President Trump ends exemption on tariffs for EU, Canada, and Mexico

Steve & Ted
Monday, June 18th
Guest: Fox News Correspondent Jon Decker in Washington D.C.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we should toss in a room. Who won the news talk bad weather station depend on. Watch this is the case and it's just forty yards receiving tonight Steve thank you so much. Man's body found in south Wichita we've got the story. Hutchinson man's body recovered from lake in Colorado I'm Ted Woodward those details just ahead. I'm KMS us meteorologist Dan Holliday after a stretch of hot humid weather we'll see a change in the weather pattern would temperatures coming down a bit. And rain chances increasing by mid week. We're full forecast is on the way. Kagan as his breaking news a child has died after drowning in a hotel swimming pool in the plaza area of Kansas City, Missouri. CNB CTV reports that a boy around ten years of age died Saturday night in the pool at the embassy suites hotel. Two people at the pool tried unsuccessfully to save the child before rescue crews arrived. The boy's name and details of the incident have not been released. Investigators say a Sunday morning fatal shooting at a New Jersey arts festival appears to be gang related. Mercer county prosecutor Angelo on off priest says there were some fist fights at the role bowling wire works building in Trenton and then some things escalated from there. Investigations revealed that the shooting appears to be. Related to several gangs having neighborhood gangs. From here in this city of Trenton having a dispute. The venue. Two suspects opened fire early yesterday. More than twenty people were injured several of them critically one of the suspects was killed. A strong earthquake hit Japan earlier today that earthquake hitting north of Osaka Japan at a magnitude six point one just after 8 AM local time at a depth of about eight miles at least three people were killed over 200 others injured a nine year old girl was killed by a falling concrete wall at her school the two other fatalities men in their eighties many homes and buildings including a major hospital lost power the electricity was restored at most places by mid afternoon. Paul Stephens Fox News. Authorities are investigating after a man's body was found near the someone called 911 to report what they thought was a dead body in a tree line next to the river in the area of Wausau and green might boulevard. Which is just south of pony in Broadway police believe the body had been there for a few days the identity of the man and the cause of death were not immediately determined. Authorities have recovered the body of a man from Hutchinson who went missing in a lake in northern Colorado. Steamboat today reports 64 year old Davis passive purchasing Kansas was with another man on the short steamboat late trying to fix a problem with their boats trolling motor Friday afternoon. Route coming corner rob Brian says we don't really know a lot about why he went down. S.'s Bonnie was recovered just after midnight early Saturday morning in an autopsy is scheduled for Monday. Is that Campbell came in SS news have. People are dead after a high speed crashed near the Texas Mexico border. Fox's Jeff Paul reports of victims are believed to be illegal immigrants the democratic chair just spoke a little while ago saying now 86%. Might have died in the number of casualties might only rise he also says the driver was known to law enforcement. It was seen just last weekend they're scouting the area are looking for immigrants to smuggle fourteen people were incited when it crashed while. US Border Patrol agents pursued the SUV. They Zeta vehicle ran off the road and flipped over several times twelve or rejected Ford died on saint. A fifth passed away on the way to the hospital. The sheriff says it's an extremely busy area for smuggling more assets are needed. And that they have a real problem with illegal immigration and that's showing no signs of slowing down driver of that vehicle walked away and injured in a person now in custody. President trump will meet with house Republicans ahead of votes on a pair of immigration bills. The discussion this Tuesday will go over GOP bill protecting undocumented kids from being deported White House counselor Kellyanne Conway says separating kids and parents is not the president's intent. Really like seeing. BBC ripped from the mother's arms. But the president treated no GOP bill would get his signature without funding for border wall California Democrat representative Adam Schiff says that's not productive. None of this can be solved by angry tweets or by. Using these families as a lever. Colonel Scott Fox News. C Unisys news time now 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. We're gearing up for golf week in which it saw with the Wichita open on the horizon. And they former soccer baseball player makes a memorable professional debut had that coming up in sports which Doug you're downtown library is open that story coming up. On the K and there's this morning news the Stephen says. Okay and is this morning news is he's just now 8088. Minutes past 8 o'clock. Again and injured eighteen and shot a man and a pair of carjacking attempt Sunday before being killed by a bystander. Outside a Washington State Wal-Mart store. Is it the Wal-Mart in hot water happened around 5 PM Sunday. After years of waiting Wichita as new advanced learning library downtown officially open. Saturday's ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by a large crowd. The new libraries are hands on experience for people of all ages with the tech innovation room where visitors can try out everything from selling the computers. The main emphasis of a bribery is of course books and reading. While the old library was great some said it was showing its age and then you ivory is exciting for the development of the downtown area. The library has nearly sixty computers for the public to use as well as a drive through to pick up items being held Amy web KN SS news. New Jersey teenager is facing serious jail time over a song posted on social media eighteen year old Michael Schmidt of west Caldwell New Jersey faces up to ten years behind bars over accusations of creating a false public alarm. After posting an expletive late in rap song with the title referenced in the name of this high school to the music sharing site sound clout. A concerned classmate alerted administration about the post which also featured a picture of Schmidt pointing a gun at the camera now weeks later he is under house arrest awaiting trial. Schmidt maintains his innocence telling bus speed news that cops tried to paint him as a school shooter. But he never planned on attacking this school. In New Jersey might cancer Fox News Messina says use time now. 8099. Minutes fancy declines. Gasoline prices in Wichita this morning where. Round at 265. Gallon I've not spotted better to 64 saw that at mains and Kellogg this morning. It was a little bit off there also sought so that just. When he first and rock growth traffic update from state and has as radio that brought you by Judith province Carl's Goodyear tire. It downtown as market and Waterman. He's cherry street mall and online at Carl's tire dot com. Your home or complete story there all right let's take a look at the forecast June and on the morning with K in his says staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning then that's good morning with a warm start to the work week it's going to be breezy this afternoon with temperatures in the upper eighties around lunchtime at 93 for the afternoon highs. Party cloudy overnight or lose 75. And a few isolated thunderstorms tomorrow Tuesday 91 and I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan. Holiday now partly cloudy 77 degrees we have a south wind there's ten miles per hour. Are you ready for golf clothing and all the other outdoor activities that comes with a time of year. But don't forget your half old but some protection doce this election. The best selection and tell the best service and pat and jacks at the clock tower in delay no. Ant man jacks. And interned at a New York City court house. Brought a fake grenade to work as a joke gift and wound up getting a building evacuated. The New York police department said the 22 year old man was entering the queens courthouse when he triggered alarms in a security screening. Officers searched the man and discovered that what appeared to be an inert grenade in a gift box intended to give to someone on the court house. NYPD later described it as a novelty gifts saying it may have been an attempted prank. The building was evacuated for around two hours until the bomb squad. Gave the all clear. Court spokesman told the daily news or get was not a wise move. Why would that be funny well if bill here's a flagrant it. That's only to go with the you know plastic bomb or something like please bill him for any spells and heard him. It is the people some people have no sensitivity to what's going in the world you know that. A security is is something else and he yea your right plastic vomit. The plastic do now that they are those of the classic it would have been better joy buzzer. Enjoyed those 811 now Stephen dead. Here on AM Monday morning and we have at the latest on the the tariffs the tariffs and with. President trump is a trying to impose and what the impact is Fox News radio's John deckers were this from the White House this morning good morning John. It carried out there pretty good I haven't a somewhat difficulty. Keeping up with the tariffs that are being proposed by the president and or some of them already in effect. Some of them are already in effect in the namely those. Eric and imported steel imported aluminum that impact countries in the EU and also Canada Mexico and to those birdies affected have to do with China of course the president announced the new terror on. Fifty billion dollars worth of Chinese goods on Friday. And what does China do in response they retaliated with fifty billion dollars of terrorists of their own on US goods coming in the China though little bit of a trade war going on right now. And you get Canada involved as well as journal's long drawn out and have been a friend of the United States forever Canada's involvement mr. right. Candidate is involved in this too absolutely and though. This is something that has that Canadian prime minister got in ago. Relations are not as. Good as they could be a between US and Canada right now. The US the administration officials say that the minor spat that being said usually relations are pretty good. I usually we're on the same page with pattern that we're not on the same page as it relates to this trade issue. We're just gone John do you think I am and ask your opinion but it is or any indication that. Maybe the president's is kind of wanted to do and only sees me now I've got your attention and let's negotiate something that's more fair to the United States is that something that could happen. I think I think you've hit right on the head he I think that's exactly what the president doing you want. China's succumbed to the negotiating table he wants to lower. They you'd trade deficit that it is between the US and China. And this is one way of getting it you put it. China's detention and so hopefully on the two sides can come together because right now it's not helping US. Industry it's not helping American. Farmer and that's not helping calling that the company that certainly impacted by these Arab you know if you're Chinese. Plain. Airline company you're looking to purchase new planes. A right now. Airbus planes are significantly. Less expensive than Boeing plane because of these Cutera. And the I don't know if you are aware this John that are. Principal employer here in Wichita is spirit aviation and they make you a lot of the 737 inning to supply at the big part to Boeing jets so. Even in an impact here in places like which talk. That's right so yes it does impact you know breakdown of you know. Individual level you know because they're people that work where that company does impact them. So you know record says that the president has made the point you know saying if he does not believe that trade policies are benefiting around the world or are benefiting. The US and US workers. And this is the way that certainly. Put out that the US will not stand for that but we see that other countries and retaliate the EU retaliated. And now he he China retaliating as well. Until all right hey John thanks for your time is this morning we appreciated Fox News radio's Jon Decker are part in the latest on the tariffs. That the president has imposed and now China has imposed. The other way 815 now we Stephen Ted. A woman intertwined with a twelve foot bottle of alcohol 11 place in the eighteenth annual Hampton beach masters stand scoping classic. Abe Waterman of Prince Edward Island Canada says his sculpture. Which also include and a double on the backside and is tilted the title temptation. Represents the places in life. Yeah prices totaling 151000 dollars for awarded Saturday capping off three day's report in Baltic 200 tons of stand that's in Hampton. And New Hampshire the begin his Egyptian pants you wouldn't think of New Hampshire as. As as sand right to think over some ice in California are more. Stan someplace like that but yeah but you apparently the sand is really good for scoping aren't. Since last time I was the beach was down Florida. With of course by my son and his wife and grandkids and Shelly and and we were destined and it ended Aniston not far from PepsiCo ought not in this where where Scott says station Pensacola has been several years ago whites and Clearwater. And by grants kids. Reese and Evan and I spent most the time. Capturing little cramps the brutal shelves there all over the place and we just get a bucket to start collecting premiums we duty sand scoping anything like that we just. Cut these little crabs that was fun now we turn him loose that. Funding new immigrant gets my son who is in really good swimmer. Put on the mask and snorkel out into the the channel it is it's a little bay there it at best and as you know so's that let's go to the there's channel out there he got hot air in the Coast Guard came along the riddle me this Coast Guard came along in their boat and they start with the bulletin. Grave matter this area. Apparently he was in the that he got himself into the boating lane out there and Internet via X so he was in I think he seems about 20/20 feet of water looking down Seattle agree be one program. At a ball out there. The Coast Guard right animal. 300 dollar fine opinion. Anyway it's beautiful beautiful down there in that area. And again I have never been much of the sand sculptor Miami's some people have that talent I'm I'm I'm not an average and under Conosoga. But it takes on it takes a lot of patience to utility. Right when you heard him say it takes like three days did you know that but now they can just fill up and I don't have three days to do this and that little plug in flip it over and and you got a perfect. Favour of a bucket there. I. As far as audio. And is that. Never let my great kids bear bear amien sandy or I don't think that's a good idea. Because if you get buried in sand and other labor intensive on take them Ares someone's thing you get buried in sand wares at San ago. Andy card also is fine I think you know what. The nearest cross that be our future Bana snuck a negative that cracked it. 88 seeds seated at the morning and favorite site reports that debt burden India. Royals up problems continue the Astros blanked it doesn't get a good team this year they won the World Series last year and it's certainly aren't good again in the first place Houston Astros. Went on 810 game road trip. The last those ten games yesterday in Kansas City Houston won the first denying games of that road swing that they make it. Perfect though. Royals did have believed the late in this one in the eighth inning that Kansas City hold on to that leave you heard the game yesterday afternoon on Father's Day on a debate should. Finished 312 qarase. There's hammered it deep left field back those garden and gun time game core core. Well you fall behind good hitter. 31. That he's very you know that a strike and mystery one pitch was just. Splash that over the left field fence soon. I say when you fall behind good hitters are gonna have to pay the bill. Only Astros have cited here in the top of the eighth inning. It if your picture here at 31. You'd get if you think you've pressures and throw a strike. And not give many too good well. He threw strike you're pretty good. Mean you got to be willing to walk to her how quickly that guy out walls man yeah we don't barely had time caller that's gonna have a doubt. Astros piled on three more late runs and beat the royals seven before Houston finished at ten and O on its road trip. They have won eleven games in a row. The royals have now dropped twelve of their last thirteen games. And have lost 46 of their 36 home with him. I guess at some of last week so I'm talking to somebody that the royals with that they can't win and home. I was with him winning if they there are eroding there and the royals are still at home but they're much more manageable opponent now Houston is left town the royals host another last place team the Texas Rangers. Starting tonight live pregame coverage 630 game start 715. That's on Sports Radio KFH 12:40 AM 975 FM have you used when a couple of games get some momentum going its confidence. Well keep our fingers got to start somewhere yeah and again maybe the rangers' victory. Chronicles the has it been a bad two weeks for the royals. A lot of thirteen. Wing nuts last night in baseball action finishing up a week in Texas is in better fashion wing nuts beat bottom team in the league the Texas air hogs three to one in Grand Prairie yesterday on Father's Day for the three game sweep. Which is minded of winning six of its seven game I'll sweep down in Texas. Wing nuts are now five and a half games back in the south division climbed into third place with that win yesterday's off day today filling nets coming back from taxes. When they return home. It is golf week in Wichita as we prepare for the annual stop the US the Wichita open. Opening round will be on Thursday at a Krispy country club of today's events include there's a select pro am for public officials and tonight at 6 o'clock it's the Wichita cup. That features six local pros taking on six PGA pros. Salt free fall free Wheeling so you wanna go out. Today it's all free at a Krispy country club jacket out he's pretty good golf yet it should be fun to check that out on but today at a press view. We get ready for the Wichita open later this week. On Thursday and a got a this story about a guy that doesn't just got done with his career with Wichita State catcher gutter throughout want to yeah the great senior year drafted by the Chicago White Sox. Gunner made his professional debut yesterday. In rookie ball for the White Sox playing for the Great Falls voyagers. And today. First at bat as a professional. Home run carrying two run home run one hour outline he ended up going two for three in his first professional game in drove in three runs. And he got to be battery mates with his. Former soccer teammate Cody lawyer who got the start in that game for his first professional start. I'm working couple innings gave up for a shocker day forget the course yet you guys who drafted by the White Sox there and able made their pro debut yesterday. I spend their devolve for the lights on the first professional at bat a home run for Gunner truck lot that's got to be a great feeling you bet good luck to those guys in their professional careers that sports with Stephen Ted KNS. At 822 now given your for the Hannity morning minutes. Trump's keeping his promises spend faith. Never heard any fire caught her breath aren't they innocent prairie fire golf is the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very hard copy at your office by calling 2673771. Or online at very prior coffee dot com. Stephen did the morning on CN NSA.