Primary elections are coming up on Aug. 7th

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 23rd
Guest: Independent candidate for Governor Greg Orman.

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Is this station Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news K Ed SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Why this is the case as this morning is receiving dead. I came back inside gunman dead after shooting fourteen people in Toronto we've got the story. Motorcycle riders dead after a crash in south Wichita timetable blurred those details just ahead. I'm Ken SS meteorologist Dan holidays or weather pattern war undergo for the McCain as we head throughout the week our complete forecast and what to expect this coming out. In Toronto Canada a man opened fire late Sunday night leaving two people dead a witness says he heard multiple gunshots being fired before fleeing from the scene. I heard at least one shots and even in intervals. Of Clinton's fans freeloading Clinton spent reload include being spent that's what I hear. And it's not a conscious and then down the street. Fourteen people were wounded again two of them have died police have confirmed that the suspected shooter is also dead after a shootout with police. One person is dead after a motorcycle crashed into a semi truck in south Wichita yesterday afternoon 5200 block of south Broadway. The truck was stopped at its hazard lights on when the motorcycle rear ended truck the identity of the victim has not been released. One person injured and house fire early Sunday in east Wichita just after 5 AM. First responders called to the 9100 block of east Eric the victim was found inside the apartment and was hospitalized in critical condition. The fire was quickly brought under control dollars in damage estimate or not immediately available. Kansas woman whose convictions in the 2002 shooting deaths of her ex husband and his fiancee were overturned. Has lost her bid to have her trial judge removed from the. Case of Topeka capital journal reports that a judge on Friday denied the request by Dana Chandler to remove Shawnee county judge Nancy perish from future court hearings in Chandler's case. Shawnee county judge Teresa Watson issued an order saying Chandler request fell short of warranting appointment of a new judge. Parish presided over Chandler's double murder trial and sentenced her to 100 years in prison for the 2002 killings of Michael Cisco and Karen purpose. But the Kansas Supreme Court in April overturned Chandler convictions. Things Shawnee county prosecutors falsely claimed that Cisco had taken out of protection from abuse order against Chandler before the killings. He'll hold a brand Kagan SS news. One person is dead another injured after shooting at a church in Nevada Sunday to happen at the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints in Fallon. Police chief Kevin Kamen says the suspect attended service they're before the shooting. After the shooting. He left the church on foot and returned to his home. Officers and sheriff's deputies. Surrounded the home while hostage negotiator. Called in. They convinced the suspect to surrender police say it looks to be a targeted shooting and does not appear to be directed. Against the church no motive nor suspect in Houston where a beloved doctor was shot and killed Friday. On manhunt continues in Houston for the suspect who shot a renowned doctor in broad daylight the Houston police chief says the murder of doctor Martin house connect once cared for president George H. W. Bush. Doesn't make sense and they don't even have a motive yet. The 65 year old cardiologist who shot and killed Friday at the Texas Medical Center while he was riding his bike to work. The shooter was on a bike to when he fired two shots doctor neo climate and worked when doctor house connect for more than thirty years. Who could have done this how could this have happened. It's completely. Unnerving and very much baffling. Police have released one sketch of the suspect described to be a white or Hispanic thirty year old man five foot ten with a slender build Brian yes Fox News in assist used on now eight old for Foreman it's translated life. Unexpected results from one swing of the bat in the royals game yesterday we'll have that highlight coming up in sports survey says Kansas economy is growing that story coming up. On McCain and as this morning news was even dead. From McCain is this morning users even Ted now 8077. Minutes past 8 o'clock. The Kansas economy is growing according to a new survey from Creighton University. The Kansas rural mainstream. That a main street index was up to 56 point nine this month a number over fifty is a sign of a growing economy. Creighton economist Ernie Gus says. Put hand this is a lot of comparisons are to overcome tank is a weaker numbers a year ago. And that's what's going out against settlers Candace has a tough go look at the last couple of years and women think that do reasonably good growth that's hard to say and the real. Hilarious to instill some of the big east I would say thank you to gain less vague. Yost believes the Federal Reserve is looking at slowing inflation down even more weekend with a likely rate hike coming this fall. A waiter is fired enrollment. For adding something to the couple's bill. I wrote Pretoria owner fired a waiter who added a derogatory term on the bill for a gay couple more had Deluca says she told the couple nothing like that would happen again she also plans to seek damages from the fired waiter for tarnishing her restaurants reputation the couple says they enjoyed their meal and were shocked to see the anti gay slur on the computer generated bill. The Rome based rights group gays senator. Says it receives some 20000 complaints each year about homophobic incidents. And Carrick Fox News. Some moms on social media are calling out a couple of major retailers and attempt to girls fashions. One mom uses the name assignment mom and FaceBook sharing frustrations about target saying she wanted to talk tween girl fashion with them. And retailer skimpy athletic Wear was ridiculous. Others agreeing with assignment mom and she garnered thousands of reactions on FaceBook then another month chimes then. Think she have the same experience people designing little close for young girls saying they are highly inappropriate. Another went to Wal-Mart for her toddler deciding against her shorts and the boys section. Simon mom telling Fox News she did not expect to get such a huge response saying she was just expressing her frustrations. Let's play Lotto fox means. In assist news time now 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock this season. And so far this morning we've had dead things going pretty well in traffic you'll want to avoid debt. Itself early you'll want to avoid death when not street north and Broadway injury traffic accident there. The gasoline prices in Wichita the bottom end of the lowest prices and Tina there to 53 gallon traffic update from K and SS radio on jets chambers. And our support gas continues his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday the morning then. Good morning with a mostly cloudy skies across south central Kansas we've seen a few showers and thunderstorms start to slowly weaken just to our west. Temperatures will likely be in the mid eighties by lunchtime at 91 for the afternoon highs partly cloudy 71 overnight. Sunny 91 again tomorrow I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now mostly cloudy 74 degrees in the northeast wind at seven miles per hour. He tends Stevenson in the morning. Early voting starts today and Sedgwick county for the August 7 primary affected started at 8 AM just about ten minutes ago. So every county residents can vote early in the Kansas primary to Cedric county election office that's the county courthouse the old county courthouse by ten. North main sold the voting is underway now. For the primary this coming up August sevenths. With a us this morning is candidate for governor independent candidate Greg Norman is through this again this morning nor'easter. It seems like we talked to just a few weeks you'll maybe talk about your book a little bit and yeah. I think that that's a political. A couple of months I'm. Richard does it sure does and now we got to crowded field here. People in this primary and how we're gonna how to we slice through this in in the figure how Greg Greg Norman might be little different from the other people. Well yeah out of that. That's why in the nice to sleep. I'll be out on the general election now no salt works. One of my name on. How. It was terrible we. I. Art is having the best. And in the end our administration that part of Italy. You're going to post or so pleased and they. Are written more firmer. Marker. Usenet you may. Where you know we were a few things start opening. Other income. Round. And it was close. Oh at different right. And then here or in the spent on. Building on. And so yeah they're back. At her. So. I'm gonna have all. The any scandals citizen who has aren't there and I. Want. You. Back. Ordered a mock up on how the governor. I. Concur. Or you know and what really art. Rebuilding. Together. And we. Are represented here. Or. They're then orbit in the all the content off the court. Education has been mentioned time and again as a as a big a big big issue of course it is. The the legislature's been told a couple of times not funding enough for the kids are spending their money what's your position on on education and in an education funding. Well I went. Strong commitment outlook educational and your pot that Warren asked. Her or can. Our nation know that our power source in. A globe. Or Asian in America are a marker for. He's slow acting as the only fracturing our heart no luck on the current. Or let's how opt out and acquire. The belts on the market and help Amylin. Aren't there. No. Matter. Almost saying he'll impact that it is the first and most need it. You. Look at. You know what the Supreme Court prior. Art. They're X air. At all ever. Or. Are at or. Art you know so I ordered I ordered him. Talk a the corpus. Now last week the governor governor Carter came out with a planned or he was need present a plan of of the goals. Kansas lands. Try to get people to. To come to Kansas to work continue to bring their companies here and so forth. Much to comment on that meant approach to bringing folks to go to our state. Accurate particular so governors are well yeah it. On that collier and really got them at. You know we're we're an alum. Or. On an app and in America I. Welcome call as in the old move all political. And our credit the credit that if there are Asian and or. Were there. You know. This is the EI and honesty her arm back out here. Four. Year the national out. That option. Don't remember and harder part I. Our. Armed. And start talking about what's right at our cars in the air out. Nuclear Iran administration. On the ballot. I only make it and why you wanna go or are. There. And where old arms under her belt. Our exports. In agriculture and heavy manufacturing IE aircraft are they in danger right now in cancers. Yeah there aren't we you know if you're hurt and yet there. Right trade war. But. We do about. It was cracked skirt Al our national allegation. Our commitment Eric here are a great sense how damaging those air. On our stage but I'll goes up and outlook. Outlook other governors others need that out export driven car. So the work of other you know I polite. And telling. Her. And sort of current negotiations. Are at. He handled expeditiously. There are content. All out there it would signature. Hole. All right sir thank you for spending some time with us this morning again appreciated that's Greg Norman independent candidate. For governor and for some reason do you eluded me that he is not. A part of the primary process as an independent he goes right around it the other people and he's on the ballot Sonoma. If yours is a downside of that Tuesday and you don't have. The kind of party support that you would need of the day he's running. Independently forego great Ormond are against this morning. 818 now Stephen dead on KE NN since it says sports time now attend liberty. Yet the royals. With a little good news and get the NBC for. Given to them they did you know little juice for the Kansas City Royals after the all star break and community. Re energize a little bit manager Ned Yost told him told those guys to enjoy your four days off take a deep breath and come back compete. The royals. Came back and they won all three of their games after the all star break it weekend for the royals a three game sweep over the Minnesota Twins. Tight game yesterday two to two tie game bottom of the seventh inning backup catcher drew Butte Sarah just looking to somehow get a base hit. Drive in the go ahead Iran now. Certainly happened and the more two balls two strikes on grew. Two out 21. They'll pitch. Swaying had a little blooper to shallow center and it. Then it's. Well I'd. But it's. Royals go on a live five to three exciting moment in the game yesterday in the seventh inning intensity gets the three games away. First week for the royals of the series in nearly a year they have done it since. Late last July. So the royals start up the post all star game breaking good form former Wichita Wrangler Alex Gordon also had a two run double earlier in the game. It gives him 500. Doubles. These Major League career literally four other guys with the royals and have more doubles and Alex Gordon. It or guys are George Brett George Brett and his those Minnesota us. Two for two home. Al McCray of McCray and Frank White there you go for you calorie in the strike there were Alex Gordon join. And the royals homestand continues they go for their fourth win in a row tonight hosting the Detroit Tigers open a three game series. Live pregame coverage of the royals begins at 630 tonight games start at 715. And that'll be all lie in the on Sports Radio Kate at 81240 AM 975. FM. Major League action yesterday saw the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix winning at home over the Colorado Rockies six to four winning pitcher for the. Former Wichita wranglers pitchers Zack Greinke. Working eight innings but one walk thirteen strikeouts creaky gets his eleventh win of the season. Or the Diamondbacks. Pro baseball who Wichita wing nuts finishing up a home stand that Lawrence Dumont stadium yesterday afternoon. It wasn't long and if you like quick baseball that was your game yesterday to wing nuts and cleaver and rail or owners the game took two hours. There were only two hits for the wing nuts only two runs. That was enough in eight to nothing a win over the clean burning trailer owners who also only got two hits. And it's the last time a windows will be home for nearly three and a half weeks as they have back to back days off and then they'll be gone. During the national baseball congress World Series for three weeks. We know it's only game and a half back for a playoff spot Wichita has won four of its last five. Heading into this long. Road swing coming up. A former wing nut is turning up in the Mexican League Fernando Perez. For the Tijuana toros two for five again yesterday in his last ten games Fernando Perez the former wing nut hitting for 32. In the Mexican League. Nicely done by Fernando Perez and we got a couple of shocker basketball birthdays today a couple of guys that. Our great scorers in the shocker program both thousand points goers about Terrelle Benton of derby. They the shocker the late nineties early two thousands became 1000 point score for the shocks happy birthday thrill Benton. He is old news Toro today thirty days thirty. 530. Okay and Antoine Carr one of the Wichita sports legends. He was a high school all American at Wichita heights he was a college all American at Wichita State. In any scored more than 9000 points in the NBA but thirteen seasons Leo big dog Antoine Carr. Celebrating a birthday today and against on his 57. Today and happy birthday to a couple of shocker basketball greats at sports with Steve. And Ted KN SS I did 823 down keep it here for the Hannity morning budgets. That's on the way covered by the company paid cyber prairie fire coffee break Alonso business. Very tired coffee is the freshest coffee in the Woodstock area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very fired coffee at your office by calling 2673770. Ones or online at very higher coffee dot com. Seated in the morning now 823 Stephen Tim on Kate in a sense.