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Saturday, November 18th

Guy & Robin share stories about all the people they met and food they ate while each lived in Turkey.


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Welcome back I'm glad goddesses who won in bunkers you're on the good like every Saturday noon to one don't forget it let god dot com appear on the road you can listen to live broadcast or podcast or back 02 years or more of previous show and season and the stuff that. I've been lucky enough to have on the program meet people and talk about their adventures include one and have a great week coming up in the next segment going that they were talking about Turkish route if you are listening you know that you could hear it in my voice and it certainly in my detriment of our forests. We don't talk about this like we talk about pilots that. Chicken and a slight Ol we were. Magical clued and prepared him an old ways that there. A remark. I got to share more with you and I think this you you'll have memories of this year so. At Colonia. In the restaurant. We did this was an illegal we've filed our travel voucher back we got into the airport world that is the dominant it was just one bill call Togo and in that hotel bill was our food or drinks oh yes and we drank them out of beer and it worked through them any two people should ever do and it was all on one bill. So one of my most memorable meals. In the Euro which had a maestro. This topic. They brought out this way with three little beautiful. Asian it plants captain Chris Chris on top and save in the news and tomato and saw. And we ate that and were gonna agree that Americans we have more. And they put a cork or. And I would imagine that spending time there and then getting their recipes you would get recipes that no one has ever. I think that are in Utley and some time out each. In the country where a lot of visitors foreign visitor shortly and Eden and her do not trap all. So we a lot of planning Kurdish area and a lot of time along the Georgian and Armenian border or grant or no Ottawa Iman the black. It and I'm from those we I did find rest he did. Get rescued from public I think it never did you know and turn our area where people now under an area where a lot of Turk brighter over dumb immature and you know. We there are wrapped it up and they're. Called. Campbell at about Terry and angle and then I am Colombo. I R&R. Meet all lit up come in and I uttered labored with currently our. Which I get the front court. And I'm a bread is up with. Our hands. Or the election and herb. Or. Corn meal did I dealt with and green. And they're recipe for delicious. Another meat or fish and has. They clamped Ers appeared in the cantonment at all but I'm at a very kind and it. Made notre there are a lot of unusual I think because that. Different regions they're really a district every hour or that meeting near or touched the aryan. I'm people who like to hammer the structure. And some eighteen I'm not into early coverage and a Turkey meat locker into our really incredibly. That was one of the things that struck it well you're reading and talking about Kurt talking about meatballs I'll look at it at the bottom of your ams advantage. SP from B alls with pumpkin and spies under. Well. How about this time a year or. Did. Everybody probably missed a UN on. It did think of Turkey and they think Islamic thinker other accounts there. I don't know it'd. And there's not. A good win. I travel a darker and elude an attempt for a week. I had some of the coolest beat. Arms addicts you know skewers of meat and they know what sister well different and in three different types in the same night. Always tendencies and so definitely a lot of fun of don't want around that time. We talk about you were. Your blogs. And more and more importantly ride on top two clubs lemon takes tell us the story if when you read his folks and again it's eating Asia. When a wreck dot type pad TYPD that create the dock it and it's just I've been eating eating Asia blog it'll come up. What a great story and it all ends with this beautiful arrests of those women can just smell look at it inspector. Yeah I'm in that blog at and on your nose hurt a lot about Italy and Ireland Malaysia and has turned toward Turkey. I'm at where will be courting. You were didn't make it in the book. Lack a cut quite get them out and coming up putting a marriage should unplug and a or are we we actually are and her family and the black we when we drove up a road looking for eight years. Predict it photographs and armed erode dead and that their house and you know at what they invited us and the and actually I'm a lovely lady. With a kid. And the after all and done we ended up sitting in her in or I am a little fired. Eating or Letterman and the great thing about re look at we were able to turn the Clayton and reconnect with people don't. At a later date we return which it did achieve on and found her and her lies and her mother and locked. Are hitting in her in her living room or in her kitchen armed with a rainy. You know wintry day I'm angrily I'm. They they treat grant it. I'm they'd gone out at at and Brockman is or how they operate at higher lower. And I'm Dorgan elder. Connect date to a nearby pay. A factory. So you know at the scene where where were all hang out David they're elite and all women. He'd welcome. And we're we're at. Drinking tea and I heard the amber stripping. The lead from eight screen and I learned all that time. We roll about Clinton you know big garbage bag them in Italy we have parliament ache and and to and it shattered memories like that really a period like that that really means we can. Some go by eating out in the country in this dirt or lately. Mud dome. With Thomas saying it was a distant relative of one of the kids young conscripts. Were to arrange. And we stop there so he could drop something off. Coming near green complex up the middle nowhere. Running water no electricity. When we got out of the truck may have system we come in to smell. The woods are relevant rescued an hour. And the bread and they have a kind of vegetarian student at Clinton we humid and they're acting as the first time that I probably that issue kudos go to. In many times before laugh at thank you so much for. Tell. Her that they're about as as you were talking about him. Paging down on your blog and on the right hand side which has links to previous. A CY and go on for so long and a look at all the places in. Adding that. You could spend twelve tortures of clinical bogon. Look at it like that. Is limited K folks you ought to give a try you did you confronted at the bottom of the Amazon page while your order your copy of this emblem beyond. And I'll probably go to the blog and it is going to divert millions of Turkey you have no idea. That means that he does start mentoring. Now makes me think. Of all the travel plans we have coming up now that I'm retired. We've been to Europe we just came back from probe in two weeks in France obviously a lot of one step associated with that in. Or out but part of me would love to go to Turkey and part of me is you know. I don't wanna thank you although she would go eat Turkey or parties say. I mean you go to Eric. Go to brothel. Go in Barcelona. Out noted Campbell Bradley term and I I would they're still hard to Turkey that we covered it and I I would travel and McCartney meet our panel on. Apparently oh. And Campbell is an amazing city at no order and more like it. I had the privilege. Honor code giving him his gamble or actual sentences are you can't eat celery. Nearby at a temporary airfield where all my comrades were staying in tents. Pitched in the now. I was single man and there were to Asia and go from Germany who is the finance now. We were in the well. For two days could lead they had. Some of the US food. And I it was a two day hotel note though. Great food adventure and as nimble and this has been a real treat I so appreciate your time I guess I should say a Chicago that go to you regard to regards to David and someday and I would just which are passcode cross this week it's sure a mile. Or his commitment you have. So many more recovered today and I think. Have a covenant copy of his that will be armed with a at least give you some insight into that rubber in the guts and do women and make up your ordered. Well good luck with the rest of your trip here in the states and a sell out. You've already let's see what the lords and the best new cookbooks tasting table you're on the top of the year. Publishers weekly your in the resentment in comp for the year up and that says a lot and I'm thinking maybe at dinner and weird. How's junior who. Have a great weekend immensely travels you had backed Italy. Acre. I've got Barrett is likely take another quick break come back and I've got us when did one of the week you're gonna it's and its. So great valued at around ten bucks a ball Coco I will be right back with one of the.