Putin says Russia will not engage in arms race

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, March 20th
Guest: Fox News Correspondent Simon Owen in London

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Is this station which should talk turns to first firm. Live team coverage of breaking news today at SS which it talks number one news talk bad weather station depend on. Good point 7 o'clock this McCain and as a sporting news even dead nineteen Macintosh. Former basketball stars Wichita as latest homicide victim we've got this story Kansas lawmakers may temper education goals fall leaving consultant's report. I'm Dana O'Neil. Bomb explodes near San Antonio behind it would alerted those details are just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Yesterday we officially measured just under an inch of rainfall in Wichita that's the most we've had since October of last year. The rest of the week looks dry though are complete forecast is coming up. Package bomb exploded shortly after midnight today inside a FedEx distribution center in shirts Texas. The FBI and the ATF berth seems spokeswoman for both agencies told the Washington Post. The explosion happened at a facility in shirts Texas has just north east of San Antonio sometime around 1 AM. Says FBI special agent Michelle Lee ATF spokeswoman Nicole strong said that early indications are no one was injured. The Associated Press reported erroneously earlier today that the San Antonio fire department said one person had suffered nonlife threatening percussion type injury from the blast. A former basketball star in the state of Kansas was shot and killed in north Wichita early Sunday. Police lieutenant Todd Ochoa says the officers arrived at deuce is bar at thirtieth and finding a 27 year old man suffered from multiple gunshot wounds he was hospitalized underwent surgery died about six hours later. This individual was inside the club. Some kind of altercation took place we're not sure what it was a what started it. During the altercation. Someone in the cloak. Fired guns striking a victim several times. Killing him. The victim has been identified as 27 year old Dwayne Brunson a resident a great band. The native of queens New York played college basketball apartment community college. And led fort hay state in rebounding and back to back seasons in 2013 and when he fourteen. Investigators believe there were about three dozen people in the club at the time of the shooting but most of them were gone by the time police arrive this is what you tossed. Ninth homicide case of the year Kansas legislators he suffered sticker shock from a report on the costs of improving public schools. Are considering whether to make the State's education goals less ambitious. Mall makers appeared less anxious Monday after hearing from two Odyssey consultants. Issued the report last week. It's at improving schools could require the state to increase its education funding by two billion dollars a year of schools up 44% boost. That price tag is tied to increasing the State's high school graduation rate from 86 to 95%. And vastly improving how students perform on standardized tests. Lawmakers face a Kansas Supreme Court mandate to increase education funding Dan O'Neill KM SS news. Last week's NCAA basketball tournament what's a slam dunk for what you thought also says Susie Santo. President and CE AC EO of visit Wichita she tells Guinness excuse the community pulled together to present and promote visitor opportunities. Stay at a local organizing committee that and working on it for other law. With all of the parties going around to welcome. The hoteliers. They hit it out of the park in May be a student athletes feel like rock stars. NG bank arena I mean wow we showcase that unbelievable facility. On a national stage there's so many people that we're involved with that. Tournament generated an estimated ten million dollars for the local economy. It was campaign promise now the president is working to roll out his plan battling the OP Lloyd epidemic that costs more than 100 American lives per day. In New Hampshire a state hard hit by the epidemic the president along with the First Lady saying the only way to solve the -- Buick problem is to get tough. Pushing for harsher punishments for drug dealers and in extreme cases the death penalty. If you break the law and illegally peddle these deadly voices. We will find you we will arrest you and we will hold your. Count the White House is the little focus on some tediously breaking the flow of drugs into an across the country. An education and awareness and expanding access to treatment and recovery efforts. What the president has declared it a national public health emergency so say his administration hasn't done enough. In Washington Lauren Blanchard Fox News. Hey Unisys news time now 7066. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Oklahoma Sooners baseball team only plays one road game in the entire month of march. And that's tonight and it's here in Wichita we'll have details coming up sports higher cautions continued even after recent rains in central Kansas. That story all the way Stephen dead on gay and assess. The K it is this morning users even dead now 7099. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Much needed rain across central Kansas the last couple of days however. Officials advise continuing precautions against sparking fighters that have been advised in during the drought conditions and over fired deputy chief Mike Roosevelt. Told KS and use it just wasn't enough moisture to L alleviate the fire danger and the rain we gut could cause problems for firefighting equipment. Unless you've got non high quality four wheel drive with good tires and that sort of thing of a larger trucks which don't help for the drug cases. We're just not going to be able to get out there we get equipment stock occasionally adequately can be put in danger putting the firefighters that are on that equipment in danger as well. Some advice from Roosevelt if you're going to do a controlled burn this week have someone. Of competent age be present from start to finish don't mix alcohol and fired call 911 early if something goes awry. A mother has been sentenced for killing her children in 26 team brandy Worley told police she killed her to the. And children hours after her husband filed for divorce because she didn't want him to take them. On Monday the 31 year old Indiana woman was sentenced to 120. Years in prison for the stabbing deaths of her seven year old son and three year old daughter. Her husband was asleep downstairs when the murders occurred in the family's home in Darlington northwest of Indianapolis. Worley did not comment at Monday's sentencing. Rich Dennison Fox News. Window middle or I old seat your choice could have an impact on your health. Some experts say a window seat is the safest place on an airplane to avoid catching a cold or the flu and the new study from Emory University supports that theory researchers took flights all over the US to test for viruses and to observe how people come into contact with each other they concluded aisle seat passengers are likely to be near an infectious person because they tend to get out of their seats most but in a total of ten flights researchers only saw one person coughing and did not find any of the cold and flu viruses they tested for meaning it's possible that no sick people more on board those flights Steve Rappaport Fox News. K and it has used time now 071111. Minute span 7 o'clock and if you're down to it in traffic this morning a little bit different from yesterday we don't have all. The rain in the end of wet conditions at least. That's right we also have a traffic accident southbound. Ike to 35 right around zoo boulevard. And now you're gonna wanna watch for a slow down their traffic update on Kate and SS radio. I'm jet chambers are right now the tea sand storm tracker three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist. Laura van and good morning Laura K area. Rain rain yesterday that was really night. But now we at eight or write but their he'd take place and now it. Spring break for the boat and I get inaccurate hate it. Bring that you'd be help for acute pain pat we have and I went up on the way. Current temperature out the airport at 39 degrees it is overcast in reedy was that wins from the north state exploit Q mile per hour deal colder problem addressed that layered or debate working with the clouds and expect a giant by the end debate. On for a high at. EIs that chilly breeze will stick around eight had twenty you'd be read speed. It going to be one of the cooler ones not your typical person based brink the only big parade and imagine before he got a great warmup and our way at our patients will be paid off I wonder that we can work you don't like the weather today. Laura but how much did arraigned do you think did have were both major detail here at Wichita at today at the weather service officer near the airport. I just looked it up a budget under it just for. Stick with well but the epic port yet yesterday that's Landry is many tents all intents and it really can rate rain I. But Arctic indoors they have got over into their rain gauge. Rape rate each. They went back with. Eight stayed at the last time debt of which top received over half an excerpt rate at 24 hour hi PH actually eat it all lead back. Q October I eat at Bryant added edible you think about are we carry it really haven't had a significant pitcher and a whole lot of I would speak about a lot of rain. But it was that they ignite a day we still have time for big still nice and Nelson yeah I like your basement. Earn a card and I world to. This congress. Yes I would. Thank you aren't they kiss and Star Trek history forecast of Kansas City meteorologist. Laura Bennett 714 now Stephen dead on in assess. And the president of president. Putin's. As one reelection no big surprise there and he has some things to say about the arms race and so forth with a us this morning live from London. Fox News radio Simon on good morning Simon. So is is coordinated put out the olive branch disease gonna get along with everybody now be a nice guy. But it is gonna try to keep. And he mentioned that led arms race should be mentioned Carlo in recent weeks because while on the campaign trail president Prejean. Pat revealed details of a whole array of new nuclear weapons but he said let. Impossible to intercept and didn't know what else and and anywhere in the look at technology. Like they. Edit this sort of language. That month and number eight but President Putin said yesterday. We have no intention of engaging in some kind of arms race say that that like conflict Stan. But instead he said that will look to develop constructive relations. With other countries. So you know maybe we are looking at have a new woman friendly have gotten it taken a spectator comment to be taken with. A large degree of skepticism in Weston. Capitals. And Peter did give himself a bit of a caveat that the way out on the saudis said this quake because of that thing that not everything depends about outs for his love. Both sides have to be involved the life that can be no love tool to create an off the bag sound bite but. Warmer relations but it's going to be presumably compete in terms and an intense debate that this is another way repeated again and have a way out of any concern about it saying well I tried and they didn't accept the the invitation. You know Simon I'm in the age and I'm sure there are many Russians who are mice same age. Who remember the Cold War and the threat of nuclear weapons it was awful Rupert children. I wonder of course he doesn't you don't have to worry about that for this electorate does he doesn't matter doesn't matter what they think up a chair a lot of Russians say we don't wanna be an an arms race. Well I mean ticket does massive lot did it choose thing because you're yet but no doubt he was gonna win this. And play but there out you know expense of Russian politics he say that Egypt has a long way to pull and he is just what mad and say. He beat one way or another it stay in power potentially if that. The need to do we think yeah that is way for a while Lanka bots. Yummy that there is the the distract the Cold War and many questions that you say will remember that equally these days you know pretty simply to be in cup eighteen years does that automatically. Every Russian child. As I would be no Putin. Leadership. And the people who are an older by the city of Mexico what was that again at the collapse of the Soviet Union. You know the people who remember the chaos. That folate dot collapse. They are seen to be devoted to the kind of backed by repeated supported it the eve what at least take a back and he does put a firm hand on the tiller. And he is does lead to the bitter and I'd say stay in and he keeps things controlled now. Government say that he controlled things about too much and that's why you have an election but it wasn't pretty much choice that the electorate. And but but he supports says they'd they'd like at bat but he keeps things. And in check and that's what it sounds like he's gonna continue to dig it. The DC the strong mandate even if you take Edie did take into effect they. They're concerned about freedom of speech that some think he was 76%. Of the plate and got a strong mandate to exploit it. This and excellent points thank you so much for your insight there Fox News radio Simon Owen lives. From London talking about it. Who tend winning your reelection he's been in power for eighteen years in Russia while. Is he gonna try to get along better with others well if it depends on the others is that at this can always come back to day. No I tried but the heck I'm not a big fan of mr. McDonough known that many people are 718 now Stephen Ted on K in this as in bit. It's sports that would Ted Woodward did get some basketball to tell us about also. Wheelbase to talk about today is right as well at at based. All tonight in which hits off for the 26 ranked shocker is Wichita State hosting meet Oklahoma Sooners. 1 time this season the shocks have taken common opponent and the big twelve in Oklahoma has 21 games in the month of march. Only one of those is a road game away from Norman. And that is tonight in Wichita so. Oklahoma doesn't go on the road very often they are O and two on the road so far this season only their third road game overall. And they have not won either the previous do. Oklahoma and the shocker tonight shocks have lost two out of three. Wichita State has a record of thirteen for a overall Oklahoma at fourteen and eight Mike Kennedy will have a live pregame coverage of the shocker beginning at 5:30 PM. He will start at 6 o'clock tonight at a X stadium and that is live right here on your home for soccer baseball 987 and thirteen thirty K and ask ass. Tune in tonight for Wichita State baseball action. In hockey in Wichita thunder is in the middle of an eight game road trip they have split the first four games so far which stars in Kansas City tonight taking on the mavericks at 7 o'clock. Which toss first visit to Casey since the day before Thanksgiving. Wichita right now is in third place in the mountain division. Pro basketball in the NBA last night in New York the knicks beat visiting. Chicago Bulls won 1092. In the starting lineup the next former Kansas State wildcats Michael Beasley was seventeen points and six rebounds. It's back to back wins for the knicks who have been eliminated from playoff contention. Little Jew go men's basketball the 71. Annual. National you go division one tournament is underway in Hutchinson and got off to a good start yesterday for Barton community college. Number sixteen is seen in this tournament beat number seventeen Tyler Texas. 8663. In the opening round Barton is now 26. Now Barton faces the ultimate challenge this afternoon at 2 o'clock in the sweet sixteen. Partner taking on the number one undefeated. Team in the nation Indian hills which is 33 and oh. Barton against Indian hills in the sweet sixteen today that will be at 2 o'clock tip off in Hutchinson. Prior to that at noon. The host team and the defending national champions Hutchinson community college blue dragon take on number 22 Cape Fear that'll be noon. Open Hutchinson. Interesting games coming up today the national tournament. And of course we're getting ready for the sweet sixteen at the NCAA tournament later on this week course Kansas and Kansas State are both in the sweet sixteen. We have a little like K state history it was seventy years ago on this day. The Kansas State played its first game ever end of the final four. Up in Kansas City municipal auditorium. Baylor won that game sixty to 52. Now the first time I K state appeared in the final four and who knows maybe this year K state is just right now two wins away from making it back to the final four. They State's first ever game in the final four was seventy years ago on this day. That's boards with Stephen Ted KNS at 721 now he'd been here for Rush Limbaugh morning update. And he has an update on attack. On a student who was an update on the attack mr. Adams who was attacked while carrying a trump flag. That's coming up Rush Limbaugh Stevens at the morning on tape and assess.