Prince Harry engaged to American actress

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Tuesday, November 28th

Guest: Fox News' Simon Owen live from London


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk and what their station. Depend on. Good morning 8 o'clock this is the case and is escorting you from Stevens head at ninety Macintosh. 300 bales of cotton burn in harper counties and we've got the story. Wichita police investigate we can't homicides I'm Jim Woodward of those details just ahead please identify the armed man shot by police set a Kansas City Costco. I'm Dan O'Neill and KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday for the first time in awhile we've got rave back in our forecast. We'll tell you when our best chance of precipitation are in just a moment. Fighter crews were called to a large cotton bay you'll find here in Hartford county early Monday firefighters found around 300 debate yields in flames. Captain Brenden. Fossett with the Anthony fire department tells KS and use they quickly called for heavy equipment to assist worked at a for Carlyle decided it was a losing battle. Call it heavy equipment that helplessly around. They decided to allow the field to burn into Monday afternoon cause of the fire remains under investigation. Once a fire burned out they were working to bury the ashes from the fire. Investigators are trying to determine why a Kansas man entered suburban Kansas City Costco but handgun and began screaming. Prompting an off duty police officer to fatally shoot. Him police identified the man shot to death Sunday at Costco and Lomax as 58 year old Ronald Honda Edwards bill. Witnesses and police said he was yelling and threatening customers where in Kansas City, Kansas police captain Michael Howell shot him more customers and employees fled. Howell who was shopping at the time has 22 years of law enforcement experience. The police department said Monday Howell fired his weapon after being confronted with a deadly situation. No one else was injured. On smolder van why he was in the store remain under investigation. Johnson county police unity is leading the investigation. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. Which are the police were called an 815 north Litchfield in Riverside Sunday morning on the report of an unresponsive woman. Officers found a 25 year old woman who was not breathing and had signs of trauma she was declared dead at the scene. Lieutenant Todd or trial says her boyfriend and her roommate were taken into custody. During the investigation it was learned that the female and her boyfriend. I come home. In the early morning hours. Of Sunday. There was a loud brutal argument. Sometime either during this argument or shortly thereafter. Female was assaulted and killed. By the boyfriend. The victim is identified as Korean and liquidity the 33 year old boyfriend was booked into jail on charges of second degree murder. A Pizza Hut delivery driver was found dead from a gunshot wound in the trunk of his car Sunday just before noon. Police were called to 7801. East pageant on a report of a suspicious person in a car. Lieutenant oh Giles says when officers arrived they found the owner of the car 26 year old Hassan Rahman in the trunk. He'd been reported missing after a Saturday night delivery. Mr. Rama as vehicle were both. Reported as missing late Saturday night. He would deliver. 2 orders in 11 o'clock in the thirteen of the book north Williamsburg. But he did not return back to the restaurants after these deliveries. Co workers were sent to the location of his last delivery narrow they found property belonging to Pizza Hut in the yard. They were turned this to the store and and called 911 police ask anyone with information call the homicide division at 2684182. Allegations of sexual misconduct continued to come out of Capitol Hill. Fox's jet program explains that some women on the hill were given a grade based on their looks and attitude. A former senior congressional aide tells fox this is someone with a lengthy career here in Capitol Hill that members of congress used to quote grade. Female members on the house floor. There was not an official scorecard or anything written down or anything like that that they would death sometimes comment on the demeanor there retire. Whether or not they smiled and they would tell the female staffers that they could improve their greatest they smiled or maybe Wear their hair differently or so on. The former aide tells me quote they felt like they had the power to treat young women a certain way. The number of women with you know within congress have shared their stories of being sexually harassed while at work. Tensions running high at an event for Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore. Where members of a Fox News crew were confronted by members of the more campaign. It happened when more was trying to get into a community center in Henan are Alabama Fox's Jonathan series is there. Organizers initially inform the media that more would be parking at the front entrance walking into the front entrances so that's where the cameras. We're station will then when his car arrived and actually full around. To a side entrance so camera started running to the side entrance to get a shot of the candidate emerging from his car. And that's when these two individuals who would Reagan who's affiliated with the DeKalb County Alabama GOP the other being Tony schools be. The DeKalb County chairperson for the win more campaign decided to push the cameras are back in physically. Manhandled to Fox News photographers pushing them away and grabbing their cameras. Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct by nine women. The Monday night appearance was the first one he's made since November 16. Day in SS news I'm now 8044. Minutes past 8 o'clock. Men's basketball action tonight for the soccer and the jayhawks we'll have previews coming up in sports man bitten by rattlesnake in southwest Kansas. That story coming up. On the occasion as this morning news's Stevens head this. The K and us this morning news was Stephen debt now 8088. Minutes past 8 o'clock on November 28. A man was bitten by rebels steak while putting Monday and southwest Kansas. It happened in southern great county. EMS transported the victim to western plains hospital for treatment. The great county sheriff says demand was hunting pheasants and quail and I graphs. The department advises people to use caution whether outing and I grants. Police in Louisville, Kentucky say a ten year old girl crashed the truck into home. And then told officers like she did it. That simply questions you know he was like excuse me. And you sell the QB and so far what to say she's you'll be. That's homeowner Joshua Pate who says five children were in the living room at the time he says a so foot cushioned the blow likely saving their lives. Police are investigating the case but have not filed charges FaceBook is intensifying its efforts to see if someone is thinking about suicide. FaceBook using artificial intelligence to skim my messages and video is using a technique called pattern recognition. Still be looking for things like comments that say are you okay or can I help this social media giant says it has teens around the world reviewing material. And this pattern recognition is going to help them prioritize what posed need to be reviewed sooner rather than later. The company says the effort is going to help them get resource is to people in distress and if needed it'll allow them to more quickly alert first responders. Chill NATO Fox News. Cain is there's Huston now they don't mind 9 minutes past 8 o'clock and they don't get traffic here on a Tuesday morning getting cranked up and and I go to work this morning and we've had a couple little problems this morning yet. That's right a couple of traffic accidents southbound on I 135. One around the first and second street exit the other one. South of their right around Lincoln continue to expect slowdowns but you can get through at this point. Traffic update on tape and SS radio on jet chambers and now the forecast with Kate and assist every urologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning we have a cold front to our west a low pressure system dolby moving into central Kansas by this evening and that will increase our chance of rain this afternoon. Our high today near sixty with gusty north winds at fifteen to thirty miles per hour the best chance of rain this evening are loath forty wind it. And a few morning showers Wednesday tomorrow 52 of I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. I'll partly cloudy 56 degrees we've got to south wind at thirteen miles per hour. A Connecticut family could be forced to turn off its intricate. Christmas display decorated with three and the thousands lights because of complaints from neighbors about traffic and parking. Yikes the Connecticut post reports the family's huge decorative display in Fairfield. Drew about 30000 visitors last holiday season. Not counting those who drove by without stopping. Now he hopes to find a solution to address their neighbors' concerns but they fear this year. Could be the last one for the big display 300000 lights. As my. My son play and at the other night overlooked in one of these documents. The electric bill it's like like that you run those one era that need to. 811 Al Stephen jetty in the morning or get too big news coming out of the the United Kingdom over the weekend another royal wedding is being planned it looks like in with a us this morning. Is Fox News radio's Simon alone in London good morning Simon nice to have you whether it's. Prince Harry's found himself up an American actress also about this young woman who is she. In deed in American princess the faster American to marry into the British royal family moment eighteen years the last time it happened it. Test of a constitutional crisis speak it. I'd just like an economical and time ran the the seat so much time Wallace Simpson was. Divorced and that back then it was a problem and it ended up with king at the gate abdicating threatens. It's not completely biffle Americans of planned to marry into the British rule but this time seems to be. Much more planes saving and this has been warmly welcomed by. Not just wrote I'm a senior royals themselves and even the head of the church being in the archbishop of Canterbury says if he's giving you that comes up. Married it'll seat at the age shouldn't be a problem but the brief back story principality. For the uninitiated he's the youngest son of prince child and printed by and a he's William's brother. At least marrying meg DiMarco it was bullet LA and he's a pretty successful actress she's beaten at. US CP legal tropical seats for a number of scenes that we understand this is left that says. Now I'm will be it'd sound bite largely leaving acting behind and she's going to be. Pretty much a full time royal and what that means the states is. What your number humanitarian causes which is individuals they've been getting in her past life as an act that as well site. They're also act they typical of the cameras yesterday too big agreement for a lot of this is on the cut to the official announcement came back yesterday. They did very happy to expect pretty warmly about the upper. And that set to marry in the spring you know. And it can be any idea how these two men of my understanding is it to Prince Harry didn't read and seen the TV show. Look. Yet that's what I'm about to be said yesterday and NGOs that said about him that he cheat you on the and the thing about him in stats suggested that thing is that. She was so the patient wasn't aware of barriers it's great that Harry got himself into a it is 28 he was seen as being a little off the rails he went to fancy dress party dressed and not see that and that the in the papers. He is that they too castigated the papers place strict Benny had thought naked in May get. And he's had these these kind of credit. And and the beat most it instance where he's portrait paparazzi photographers and and that sort of thing now Maurice in the east. Spoken about. The assembled but he says he went through last his mother was killed and he was only twelve at the time. And it sounds like it really impacted his formative years specifically said the problem was he kept it bottled up and he really regrets that with hindsight when he finally. So some help some counseling the base. And he got it out in the open and that he was able to kind of stabilized himself he'll say and went up with the army pretty. Well respected soldier readiness that the state took a couple of toes and Afghanistan. I think that perhaps is that making it and as well after the meeting. Yeah we told it was basically a blind date he said he hadn't not a kitten and it hadn't seen machete and that is meant to mock police said peaceful. They averaged east and she says she didn't match by and they reached he's by mutual friends. And they kick off. Very quickly. Couple quick date than ever to get camping in Botswana. Together under the stock and with bedtime or east to to be as a suspect with filming schedules. They brought me to get tied together but they said they've made it work in that mean they clearly played they have made it. In an editing and just look at that guy in the in the prince that as a red hair and instant his demeanor as he just let him say he looks like debt are very little kid. But obviously he has matured with the as this service in the military as mature. And yeah and the need is a pretty strapping Blake but that's. East so that book out yesterday for into the these photographers that you you realized just how leverage CA's. You know I remember seeing William and Kate would make voting date they did that he biggest spectacle of it and that it was clearly and it took understandable that a commitment comfortable digital cameras flashing in this at a pig vomit in my quit today. Did not seem to back tonight and it's the on the of photographers assembled to take that executed incredibly glamorous. I mean it eighties and than usual engagement by both companies and that few days she is. A Mac and cheese Catholic she's mixed race secretive policy. A number of days things that goes and the problems that need. Need plastic pot that the most part of the cause problems. In years gone by well that is then but now on that she's supremely confident. When they spent decades he did they boost tote about the downside. That being on the action becomes and the intent. Attention but he place and you know it seems they degradation became public and said that she was saying just that meeting showed it doubled ahead. For the attention that we had in the content. Sum up just how intensity that they discredited a music British rule to give you indications of but the British Daily Mail it's one of the top heading east lake as. It can make it's that second team page. Today. Irons that had twenty full page souvenir magazine. Insights. Paper as the activity united kind of scrutiny that facing not an opt to do it on the things. The banking chart activists and death in the realizes that they haven't mapped he did to do a lot of good they want to. Thank safety Simon for being ms. Rupert units or Fox News radio's Simon 01 reporting. From a from Courtney Brittany and he just drummed up all the bad things it prince militaries ever done. Everyone of them. And I do remember why I wasn't young and I are old and I wouldn't I don't remember the abdication of the of the inning at abdication. For the but I remember all the film about the for the woman I love going to talk about a scandal here and way back when it. It's 818 now old was and he gave up the throat yeah he gave up being the king of the British empire. To get married to. Wally since I would've done it. I'd like to have that crown eighteen now Stephen dead young gay and it says in sports that within Woodward. And we're talking basketball is warranted a little hoops on our plate tonight's big night including action for the shots and Jay are spoke about anti. Doctors ranked number eight in the nation hosting Savannah State tonight at Coke arena. Savannah State two and five Sox coming off their first loss of the season last week four and one. Mike Kennedy and David dull have a live pregame coverage shocker basketball beginning at 6 o'clock tonight. KE YNN. And then after the game join me and Jeff lutes we will be taking your phone calls tonight on the shocker locker room show. Broadcasting live it twin peaks in east which saw when he first in rock road at the their after the game. Kansas playing tonight as well number two K you hosting Toledo jayhawks are five you know and they are 24 and a half point favorite at home. Live pregame coverage of the jayhawks begins at 6 o'clock tonight he will tip off at 7 o'clock. The jayhawks on Sports Radio Kate at 81240 AM 975. F them. Those new college polls coming out yesterday Wichita State. Coming off their first loss of the season dropping two spots in both polls the soccer's now ranked number eight in the nation and vote. Kansas remains number two in the coaches poll and getting won the first place vote. Duke is getting the other 31 place votes somebody's vote for Kansas though. And the jayhawks remain that in pull up one spot now ranked number two is well in the Associated Press poll. We talking little pro football tonight the weekly chiefs kingdom show with a voice that she's miss holt it's find out all things going on for police chiefs. 7 o'clock tonight. That's right here on 987 and thirteen thirty K and SS tonight the weekly chiefs in them killed. Boxing news for you Olympic medalist Wichita is Niko Hernandez was going to fight this Saturday at Hartman arena for a flyweight championship. That fight has now been postponed. Nico injured during training for this fight so they had to postpone they'll pick up that fight and try to do it again in February. Let them know fight this Saturday night. Flyweight when Nico Hernandez. Women's basketball tonight here in town and visit you don't get very often undefeated Washburn women at six you know visiting Newman. 5:30 PM tip off west Wichita. The Washburn women have only visited Newman once ever gets 42 years ago back in 1975. Like could be a good fit you you would think yeah. And it's a men's women's double header tonight so I lost for coming down here to which you talk Lynn Newman in a men's women's doubleheader tonight. Women and Washburn women here for the first time in 42 years. What's inoperative. K you basketball tonight over on KFH shocker basketball tonight over on KEY and both ranked in the top ten in the nation's sports with Stephen to educate an ass and Mitch. And man that she's kingdom show at 7 o'clock tonight here on. Ian and sent to get planning going on tick planning on on it's time for our prairie fire coffee break a little into says. Prairie fire copies of freshest coffee in the Wichita area because. Ernie prior coffee beans are roasted fresh here in Wichita that's why you can get very tired coffee tour office just like Stephen Ted. By calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. Eight Moneyline giving of my handy morning minutes president trump takes a swipe to see and the and the scene until the morning on Kate in a sense.