Reactions to the North Korea summit

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 13th
Guest: Fox News' Rachel Sutherland in Washington D.C.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. We came as a sporting news feed his head and keep Macintosh. Building fire in south Wichita we've got the story. Fired at BI deputy director is suing the Justice Department I think we'll work those details just ahead until all the Burnett. Police are asking. For the public's help in solving a robbery of a woman in northeast Wichita I'm rocky prize the debate got heated Tuesday during the Wichita City Council meeting. I'm KMS us meteorologist Dan Holliday with a weak frontal boundary nearby this morning we could see an isolated shower or thunderstorm with. But our weather dries out over the next few days are forecast is coming up. President trump called senate Republicans from Air Force One and vice president ends. Three senate Republicans and top house Republicans. On the talks but North Korea but lawmakers on Capitol Hill have mixed reactions. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says he expects congress to play a role if the truck administration reaches a final deal this Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer sonic quite skeptical saying what he is seen so far is short on details. With the lack of details. We are worried that Kim Jung un is getting something for nothing. Which is fine for him but not fine for the safety of the citizens of the United States. Part of that skepticism may also be due to history since the north Koreans made promises during the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. And did not follow through. On Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News. The building fire this morning in south Wichita it was in the thirteen hundred block of south Mosley. A passing police officers spotted flames around 12:30 in the morning fire chief Tammy snow. We thought that fire actually from the exterior of this. Excessive story. And then trying to gain access. Once we actually found that they need to going into the building wherever the blower hose lines inside an athlete. But the fire out. No injuries. We have no word on cause nor damage estimate Wichita police are asking for the community's help in solving a robbery of a woman by two suspects. In northeast Wichita officer Charlie Davidson says the incidents started around 415 Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart in the 3000 block of north rock road. Is 66 year old woman told police she was approached by an unknown female who ask her for a ride to the Walgreens in the 3700 block of north would want Davidson says video footage from Wal-Mart showed the woman and the suspect being followed out of the parking lot by a man and a silver Cadillac ST yes upon arriving at Walgreens the male suspect got out of the Cadillac and into the victim's car investigators say the couple rob the victim at gunpoint taking her wedding ring and cash from her purse the suspect's been forced the woman to drive to a nearby bank and withdraw 8000 dollars from her bank account. They then got away in the silver Cadillac. Anyone with any information is asked to call crime stoppers at 2672111. Or the WPD robbery division at 2684518. Phil holed a brand Kagan assets news. There was a considerable debate at yesterday's Wichita City Council meeting. The question was which pool will be renovated. As more or Mecca Adams park there was an outpouring of support for Mike Adams from adults and children alike we want. Flew weekday from his school he knows. Councilman Johnson from district one and Clinton and from district three. Were in favor of a Mike Adams pool but they're just Longwell and others wanted more information so I'm not. Ray support until I hit a better analysis and I have staff that is saying this is the perfect place it. Because where. I'm not willing to take a four million dollar game councilman blue ball that proposed a substitute motion to return the four million dollars to the city. The mayor countered with another substitute motion to defer the vote which failed three to four. The council been voted to place the polemic atoms which also failed finally the mayor put forth a motion to postpone a vote indefinitely. Until council and parks department to gather more information. That vote passed unanimously. Rodney price KN OSS news. Firefighters continue to battle a wildfire known as a force sixteen fighter. In the San Juan national forest in Durango Colorado that started the first of June. And spans over 23000. Acres fighters only 15% contained. Jamie night to public information officer shares some of the logistics for containing the flames. And there are 917 personnel on the fire but that doesn't that'll let the court app that. I don't have a number right there aren't as it is exactly how many firefighters are great you know. There's elements a thousand as working on the fire in some capacity. So Parnell structures have been destroyed but the fire has forced more than 2000 people from their homes. Fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe. Is suing the Justice Department lawyers for former FBI deputy director Andrew McCain announcing late Tuesday they are suing the Justice Department and the FBI. Claiming the agencies won't give a files relating to McCain inspiring. Alleging in the lawsuit that the DOJ is denying access because the concern documents could later be used against them. They keep this fire in March just shy of his retirement after an internal report found he leaked a self serving stories in the press. And later lied about it a present from comic inspiring great day for democracy became lawyers argue it violated federal law. In Washington Shaun lane so Fox News K and SS news. I'm now 8044. Minutes fancied o'clock. The royals and the reds matched up last night not a meeting you see very often we'll keep your recap coming up in sports. Some Americans are giving him more of that story coming up. On the taylors S morning news was Stevens had. McCain and as his morning users even did now 8077. Minutes past 8 o'clock. Jeffrey weeks an employee with a city's public works and utilities department. Has been honored by the Wichita police department deputy chief and a pattern says. The incident happened in late march you. Is knowing on the north side of the river when he witnessed a male or female into the ground and be in striking her with this fast. As a Miami attack continued. Jeffrey began honking his horn to distract assessment from the attack. This technique was successful. And a lot of the victim to escape. Officers quickly moved into the area located and arrested the suspect. For his actions weeks was presented an outstanding citizens plaque surging stock market and low unemployment. Making Americans more charitable Americans are breaking records when it comes to giving him when he's seventeen charitable donations in the United States topped the 400 billion dollar mark for the first time ever a five point 2% from 2016 according to the giving USA report released on Tuesday the biggest increase was among philanthropists. In the mega rich giving to their own foundations. Education health arts and culture environment and public society groups all saw increases one area to see a drop. International affairs despite the new record the average giving per individual remained at about 2% of income Kevin battled Fox News a South Florida family mourns the death of beloved one apparently attacked by an alligator. As she walked her dog near a lake west of Fort Lauderdale. The family of 47 year old shares of government Suzuki was horrified to learn she died earlier this week when an alligator emerged from a late. Inside a major preserve in the town of Davie Florida and attacked near the police made the gruesome discovery after reports of her being dragged under. It happens to be the mating season for gainers in the giant reptiles are a bit more aggressive but this lake had been under watch for increased Gator activity as of late. It is also nearly two years since a boy playing near Laguna Walt Disney World was dragged under two was deaths. In Miami Evan brown Fox News. Scanners and has used time now 8099. Minutes past 8 o'clock. And this morning in gasoline prices here in Wichita where. Right around 270 gallon that seems to be an average I did spot to 69 this morning. At maple and west traffic update from the NSS radio I'm jet chambers and now the forecast with Cain and his staff meteorologist Dan the holiday good morning Dan that. Good morning we're keeping an eye on a weak frontal boundary that stretched into central Kansas some cloud cover across much of the state and near that boundary we could see you shower or thunderstorm through late morning. Otherwise our high warms to 89. Partly cloudy tonight down to 72. Heating up tomorrow windy Thursday in 96. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holiday. Now partly cloudy 74 degrees river northeast wind at nine miles per hour stint of the morning. On this Wednesday June 13. 201810. Years ago today Tim Russert. Moderator bit of NBC's Meet the Press died suddenly while preparing for his weekly broadcast. Tim Russert was 58 years old. The North Korea sucked is now history and it's time for folks set to react to it there's been a lot of reactions so far. That an agreement signed by yeah president trump yesterday it ordered between trump and and the North Korean dictator. This morning Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland is where this gauging some of that reaction good morning ritualized have you with us this morning. Look at authority yet the president calling it that they contain it North Korean really no longer poses a threat. The United States that others aren't quite mean it that way. Even with it and party and a majority leader Mitch McConnell describing them as a first step that he had our eyes are wide open there's a lot of concern. About north create going pack on promises. Scotland is not a sponsor but in the meantime either did we have to note. Break agreements with both President Bill Clinton and president George W. Bush. Though it period comparative out battled you know most Republicans that means the food is conscious optimistic that he currently to be debated around the world as well. Yeah outbid that we'd like just cling to something like this hope is all it's something that we we'd like to have our lives and that this was. Getting pretty scary there are at war of words has gone on and and a dictator of the North Korea just kept firing these missiles missiles out of the ocean and and we it was getting pretty scary. Right it was just about a year ago when president made that present at made the fire interior remarked. It's a decade after month. Right after I got off that's pretty much can judges start expiring copy them without outlook on the and then it later on to the threat uncle on the everything that was played on her. And that then by the spring of this year it would be painted changed their hat in discussions about the and it did happen at spoke with all the hairpin turns at least mean it'd been two leaders going from Colleen Kennedy so little rocket. In starter they'll want to actually meeting. Together shaking hands and and sitting down together and talking that's really credible so but I. Again that's another reason for carpeting going forward because well these changes through her you know that patch your half. Half. That he could fall apart and pack. I had the he did meet agency in Korea. Korean music is pretty. Or it could actually decrease fertility safety reporting. That North Korea positioning going home present summit is different than ours and that the people are being told that we're gonna roll back sanctions that. That. It's going to be at that point for point piper as product together that they US is going to be competing topic though. I don't up at the rubble under that we should be aware of corporate marketing John and you don't like debate base with a steeple. Cautious optimism from lung with the folks president's fellow Republicans on capitol but the Democrats are better not announcing anything too good about Elvis. They're not happy at all and it democratically detection or other debate that a lot positions on. Enough detail and in the document that would sign there's not an air application portion of that now the White House says it. And that's going to come later. But they also Democrats are saying it did doing the gate can gentlemen really what they wanted which is legitimately on the world stage. So much that. Can John ill will have met with former president that former president did when indeed we went and don't let them again at the White House bill positioning it is that as the wind that it was good to meet with. But he Europe achieved it would line being introduced to perspective then going out here for. Till now the details as we go forward I've I presume that a lot of that work. Under the best of the high heavy lifting is going to be done by a secretary of state Mike Pompeo I would imagine he's going to be a crucial crucial member what's going don't know what's happening manager. All right. That's right out there leading up on it now actor yeah. All right listen thank you wouldn't appreciate your time this morning that's Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland. But in about the North Korea summit and continued reaction. Among on Capitol Hill specially from members of both parties this morning coach noodle like to see it now. Sure hope this works out keep our fingers crossed and go for the with the we hope positive attitude age fourteen now Stephen dead on K and SS. Some Massachusetts residents are hoping to set a world record for the largest paper airplane it. The revolving museum of Fitch bird get revealed a 64 foot long plane at the Pittsburgh municipal airport yesterday. There was no plan to fly the contraption so theoretically or an actuality it isn't really an airplane is not on SharePoint. It weighs nearly a ton of little wood glue and shellac on it. Pittsburgh artist Jerry Beck says he wanted to break the world record for largest paper airplane to take flight it's decent mark. Yeah it's not an air and we hope these open it would fly. But the hangar was building was too small to accommodate a wide enough wings fan support. The structure of the airplane or the the thing whatever it is. The construction crane. Held the plane aloft also it's a mobile. Two people measured the plane at 64 feet and six inches long. Which Beck says makes it the largest of its kind he's asking Guinness world records should add a new category. In other words he wants to win win just changed rules a little bit there and so he can I've got it Steve you got what you would guess yes this is to be acquired this. This whatever this thing is these to be acquired by the city of Wichita on hang it in the rough and building. Gun battles and brought to get that's your idea is that they've got that huge thing hanging from the ceiling the that's been there now for what forty or fifty years to Calder now. The Calder mobile and I was just which is you know I'm Bonnie because I missed I think that out put paid the huge paper airplane and that from there well in you know I we hadn't talked about this that's kind of thing in the same way. Of it while I was. Reading this story and thinking what about the the colder we can put the cult or somewhere no that's the old Lou what bank for four they had a bank building them but the glass structure dental fraud and Douglas and a yeah but but the largest. Non flying paper yeah most but let's hang the big paper airplane from there now tie in the air capital out of whack him. But it's not going to be a record apparently took a eight. Oh non flying here minorities coming we can't have a 300 that don't keeper of the planes. Yet Jack to forward to that now houses all for that three you imagine that be so fan tenacity that from Missouri I would be so iconic yeah. But now nobody wanted to do that and then we have the keepers want about sixty feet to all 55 feats like night. That's you can see it for a long ways but not like 300 feet humanity but I believe as archer of this Saint Louis is what he had mark I know. The piece of the people would talk about all over the world yes and I fault how our in the midwest. The nets and I kind of assess. But we didn't do it we'd in the mood to relate to it's we can do. 818 Stephen dead on K and his says its fourth dive a tip but for the fact about the week. Nuts and the Kansas City Royals this morning but it. You know little royals baseball action last night taking on a team they don't play very often interleague matchup with the Cincinnati Reds. Making only their fourth ever visit Kansas City in fact the reds had not won a game in Kansas City in nineteen years. This was tight last night reds royals. It was a one nothing royals lead going into the ninth innings. Handing the ball over after eight strong innings by Ian Kennedy in the Baltic Kilby Herrera who's been really really strong closer for the royals all season long. You heard the game on tea bait. Should the 22 pitch. Belted to right field indeed went back goes mayors field at the warning track at the wall and gone. Tucker learned. You learn her. You had their last pit crew neck in the sixth and singled. Oh merge into the bullpen in right to tie the game. What a shame all of Ian Kennedy's good work now go down the drain. Well you still that extra innings but. The reds got a bases loaded triple in the top of the tenth on their way to a 521. Comeback win over the royals. Royals are the worst team in Major League Baseball at home. And lost 22 of their 32 home games. And overall royals have now dropped eight out of nine there hosting Cincinnati again tonight. On the finale of this varies brief two game series live pregame coverage begins at 630 tonight in starts at 715 minutes on Sports Radio KF eight. 12:40 AM. 975 F them. By the ways the teen named Cincinnati was misspelled on the royals scoreboard oh yeah well ouch. They Agassi and telling them from the town very Arnold you think. We know how to spell Cincinnati. And Erica. Couple other Majorly action last night a change in the first place atop one division as the Milwaukee Brewers at home. Shut out the Chicago Cubs Florida nothing. As Milwaukee overtakes the cubs for first place in the National League central. Stating center fielder for the brewers his former royal. Lorenzo Cain scored two of the four runs yesterday for the brewers Milwaukee has won three out of five and is now in first place. In a Minor League Baseball update on former Wichita State catcher Tyler baker he's in single day with Seattle Mariners. And baker doing a nice job at catcher last night as part of a double play and the throughout a guy trying to steal second base. Former shocker catcher Tyler baker in the done in singling with the Mariners. And a pro baseball last night the Wichita wing nuts down in Texas taking on the cleaver and railroad or his wing nets gave up four runs right away. In the bottom of the first inning. After that it kind of have to rely on a long stance by the bullpen. That's what the wing nets did and they got results. Which it's possible then goes seven and a third innings and only gives up one run. Not allow the offense time to pile up enough to come back and win that game wing wing nuts when it 86. That's three wins in a row now for which it's on the wing nuts go for their fourth the bureau tonight visiting cleaver and again games. Three of that warnings that. Sports with Stephen Ted K and as ask these when he won now given here for the Hannity morning emitted Trump's successful summit. That's coming up hey it's time for our prairie fire coffee break. On K Unisys prairie fire coffee is a precious copy of the Wichita area because for every five or coffee beans a are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get prairie fire coffee at your office Michael in 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. 621 now Stevens in the morning on Kate and answer apps.