President Trump responds to insult from Robert De Niro

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 13th
The President coins his latest nickname... "Punchy"

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Ladies have. Thirty KM SS deep into the morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward the 74 degrees. The lack of smoke detectors in a home where a fire killed five children spark to Missouri City to take action. The city of Lebanon Missouri wants to prevent another tragedy. Like last weeks fire that killed five young children so it's a launching a campaign to raise money to install and inspect. Smoke alarms throughout the community the Kansas City Star reports the city's donating 5000 dollars to kick off the effort and will match every dollar donated. City halls starts accepting contributions. June 26. Carmen Roberts Fox News. Families will very the five children Thursday the mother of two of the children remains in critical condition. Gasoline prices in Kansas are pretty solid right now according to triple a.'s Jennifer hall. We are still holding our own we've only seen a minor increase on the week at about ten and over the months that police are still in the top ten pretty low with gas prices across the nation. The average across the State's two dollar 73 cents a gallon price in Wichita this morning averaging 27 Diego. Industry analysts believe that to these prices could increase as OPEC and Russia. Have a meeting planned for later this month and announcements there could affect supply. The Wichita City Council was approved up to 100 million dollars in bonds for Wesley medical center that central male side. Those bonds will finance the cost of remodeling of the equipment equipping portions of the facility. Wesley plans to hire 66 new employees as part of this investment and average annual salary of 60000 dollars. Will they or well Thursday the Federal Reserve makes its decision today on interest rate hike. She is Central Bank wrapping up its two day policy meeting in Washington and it's expected that the Fed will raise the benchmark rate by another quarter percentage point for the second time this year. Between one and three quarters in 2%. According to economists surveyed by the Wall Street Journal. New consumer pricing data released on Tuesday indicates that inflation is steadily rising. Which would further encourage the Fed to proceed with its gradual pace of interest rate increases. The Central Bank might pick up the pace of rate hikes if officials worry that inflation might rise too much Hillary bar ski. Fox News. At its annual policy making meeting in Chicago the American Medical Association acted on doctors demands to take a stronger stand against gun violence. Many AMA members are gun owners themselves but as the San Jose trauma surgeon told the group there's a place to start in this should be. And members voted to press for a ban on assault weapons by a vote of 446. To 99. The AMA still has a lot of clout with congress with a quarter million members. Feeling a new urgency has gun deaths mount 40000 a year by their count including suicides and rising. But members also voted to encourage better training to teach doctors how to recognize patients at risk for suicide. And guns are still an also ran when it comes to health threats heart disease and cancer killer over 600000. People each year. Lung disease and alzheimer's over a 100000 deaths each even diabetes takes twice as many lines has guns Terry Crowley Fox News. Taxpayers who owe tax and file their federal income tax return more than sixty days after the deadline will usually face a higher late filing penalty. Michael DeVine with the IRS says that deadline is June 14. That would be tomorrow. Anyone who owes taxes need to contact the IRS you grow and assert. Getting letters in the mail. They're gonna tell you what you can do or just give us a call our toll free number 808291040. And say I have filed my taxes it is hopeless situation is. Lord what do I need to do and in our folks are gonna help you everywhere they can. After return is filed ERS IRS will figure the penalty and interest due and build a taxpayer normally. The taxpayer will then have 21 days to pay any amount due. Now look at the forecast with Candace has to be Roger's stand holidays good morning Dan good morning to wheat harvest is underway in south central Kansas and it looks like the weather pattern certainly going to improve. Over the next few days to get things done we may see shower or thunderstorm early on that. Cloudy throughout most of the day with a high 89 tonight's lows 72 and his high pressure builds in tomorrow will be windy and 96. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Partly cloudy 74 degrees real northeast wind at nine miles per hour. 834 now Stephen Ted in the morning here on K and assess entertainment news the blur with Ted Woodward and this morning starting off with. Trump persons de Niro right to it out president trump has answered actor Robert and arrows F word comments during the recent Tony Awards. The president now the nickname for Robert De Niro president trump calling the actor punchy and a tweet. Rating Robert dinero very low IQ individual. As received too many shots so they had by real boxers in movies or watch him last night in truly believe he may be punch drunk. This after Jannero took to the stage at radio city music call Sunday night during the Tony Awards criticizing the president with the F word I'm gonna say one thing. Trump presently. Finish the next sentence in a second tweet writing. I guess he doesn't realize the economy is the best it's ever been with employment being at an all time high. Wake up punchy. Michelle Wie now Fox News. In music in new country duo the sisterhood. Set to open for rock legend Steven Tyler on his tour this summer. The fox celebrity profile getting to know country due out this sisterhood AKA a list abundant Barack and rubies Stuart Stuart is rod Stewart's daughter Melissa's parents are Kathy Bailey and Michael moniker of the alien employees as for whether or getting into the business with famous family is how old score adds pressure ruby says my. That is coming my greatest teacher and he is no reason. Don't push me and challenged me to do better than it was seen here before and he's really varies mylan had to perform music whenever I'm out on stage it sounds like seven years old and then I was like Ayman. And analysts that adds that they never felt they had to following any musical footsteps there. Really more like you wanna do it. We'll help you but if you don't you can do like my reasoning like you. I kind of we didn't find anything and everything. Sounding board this sisterhood opens force Steven Tyler on his solo tour this summer actually to mark and Fox News. Members of Led Zeppelin set to release an official book. If you not a whole lot of love for Led Zeppelin Europe back to hear a whole lot about the good times bad times the band has had as surviving members of Led Zeppelin prepare to release their upcoming book Led Zeppelin vial Led Zeppelin the book is due this fall and will be part of the band's fiftieth anniversary celebrations and has been billed as the first and only official illustrated book to be produced in collaboration with the members of the bands a new statement released by Jimmy Page Robert Plant and John Paul Jones says he official look is almost complete. Led Zeppelin diehard will be delighted to dig into the 400 page volume that includes previously unpublished photos and artwork from the band's archives the band add that the vocal cover their career on and off the stage from their very first moments together and if you've never read books about the man you know there are a lot of interesting stories to be told. Laura Ingle Fox News. Let's. Go to the bullies the movie scarface. Marks its 35. Anniversary of the return to theaters and it got us today the re release of Brian the home was 1983. Gangster called classic star face return this week only to some 200 theaters across the country I. Still face what about what she knows early landmark roles says Cuban immigrant turned to drug kingpin Tony Montana and Oliver Stone screenplay and a remake of Howard hawks' 1932 original. The 35 years later is still influencing pop culture Universal Pictures has been trying to remake the iconic film. Just moments ago Fox News. Avengers infinity war makes box office history. It seems right now the world can't get enough superhero. It Disney marvel studios film avengers infinity war has crossed the two billion dollar mark in worldwide ticket sales becoming only the fourth film to reach that rare five. Box office status joining avatar Titanic and most recently Star Wars the force wake. Their stories about. Company announced Tuesday that infinity war reached the mark seven weeks after opening. Sequel to infinity were scheduled to be released in May of next year Michelle Perino Fox News. As just a reminder. Two and a half weeks from now I'm going to be in the musical production of 1776. Portraying John Adams. To think pardon its massive part is what to do and now. And of course it's all about the signing of the declaration of an open and where's it going to be when B Wichita center for the performing are OK yes little bit. East central web moved west and Wilson in the cans and Bucky Walters let me and it right now. And Dan Campbell and a lot of very it's very talented folks. To be found a lot of fun. Yeah and we're two and a half weeks out that's going to be July 1 second and third leading right after the July 4. Some of them love deceased listeners there Milliken C 1776. On July 1 second and third. Let's go back thirty years ago today. At that point she was an unknown artists. Paula Abdul and he released her hit. Debut album. Forever your girl thirty years ago on this day really. Okay her debut album and it would yield four number one singles in the US cowboy DT at the ground running season instant star right away. Sold over twelve million copies worldwide. Paula Abdul state who album. He's now thirty years ago today that picture right exactly 1980 cheered us. Let's go bat billet says two a couple of good jokes to finish up with let's check in with CBS late late show James Gordon. There's a new report group is developing a technology that would allow its app to determine. If uses a drunk. By the turn the new technology evaluates walking speeds whether the vote and it's why name. And needs to Michael Holmes. Like the mystery out of this is about okay. It's true I am I'm standing outside of Bonn my time in my destination as Taco Bell yeah. And and let's check in with Conan O'Brien on TBS. Yesterday act Kim Jung and and present trump had lunch and they were served hot and that's ice cream. Yeah. Yeah I was AS special occasion for north Koreans because they've never heard of hot and dies or launch. Well entertainment news and little. It's pizza Johns dirty dot com very easy to figure out there opening of course the picture Stevens and his right up there on the wall. By the cash register right by the front door you bet. And see Steve instead. And you'll enjoy it as you'll have you had a tasty tasty meal right there they. Pizzas distant past and that. And I'll give me their phone number two OK and jot this down the and a heck of area business 788. 20117882011. Is their phone number. We just think they're the this fantastic. A write off of cape fifteen to 08 south Baltimore. Singles competition coming up. Editor bill law which some business journal all the way Stevens at the morning on hate and as fast.