Record price paid for a mega-autographed baseball

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Tuesday, August 14th
Kansas native Walter Johnson is among the signators...

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Outside the victim found shot multiple times in the rear parking lot. Police lieutenant Todd oh Giles says potential witnesses have been less than forthcoming with the investigators. The group three or four mills will. Confront. The victim and another individual. At which time the group to reform those school one of them lot of anger and firing and shooting. And killing the victim. We're worded and very limited cooperation. There have been 33 murders in 32 weeks as foreign Wichita. And this is the second homicide to take place in recent weeks at this location. And other men were shot to death outside his bar on the final day of June. The top election official in Kansas most populous county says they are not counting some 35 provisional ballots. Where the unaffiliated voter did not complete a party affiliation declaration on Election Day. How to handle such ballots in Johnson county and across the state has emerged on the first day of canvassing has the most contentious issue. In the razor thin race for the Republican nomination for governor but legal opinion issued Monday by the governor's top attorney. Took issue with the guidance issued by the person called balk appointed to oversee vote counters. After he refused himself. Assistant secretary of state Eric Rucker has told election officials that provisional ballots cast by such voters could not be counted. But guidance Johnson County apparently appears to be following. Results for the State's two largest counties will not be finished until later today. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. President trump has signed a massive spending bill for the US military on Monday afternoon president trump and vice president pants were greeted with a military demonstration at Fort Drum army base. In upstate New York. Where he signs a law that John as McCain. National defense authorization act a 716. Billion dollar increased budget aimed at modernizing US military forces. No enemy on American madness the strength courage and skill of the American army. And the American. Armed forces that bill adds 151000 troops to the ranks and it gives soldiers a two point 6% salary increase the largest pay bump in a decade. Notably the president chose not to Saint John McCain's name at a speech this afternoon even though the bill was named in his honor. At Fort Drum army base prying Janice Fox News the suspected Golden State killer has been charged with another murder authorities believe it is likely. The first one he committed. By Syria police chief Jason Salazar says in the mid seventies device Elian ransacked her burglarized 100 homes. The penny tried to kidnap clots Allen's daughter once telling intervened the ransacked her shot and killed selling. To Larry county district attorney Tim Ward has now filed a murder charge against Joseph De'Angelo for Snelling murder. With this filing. We have officially link device sillier ransacked her to be the same individual that has known as the east area rapists and tragically the Golden State killer. While DNA did not play a role in this link the police she says they did reliant on similar and those some physical evidence and witness statements. This marks the thirteenth murder. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. KE NS has used time now 6044. Minutes past 6 o'clock the good street store you deserve comfort in your life sore feet sport alive. So go to the good feed store today and they did at the answer to your pain individual results may very. Cancel your position for medical conditions for the good feed store could have the answer inserts or go and all of leadership is. Sometimes that can make all the difference in the world met some people just have that trouble with arch support. A matter of mere one of the best pair shoes in the world of the support inside it is no good. When you're going to have some feet problem and that just leads to problem in every day life so if these are supports from the get beat store might be the difference to you have to make in your life in these answers won't go and all of your shoes including high heels like a bully that meant. It's true but by the good for each other from located at Kellogg and rock creek they're pretty TJ Maxx. No shots no surgery no medication. Always a free test walk. You can try these things up for you before you buys so. You need to go to him for each all right it make sure you get to the good feet stores located in east which it sought the corner of Kellogg in Iraq. Very easy to find it's a good speech stole our. It's in the morning okay and is this now 611. And 11 minutes past 6 o'clock here on a Tuesday. And let's take a look at traffic here on a Tuesday morning we do you have the traffic accidents. This is located southeast of Clearwater a car hit a three at ridge road in 119. Street south emergency crews. Taking on that report. That's traffic update. From cajun SS news and the forecast this kid this is staffed. Meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dave. Good morning low pressure system just to our west is going to be moving to big east. Double up our chance of showers and a few thunderstorms at times today for Heidi 82. Rain more in this evening are low 68. Being clearing tomorrow Wednesday 86. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday right now we applaud you and miss and 71 degrees not much wind from the south. And seven miles per hour. And good rainfall across south central Kansas Monday afternoon and evening. Which does high temperature was 82 degrees and degrees. Cooler than normal stint normal line 92. National Weather Service reports spotty rain totals the crust which it does go to the guys up there near Eisenhower airport this morning says some places reported up to an inch. And get right there nice and early almost nothing that surprises me because. I was out west last evening and terrorism pretty heavy downpour for quite awhile and investment but must not of men at the airport block to block or something that and he said yes and it's it's not 121 and Eminem and it rained hard for auto line up that's a post in my neighborhood Riverside it didn't you stand out at the airport must've. Missed an adult spot out there right now we. Another Brit the Kansas weather center radar showing us commitment middle of a big donut hole right now we've got this showers up the from Salina stretching. Another writer Russell and that there's some over on from between Oreo in Emporia to peak in Manhattan that a try amber at right there. In the doubt of the southwest since this is the one ms. Boyle there are ways to go to the south southeast bourse mostly east. A dot city Dodge City over to Madison logic you imagine that sells great bend down now and Oklahoma all kind of move and in our direction in a couple of counties over. But it appears little bit later on this morning and again as you heard the forecast we've got a good chance for rain today that's it feels nice out there. Today is Tuesday August 14. Tony eighteen of course and a on the state in 1995 around seven and a half inches of rain and great western to Butler county. However extensive flooding occurred across all of south central Kansas and that was one of those. In a while those deals were of the rainfall in the in the red river you know they. I was on this date in 1995. And he thinks about. Two inches of rain how much that is or yes this as an hour and a half yes that's incorporated ash. On the state in 1945. President Harry S Truman. Announced that it imperial Japan had surrendered unconditionally ending World War II Vijay today already had VE day for victory in Europe now be Tuesday. And the Japanese and how happy was the world. No the World War II was. Done in a Japanese Roman Malibu this horrible the end years they've name out of this campaign did for territorial you know the board to get you know. It's an island nation the got a few islands there they didn't you know they were limited they wanted they wanted to oil they wanted to blame on the news but it's absolutely. Mounted this aggression. As taking on China and so forth and all the islands up there and new and it and go back to stop them. And then now since it won't work of course the Japanese become good friends and and partners it is that time we were cool about enemy. There's still a few people alive who I know who made that Bataan death march at the beginning of World War II. The don't have anything good say chip at the Japanese people. I guess the story this morning about the yeah the bear in the liquor store. Don't walk the walk into liquor stores is not a joke but hours the punch line really did this in Bristol Connecticut. The Bruins lumbered to the efforts of crazy Bruce's liquors. Triggering the center that opened the outer door. A pair of the Beers at the beard didn't wanna beat the bears didn't want a beer or any thing Els because it's just that it's time wandering around in the foyer in space out there. Meanwhile an employee locked and inner door keeping the bear from advancing. Hartford current reports that there eventually left. And state wildlife officials were contact. The bear who showed up at crazy Bruce is liquor store a just one little drink yeah the route to what's going on yet check out the prices bears get curious if like everybody else alias right. Our right to use one of the big stories can get some legs on this week and it's a baseball stadium or. Actually we're talking about a stadium to replace LDE here a dumpster near downtown Wichita in the West Bank here that like this hydrogen it's going to be able to like purpose. The Libya be able to accommodate that's guided this Seattle to play football games there are soccer whatever work concert venue whatever needs angry amid talk of more than just baseball been talking to people in their sample why the secrecy why you know you can still want it to us about what's going on and keep at them. The demeanor keeps him the negotiation and whatnot. But look at four in the united a couple of things of in the tournament you jump in Newton one of the things that look in his they're probably talking could be talking with a a Major League team on minor league affiliated team that may be another city right now. And that price and delicate part of it you know one you know. If there in another city you don't the other city to find out their lose and a team and all that and to walk up yes. To the camp may encounter I don't know. I'm sure that they're one of the things digs that's on the table I would think he is look if you're gonna bring a team to Wichita love to have you would like to have you more than three months. Okay here's a look at it please don't go to Arkansas or many apple or Steve does the same scenario Wichita was going through on the other end of things. Yeah is eleven years ago activists at ten years and bigger and other city built a new stadium and and our team won. Gives ten year dream reduce a polite I'm sure that's one of things are looking at. Have no idea this is all just speculation it was Amarillo slipped in and built a new stadium and took a team that might have come here. And Murillo was ahead at a widgets on this one. We're still trying to figure out how to do this or talk with the Phil children whose was on overnights here of course. Early this morning they'll never talked about the fact that some of the great team. We've had and going back to the old which operates make back in the fifties. My first team team divers all play the Braves he had the arrows had several great seasons. And the last when the wranglers were here my guy actually had terrific. And the bureau of the wranglers last year they were terrific. Second last year and last but they had just a young players coming up. When they were managed by Frank White I wanna watch a class in this is a very well managed coached baseball team. Great talent and I don't even have any idea what happened with Frank White to its courts it royals' second baseman frank always thought that he was kind of he was being groomed to perhaps be a Major League manager to perhaps be the next royals manager at some point to. And he you know did his due diligence in the minor leagues. But though the royals kind of never really gave him an opportunity at the big league level there's dip than that and I don't know there's got to be something behind that but it. Not knowing that really soured. Frank's relationship with the royals for many many years and it's still not a 100%. Not knowing what's behind that I would say Frank White guy to. Lose. I think the guy doubt maybe maybe I didn't seize up there. It never you deserve it's it's yeah right you'd like to think that perhaps he might deserve the chance somewhere but the that there are thirty Major League teams in the problem. That lets them and frankly why it is as manager material also on the speaks up when there at 619 Stephen did that's going to do some real sports. If we don't what we did Woodward here on a Tuesday morning but about received tasteful and was replaced. Austin what's happen horse against the royals and actually last night yeah and on the Toronto Blue Jays. And though the royals got a nice result. After getting thumped over the weekend by the cardinals the royals were able to handle the blue jays last night the number 79 the line of designated hitter Ryan all heard it. Drove in all three royals runs including a home run and the other royals got the 321 win Brad Keller. On the mound for Kansas City went seven innings only give up one run its fifth minute sees. And Kansas City is playing good defense that helps the royals with their thirteenth street error list game out of streak now at 120 innings and that is by far franchise record. Royals had not made an error since July 29. In the first inning Yankee Stadium talent and a the royals hosting the Toronto Blue Jays again tonight live pregame coverage begins at 630 the game starts at fifteen you can listen live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975 FM. In pro baseball the Wichita wing nuts last night. Clean burn taken on the rail or owners. Final game of a nineteen. Game road swing that lasted twenty days for the wing nuts they won game 74. We nets went twelve and seven in those nineteen games that's a really strong growth on the road yet for that long. And the wing nuts are only a half game behind for a playoff spot with twenty games to go in the season. After that road swing that went to Saint Paul Sioux Falls Chicago Gary sin city clean burned finally back to Wichita tonight. The wing nuts are back home to get on the Lincoln assault on 705 tonight downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium that will start a nine game homestand. Or the wing nuts. Minor League Baseball in single late tonight is the New York Penn league all star game in state college Pennsylvania. And on the south division roster is former Wichita State shocker Kelyn Kilgore. He was drafted in the seventeenth round this summer by the Philadelphia Phillies playing for the Williamsport cross cutters. And feel is off to a great start in his pro career he's pitched in eleven pro games. He's leading the shocker he leads the league with eight saves and he's got a zero point 93 earned run average. Former shocker. He went Kilgore. And all star tonight in the New York Penn league they'll start please allowing less than one earned runs per nine for millions now. Pretty good stuff while. He was killed or demonize job right there. And they'll do a little note about the league baseball. To baseball. Of them the most that has ever been paid for one baseball autograph it was autographed by both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Now they have found a ball that is signed by Babe Ruth opponents Wagner Ty Cobb Cy Young tryst speaker George sizzler. Kansas native Walter Johnson Connie Mack. Now apple is July Eddie Collins and Grover Cleveland Alexander they all signed it the day they answered at the Baseball Hall of Fame. June 12 1939. It's been sold at auction it's been sold for 623. Grand. Just about doubling the old record from amount paid for one baseball you know why Lou Gehrig did not sign it. Lou Gehrig was it was don't want the did not sign exit not the doctor getting a diagnosis appeal yeah he's the Mayo Clinic while. Where he was there something diagnosed with the disease that would in his career like his life and then kind of unofficially bear his name. So it turns out though mark Owen is the guided got to the ball signed and and his buddy former teammate Hank Greenberg won't mentally beginning middle and it also got a ball. We don't know what ever happen Hank Greenberg's autographed ball that's when the belongs this other guy that auction off yesterday well all those great names on expert story. That's sports with Stephen said today in Afghanistan died six when he three you've been here for Fox News commentator. Diamonds plus drastic weather coming up Stephens of the morning on eight and as ass.