President Trump pardons "Wishbone" and "Drumstick"

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, November 22nd
The President carries on the tradition of pardoning a turkey before Thanksgiving.

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KN SS Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning it's 833. You're listening to 987 and thirteen 38 inning as as. It is Wednesday November 22 it. You're flying for Thanksgiving this year Kansas State University. He's Kristen Malick says to arrive at the airport at least two hours in advance. To ensure you capture flight. Those looking for less hectic travel day is should consider flying tomorrow Thanksgiving Day. That's one of the least traveled days of flying all year. Tuesday Wednesdays batteries and they're kind of the worst case since travel. Bias flying out iron at Thanksgiving itself. Unanimously nodding in the top 100 troubled days which is kind of interesting and more around like once when he went 25. And remember anything larger than a cell phone lead to be screened by the Transportation Security Administration. A sick a look at that weather forecaster on the day before Thanksgiving meteorologist Dan Holliday you'll Phyllis in dam and a. Well good morning we have high clouds across Wichita to start today and the clearing sky sunny cool this afternoon our high 48 with a light southwest wind will be clear not this cold overnight target temperature falls near freezing into the low thirties. And warming on Thanksgiving to seventy Friday windy and 720. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Thank you Dan right now on Wichita mostly cloudy and 24 degrees. The Wichita police department partnering with the union rescue mission delivering Thanksgiving food boxes to more than a hundred families yesterday. The officers nominated families have come in contact with on the job many going through various types of hardships. Officer Donyell Watson tells KSA news he met with Carter family a year ago after a violent crime in the area. What's funny about this situation they didn't always come in this morning and yet the majority of the thank you chloroform. Just from other things that I've done Foreman. This story here means the world and implement a difference in Barcelona do. It's the fourteenth year that police officers and men from the union rescue mission delivered those Thanksgiving food boxes. President trump continues at Thanksgiving tradition at the White House a presidential pardon for drumstick. In the annual tradition does before the Thanksgiving holiday president trump pardoned at 36 pound gambler named drumstick. The feather full blue headed Byrd was donated by four age group from the great state of Minnesota. His counterpart wishbone didn't get the pardon but he did get a chance to tour of the white house press briefing room quite a site. And in case you're wondering no wishbone won't end up on anyone's dinner table this year either. Happy Thanksgiving. At the White House Kevin court Fox News it is 836 with Stevenson in the morning here on Kate and as as it's time to blur that fine line between news and entertainment. That's why it's called the blur. And entertainment news today we talk about the passing of a a former teen idol. That's right dead David Cassidy singer and actor. Has died he was superstar and 1970 season made famous for his role as Keith on the Partridge Family. The show was about a mother played by actor Shirley Jones and her five children who toured in a rock band. Now we're supposed to sing it high places he would have been born soprano. I didn't know better I'd say that you're afraid of her but I am not afraid of heights I knew better and ride the roller coast to me. It's cute stuff. I'm sure they're regular and that's. I did knocked up I was. Thinking. I was sick by putting my head between my niece. And David Cassidy yes 67 he'd been suffering from dementia. For several years. He recently went and organ failure and had been an intensive care for awhile and a Fort Lauderdale hospital at the time of his death. And a singer and actor David capacity. And passing away. The age of 67 or she is think of a guy back in the seventies and had the feathered hair and yup. A million dollar smile on seem to have it all gone his way and yet he didn't also endured some struggles in life later on the he did. We've got a continuation of a story here remember back when that HBO got hacked. The right shows innings get leaked and that sort of thing we've got a suspect he's been charged. In a Ronnie in national accused of penetrating HBO and dumping material from some of its most popular shows. Online. US prosecutors unveiling a seven count indictment. Against behind ministry who also goes by the name go to the shot for stealing scripts and plot summaries for game of drones Curb Your Enthusiasm and other programs and trying to extort six million in bitcoin out of the cable network mystery who remains at large noisy self professed expert and hacking who allegedly helped in Iran aeon group to these hundreds of web sites in the US and elsewhere. Lillian moved Fox News. Dozens of stolen items that once belonged to John Lennon have turned up in Germany. Here's Fox's Jill NATO. The handwritten score for John Lennon's just like starting over as well as diaries his round glasses and much more found in storage for a German auction house. The items stolen from the New York home of Lennon's widow Yoko Ono back in 2006. A bankruptcy administrator for that auction house found that things and called police. A former driver for Ohno is one of the suspects the other is a German businessman whose home was raided this week. Where they found more items one of the diaries recovered is from 1980 ink contains an entry Lenin may just hours before he was shot to death. Till NATO Fox News. Now. Now tent. Yes you are a big fan of the jokers wild and Vatican today yes well of course now it's been re I have not seen the new incarnation it's been revived as snoop dog years that's. The jokers wild on TBS. One of the categories has contestants trying to guess. What fairy tale. Snoop. Has snoop defied. I'm chilling out not in my bed it's sitting on the war war war. On the open with a win away. Knock me off. Now Lansana sign up. In the canning jars dollars people didn't think sergeant was a notch. What do you make dead. But fairy tale that he just snoop a five. See my first thought little miss Moffitt and on the camera now know that's not correct but I think it applies. A it would apply it was hoped he jumped out today this detail competency. It's what was that simplified there slit on presents Jack marys are rolling over his theory that if the great. We have an it champion on Dancing With The Stars here with the announcement last night debt Tom Bergeron. Lindsay and mark didn't know winners. Champions of Dancing With The Stars are yeah. Yes it was it was somebody named Lindsay was that during Fisher Lindsay aren't all okay. Yeah am I supposed to know these people are Jordan Fisher I think he's I'd Hamilton and that are other day I. I really don't know yet. I did know the other Lindsay on the other side that was Lindsey sterling bucking MO realities thoroughly yet while she's these YouTube celebrity okay. He's I'm violating our out of the loop on all this. Exactly and finally Ted. Yes an interesting fact about today. Today is the birthday of two. Of marbles avengers OK yes it's the birthday of two of the marvel avengers. Serious and after a monster. They don't make me tell you everything. Harry Lewis John. The change. I'm sorry there. As far as you can do. Well we. Jesus the easy room where you don't use that spin the other guy doesn't make a mess. That of course was mark rough below the hole that the that the and hold up yes. But hoped actor Mark Russell turned fifty years old today and any other person that scene. Black widow and attach a Romanov played by Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson. Celebrates her 33 person are Joseph and mark are hopeful their birthday they share a birthday that they just like me you know Regis exactly on. That's all we have for the blurred today of course the blurred. On king and SS and Stevenson has brought to every day by well our good friends at. Pizza Johns in derby ads are on a tasty pizza you describe on down to cape fifteen to 08 south Baltimore. They're open 11 AM 10 PM. And they have lunch specials to an eleven to three. How about that it's a great place to have a tasty pizza buy a pizza John van Berkeley's. It's 843 was Stevens said on CN SS. Deconstructing squads else. That doesn't coming up even dead on 987 M thirteen thirty KM SS.