether a financial aid packages available. So the availability will determine how much out of pocket. And will there be scholarships. ECT scores. Well next is location and type of school are your kids going to be in an in state school or that's. That's you know within the compete commute distance or are they better off at Harvard a big difference there weathered every living at home going to the State's school or go off someplace like Ivy League. Well as with any financial planning we need to make assumptions with the best information that we have right now. It becomes a dynamic process the annual reviews to monitor how investments are performing are necessary and check in. On the child's scholarship and where they are setting their targets to Rattan and of course if you have any questions you give me a call. Number 6342222. To know as soon get a great Christmas. It was it was good it was weird daughter's hair. My daughters are here together and they were a McKay U and so they're they're they're down for Christmas okay yeah get a big breakthroughs Stan you know. They've got a long break them my oldest is off to Washington DC two would do an internship. And work for the Canadian embassy. Really believe it or not that would interest and she's been having to go through all these security check yeah I think so why Canadians just let's just see an internship that she was as getting those not escape. She knows how to skate exactly she's a skater. Eight electric and beer now. That don't they and then also she's into which you losses she's relied she wants to get into environmental law and they have a very strong environmental department then they're gonna she's gonna work in there aren't. Great today is national Weiner Tuesday. If I want you are allowed to whine about being too tired over eating having to go back to work. Having so much to clean up for the long lines the return islets store yeah he reasons some place I go every day's national wonders if it's it's. Reverent and Kevin is a born he created national pointers in 1986. While in hopes of encouraging people to be thankful for what they have instead of being unhappy. Whining about what they do not and a we're just get it over with in one day and shut up through is nothing more boring and someone whining. I hate you. With so many of our colleagues in on the FM stations down hole or whining about the fact that Stephen did get all the attention well because you earn it darted. Just got better idea. The way and whale land where national Weiner Tuesday while I don't wanna celebrate. Either he's whining you know making it takes if you've seen that coming at 7 o'clock. Next thing and it says that morning's result on the news today. But these conditions in parts of northeastern US team that has the look on USS.