"Rampage" scores win at the weekend box office

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Monday, April 16th

Box office results on The Blur with Ted Woodward.


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It. Yeah. 9713. Thirty KN OSS feed him the morning. Think back in Austin what we're about 830. Tomorrow is tax day here's Michael divide with the Internal Revenue Service. You haven't already file. There we've already gotten more than 800000. You know he's filed returns from Kansas. Just take your time even if you need more time to file that return. You can get an automatic extension that gives you until the middle of October to actually future tax return and. Device as an extension is not more time to pay of some of those IRS just more time to file returned. Says even if someone can't pay it is important to file the return or get the extension because of penalties for not filing our ten times more. And the penalties for not paying on time. For more information on taxes visit IRS dot gov or call 800 tax 1040. The Supreme Court case this week could mean you pay more to shop on line. Dozens of states are urging the Supreme Court to reverse its own precedent in require on line retailers to collect sales tax. Even if they don't have a brick and mortar presence in those states. Many large retailers like apple target and Wal-Mart which stores nationwide do collect sales tax on online sales. But other online retailers like furniture seller weight fair do not. That company is partied arguments this week is being watched closely by state to save the physical presence requirement is obsolete. In small retailers who worry higher cost could be fatal. In Washington Jared Halpern Fox News. So trial of three men accused of plotting to bomb an apartment complex housing Somali refugees in western Kansas is drawing to an end after weeks of testimony. All sides have rested in the federal case against Patrick Stein. Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen on charges of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiracy against civil rights. Wichita liquor store was robbed Saturday night. Around seven officers responded to an armed robbery at don's liquor store in the 900 block of east hairy. Two unknown suspects entered the store and one pulled out a handgun and demanded money. Money was taken from the business and from a customer by the suspects who then fled the scene on foot. There were no injuries the first suspect is a black male in his twenties five feet ten inches tall what they did to medium build. He was wearing a gray hoodie with white lettering grey and black pants. Black and white shoes and was armed when they silver and black handgun. The second suspect is a white male also in his twenties five feet ten inches tall with a thin to medium build. He was wearing a dark blue hoodie Rodney price KUSS news the sex assault retrial of entertainer Bill Cosby begins its six day with his chief accuser still on the stand. Andrea can't stand began her testimony against Crosby last Friday testifying again that he used pills to incapacitate her when she visited his Philadelphia home in 2004. She says caused be molested her during that visit prosecutors called five additional accusers to justify hoping to show up pattern of Cosby's alleged predatory behavior. Cosby's defense team says the other accusers are distractions. And have no bearing on con stands client. If convicted on each of three aggravated indecent assault charges he would carry up to ten years each in prison court will resume at 9 o'clock this morning. Colonel Scott Fox News. City is the 122. Boston Marathon right on her for street left envoy Alston. Those are the iconic final two turns of the Boston Marathon course and the goal of the 30000 runners that are expected to compete millions of spectators will be watching for the race course as well as TV coverage and social media posts. Boston convention and visitor's bureau officials say the marathon and events surrounding and we'll bring about 201. Million dollars in spending to the Greater Boston region. At the highest that number has ever band. Tonya Jack powers Fox News. Now the forecast with K and assistant meteorologist Dan Holliday a good morning day and good morning another chilly start to the day here in Wichita but as high pressure slides are away from the Rockies that's going to help warm us up by later this afternoon's sunny with a high 62. Partly cloudy breezy and 44 overnight. Been windy and warmer Tuesday with a high 82. I'm meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now partly cloudy were up to 28 degrees got to north wind at seven miles per hour. 8:34 now Stevens has morning tied for entertainment to use the border with Ted Woodward and Ted we've had some meth. People in the entertainment industry ever passed way over here recently writes there are some notable and widely varied of folks have passed on let's highlight some of those an award winning movie director. Asteroid Academy Award winning director meal Lohse Foreman has died born in Czechoslovakia he lost both his parents in the Holocaust the young Czech filmmaker left his homeland following its Communist takeover in 1968. His lack of funds in minimal command of English did not stop him from heading to Hollywood. His first US film was a flop but actor producer Michael Douglas took a chance on Foreman and putting behind the camera for 1970 fives 12 over the cuckoo's nest. Starring Jack Nicholson the film went on to win every major Oscar at that year's Academy Awards ups and downs would follow 1981 ragtime was a disappointment but 1980 four's Amadeus garnered seven Academy Awards including best picture mean Lohse Foreman died Saturday at his home in Warren Connecticut he was 86 carat McHugh Fox News. Think he cuckoo's. Nest nominee this brilliant films that are of yeah adaptations of Broadway shows. Just fantastic movies right to English Foreman. Known for his paranormal themes nightly radio talk show coast to coast AM Art Bell has died at age 72. AMR mark Phelan is. Beer tonight. Art Bell at his peak heard on some 500 radio stations with a show coast to coast AM bells program specializing conspiracy theories and unexplained phenomenon. Like UFO's and crop circles are right. One of my favorite topics in the world. Maybe my favorite play. Bill passed away at his home in southern Nevada his cause of death to be determined by autopsy. One associate praise bill saying nobody was better than bell and understanding. How to create theater of the mind in 2008. Belle was inducted into the national radio hall of fame I might be also Fox News. Source coast to coast of wildly popular show in the overnight hours for many years right here on came face him that actor. Armies of former marine a course he's well known for playing tough military men like to gunnery sergeant in full metal jacket. So yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Also look at general the barrack primetime so yeah are you love. A private bus goes yeah by the collapse. They thought you are. Just got me on brother miles. But it was pretty good mentally I'll. The voice of experience there now well hey he was say he was a marine the he played a first. Cavalry chopper pilot in Apocalypse Now. And he was a technical advisor to that movie with Francis Ford Coppola many became a drill instructor in the Marines. And that had some minor film roles that he was cast as the DI in. Full metal jacket he was only supposed to be technical advisor. But Stanley Kubrick the director of the movie changed his mind after early put together an instructional tape. Went on it extended tirade toward several extras and Kubrick that's got asked this guy he's the right guy for the job. And he allowed her army to write or edit his own dialogue in the improvise very unusual for a Kubrick film and Kubrick later indicated that her media and only needed about two or three takes to do those scenes which is also very usual for Kubrick film. And her me got nominated for Golden Globe best supporting actor in that performance he didn't win he was up against. Richard Dreyfuss Morgan Freeman rob low low and they all lost Sean Connery for the untouchables here. Partly Ernie is born in Emporia Kansas and spent part of his time in Kansas City, Kansas as well and childhood passed away. At the age of 74 yesterday. This crater of the Simpsons Al genius engaging with fans talking about the character off who. Simpson Sharon or algae promised fans on Twitter he would try to find an answer. After a couple of days of engaging with fans on both sides of the controversial issue about the show's long standing up who character. Last weekend to show finally addressed comedian Harry comfortable loose. 2017 documentary the problem with approved a critique of the character the show runner tweeted I truly appreciate all responses prone cod. We'll continue to try to find an answer that is popular and more important bright gene has been discussing the situation since last Sunday with its Twitter followers in the show who is an Indian American owner of Springfield quick. Shall we now Fox News. Singer Huey Lewis might be losing his hearing. Huey Lewis and The News canceled the rest of their concerts for 2018. Citing from man's hearing loss. The eighties band sharing the news on Twitter explaining. Lewis lost most of his hearing two and a half months ago after concert in Dallas and that affects how I performs. As Lewis explains it I can't hear music while NAFTA saying the doctors Levi and many years disease. And have agreed that it can't perform until I improved therefore the only prudent thing to do is cancel all future shows. Playing years diseases it disorder where person experiences. Episodes of vertigo and fluctuating hearing loss Michelle please note Fox News. Nearly a million dollars has been made at an auction for a former act. Actress and socialite cost him memorabilia and other items only to by the late Zsa Zsa Gabor is selling for more than 900000 dollars. That includes a portrait of the actress which went for 45 grand a diamond and gold necklace with the boards catch phrase Donnelly. Sold for 20000 dollars hundreds of items selling including the worst Scripps costumes pictures of her was stars ranging. From Johnny Carson Cloris Leachman to Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Aboard died about a year and a half ago she was 99 years old. Leslie Lotto fox means. Miranda Lambert's tin man wins song of the year at the 2018 Academy of Country Music galore. Yeah you know on and you calm. With that wind Lambert becomes the most awarded artist in based in history thirty titles while he was previously tied for the record with Brooks and Dunn. Movies it was a tight race for first place the weekend box office Rampage squeaking past the quiet place. So rock Dwayne Johnson takes first place starring in a Rampage. It weird. You like now with animals more than. Yeah well Hamels gave me a strong word of mouth helped Dwayne Johnson's Rampage in the first place for the week pushing a quiet place into the number two slot into third place. You. Your. The supernatural thriller earning nineteen million dollars filling in the number of foreign five positions. Steven Spielberg's ready player won at number four and the fifth slot this week goes to blockers I might be out so Fox News. And it was ninety years ago on this day. One of the biggest celebrities in the world showed up in Wichita. It was an unofficial unannounced visit. Like Charles Lindbergh. Flew into Wichita on nine years ago today in his new model plane. Who's coming in from Denver. Nobody knew it was going to show up he landed at swallow field up on 3000 block of north hillside. Turned his plane over to the folks there and he was whisked away to stay the night of the broad view hotel downtown Charleston. Stayed there and left for Saint Louis an accident. I think that the boy when one of the biggest celebrities in the world unless suddenly shows up in Wichita. It must have been quite a day you back nine years ago on this day in which. Entertainment news in the blurs rot T by are good friends at pizza Johns and every course they were closed yesterday. Good news is that means they're open today for another six days of fantastic. Serving up a pizza Monday through Saturday they're open 11 AM to Indiana. They're the purveyors of around meals and flat snacks and boy did they do it well right there on tape fifteen at 208 south Baltimore. Yeah and pizza John McCain 43 now James Taylor and Bonnie ray coming to interest bank arena may 24 I have of a ticket school. One of our lucky masters right now in this call 869. Thirteen thirty if you like c.'s James Taylor and funny rig that coming up ultramodern a growing what you talked company editor bill Lloyd a little about business journal on the way. And in the mornings on tape and assess.