Raccoon causes brush fire in Utah

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, June 12th
The animal fell from power lines into brush which ignited in Salt Lake City.

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Seven to thirteen 38 ME ST good good morning. Steve thank you sons Ted Woodward. Police have released more information now after a man who stand to death Friday night and southeast Wichita near hairy and George Washington boulevard. The victim. In the homicide there occurred in the 16100 block. Of eerie is that Qaeda fighters LeRoy Hudson. The 68 year old male of Wichita. You know it was a point personal side of 2018. Police officer Charlie Davidson there a 53 year old man was arrested Saturday morning of 27 street south McClain and was booked into jail for charges of murder and auto theft. Police were to only fourteen cases during river fest in downtown Wichita on currently to arrest at the event during the nine days one arrest came during the week as state agents from alcohol beverage control arrested a minor in possession of alcohol and for obstruction. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the other arrest came on Saturday night. 36 year old male was arrested. At the end of the river crests. As crowds were dispersing. It was a Reston area 300 west Douglas. 36 year old male slapping mounted unit ports on the nose. And was arrested and booked into jail for battery of what we see him. There were 41 calls for EMS during the river fest resulting in eleven transports for further medical care. McPherson police are investigating a fatal shooting Monday morning in the 400 block of Dale's draw. Police responded to a report of gunshots they found the man was several gunshot wounds in the mustang mobile park. Kansas bureau of investigation and McPherson PD are investigating. The state objections board has ruled how the names of the fourth district's Republican primary candidates will appear on the ballot. Both parties strongly suspect that it was no accident that two candidates with these same first and last name are running against each other in the congressional primary. But a state board on Monday faced its own challenge. How should ballots differentiate between the two Wichita man. Republican voters in the fourth district are now set to choose August 7 between represented a broad Estes the incumbent. And Ron him Estes the challenger. The Kansas secretary of State's office devised Phyllis Steen have to run him Estes filed a challenge of freshman congressman and the GOP primary. The all GOP three never stayed objections board led by secretary of state Chris called mock concluded that using a middle initial to distinguish the candidates on the primary ballots still might prove too confusing for voters. Rodney price KN OSS news. Larry Kudlow president Donald Trump's top economic advisors have a very mild heart attack and is being treated at a military hospital the White House said Monday Kudlow was in. Good condition at Walter Reed national military medical center in Bethesda Maryland. Fifteen years in prison for man from upstate New York who authorities say traveled to Turkey to join crisis. Arafat Knology claimed his goal is to provide humanitarian aid but the judge said he had a hard time believing it after looking at nineties violent social media palace assistant US attorney committee Lin said non Q blog body armor and other tactical gear and reached out to a member of the lock a wanna fix a group of men from Buffalo, New York or not he lives who went to prison for providing material support of al-Qaeda for advice on what to pack for the Middle East not these lawyers saying not d.s judgment has been clouded by too much medication these sort of mortified by the some of his social media post's Lisa Ellis arraf Spock. News and now look at the forecast with K and assess stack the role just day and the holiday good morning to end with good morning cloud cover will gradually be on its way out here early on with it we could see an isolated shower or thunderstorm popped up just about anywhere later on this afternoon it as a frontal boundary will be right across the south central part of Kansas today's high night before rain and thunderstorm chances grew up overnight Saarloos 71 that scattered storms early on Wednesday with a high 86. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday had. Mostly cloudy 79 degrees you've got to southeast wind at seven miles per hour. Already have yesterday we had a German shepherd good cooking fire right right the authorities in Iraq Conan got into the power lines was the culprit for a small brushfire in. Weber county Utah certainly much more traditional. In an easily squirrel power station Riverdale fire chief Jared Shelly says a record and set himself on fire on accident in the fell on them fell on the power line to start to brushfire I don't know fell off the power line fire was extinguished in about twenty minutes nobody was hurt the raccoon died. Apparently vivid you got to self assess hooked on this loss. And fell into the brush. Yes somebody cue up Morgan Freeman the raccoon did not so. And a court filing in the federal case against a neighbor who tackled US senator Rand Paul says the neighbor. Lost his temper over yard debris on the property line between their Holmes. The neighbor doctor Renee Bulger is asking a judge to grant probation in the case prosecutors are seeking a 21 month prison sentence. A sentencing memorandum filed Friday by about your attorney says Paul repeatedly placed unsightly yard debris near the property line. The daily news Bowling Green reports that on the day before the November 3 attack. Archer burns and the rate debris left by Paul does the next day Paul placed more debris on the spot for the pilot and bird. Vouchers pleaded guilty to assaulting a member of congress it is scheduled to be sentenced Friday. Apparently. Senator Paul decided it all be deliberate and others puts their number. A senator in these neighbors are not getting along that apparently this guy tackled and you reached on Louisiana yet devilish best. You know it's most of our senators are representatives of look at. It. The physical fitness is that they're number one priority that's how they get a baseball team they show up or down and throw the ball a bit. I don't see him as the champions of physical but do you agree Emeril. Maybe a girl. Who's the most physically fit president we ever had for his age probably Ronald Reagan is it all he ever did chop some wood and once every three of Teddy Roosevelt was a pretty Roosevelt. That act at the end of gym and in that way out. He elected box and work out new things like that for those big bowling pins around a medicine ball or throw noticeable. I never have I think outside of basketball we're about fifteen pounds. Or what's the point. It do this you know Luna. Who else has recently. I don't know Obama played golf right this. About it for now most moderate Eisenhower. Eisenhower love Google you love golf but he was an older man thing up. Smoked about three tax camel today and so that is our which terrible. But he did it declares. You know we can even point FDR even though he had polio he swam. He ran every state is active as he could try to keep that upper body strength and he did he did that means to us forget. Where she got Gerry Ford was an all American football there and he. He kept himself pretty good for him anyway. There you go I'm not sure what president trump does he works at all and. I've never seen anything about the view. He looks like he looks like he's in pretty huge it looks like he's keeping himself ops offer man in his seventy's hill's. And security bill Salvation Army is doing something this year they're working with stuck with west star energy also. They partnered up with west lake ace hardware. To distribute fans for people who need them who can't afford them. Digi box fans you know that he is getting hot and everything and they've done this before I think yeah if this does an annual. Project. Thursday. This Thursday from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Salvation Army city command complex at 350 north market downtown. You go by there you provide an ID proof of address and electric bill. And could be one of these fans free of charge. It is time a year and that type these types of situations a fan could be like safe and be such a difference. So ace hardware and as salvation army's tunis and Westar Energy. Something nice I guess they've got like 60000 dollar for the Iranians. That they're distributing and to get some activities planned if you bore no more ideas go by your local. You know. Westlake ace hardware and find out more of that now. That's total with Salvation Army in the regularly some aliens again you probably at that time of year it's gained over their peer your fever wealthy beyond your means like to download and academia fan and with Torre reluctant by aero. Viral and try to. About 638 Stephen to edit in the morning time for the K units as commodities update with mr. Tom left blur of littler commodities the morning to. And I'm still couldn't move or achievements of life Kevin you can't look at last they're trading turn Nagin. And we bone in triple digit losses. Last week just general trading was mostly by boat I would prudence we can 150 dollar bomber blew up. Only hope he could also trade but he can't hide from good mood been like to tell conflict so often triple digit losses. Please let the August live cattle bowed to global force seventy. Disputed vote 32 no 14595. Utilizing all of them a dollar thirty K rod so that 7940. I did a very negative trading session for the record including impeachment and include muted session lows. More importantly most of whom but don't continue to liquidate long positions in the future and hopefully it will definitely cut corners and 7%. The remains of 4%. So we'll one point from the previous week we'd have a commission winds 14% complete technicians 50% of them Oklahoma 49%. McCain is 10%. Today at 11 o'clock in the Huntley unit moves supply and demand report that the wanted to lighten people put them in a quarter drive by turning it. Like corn through enhancement are turning seventy and three quarters which are largely being taken to recorder fired 916 and I have. Like crude rose one person wrote 6598. I would go over there into the road that's more important social progress and then two point between Lebanese people and three quarter. And our index moved six they're tired mentoring which include. 200 engines can turn 32 point float. Prove that there have been 316. Could concentrate grade marquee value in contact us for commodity on the program live by using. Due to top. Few hours ago we had some weather moves through the south central Kansas area then the at a severe thunderstorm warning for. Reno and Harvey. And then it came around Sedgwick county and I beat part of the Butler county for awhile where you war was under a severe thunderstorm warning did you get any rain over there this morning. Did get your guests are right right and so yeah obviously you went right around such beat. Now it's clear down and in southeastern Kansas and it's move and on another of the place. Yeah looks like tonight and tomorrow and there's more Champions Tour right and share hours. Could get some showers. House a house and we couldn't go on right now you would run along. We have got. Tell Enron pins for local kid trying to restore Norton's like remedy here in the east and central part of the state. While next moving right along and it. Possibility and results are very well everything from. Disappointing to better than had been expect. You know these fires there have now down in sells the southeastern Colorado. Some pretty heavy fire down there around Durango and they're saying the main cause is just a dog on dried up there we we know that story don't. I'm OK so. What do you think how far north to they actually go with a cut read today. All the way to Canada wants them like this. Well my admit when it goes up through Nebraska. Into imported food they have to conclude that. The Australian Open that part of the country in the Dakotas Montana and so forth. He can disprove an alternate in the spring we have been playing in the news just about a month but I have to go and arms and pick up shortly after ours does. All right very good. Thank you so you think they stay cool today it's I. 641 was even did the key is as commodities update with mr. Tom left there on the way we've got Don Branson CFC in the morning tracker. He's gonna talk about savings for shredded. That's coming up Stevens in the morning on cape and SS.