President Trump is sending the National Guard to the border

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Friday, April 6th
Guest: Fox News correspondent Rachel Sutherland in Washington D.C.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KN SS widget because number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. O'clock Pacific in his escorting you to Stephen says the thanks Steve Macintosh. Two women arrested after a swatting call in Reno county we've got the story for Kansas senate approves of school funding plan. I'm Dan O'Neill. President comments on the stormy Daniels story on Ted Woodward those details are just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. One of the coldest April air masses of all time has started to make it died in the south central Kansas how low will we go our complete forecast on the way. A man in his twenties was critically injured in an accident in south Wichita Thursday night at 47 and Broadway. The man was crossing the street blues hit by an SUV. Police sergeant. Matt blank look like he was crossing the street. Just south of the intersection so it was in a crosswalk Graeme thank. It'll look like he's walking contrary to that traffic control device for step down and two vehicle. A fake 911 call has landed a pair of Reno county women in jail. 22 year old chastity Nicholson and twenty year old Tatum wanted have been charged with making a false alarm. And giving false information regarding violence or threat to a person's safety. Michael Kirk tells KS in news police showed up at his home early yesterday morning. They had told me then a girl had called in that I was waving my gun in the front yards claiming that I was gonna kill the police department when they got here. Kirk says he was holding his three month old baby in his arms as police with weapons drawn gave him orders before handcuffing him. According to police the two women are suspected of making the prank phone call about Kurt saying that he was armed with a gun had taken a baby in a threatening family members. Once the women admitted making the false call Kirk was released the song was returned to him Kirk later admitted that one of the women is his girlfriend. The Kansas senate has approved an education funding proposal despite bipartisan skepticism. That it increases spending on public schools enough. To satisfy a State Supreme Court mandate. The vote Thursday was 2118 on a bill that would pages in a 274. Million dollar increase in education funding over five years. The measure goes next to a house but the house has approved a plan to phase and they roughly 520 million dollar increase over five years. Upset Republicans cannot believe the state can afford the house plan without increasing taxes within two years. The final version of the plan will be drafted by negotiators from the two chambers. The Supreme Court ruled in October that the State's current education funding of more than four billion dollars a year is not sufficient. Dan O'Neill Kate and SS. News after the recent school shooting in a Florida that took seventeen lives and safety is on the minds of many students teachers and parents. Terry in Moses as executive director of safety services for which top public schools. She tells can assist news gun violence in schools is not a simple issue. There's a continuum of things that we need to deal with we need to deal with mental health. I'm most certainly. Of course we have a very contrail controversial issue and regards to firearms and regulating firearms. But also then we get into the school funding. And how much money do you spend on bricks and mortar how much money do you spend on things like counselors first as teachers it's it's a very complicated issue. Terry Moses is our guest this weekend and issues 20:18 Sunday morning at eight on K and assess. President trump has made his first comments about stormy Daniels the president says he does not know why his attorney allegedly paid the adult film star of 130000. Dollars part of Haas agreement. We got him Michael Phelps Michael's mind. At a charity and you have to ask Michael. The White House continues to deny president trump had an affair with Daniel's cheek claimed it happened in 2006. And it says views are now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Stay home all weekend before the nationally ranked soccer baseball team is two lane comes to town we'll have a preview coming up sports resident scholar for more tariffs against China. That story coming up on occasion as this morning news the Stevens says that. Can't assist morning you can see him now several 9:9 minutes past 7 o'clock. The leader of Oklahoma's largest teacher's union says. He doesn't think too revenue bills pending in the senate are enough to prevent a teacher walkout from stretching into next week. Oklahoma education association executive director David Duvall says. Union officials still are crunching numbers on the proposals. To expand the tribal gaming and tax certain Internet sales. That would generate about forty million dollars annually. President trump is calling for another 100 billion dollars in tariffs against China. President trump had been calling for about fifty billion dollars in tariffs on Chinese goods imported into the US. Late Thursday he said he's told American trade officials to come up with a proposal. For 100 billion and more tariffs. He also says China's repeatedly engaged in practices to unfairly obtained America's intellectual property. The move comes right after Beijing proposed hitting American goods going into China with a fifty billion dollar set of terrorists to. Lawmakers on both sides of the ayalon Capitol Hill are warning about a trade war. In Washington until NATO Fox News the jury is seated in the Bill Cosby sexual assault retrial. The next time Bill Cosby appears in a Pennsylvania courtroom opening statements will be underway attorneys finished selecting a six alternate jurors today for men and two women half of those six are black. One of them and selected said his wife with a sex assault victim when she was a girl but that would not affect his impartiality should he be called to serve. As with the first trial that ended in a deadlocked jury last year caused beef faces three felony counts for allegedly drugging and molesting accuser Andrea can't stand in 2004. The judge expects the case the last about a month. Colonel Scott Fox News. 7-Eleven now 11 minutes past 7 o'clock we Steven did the and this morning via traffic volumes picking up starting to see some heavier traffic out there got some heavy traffic rhetoric the north junction. Especially. On page 96 just east of there. And just thought of some slow traffic this morning traffic update from take an SS radio on gas chambers and elder king is in storm tracker report cast. With Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett good morning Laura. Hey good morning happy Friday here and happy happy Friday afternoon happy. And yeah I know I. It's difficult for me it's not about been excited for Friday we talked about the forecast because. This is that in this instance whether with lapses is off yesterday with a high seventies it was beautiful. And this morning we've pretty much already had her high temperature so what that really kind tight it's hailed what we're working with. So if you RD grade ahead out the door that a current temperature 43 out of the airport mostly cloudy skies. Breezy cold breeze in the northeast at 23 with gusts at thirty Sunnis are few and as brutal chills this morning. By the end of the day you were expecting temperatures in the thirties are doing it all backwards. As far as precipitation goes. We're looking at some light rain showers in around metro hidden is the more on this side of things. We'll keep that trend going through the afternoon and evening hours as temperatures tumble back down where and how to watch against that brief moment we could see light wintry mix of sleet. To transition aids is now I don't think it's an event where you're gonna need to bust out the snow shovels kids you're not gonna be building snow men. It's just not a whole lot of moisture on top this at most. I'm expecting Trace amounts here in the natural mean. Not really a major snow event but it is is kind of an inconvenience. You know it's night April 6 and we're talking about the potential for some snow across parts of Kansas. Onto the temperatures are really going to be the biggest being out of all this first thing Saturday morning I'm calling for a low of nineteen degrees. You put the wind on top of that easily feeling as cold as cash and zero or ten degrees. So this is going to be pretty brutal out there. We warm up nicely as we go to the second half the weekends so as you drive time for today in the evening on your commute home just on guard for a little bit of rain and make sure to check the thermometer. In your vehicle if you have one of those to secure hovering right around 32 degrees you might went tried to plant not for a may be some slick road can do. Yes from my junior high science class I remember 32 it's freezing right. Is the most magical number it is yeah. Guys guys yeah you gotta watch that number because acted mean you're working with a completely right on drives ultimately I think about the case is and sort secretary forecast of Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett now seven. Fourteen to Steve into the morning in the National Guard is headed to our southern border the border with Mexico. And a Fox News radio Rachel Sutherland is with us this morning from Washington this morning Rachel. And I hear about this and I've get in and get these mental pictures of the you know tanks. And Bruce Andrews and mortars and these guys of these on their their better rifles and so what that is gonna be like that are gonna be little different story. But like the president's plan on paper. Yeah. I wouldn't say that that's going to be the situation on the border in packed. I US chipset and that border are not allowed to arrest people coming into the country illegally. There role is not to do that their role of it is support Border Patrol that they can do their job is not the first time it absolutely is that President Obama. And George W. Bush both. That trade to the US border. It different this time with what a planet it pertains to want it off so we have been very vocal president he talks about these things on Twitter. Al lot to know we hear about it more square to forcibly as the President Obama to troops that. That animal have and actually a President Obama was viewed as one of the of the type a precedent for illegal immigration. Well now a border they gonna do then they just they're going to. I used to vehicles and patrolling key amendment observe things and help the help of that Kenneth thing. I'm standing right now at the right they're going to be honest in a support role to the US Border Patrol. There role is not to. It rest anybody. Hopping aboard now that that is not without risk to in US street Chile anywhere. Haven't prepared become. Into contact with violent drug cartel that opens fire on them in what the they would have to fire back right so it's not without risk of it is the rest of the top administration eases or taking. Salute to these people are like every down there you know with with knows sidearms no rivals like they're gonna be ready in case anything comes up they'll be ready for anything as. They're always ready for it being. Ticket and actually about to support out there at this point where we understand is that date governors of Arizona in Mexico. In Texas have agreed on the border state there'd been that National Guard is still awaiting approval from California governor Jerry Brown. He can hit kind of a problem child of this administration that's been a little bit. Yes he has all right thank you we appreciate your time this morning Fox News radio's. Rachel Sutherland talked in about that the National Guard heading to the southern borders and a the president said. But on Air Force One that for look and maybe. As mini is a three to 4000. People going away and does not more than net. 716 O Steve intensity is Friday April 6 when he eighteen was on the state and 1896. The first modern Olympic Games formally formally opened in Athens Greece. So this is the birthday of the modern Olympics gave percent. My understanding is that it's those kinds of athletica. Competition who have with the agreement back to the great wave weigh him many many hundreds of years ago so a modern Olympics the 1896. 717 now seem intent on K and as session debt is tied for fourth with Ted Woodward. Can lumber about baseball the weather's having an impact again on. The device that baseball schedules they write it beyond today's schedule that shocker as our ranked number 22 in the nation in baseball and they're playing their first ever home games. In their new American conference first opponent coming here is two lane. They're only visit to Wichita ever was back in 2012. Comfortably for three game series. And they will try to bill mourn they're going to start earlier than usual today try to get that game in before the cold weather really takes hold. So they're going to start that game at noon today at at stadium. 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon 1230 Sunday afternoon and all those games right here on K and asked as we will join today's game in progress at 2 PM. The radio coverage on in assess. Shocks love playing at home shots of won nine straight at home with Aztec stadium that is the third longest home streak in the nation right now so. Shocks and try to get things done against Tulane this weekend once in early news starts today at X stadium. The Kansas City Royals to certainly. They shouldn't be tired they haven't played a lot actually yeah they'd just kind of been. President note doesn't around a lot of hotel rooms on the row and and not doing much the royals' only played two games all week long. They will be in Cleveland that take on the Cleveland Indians all weekend. 3 o'clock today 3 o'clock tomorrow noon on Sunday all those royals games heard on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Neither of these teams really set the world on fire with their offense here in the first week of the season. Indians really struggled royals haven't put up on Iran's leaders see how things go. In Cleveland this weekend for the royals after the royals in tribe play on Sunday it was in the final round coverage of the masters the 82 masters. Golf tournament. That'll be Sunday late Sunday afternoon on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. In the NBA last night's top team in the league wins again Houston Rockets over the Portland Trail Blazers 9694. Former Kansas say ought Tarik Black off the bench for the rockets with a couple of points four rebounds two blocked shots. Houston continues to roar toward the finish line here in the regular season winning thirteen of their last fourteen. Indoor football. Tomorrow night. On the road for the Wichita force Wichita visiting the Texas revolution going down in the Dallas area tomorrow night. We'll have live coverage of force indoor football at 645. Tomorrow night that's right here on 97. And thirteen 38 in excess tests. And we have AM baseball birthday today former Kansas City Royals pitcher Marty Patten the number I already patented dot. Back in the 1970 held the titles there he is seven. Five today he had a couple of pretty good years yes he had the at the nicer run with the royals throughout the mid to late 1970s. Yeah and I thought he was pretty. Darn good serviceable pitcher lighted to play solid. That you use it as a starter or out of the bullpen. You gonna get beat up and get innings you know he was really good in the 1977. Playoffs against the Yankees were the the only of one run well a few appearances. Any threw a scoreless inning in the 1980 World Series about the good the royals pitcher from back in a name Marty pat. That in his 75. The pictures of the early days the royals have won it all I always think about Lisa Busby. The Busby Busby. He started out that for three years you thought this guys. Going to be an all thing in two no hitters in his first two years in the days and the like and eaters are in any Denny got injured and at all annoyed. I don't ever want if he had made Peta stayed healthy but the of he was just I'm never seeing him pitch at Lawrence Duma or did you. Yeah when he's playing for a law after after after post injury. And still kind of curiosity to go see Steve Busby who had at them and tell you story about that yeah I think that it is uncle was Jim buss. We've elected journeyman. Baseball player back in the fifties. And I guess his opinion was right. They've not been good you know I think it sound like sour grapes debate. Tonight's and yet I wanted to go to Steve Busby and stay healthy eat that they were at document this to be the next Nolan Ryan. He could be better than on Ryan you know how many no hitters this guy could fit it. And held it got her way. I don't know that except in the music I'm no I don't join us via it was pat you aren't happy birthday today 75 and the one who switched a I'd switch the topic of the OK Ted is 721 now he differ Rush Limbaugh morning update Democrat throws her own husband under the bus. So it sounds coming out. That's coming up David the morning on KN SS yeah.