President Trump directs DoD to create a Space Force

Steve & Ted mornings
Tuesday, June 19th
President says the Space Force will be a 6th branch of the U.S. Military.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news today at SS Wichita is number. Who won the news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this occasion as this morning news's Stevenson Dicey back inside. High wind and knocked down power lines and Hutchinson we've got the story I'm rocky prize workers in derby made a startling discovery Monday. Let's Wichita stoplight will be shut down at least temporarily. It was alerted those details just ahead on KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. We will have another day in the 90s across south central Kansas for good chance of showers and thunderstorms by late this evening park complete forecast is coming up. A Justice Department watchdog stopped short of saying his review of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Exonerates or implicates president dropped in the Russian investigation. Inspector general Michael Horwitz says his report on the FBI's handling of the Clinton email investigation does not draw any conclusions about their Russia investigation. I'm not gonna make senator's judgment. Special counsel Muller's investigation I can always come and speak to what I got here. Horwitz also says there is an investigation looking in now how former FBI director James combing handled memos he drafted after meetings with president trump. A Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. Strong winds knocked down a number of power lines in Hutchinson last night Hutchinson fire chief Steven beer. Reports crews were dispatched following multiple reports of power lines down firefighters were forced to drive miles out of their way to battle house fire. The woman who owns a home was found inside her car in the driveway under high voltage lines she was not injured she was eventually freed by firefighters and workers from one star energy workers made an unsettling discovery Monday morning in derby. Around 10 AM dirty police responded to a call at a business in the 100 block of west market workers renovating and building discovered what appear to be a coffin in the attic. Containing possible human skeletal remains the company may have been there for an extended period of time. The derby police department has been assisted by the Cedric county coroner's office to determine if the skeletal remains are human. Derby PD will also work with experts too attempt to determine the age and gender of the remains anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to call the derby police department. At 7881557. Ronnie Price Kahan SS news. Citing safety issues the city of Wichita temporarily shutting down a stoplight at 111 and Kellogg in west Wichita. City engineer Gary Jensen tell ASN news the intersection sought 86 accidents from 20052014. Quarter mile away at 119 and Kellogg fewer than twenty accidents during that same time Brent. That's why we have committed to doing trial. So what we've done today to start things off this is not. We can monitor and see where Al traffic's doing make sure we're not content safety concerns we will just move problem. For now access to 111 will be from maize road. Then the access road on the north side of Kellogg. Janzen says of businesses are facing major issues or are there are traffic backup issues they will reconsider the light closure secretary of Homeland Security says the problem of separating families of the border that has drawn outrage. Is for congress to fix not the president. Secretary Christian Nielsen says children of illegal immigrants aren't being used as pawns to rewrite immigration law at a White House briefing she said protecting kids from traffickers and false parental claims are among the priorities along with their wellbeing. We now care for them. We have high standards we gifts and meals we get an education we give them medical care. Still policies have governors publicly saying they won't send guard members to the border to enforce the policy. Among them Andrew Cuomo of New York Democrat and Charlie Baker of Massachusetts. Republican. Colonel Scott Fox News. It's just like on Warren Buffett plans to open a new Geico insurance service center that will bring 500 jobs to limit access the Kansas City area development council says the center will begin hiring customer service. And sales employees immediately. It'll open in August and add 500 jobs over five years. KN OSS news time now 804 Foreman has faster 8 o'clock. A former member of the royals World Series championship teams traded yesterday prior to the game we'll tell you who that is will. If you run down in baseball action coming up with sports FaceBook is updating its advertising policies to prohibit showing weapons accessory ads. Two miners that story coming up on the Candace has sporting news Stevens head. It's just refuses to even sit down 8288 minutes past 8 o'clock. The prosecutor has cleared to people who fatally shot a man who booted three after opening fire at an Oklahoma City restaurant. Oklahoma county district attorney David Prater announced Monday that Wong Carlos does Dario and Bryan capital were justified in their actions. And would not face charges. Both men shot 28 year old Alexander Tillman it may 24. After authorities say he walked into Louise on the lake and started shooting. Tillman boarded a woman and two girls. FaceBook is updating its advertising policies to prohibit showing weapon accessory adds to minors. FaceBook currently banned ads for guns and modifications. Starting June 21 the social network will tighten its policies on gun related advertising requiring those selling gun case is pollsters and other related products into restricted their audiences to at least eighteen years of age or over the move comes amid the ongoing debate over gun reform and could be ruffling a few feathers FaceBook already under fire for accusations of suppressing conservative voices earlier this year Google's YouTube came under fire my Second Amendment advocate after announcing it would ban clips promoting or linking to web sites selling firearms and accessories. Increasing good when Fox News. So called millionaire's tax proposal will not be on the Massachusetts ballot in November the Massachusetts Supreme Court and a five to two ruling has blocked a proposed millionaire tax question from going to voters later this year. The court said violates part of the state constitution that keeps ballot questions for talking about and related subjects in this case it's taxing and spending. The so called fair share amendment would've tacked up 4% tax on to any portion of a person's annual income that's over a million dollars. The money would have been earmarked for transportation and education. Tonya. K Unisys news time now 810s in 10 minutes past 8 o'clock. Which does gasoline prices this morning. A little unsettled lifting prices still size or 265. At the low end I've got to sixty sue. And right now the yet heaviest traffic that we're seeing is that relevant north junction now seems beyond either 135. Siren around thirteen 96 and then up she will work gets at 1854 there watch for heavy traffic in those areas. Traffic update from cape and it's as radio time get cheaper so now the forecast routine in his says staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan with good. Morning's deep moisture continues to Lipton from the Gulf of Mexico that'll make it another warm humid day for us with temperatures in the upper eighties around lunchtime. 92 that died this afternoon the south winds up to twenty miles per hour late today. Thunderstorm chances will ramp up late tonight and overnight or lose 71 with good storms off and on Wednesday tomorrow's high 86. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy skies 78 degrees the other south wind at thirteen miles per hour. Data says whether is brought to you by the monarch. Offering five dollar select appetizers Monday through Thursday from four to 6 PM for happy hour. Full cocktail menu can be found at march which is not dot com the monarch in delay no. Today is June 19. Tony eighteen of course but on this date in 1992. We head. Did you say the big 12 punch. Here in south central Kansas two rounds. To separate rounds of severe thunderstorms. Ravaging south central Kansas. Round one struck early in the morning 1992 is the date now. When severe thunderstorms erupted over Cedric county. Bombarding some areas with a hail as large as soft balls. Later that morning around to obstruct an even larger area with a baseball to softball sized hail. These two episodes combined to injure eighty 69 people and caused around 600 million dollars in damage. At the time it was a costliest natural disaster in Kansas history. All these giants you know hail stones coming down and it the hardest hit was. Basically tends. Right into the west of Belarus to months stadium I think it does in the neighborhood about their places of the blessed to the baseball stadium yeah in between there and Friends University. And a lot of those houses just got. Health is not only depth of the car windows were just shadow every ruler. And it was but it meant was that they read the insurance claims for the roof so the cars just still went on and on all yep and a you know they would have to in those situations as always bring in. Adjusters claims adjusters open up get these big tents Conan parking lots and just happy event. And make appointments to get their claims done. Yet reverend we lost our roof of that nineteen and now we are under Riverside which is kind of on the edge of the that's tough spot there but still. Nothing you gotta hailed the bill still has been a soft balls they're going to do some sort of damage. There and do something unusual storm to noses in the morning mister Morley think of summing in the late afternoon early evening and adding these horrible morning. Hail storms in 1990 in this state. 812 now Stevens in the morning on K in his says send the president trumpets talking about it national space. Force. Yesterday and he talked about that before Fox News radio is Evan brown is reverse this morning good morning Evan. So are you ready talk about the space force what they don't look like you're thinking. Well no one really knows do you the president hasn't exactly said what he really plants or it but I if we want to lose. Take it a good think about this album is the airports as it exists now. I have seen large contingent that is dedicated to space flight didn't and other uses of space that are often. Kept classified. It is feasible that you would just separate that part of the air force from the airport to create the space ports and have it be its own. Six branch of the US military. Yeah it's bit that's probably the easiest way to do that if that is that is in fact what the president wants to do. All of this of course would take action of congress sent them would require congress to actually fund the big branch of the military. But that that might be what the president has in mind. Play and is similar to what happened in 1947 when they yeah government took it the air corps out of the US sirens in Japan Korea and the airport so. Such a beast can be kind of an easy transition take that part out and a you know I'm thinking about one of the big concerns back in the in the fifties. When reached began space exploration the Russians put up the sputnik and all of that. One of the big concerns Eisenhower and I remember president Eisenhower was the militarization of space and making. And having it be you know faced them the place for re look at. Waste to nick crush other countries and so for the I don't think that's what we have in mind here but that was a bad major concern about space being yet you know someplace. Correct it and certainly wise and and and president Eisenhower decided that our exploration activities would be civilian in nature yeah and that mess even though it would rely on military. Aviators can be gotten. Astronaut. I didn't actually would be it civilian endeavor and I think the line was something similar to know astronaut and apply at a military rocket of some like that outlook. But the president. It was very adamant about that that the president Eisenhower. What exactly east peace force military would do is still really I'd known would it be defensive in nature. Do we have a legitimate fear that other nations might try to be cute and kind of space war their program that we would need to. Not match so that we could defend ourselves from. And Andy so does it really require new branch of service. In the air force already does have. Operations in space like I said that are clandestine order classified at least. And the and the but also another thing about this that we're not that we should really talk about it that is. Would one person would you work of someone else someone especially coming out of high school. These recruited and be able to enlist in the space force. And what that actually I. Ike is about everyone who would listen it's completely unexpected and I think that's the reality. But what this person end up being highly trained technical person who after their military commitment. You know in service to their country would come out and have a great resume and be able to into the workforce with a very high ate a high level of training. I that could be beneficial for the nation as a whole. And not to mention to have this high tech labor force with the efficiency of the military it is he it would be an amazing thing to app. And of course you lose the you know as someone that looked at in the would do this who would submit themselves to this. Would be eligible for education benefits like. Like people who would list in the in the army in the navy in the airports. And benefits for retirement so hopefully that BA would do a better job by that point. But but these are all these are all real questions. All right thank you Sarah appreciate your time this morning Fox News radio's Evan brown commenting and helping us it's us understand a little better with the mean to a president a trump has in my free space force. In separate military force. Or if authorities say a 48 year old Florida man raised a can of beer and drank it in one gulp after a sheriff's deputies stopped him on suspicion of drunk driving. Darrell royal regal. Told Monroe Monroe county sheriff's investigators he was scared when he fled in his pickup truck his deputy Nancy Lopez. Stepped out of his patrol car regal drove up for a short distance before stopping. Riddle had three prior drink drive convictions between 2003 and one in ten and a fourth is pending from Tony seventeen. Reports has really got out of distract hand in hand and drank the contents in one big goal right there in front of the sheriff's deputy. Apparently this guy has not been. Punished severely enough by the authorities so far to do anything about his drinking problems so he's going to probably wind up killing somebody. With his drunk driving and it. Is no control ads apparently is a lifetime problem you know. 818 now Stephen dead here on KE NN says here on Tuesday morning let's take a look at sports now. With. Who is it oh yeah did what were those sports tickets this would turn. Little glitch there date yet Kansas City Royals last night. Once again part of its long homestand hosting the Texas Rangers both teams in last place in their divisions. 45 year old Bartolo alone on the mound for the Rangers last night he had been pretty bad in his last few outings. But he got his act together last night against the royals and the city did have a pretty good shot again Adam in the fifth inning you heard the game on K if they. And we think back to any number five for the royals they had a golden opportunity really to turn the game around the first four hitters reached an air field single. And was picked off first Gordon walked the stock to single brand shingle bases loaded. Undergo major comes up grounds into a double play and that's one of the things coach. Played the royals the entire season. That and the fact that the royals just like yesterday when the royals in the late innings ostensibly did zero. Well tonight. Inning 678. And nine comedy hitch to the royals get those four innings zero. And you're not gonna win many games like that. Rangers win it six to three as Cologne gets his 244. The wind. Passing hall of Famer one marriage shelf for the most wins by eight. Player from the Dominican Republic the royals. Now in the month of June with a record of two and fourteen. They've lost seven RO. Royals host the Rangers again tonight live pregame coverage begins at 630 game will start at 715 listened to the royals in the Rangers live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975 FM. Yesterday the royals traded their closer to the Washington Nationals and exchange for three minor leaguers a teenage pitcher. A single a outfielder and a double A third baseman. Of course Kelly her rare other royals closer. Than ever that. Fantastic bullpen for the World Series championship team just few years ago another link that title team now. Playing somebody else the royals trade Kilby Guerrero to the nationals. Minor League Baseball tonight it's the Southern League all star game double a level at them. Birmingham Alabama tonight former Wichita wing Mets pitcher Omar bin Como. He's going to play this game for the north divisions on the Southern League all star team he's in double A with the Minnesota Twins organization. In Como this year has a record of six and one. And he is number two in the Southern League with a 2.2 three earned run average former wing net pitcher Omar bin Como tonight in the Southern League all star game. Speaking of the wing nuts they are home tonight. Squeezed in between two long road trips to when nets have three brief home games this week hosting the Sioux Falls canaries. 705 tonight downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium when nets have won seven of their last eight they're not tied for second place. In the division. Yesterday we told you about former Wichita State baseball player gutter Trout line who in his first professional at bat hit a home run. We have but doing two days for the shocker now. Former shocker Dayton duke off and just got done with this soccer career and got drafted playing in his first professional game last night in rookie league Gulf Coast League with the Detroit Tigers. And in his first game as a professional. Dayton duke guy hit a two run home run yesterday in his first pro game so well to gaze and her role. Former soccer mixes his professional debut and hits a home run. About that date duke gun. But the big home run yesterday to get his career off to a start. That's sports with Stephen Ted KNS. I date when he won now given here for the handed the morning minutes. Will president trophy interviewed by a prosecutor. That's coming up Stevens head of the morning on tape and as ants.