Priest apologizes for decades-old cross burning

Steve & Ted
Monday, December 11th

The Priest apologized to the home owners for the 1977 hate crime in Maryland.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station depend on. The 46 o'clock this is the Palin as his scoring is receiving if I keep Macintosh. Kagan is just breaking news Oklahoma City one person is dead following an altercation involving a police officers Sunday evening. The female officer eventually. Pepper sprayed the SaaS. I threw that punch turn to curt Fraser the author eventually shot the man dead. Police kept the ball Matthews gives an update on the officer's condition. Now officers have been transported to a local hospital where she is. Receiving treatment turns the injuries she received during this altercation. Wichita police say one man is dead another injured in the suspect behind bars in Saturday morning shooting. Officers for call Oklahoma the 2200 block of South Park average for a report the shooting they found 31 year old man in the street with two gunshot wounds to elect. Upon arriving at the whole officers reported seeing a 21 year old man leave the house with a handgun they arrested him inside the home. Officers found a 44 year old man of multiple gunshot wounds was pronounced dead. The 31 year old man was treated at an area hospital police department reports 21 year old Jeremy Moore was arrested on suspicion of first degree murder and other charges. Some Kansas lawmakers are questioning how much benefit the state is getting for the millions of dollars of his bent over the past sixteen years developing retail and tourism districts. Lawrence journal world reports that the state has spent more than 557. Million dollars in state sales tax revenue. To repay the sales tax and revenue bonds more commonly known as star bonds. Those bonds are financing option in which municipalities. Issue bonds to pay the costs of roads and other infrastructure in new developments. Those bonds to repay with new sales tax revenues generated by the projects. Democratic senator Tom Holland said there's been little money generator back to the state beyond what's going to pay off the bonds. Rodney prize K and assets and. News beat Kansas supreme court's latest ordered to legislators to boost spending on public schools. As Republicans talking again about amending the state constitution. To curb the court's power moves to amend the constitution have become nearly automatic for conservative Republicans over the past dozen years that's the state has law school funding lawsuits. The proposals have failed to attract the two thirds majorities in the GOP controlled legislature to get on the ballot free state point vote. So this effort doesn't look to be any different Democrats are all but certain to vote together against any proposed amendment. Conservative Republicans need the votes of GOP moderates to get the two thirds majorities to put a proposal on the ballot. And GOP moderates say they are skeptical of proposed amendments Phil global brand Kagan SS news. Firefighters are still trying to gain the upper hand in southern California's largest and most destructive wildfire. That Thomas fires burning near Santa Barbara and Los Padres National Forest. Santa Barbara County sheriff Bill Brown urges people to take evacuation orders seriously. This fire has acted in AE and unpredictable manner it has been very rapidly moving. And it's going to be a multi day event so please do what you can now to prepare. Here evacuate. Either yourself and your family members and and get them out of harm's way. The Thomas fire spans some 173000. Acres and is engaged more than 4000 firefighters and staff. Republicans in the senate and house are trying defied a consensus on tax reform legislation to send the president's desk. The house and senate tax reform versions are similar but have some differences to hammer out south Carolina Republican Tim Scott who's on the conference committee says key concepts are being discussed like. How we treat. High tax states like new York New Jersey and do we allow other Americans and South Carolina North Carolina subsidize those high taxes will. On independent Bernie Sanders says he can't see the bills benefit to be average taxpayer what this tax bill is about as nothing more than a gift. The billionaire campaign contributors the Republican Party both men appeared on NBC's Meet the Press Republicans are racing to meet a Christmas deadline for the legislation. Colonel Scott Fox News. State and is rescued son now 6044 minutes past 6 o'clock here on Monday morning was beat a dead. 97 to thirteen thirty K and SS we are steam into the morning now six and the 10 minutes past 6 o'clock on Monday. And traffic right now we'll volumes are starting to pick up still. Pretty light traffic out there at this time gasoline prices in which saw this morning. Hello Ian seems here on 219. Gallons CNET and allotted retailers this morning to nineteen. A gallon Issa. Sparse traffic air as far as I gasoline prices are concerned traffic updates from K and SS radio I'm judge neighbors. And now the forecast with KE NSA's staff meteorologist Dan in the holiday good morning ten. Morning it is another cool and dry start to the workweek forests and that pattern looks like it's going to stay in place through most of this weekend next weekend. The big story of frontal boundary moving through this morning we'll give a strong gusty northwest winds behind it up to 35 and forty miles per hour so it was dry as we are double create extreme fire danger are high 61 the clear windy and 29 tonight. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Hollis. Miles per hour of beautiful Sunday across Kansas Wichita outside temperature yesterday was 67 degrees that is up just right yet. 33 degrees above normal normal high for yesterday's date 44. We were at 67. It did seem warm yesterday it the bit you know what to place and a jacket pretty Jeanette appeal at all and yet. Fourteen shopping days till Christmas. And I'll tell you what my weekend continued like they have been I'm not getting anything. And on weekends yeah same here all teams kids gained parties all kind of stuff going on I just came back from week I haven't started. That's now started a Christmas it may have to be little. Little bit last minute stuff I was a little too busy during that time and a on this date in 1936. Britain's king Edward the eighth. Abdicated the throws so he could marry American divorcee Wallis Warfield Simpson. His brother prince Albert became king George the sixth. And I bring this up because it's a little context for what's going on right now with Prince Harry. Rent his beyoncé who is eight divorcee. And also is Catholic. And I mean you know in in in 1936 that would give Holdren a couple nope not at all times change now was Catholic and purity converted yearly thing and it yet. Times have changed times continue to change. A former Ku Klux Klan member who burned a cross on a black couple's long forty years ago. Before becoming a Roman Catholic priest he. Has finally written his victims an apology. Forty years later the reverend William Acheson. Told to open Barbara Butler he was blinded by hate and ignorance when he started targeted them in 1977. At their home in College Park, Maryland. In a letter dated September 8 Acheson. Wrote that he rejected those police more before he joined the priesthood but was too ashamed to face of butler's how I mean just. Apparently. The father father says just change I would should check it. But he finally come around. I would think you would that would be one of the first priorities when he joined priest and I get a contact butler's. Yeah or on again this whole thing is going to be treated 44 years later Beasley and out sorry about burning cross. Yeah. Marvin and yet. Fire service the burning. Crossed love Bonneville the F optic lights. Turkeys may be a cherished symbol the holidays but in the northern Utah city of mend and they're just pests. The Herald journal says residents are upset about dozens of the birds in their yards damaging grass and dropping waste. Meant to mayor Ed wiest says. The turkeys end up causing property damage but there's not much he can do to protect his residence. Only the Utah division of wildlife resources can trap the hundreds of wild turkeys. Or issue hunting permits to thin their numbers and act bingo. I would think in a place like you to all those numbers had already been fined apparently. They save their bullets for what. Gear and at oak and bigger game exposed. The course of the day he was Thanksgiving morning. Here in which though it for a run there and Riverside near my home and up and and if you were here and ninety that is. Going to be a wild Turkey Redmond neighbor's lawn. I got to this photo of a terrible photo I went back to my opponent. Focus myself on that photo one very good photo but there was. You know I was here when you said McCain get a close seat or walking away I couldn't really get a good picture. It was it you know poster he's doesn't pose journalists votes of course not here but at the old offices we had we had several at several that we would see every morning in the parking lot of believe we had to have been designated Steve and Ted we have coupled resonant and couple of turkeys named Steve into it but yeah. Around here and I'm place. Beat d.s would probably JC lost unless I saw fox one day. They can stop awesome maybe. And I have smelled stock down always had a there's bits of skunk smell down around the little pond down that's right outside the bill haven't seen one. And teams and teams don't. The stick. A note about last Friday. You reduce the Christmas cash at the taco Bell's. 98 dollars cash just for somebody who's driving through we've done this for spot several years yet. And Friday afternoon I was a 21 and ridge. And do we just pick somebody random and the person we pick was Chris and his wife. And amenities as they've been Chris listened to Stephen Ted I'm out now. My time you know you've taken at random shots and there's a good possibility you're not gonna find somebody yeah who listens to. In SS or or other radio can't just be someone who wanted got hungry and wanted to stop for ya and that they actually his wife to you know week. We heard about this we were talking about her and her at this without. Or should we stop and I don't mountain and we're not gonna win it we need where we need Taco Bell anyway so they dropped in. At 98 bucks they were very thankful for as most of our listeners are and it's good to see you get to talk to Lister who you know. This may be eight dollars just the first. And putting on a three launch of of course course. Are we get something the fun and exciting we have done this a couple of years now I I believe and we're gonna do it again this year. We have the Christmas bill Mannheim steamroller CD. And hot chocolate canister. Neat to a fifteen dollars. We've got several of these in here this next week we're going to be given those away shall be listening for your chance to win nice surprise you know the Mannheim steamroller Christmas feels CD. Read that in the net and why you're ranked maegashira. You're decorating the tree and you you put that on the a new player there in his living or whatever and this is that what you're doing and somebody gives. Some nice hot chocolate packet warm ups and Coca yet like set my weekends are so busy and can be able there was a but it sounds like a great. Yeah we'll be doing that sometime this morning and throughout this week. Mannheim steamroller crystals CD and a hot chocolate canisters. It also coming up this morning quickly. We have it to seventh in the sport crime stoppers update. With detective. Wendy Hubble at 735. Days with the mayor Wichita mayor Jeff Long noble share his. Insight with us this morning 618 now Stephen dead. On K in a September overtime for lead out sports this morning and it for about three quarters of that game yesterday the chiefs. Had the the opponent buffalo Ted completely. That ended defense as we can get it up there and it was looking. Today yesterday course you heard the chiefs game right here on your home of the chiefs 97 and thirteen thirty KM SS chiefs. Hosting the Oakland Raiders big game those are two of the three teams tied for first place atop the division with a month ago. But like you said Steve the chiefs roared out of the gate yesterday in front of the home crowd and stomped on the Oakland Raiders who heard the game yesterday amid told the said the caller is right here on ten assets. Second down nine for the chief of the thirteen of the raiders. Chuck cant request this and you'll get the right side. There is well. It's O pins and city schools in the sweet nectar of the but a thirteen yard Whiteside will. Nice job by the chiefs rushing game was working offensive line news. Doing their job she's had it 26 nothing lead by the fourth quarter. Oakland did score some late points he said troll this game beat the raiders 2615. At. Snapping a four game losing streak she's finally back in the win column auriemma hunt rushing for 116 yards first. Chiefs rookie to rush for more than 1000 yards and a season since. Joseph Delaney in ninth only 81 go back away a long way or he passed away and drowned rat Wright got his career short. Seats still holding on to a playoff spot with three weeks ago. And guess what they get played the other team that is now tied for them for first place. Chargers on Saturday night prime time coming up that's who got lined up the people who they can do the most yeah well Medicare part one yeah they've been operators out of first place now they can. Tried using the chargers also in Kansas City penalties Saturday night game winner of that game will be heard on radio. When you will I hear 98 Saturday night right here in two minutes after the chiefs and chargers coming up. College and let's take a listen finally let's a hear from hands the teacher and coach Andy Reid. It's hard to lose in the national football you sometimes you get in that washing machine where you're going around around in your open for some good out of it doesn't feel Madonna so there was none of that. There's not a that they may just pounded all the way through physically abolish kind of truth we have one yard out around that pounded through the next time I mean it was just. Pay him both sides of the ball and they were supporting each other just all that was so that was good. Yeah she's got the win it's your coach Reid there and college men's basketball yesterday up in Lawrence number two. Kansas taking on undefeated sixteenth ranked Arizona State. It looked pretty good the jayhawks earlier than a fifteen to lead it. Then after that the Sun Devils kind of took over and took it through this jayhawks in Lawrence. As Arizona State ended up winning that game 9585. Putting up a lot of points on the jayhawks Arizona State on its way to an undefeated eight in oh start. As defeated both K state and K you so far in the early going of the season. Not does not happy jayhawks coach Bill Self. You're obviously ready to play it's as good as we've looked all year just in the first five minutes and and get up fifteen to tune and we met a couple of the a couple of scout report. Blaze in May get it back to fifteen to twelve or whatnot in the and they totally controlled the game even though we got it to six or seven in the first half I still felt like they. They don't give anything they wanted. But they lost to a row now. Back to back losses for the jail I'll knotted up their best we have done that in a while now to get a week off for finals and ready for Nebraska. Yeah jayhawks came into the week undefeated ranked number two in the nation and brothel that back to back losses there's those people. We'll talk about they'll talk about it tonight Kate you basketball autopsy coach Bill Self 6 o'clock tonight. Will be on Sports Radio Kate at H 12:40 AM 97 by F them. And we'll be talking soccer hoops tonight right here on Kate and assets back to back that he still sort of WHU basketball coach who show. Head coach Gregg Marshall 6 o'clock tonight followed by women's coach Keith Adams at 7 o'clock. Both broadcasting live it a case sports guilty Alley at thirteen degree which tonight. Both live right here in 9713. 38 in SS talking some shocker hoops. Who knows how high the shocks will be ranked one goes there to be an amount later today later today right. Three of the top five teams lost last week's. We could be pretty thoughts resist that number six Lucille parliament while. And these signals polls come out later today that sport was even dead. Eight and as I did 622 now given here for Fox News coveted top stars. Buffalo is having a gun exchange that is a toy gun exchange. Seated in the morning on Tay an SS.