A rainy start at Kansas City Chiefs training camp

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Wednesday, August 16th
Steve and Ted get a rainy day training camp update from Mitch Holthus.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. Wichita is number one you. News talk bad weather station depend on. Five pitches again this this morning news was even dead ninety Macintosh. Man dies two days after news of my car and went Wichita we've got the story. New developments in the showdown with the North Korea over wanna find it look blurred those details just ahead I'm Dan O'Neill. But judge dismisses charges against the former Feller police officer remembered Elvis on the fortieth anniversary of his death and I mean you and it sees Jason reasons that coming up. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday a few spotty showers and storms are possible this morning in south central Kansas. But the greater risk of strong storms comes this afternoon are complete forecast on the way. A judge has dismissed charges against a former Bel Air police officer. Ensnared in a scheme to buy and sell discounted firearms. By falsely claiming they would be used for law enforcement purposes court records show prosecutors Tuesday asked the court to dismiss the indictment against Ricky Swanson due to his death. US district judge Eric Melbourne granted the request shortly after the government's filing. Court documents offered no other details. Last Monday's change of plea hearing was canceled after Swanson didn't appear to schedule. Former Bel Air chief John Daly was sentenced last year to six months of probation and find 1000 dollars. After pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of theft of public funds. Dan O'Neill KM SS news. A man has died at two days after he was hit by a car in west Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the last Saturday night the man was hit by a vehicle in the westbound lanes of Kellogg just west of the meridian exit. The pedestrian. That was struck in this case has died from his injuries. And his identified as Timothy shank. 52 year old. Out Wichita Kansas. The driver who hit him did stop to help. Investigators are trying to figure out why mr. shank was walking on Kellogg last Saturday night. A major development in the showdown with North Korea's dictator Kim Jong on now saying quote. We've all watched this stupid American behavior of a bit longer of that statement apparently indicating that no immediate attack on the US territory is planned. More from ABC news chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz. Does appear Kim Jung on Linkedin backed away from what. Very well could have resulted in a major military conflict but this does not in any way and the threat from this volatile dictator. We know intelligence believes he is trying to perfect a nuclear weapon. That could reach the US and his general done for told me military options must remain on the table. A woman killed during violent weekend protests in Charlottesville Virginia is being remembered today. The memorial service is being held at the Paramount theater just blocks away from where 32 year old Heather hire was fatally struck by a car. In the midst of a counter protest to the neo Nazi demonstration. The memorial is open to the public the theater seating about 11100 people but they are offering a live stream to those who can't get it. The families asking people to Wear purple in honor of Heather bright girl ABC news Charlottesville Virginia. Forty years ago today a musical legend was lost more on the anniversary of the death of Elvis said adding and I was. August 16 1977 it was a heartbreaking day for many. Honestly here is but while he lives you revolutionized the music business and in one way or another he has not paralyzed. Elvis Presley music legend actor what do you what if I am working me over for its decided does it influenced by many forty years after he died of a heart attack in his home Graceland. Memphis Tennessee where obviously runs through Saturday tens of thousands of fans expected there today Jason Nathan and ABC news Hollywood. Kansas has joined thirteen other states in an interstate communications network. That allows public safety agencies to communicate across jurisdictions during emergencies. Governor Sam Brownback announced Tuesday that the state has joined the first responder network authority or. First net. Round exit first net would help and emergencies and natural disasters such as tornadoes the ice storms or wildfires. Such as a state suffered earlier this year. He had 400000 acres. Burned this year it and one time in different places we have firefighters from all over the stayed in there. And lacks some of this ability to critically communicate. AT&T will build the statewide broadband network for that CEO Mike Paul says the federal government would contribute seven billion dollars to the project. KS if he has time now 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. We are about ten minutes away from our daily lives chat with me told us play by play voice gets city chiefs live from teach training camp. In Saint Joseph, Missouri it's coming up ten minutes Kansas treasurer looking for people owed him money from the US savings bonds. That story coming up on the K and us this morning news was even dead. Don't check got a brand new. Consequently EG your judgment in north west Wichita the new stores now open on north Bay's rolled across some new markets where did an unbelievable haircut huh. But their next game for just four blocks walking any time ladies are from that it northwest. It's the chaos. It's just forty years we've Steven and Ted did. He goes 707 minutes past 8 o'clock on Wednesday. August 16 when he seventeen. Kansas State treasurer Jake with turner had good news or Hanson's last Greek. The federal claims court that sided with cans and in the US savings bond litigation that we been a part of campus who led the way and suing the federal government to force them to turn it over your savings bonds to Camden to their rightful owners and with this decision were one step closer to being able to do that. The case is to allow states to look for those who are owed US savings bond proceeds. Or their Ayers so that the money can be given to them. Officials in Durham, North Carolina working to identify those responsible. For toppling a confederate. Statue as Charlottesville has prompted cities across the country to weigh whether they should keeper removed monuments and statues of the confederacy. A group of demonstrators in Durham took matters into their own hands toppling in 1924 statue of the confederate soldier. Durham county sheriff Michael Landry says they're looking to find those responsible we will ask any player. Well yeah law a short time after that to Kia Thompson was arrested she says she was among those who put a rope around the monument and pulled it down. She says her actions were justified. Marcum Allard ABC news. A suburban Chicago library. Debt sold eclipse viewing glasses is now warning byters. The eyewear could be unsafe patrons at the oak park Illinois library snapped up the glasses that were offered for a dollar. In anticipation for Monday's eclipsed. Glasses are now part of a recall after Amazon.com. Found they may not protect eyes from harmful so we're braced. Steve bird nests at the Better Business Bureau says knock off classes have flooded the market because of high demand. A lot of people audits and didn't weren't aware that there were freight fraudulent claim is on this more research. Did your due diligence and them realize that they were fake glasses. NASA has posted a guide for viewing Monday's eclipse safely at eclipse when he seventeen dot NASA dot god. Candace has news time now 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock this season as this. And we have a traffic accident to avoid out there this is that when he first street north. And a 127. Street east of vehicles involved in this accident watch for slow down there. That's when he first and 127 street east traffic on K and assessed rusty by Joseph the province Charles Goodyear tire located downtown market in Waterman. In the east ferry street mall and online at pearl stardust come. Home of the 3495. Oil change. And Ellis singled before again this weekend Unisys staff. Meteorologist Dan Soledad good morning Dan good morning we've been tracking the line of thunderstorms since very early this morning and a few spotty areas of showers and storms could pop up. In portions of south central Kansas another round of storms likely this afternoon and this evening. Today's high 87 rain tonight Carlos 68 having clearing with a high pressure building and Thursday tomorrow's high 88. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 73 degrees as south wind at twelve miles per hour. Can assess whether brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of fans disturbance and whiskey in the state of Kansas. A full cocktail menu can be found at mark Wichita dot com the monarch in delay known now 811. Was Stephen Jen had a little rain in south central Kansas Tuesday. About a Trace recorded by the man all of us are just near the airport there Eisenhower airport. High temperature yesterday 89 degrees normal high for the date 92. So and deal and we're looking. At the possibility. Are hearing from. From our meteorologist Dan Hollywood could have some tough weather this afternoon that the little little little ill little highway and he cannot. But it's part of a cool we're cool front moving. Through the area in and flash at the radar showed a lot of a big area of rain if you will. All of it to pretty much to the north of Bo. Way to the north of Wichita announced feuding over toward import units in that the first disperse the leading edge of it parallel to the Kansas turnpike if you noticed that up that these fronts come up and it is and it happens quite often you go north of that in there is rain in Manhattan Salina concordia. And then east of Kansas City they've been having showers this morning though showers are moving out of the area in Kansas City but. It looks like it's pretty smooth go in south from here from Wichita also. It goes the little advisory for you this morning. Regarding Bellwether. Dividing rain in a tainted eggs scandal that has shaken European consumers don't Belgian town. Has turned nearly 101000 eggs into a giant all look for the whole community in game one big omelet. Could have shut a server those Belgian waffle. Coach but a hash browns coach and volunteers whipped up the massive contraction. Using enormous wouldn't utensils. An oversized and oiled and bacon and green onions top lots of green onions a lot debate and they then distributed the omelet to a hungry public. An annual event in the town of morality. That took on greater meaning this year as several European countries have reported receiving eggs. Or egg products contaminated by a pesticide uh oh. They got a great big on it in morality. I get that great big domino or their Livingston's cafe Jeanne he's. Done a dollar they have an auditor is only about three exit now yet. Let's and that's that's enough for me it's a plate little need 101000 is a plate load. Italian hash browns gone there. And making me hungry I'm now. North Carolina's governor said Tuesday he wants to bring it down the confederate monuments around the state truck thrusting himself into a debate stoked by violence in Virginia. And the top of a statue in his own states. Democrat governor Roy Cooper's cult or remove the monuments from public property came as a share of began arresting people. Responsible for turning down a nearly century old confederate statue in Durham. Monday night. North Carolina is among three states with the most confederate monuments. But the Republican controlled general assembly passed a law in 2015. Preventing their removal without legislative approval so. Governor Cooper Democrats likely to face an uphill battle against legislative leaders to hold. Veto proof majority should the matter of politics. Those confederate monuments around the country and generating a lot of interest right now. Lot of controversy and some hard feelings do. I Ted coming up on eight to fifteen Stephen did time for the Kansas City Chiefs training camp updates with Mitch halted its good morning match. Good morning evening good morning theater morning. Another day of training camp. It's thunderstorms here and just. Fantastic whether you're for him the best I can ever remember except for two days or two or biggest thing and his. And appreciation Bill Buckley was August. And today are military appreciation day week they get pushed indoors that. Makes erupt for the fans no determination has been given yet. That won't mean that the team won't stop from honoring her bill 150. Members of our armed forces so either active duty reserve guard. Now from all the bridges including or. On the battle be retreat monitor monitor Billy mcginnis. Two this. The team doesn't. They've been the leaders in the National Football League goal salute to service them in April Eric that was started by the institute. I mean we've been. We've been on the forefront of it and it's not just oral. Israel and it's a twelve month commitment which each make our to our. Armed services posted this before. That was McConnell. Operational. Not Muster with the the B one of the B two bomber there. In general staff colleges import Lebanon where have a Brazilian colonel that it will be harder. Because he isn't working harder and media that they support level course that are sent to detention. There it's a special sessions but others. Literally put a damper on it and bigger as the work got inside probably. In and a mix of talk on the experience. Don't forget for Riley now that he can assist our. Weather center are prepared for. Percent for the Kansas weather center radar showing that dead big areas moving to the east of you soon but there's another way to come and ended or around Manhattan so. It looks like he intensity you're gonna have some showers and image and a. Yeah and where we're kind of figure comment problematic. Kind of figured out here that the Koreans did and a rob knotted the word that respect and honor them in the military folks there. Yes on I guess. I to extrapolate what you're talking about if if if they are fans allowed in the inside facility or not. No there's no room and LT nine Butler and 67. Rise sort of personnel. In fact of the media is put up little. Corner. In our cattle in the unity in the that actor Gregory and her extra period in the Cheney but. It's it's it's a full field with a beautiful so. And achieved so builders along with St. Joe Wright as a western reserve best division to the so it probably in the country are close to it. It's just you can accommodate 2000 opinions right. All of that so you know it's a hate it when it happens is a different color from everywhere tea. But payable isn't it you know but it wouldn't undo what you build a dome so. But but plenty of area there for the for the players to actually go through the drills and in this stuff that they need to go through Mitch. Pollyanna and now it's also open its yet solar and it every day or interventionist we have full practice outside. In the afternoons the second session of the day is always in the door. And you know by the rules now it has to be a walk through it all works. Pull on Monty that we do in the morning for. Two dollars and fifty minutes. But it's always been the worst in its. So that's just that's just kind of for the players here Erica sort of role. Elect anything different you just can't have fans in the dark it's a great facility great sort of really what the customer natural or quality. And it's a cooperative effort between the western state university. City's saint journal. Spate of rumors aren't terribly are too. Put aside altogether were ordered it to go zucker used to it I'm real cool groups and we need to meet mr. Reno meet up there. Well we're gonna see if he can't come to America. In other extradition matters in the state of deserted beach. He's a great guy that American credit two on dot com or it would reflect the cleanest guy and Al in his. He's the guy you want bigger Broderick should be Meredith is beautiful woman's search result the market. Speaking of the training camp set up you know for years the chiefs over in Wisconsin. But had decided to come a little bit closer to home base and I know some other NFL teams candidate that two for awhile that we're training quite far away from their home city but the come back closer. Most NFL teams now are pretty close to their home market. I'd say most of armor on their sorry yeah stay right at their side and this is just me are hope we don't do that I think there's some big decisions to make. Would St. Joe. At least in the contractual agreement because I believe the team has a couple of one year option. And I don't know the determination has been made yet. It is pretty. The biggest. Challenge. For the organization. Or the equipment people that you basically Lugar. And it's it's a lot I mean that fact is a lot of people. If you stay at home. It just is not going to be. The tenth in the fan friendliness. The prisoners agent useless and it wouldn't order a close Wiki in currency you know. And then you lose and team building aspect because you'll just feel like it doesn't read people better and I never that he. Go to their own places. In you don't. I mean you can together in the mornings at the same it's just. The team building is as phenomenal and maybe. I'm bill that so this because it's it's important for me to be around like as much resign him right in the for a home I'm just around and I'm like this scissors. And we're we're point 47 together here. Anybody Ted's got a big birthday for you today one of the NC if you burn down Christian McCoy age birthday today. 56. It matter. The Nigerian nightmare. In here he's in great shape he comes back a lot. He'll come back the strip organs it has a lot of charity or are ambassadors and very involved. And you still expect you to go ahead on what Steve Atwater on Monday Night Football. There's a guy wouldn't care to try and tackle. And still for the humans on them you know a you don't try it on time. For a but this. Year don't you sort of regard. Glad you're on your work he's. He had some big years in the late eighties early ninety's he was running over people. Well Marty gave it to him ever retard he. At. What do you do it put it right McCoy left the expletive middle. In amazingly good very came to the statement Olympic tracker where he. And went to the use of Pacific which is an inning art school in California. There have been looked at him go America should count put football record book ball what is. It is a real political reporters and you know throw. What's on Dutch tapper for a training camp today. Well we're gonna get this practiced in the doors they'll walk through they meet tonight and then that's that for the this course and say until tomorrow scramble. To get home because Friday we're going to Cincinnati replacements and having on. Saturday night in several. Or talk about the turner situation. Or not only the pros but the colleges and other such change drastically and inspect it affects the chiefs of this trip to Cincinnati yes we rep that. More okay we'll chat about that tomorrow morning Mitch thanks have a great day today. Wouldn't be repaired our appeared spirit and I and our congress really good guys but there. Kansas City Chiefs training camp update with Mitchell does frost you buy a rusty. Or that and coming up. Hannity morning minute lawmakers should live the life of the common persons as John. Stevens head in the morning on Kagan as fast.