Rain starts to move across Wichita area

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 16th
No reports of storms or high wind, just rainfall.

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Little. Good morning Steve into the morning 97 and 3030 K and Sanchez here on Monday morning. At 630 real. This surgery county sheriff's office says such a truck belonging to a 67 year old man killed last week has been found. Sheriff's office is now investigating the death of the trucks folder as a homicide. The senate Tim Myers is John Gaffney pick up had been missing since he was found dead in his home July 7. I did not indicate where the 1990. Seven dodge was found to. Anyone with information regarding describe disaster contacts Edward county sheriff investigations or crime stoppers at 2672111. One of the men accused of killing a semi pro football player in Wichita last summer has been sentenced to life plus thirteen months in prison. A jury convicted Richie Randall junior what you jobs in May of first degree premeditated murder and criminal discharge of a firearm. In the death of nineteen year old Timothy golden. Cold what's found shot to death and it's apartment in July 2017. He was a tidy had for the Kansas cougars a semi pro team based in wood to chop investigators say Randall and two other men to carry Sanders in Larry Tripplett. Fired more than a dozen rounds and Goldman's apartment. Randall won't be eligible for parole until he spends at least fifty years in prison. Sanders and Triplett had not yet been tried in the case Rodney price KN SS news. The air force says McConnell air force base in Wichita likely will receive its first KC 46 air refueling tanker by October. An air force official says flight testing to bring the tankers been finished. McConnell will be the first base to receive the tanker that uses the Boeing 767 passenger airline has its Air France. Flight testing the first delivery was completed July 6 in Seattle Washington metros largest union is overwhelmingly voted to allow their leader to proceed with a strike that transit system of course. Union vice president Raymond Jackson says the workers not only need that these negotiations but they deserve it. We move this city. We moved it's that we get up on this known but it's a hundred degrees we're out here every day movement this city. If it's authorized 8000 of metros workers could go on strike and could affect over 600000. Daily commuters. They were not on their way to a fire it was a unique police pursuit. Imagine all the bells and whistles for this one. Police in northern California chased a stolen fire truck across four counties during the wild high speed pursuit. Lasting two hours the Sacramento natural fire district truck worth about a million dollars the state from the scene of a small grass fire Saturday. The truck was eventually stopped on state route seventy nearly core bill and a man and a woman are under arrest. A fire department spokesman says the truck had to be towed back for extensive repairs. Auto show off from real downer was ran. Tarver Gotti Fox News police in Bel Air near Wichita becoming frustrated with the increase in speeders and a. Construction on 45 street whole side has diverted traffic to the area of Oliver street between 37 and 53 street north. Because of this there's been an increase in traffic speeders and collisions. Delaware police chief Darrel out of Mary says his officers in Britain over 125 speeding tickets since construction began in late may. Despite the forty mile per hour zone speed limit officers have clock drivers as high as 67 in the detour resolved. Speeding especially in detour zones is a public safety issue the department has installed extra speed mile signs along Oliver and orange flags draw attention to the speed limit. Eller police say they don't want to write tickets but they will be forced to with people ignore the law in UNK in SS news. They look at the forecast now with gay and his his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday a good morning then the good morning a few isolated thunderstorms are going to be possible just about anywhere today some folks will see no rain at all. Others may get some brief heavy rain would any storm that develops or hi this afternoon close to ninety. Isolated thunderstorms will continue through this evening the overnight low 73 and again if you pop up storms Tuesday with a high of ninety I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now cloudy cold air. 78 degrees today is July 16 when he eighteen on the state in 1973. During the senate Watergate hearings former White House aide Alexander. Publicly revealed the existence of president Nixon's secret taping system. Is my remember him my memories right Johnson attitude. And a president Johnson and blunt. As well Nixon discounted them over but when they found out about that the universe can be some evidence right regarding the Watergate break in anchors and the release of tapes all thing. But what about that missing. Eighteen minute 888 or eighteen minute gap or whatever. The relearn Rosemary woods down there Nixon thing to do is grade out on we'll ever know what was on it. Bears don't usually pack a lunch elicits a picnic baskets so it's no surprise that when their hungry they have to look elsewhere for a snack. Carrie watts of rabbit in a county Georgia found a large black bear enjoying her sandwich chips and other tasty treats inside her minivan. You made the mistake of leaving your windows down to combat the summer heat so the bear did I did for lunch right. Spent about thirty minutes every four climbing back up Dylan scaling a tree it. Now descending Yogi Bear and a picnic baskets and the cartoons. Doing what bears done little batters into their food you know leave the food that they're getting together. And they don't care what new minivans like here. At least food out of the kitchen oh gosh yes it did. Federal help TV is all of a sudden it's done or how your workplaces wherever you work here same in every workplace it is the same radio and I've only done a radio for the past you know. 48 years it. I'll tell you what you got anything worthwhile and you even after the table. It's gone course but that's what was it. Movie about its current these got a 66%. Debt like that into the there's a rush. If it's a purchase anything worthwhile you know in the any good treats its at all. Toilet rolls featuring US president Donald Trump wrong sailors thousands of people took to the streets in demonstrations. Opposing his visit this was in London. James O'Brien was selling the toilet paper at Oxford Circus. Which was attracting amused passers by he said we thought he beef on. The toilet paper and it did. Mocking the president you didn't get a whole lot of respect in the UK you know it. Would not real happy. To see him kill me when he's in Helsinki this morning. Tuchman mister Bruton and now that that's an interesting conversation. Lot of a result stuff there at 636 now. Stephen Ted today Tuesday tomorrow. Tomorrow deadline to register to vote that in the August 7 my you have not registered yet if you don't know check your registration status set. My vote info dot vote KS dot org. Right you can find out indeed if you're if you're register. I'm certain I am. How do you unregistered went to get registered you're pretty much on the role lets him watching get a new area and a I even showed ninety and everything. I I proved that he US's. Deny that the leader going into primary yet to be a member of party. Can now I'm that you can't remember how the primaries working. You have to declare one part of the other there right yes okay. So that you can't cross over influenced the other person's right in some like they she can get Kansas we don't not we don't do that. Yeah Republican vote in the Republican primary not gonna let you vote the Democrat party that are Russian personal leader and then in our election. Some Russian will be coming your blogging engine number now to the gonna vote for one of our pres earth gubernatorial candidates. Now now can happen that we already got election confused when Florida got Ron Estes vs Ron Estes that's. If we don't need the Russians to confuse Arlen didn't delve into ourselves we don't need there. We don't need us take action. Good points at 6638. Now Stephen dead after the game innocence commodities update was done left or left click above is already done. Well good morning Steve. I tried to mostly big fighting for the ride cattle to cattle futures and Clinton were also mostly on the negative side there rule. Rome came straight he had reported. Most of that one and then maybe 111 area Friday when will students want to Cameron can support in the mind of cattle would court room computers Friday's big contract closed last communications. Add managed to close positive Friday after he'd maybe he closes the best two week in. Sessions out on the plains Friday August live cattle forty haven't been poor little forced it to buy. It is they have 30% at 11527. To ten. And obviously none of them point seven at seven to fifteen. Up front in the corner and then that could be accomplished street and those negative that the soybean to make a big contract closed the week injured many trade and close on the positive side. Last week and also Tim Burton can lead for the clintons twenty months since November soybeans lost six cent in December corn block any content for the week. I've tried overnight has also been lower and in moderate volume. At the moment September completely seven and three quarters import Kuwaiti court. December according to him to enhancement that 352 and a quarter of resources being down five and have at 8283. Quarter. August crude trading the dollar Burton wrote it in 1988. August go to local food empire 12143. And have to worry at some point down one point at twenty due to a quarter of them September dollar index 33 points Lower Ninth Ward seventy. They would dead zones conjures up fifteen points trading at 25019. Or commodity trading Craig Morton Biden contact with the commodities on program written by using. 866. Who can tell. I'm gay rain over the weekend and Augusta. How did you did you couldn't yeah picked up at three quarters of Indians but it was pretty bad you could do to the northwestern has been criticized. And it didn't settle. That's what happened here in my neighborhood had more minute rain that might make children's neighbor did not. I doubt I'm looking to decay and is as weather center radar and you're in to our justice in the north part. Of but a county right. What can central part of world. Can Mediterranean north have a strike. Yeah I can see it I Jazeera the radar it's coming your way on to the east. That's east southeast could be hit need you right there and guest. I have never remember what hopelessly loyal to come through. That's a good rained down in Sumner county right now all the whole county and Harvey's Milledge to Harvey county and Josh. We can have some nice read more nice rain here in the area when you think. That they've kept talking released today and tomorrow but it sure looks like in terms let them rest. Sure it's going to be back to you know over the pitching thing is right now here in which you talk Coleman. Is there are no wood no wind reported so this thing is just gonna it's going to be slow moving and you know it's nice to have array without eighty mile an hour with a different at this. And whoever all right and we're like storm. This night you know over the weekend handed the CIA had a prime rib. As chaps or line them all I was I was I was beaten up this week enough tonight. Hold no Ohio Macau. Explain that to you see the group that deep comes from the college. The port comes from the takes muscle I. Think a guy who earns a living with a couple of them you would know these things in the did you if you. And and I graduated. Hey Don and Tom don't forget your umbrella today thank users thanks seeks forties and now Stephenson here on gay and as as it. Evidently got Don grant. He has been the money tracker. Want to write he looks. So are yet to look like bank. What are right button up your end. The but he regularly. We'll talk with him just about its exports Fidel Stevenson went in residence. Is your AC units is only the next.