Python in the road is so big it blocks Australian police

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 15th

Officers on a night patrol had to wait for the slithering reptile to cross the road.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 630 to even get in the mornings feedback and Johnson Woodward. A man who's behind bars just days after scamming a Wichita man into buying fake basketball tickets for this weekend's soccer game. After news of the big ticket scam got around. Police sergeant Nicky butt rove was contacted by another citizen who had also purchased fraudulent tickets during Devlin was arrested for suspicion of theft. Possession of drugs and additional warrants. Now the forecaster on a Friday morning with K and assess stampede about just Dan holidays good morning ten. Good morning we've been stuck in this dry weather pattern for quite some time but finally we're seeing a chance of rain coming this weekend. It will be dry this morning though sunny and cool this afternoon at our high 52 with a gusty southwest wind. Clear and 32 overnight near sixty for the high tomorrow and rain moves in late Saturday night and early on Sunday and I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now partly cloudy 32 degrees criminals west wind at eight miles per hour. A man robbed a fidelity bank in northeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Wednesday. Were three female employees in the bank. Unknown suspect entered the bank armed with a handgun. The suspect pointed a handgun at employees. And demanded money. Money was taken by the suspect. Who also sprayed. Pepper spray at the employees. Mandrel lawyer and a black four door Volkswagen CC he's wearing black cap dark sports jacket and sunglasses coming down the wire as Republicans in congress try to meet his self imposed deadline to overhaul the tax code. As Fox's cad program reports. It's a very delicate balancing act to avoid losing Republican votes they seem to. Be a little bit up in the year with the votes have to finish tax reform that might be one of the reasons why it appears at the House of Representatives where the votes are a little more certain. Might move first early next week. But once they finish the tax reform bill allergy get a final document the you know it can't be changed at that point it signed the conferees these of the members. From the house and the senate he said yes this is the final merged blended version between the house and the senate. Once you sign off on that conference report. You cannot go back in and reopen it he can't amend it he can't change it it's done and they have trouble at this stage then their goose is cooked. It's unlikely that the bill will get any Democrat votes. Federal grand jury in Oklahoma has indicted a man accused of kidnapping his stepdaughter and holding her captive for nineteen years in Mexico and elsewhere. During which time he fathered her nine children. An indictment handed up in Muskogee on Wednesday accuses 63 year old Henry petite of kidnapping Roslyn Maginnis in 1995 or 96. And traveling with the intent to have sex with her. And FBI agent says and an affidavit that petite first had sex with mcinnis and an eastern Oklahoma home when she was eleven or twelve. But give us now 33 managed to escape from petite last year in Mexico where there were living and she went to the US embassy. You associate of breast generally doesn't identify sexual abuse victims Bob Maginnis has discussed her case publicly. Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news. Openly Lloyd a drug abuse is a growing problem across the US and that includes south central Kansas. Cedric county district attorney Mike Bennett tells can assist news. Prescription painkillers are fueling the problem. Thank you rid of those if you look at your medicine cabinet you've got lower tabs and and pills like that payments that are of viewing based payments. There's actually I think to. Walgreens and may be other places well with the Walgreens is central hillside the 1 central amaze I understand. Well both except pills taken when they're in exile attorneys inning get rid of them and they will do that for. Then it's his math is still the biggest broad problem for local law enforcement. Mike Bennett our guest this weekend and if you when he 17 Sunday morning at eight here on KNF Spanish. Husbands sometimes find themselves in hot water with their wives. But a Florida man is facing ire of two wives. Both of whom want to see him put behind bars. Nine year old Paul Wayne style -- may get their way they want him locked up for mirroring them both the flagler county Florida sheriff's department is a comedy team their wishes they're charging style with bigamy for they say mirroring the woman in Florida for years ago while still married to a woman from Indianapolis. Detectives say stop and wife number one split in 2005. But never got a divorce stop by the way is a registered sex offender Gary Baumgarten Fox News. 634 now Stephen Ted Owen K and assist guy sounds like a real there now able. How many red flags we have and that's all while. To Friday December 15 when he seventeen right the middle of the old. Last month of the year here here we are on the stage and 1890s in Indian chief Sitting Bull and eleven other tribe members were killed. In grand river South Dakota during a confrontation with Indian police. I recently did read a book about Davis and his sitting bolt relationship with that Buffalo Bill Cody in the wild west show. Very interesting last definite no bid on great history there citadel was dead this hell had to do with relocating him to another reservation right. And a lot of the politics going on in debt and when he was supposed to be taken into custody there. Some of his supporters. Went along with him. And apparently were armed and this thing blew up and now all of a sudden you know twelve people were dead. So the single never without controversy apparently he was just. Quite a person pretty interest in life great personality that. You know medicine man in India. The Su and they they just thought he was terrific and you know you became. Death and birth the battle of the little big horn it became a national belly up then it that he got resurrected it in this well question only became sort of a a national celebrity charismatic leader yeah. He was like do the card actions Tuesday he had built Cody they are big big named Cody of course grew up partially hearing cancers. And and he was interesting guys is another guy knows about 62 or three or her good looking man in March cowboy part PT Barnum it actually does some. It actually kill Indians on the planes and interesting people. The old west a love the okay. 636 now Stephens at a pie thought so long it blocked a road. As found fame thanks to Australian police. To loft a road into officers patrolling in Queensland stumbled across this massive scrub python Norton aaron's literally. Had to wait for to cross road before he or she asked why. Measuring more than sixteen feet long all the snakes states still just long enough for acting senior constable Chris Kenny to strike a pose with. And which has since gone viral. After being posted to the forces FaceBook page. And as one big snake who who. Know that wildlife and Australia. How about wildlife right here in the US. Officials at New Mexico Ehrlich electricity utility PNM say they think and possum might have been responsible for a power outage. That left nearly 101000 customers in Rio Rancho and corral us without power on. A real retro fire rescue spokeswoman says the power went out after a transformer blew Wednesday night. Those checking it out say the resulting fire could have been caused by pot some. Or some other large animal usually when that happens the perpetrators does not survive and they get paid on the posthumous fried. Whatever. So we say they can't even tell for sure I realized they give those pipelines in Australia possum in New Mexico. I we have via. We talked about this yesterday we we go to we're gonna do an orient they waited and we had the annual. Intercom. Holiday eat lunch. Christmas party. And you were there. Yes and we were catered by Straus again this year folks Strauss hacker and it's up. Kevin brought all the goodies out there from rather that couldn't get enough of those men but it is a play in. The people at my table were gone crazy over the little. Hot hot yeah hot taken music to me nuggets way out of Iran crazy over the over those my area very very popular. I was fine and up let others enjoy that I was enjoying the traditional. There's some of the refrigerator Jack manipulative and lots agree that medical Boeing's more. And I it's heated up some skaters. As and that file off the shelves and others that there's nothing wanna tell you about our big meeting between Canada a couple of while we color achiever awards which you that I get there. About fifteen over the you know we had I got on about twelve years ago that's not easy to. So we haven't really achieved an inning a ground. A lot. 638 and then you Bolton before the whole white elephant. A white elephant get to hourlong artistic and involved and anyway I was not in just Baghdad took off that I was doing 1000 you do in the newscast my mirrors people laughing of Rory easily I don't know is going out there just you know. It's one of those things where that those of us around here who worked continue to work. And well the news doesn't stars don't stop maybe it just keeps going. Thanks Eddie van Allen Stevens and it's time for McCain is as commodities update with the Eveready bunny of a bodies Tom let's for what the commodities are down. Good morning Steve. Well trading resumed mixed with a dark shadow complex known who I Portland regenerated for the week yesterday like cattle feeder cattle closed on the positive side. Still not in any case cattle trade reported a few yards for this week. We've all future waffled traded mixed and closed mixed. Navy planes and deferred contracts involved in Brooklyn positive in the nearby contract despite. Report prices this week it dropped considerable. On the closed yesterday at Campbell 77 cents higher at 11915. To impede in the sixty total 146 point five. Instead we know pretty decent tired 6762. Point one wanted to export surge if they were the best they've seen little long time. And we managed to close all the qualities I'd buy a cup and the corn and soybean complex close maybe yesterday. Did was going to be there he traded below the November low. We are looking at the moment mark can see weak record opening tired or 90 march corn plant capacity of 349. And you're being street insider buying 73 quarters January crude oil's one particular type of 57 point. February gold three dollars and ninety. 12160 dollars and ninety cents participating fix some important points about point 662 and a quarter of the dollar index slipped 7% at 9350 sport. And the more acceptance speech or 75 point trading at 24006. Dirty it is. A commodity trading like marketing advisory contact offer commodities on the program whereby using 866 didn't didn't tell. It Tom last night in west Wichita got to about four raindrops on my windshield my car windshield. Anything over there and aghast in Butler county last night. I would have gone left side actually rules do the meeting dammit. The casino that called fame and I walked and the parking lot. Kind of in the middle of the state. And Edmonton little tiny little Coverdale yeah and the man is a little bit on the right homeless have been but. It was the left if you look ridiculous wouldn't notice that. Not much there well. No one of me megas rang it was keeps Ian is making it to rain here in the next couple days so you know we'll keep an island Florida. I tell you it's hard to do that sort delayed we're going to drive time like we are right now and you don't have a whole lot of state that are there. Were in a dry spell right. I thank you Tom. We have Manhattan steam rollers Christmas bills CD. And a hot chocolate canister. For one of our lucky losers fifteen dollar Mannheim steamroller it always says when he's at Manhattan Mannheim yes right Mannheim steamroller. Chris and Phil CD at a hot chocolate get a fifteen dollar value. OK what do I do now jet. No I don't have art iMac I invite the listeners to call out of it if you'd like to have this wonderful prize difficult date six that's in Eaton thirty. We get a prize for you this morning to kick off on a Friday morning man Amos steamroller workers to fill CD. Some of the the player on the house is you decorate the tree plus hot chocolate janitor fifteen dollar value of 86913. 3642. Now. India for Don Ramsey AFP the bunny tracker. How many bonds in your portfolio. Keep them morning on tape and assess.