Regulators to require inspections after Southwest jet engine explosion

Steve & Ted
Friday, April 20th
Guest: Fox News correspondent Tonya J. Powers

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Vision which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. Got 48 o'clock into the case there's a sporting news feed attend IC thank you so much. Two deputies ambushed and killed in Florida we've got the story. Suspect captured after police chase in southeast which song and it would work those details just ahead of Kansas City school resource officer has been charged with awful when three teenagers. I have. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday clouds are starting to move in from the west this morning and decide middle low pressure system is headed our way and that's going to bring us some much needed rain this weekend are complete forecast is coming up. Two deputies are dead victims of an ambushed Thursday in Trenton Florida that. Prosecutors say sergeant Noel Ramirez and deputy Taylor Lindsay were sitting down to eat at a restaurant when a gunman walked up and fired and later took his own life. No motive as yet known. Gilchrist county sheriff Bobby Schultz calls Ramirez and Lindsay at the best of the best. While authorities will likely focus on the shooter Schultz wants to keep the attention on the deputies. The world's tallest towers. In the world's police here as we need how life as heroes. Sergeant Ramirez was a Florida police officer for seven years he leaves behind a wife and children deputy Taylor put in three years with the department. Gilchrist police are gonna support from a host of other departments across the country. President trump also tweeted his condolences to the deputies families and colleagues. Caroline Shively Fox News. A federal judge in Los Angeles hear arguments today about whether to delay a lawsuit filed by adult film actress stormy Daniels US district court judge S Jane so terra scheduled the hearing after attorneys for president trump and his personal lawyer Michael Cohen. Said this suit brought by stormy Daniels should be put on hold for ninety days because of the criminal investigation federal prosecutors in New York are pursuing against Cohen. Daniels is attending to have the non disclosure agreement she signed declared invalid. In large part because president trumpet never signed it. Last week pursuant to a search warrant the FBI raided Cohen's Manhattan apartment office and hotel room. Collecting records and a variety of topics including the 130000. Dollar payment Cohen made two Daniels to keeper from discussing Daniels alleged affair with president trump. At the White House Jon Decker Fox News. Wyandotte county prosecutors say a school resource officer in Kansas City, Kansas is charged with fumbling at least three teens 57 year old Michael English singer was charged Thursday with three counts of aggravated indecent liberties with the trial. Apparent had contact the police in March and three students have come forward all between the ages of fourteen and sixteen. English has been employed with the school districts since two point fifteen. Has been on administrative leave since March 22. Investigators are still trying to determine if the alleged crimes occurred on school property. Dan O'Neill came and. That's news a suspect was caught after a police chase in southeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says. It happened late Wednesday night but it often thrown patrol spotted this stolen truck. With a dealer's license plate near thirty for street south and hillside. The driver would not pulled over for police. A tracker pursuit ensued which went into derby. In derby the driver pulled behind a residence in the two occupants of the vehicle. Fled on foot. Officers were able to apprehend. Both the occupants at 28 year old male driver. And a 25 year old female passenger. The man was booked into jail for fleeing from police and aggravated weapons violation auto theft unlawful possession of meth amphetamines and traffic charges the stolen truck was returned to its older teachers in Arizona have voted to go out on strike. This teacher says many are packing their bags for greener pastures it's the first ever statewide strike to demand increased school funding. We are under paying our educators. And so we have people incredible professionals. Who live. Devoted their entire lives to bettering our communities and our families and their leaving this state. Because they can't afford to do the job that they love with the community and the kids that they love. The release of fired FBI director James Cobb these memos is sending shockwaves through Capitol Hill. Republican lawmakers say Kelly's memos prove the fired at BI director never felt obstructed by president trump. Despite claims from Democrats that he tried to hold the FBI's probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election. In assailant house oversight chairman trade county along with house Judiciary Chairman Bob go let's say and emotional comic quote was blind to buys his within the FBI. But the top Democrat on the house oversight committee Elijah Cummings is quote presidential interference was a bull blatant effort to deny justice. And director coming was right to document it in Washington Chama Angel Fox News. Davis has used time now 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. Coming up in sports busy weekend shocker baseball team is on the road authority Kansas City Royals. And another player is leaving the shocker men's basketball program we'll have details coming up sports city of Houston owners Barbara Bush. That story and more news coming up Steve intent on Kate in SS. The case isn't sporting news because it now 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. Indeed he's retiring after 49 years of law enforcement. The past 48 as director of the Kansas law enforcement training center near Yoder. Kagan is just you zest pay be about recent officer involved shootings in the news. Peyton says the Washington Post reports an average of 950. To a thousand police involved. Fatal shootings annually over the past three years where I don't think first of true and a. That that this change manifesting. We do thank mr. more coverage of it by the media organizations. With a torn for a new recycler resilient. And there was some of the issues that have been surfacing around the country who were of high profile shootings. Ed Davey is our guest this weekend and issues but he 18 Sunday morning at eight on K and as apps Kansas is taking over fifteen a private nursing homes. After the owner and operator defaulted on payments to vendors and failed to meet payroll. We get more from Kansas information networks Brit was like arts. Kansas department for aging and disability services secretary Tim Keck will oversee operations of the skyline healthcare LLC homes court documents show the facilities have nearly 850 residents and 950. Employees TCU RSM reports that the New Jersey based owner previously acknowledged that skyline had insufficient funds to pay utilities and food services vendors Texas Florida based mission health has assumed day to day oversight of the homes mission RD operates fourteen skilled nursing facilities in Kansas the move comes after Nebraska officials took over 21 nursing homes and ten assisted living facilities operated by skyline last month. Texas the next step is to find a new owner. The city of Houston held a public celebration of life and legacy. A former First Lady Barbara Bush the celebration at City Hall opening with a performance by the Houston children's choir. Attendees wearing mrs. Bush's favorite color blue and strings of pearls and a nod to her signature look up. That bush put a strong Texas moment. Full of grit. And grace mayor Sylvester turner that is about have a good shot we'll always remember. Someone who loved people and didn't make eight different. Across the street at the Barbara Bush literacy plaza mourners paying respects with flowers cards and other mementos the former First Lady will be laid to rest on Saturday Steve Rappaport Fox News it is just used and now 81010 minutes as dateline. And this morning the gasoline prices in which to well below into the gasoline prices. So 245. A gallon. And that Harry and all of her fifth record Jason call that went into thinking Jason. And now the forecast with Qaeda says Steffi would you stand holidays good morning and good morning an area of low pressure spinning off welled to the west of us we will track over the Rockies and eventually in southern Kansas this weekend. They'll bring us more clouds throughout today breezy with a high 64. The best chance of rain will be late tonight and overnight into Saturday Harlow 45. Off and on showers during the day tomorrow cooler in just 52. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays mostly cloudy 44 degrees of southeast wind at. Twelve miles per hour. Coming about 812 now with Stevenson of the morning and in response to millions. Fatal incidents aboard an aircraft. This past weekend regulators are now. Making some inspections. And with us this morning news talk more about this Fox News radio is Tonya. Good morning Southwest. Airlines that course an accident we call an accident incident whatever. There in the engine blew up in the part came through the window and it killed the woman. And in no other news the FAA is in this it's inspect all these changes should they have been doing it before or. Well gas station at. Having said that that the first answer I think a lot of people would probably say the the fact that they hadn't been though is not that nobody ultimate. Com. This could actually did something it had resulted. It was an in and August 2016 within a different southwest flight. A similar engine failure and that when did not hurt anyone or killing one thankfully. But after that there was a proposal. That would make the cascade that these should be you know these these engine inspections for guarding it should be mandatory. An and Vermont the manufacturers airlines haggled over the deadlines for forgetting those inspections completed mostly he's dealt with the 737. And I know their material appeared in Hollywood with Boeing in Hoya in general fear. So that's that's kind of what those it was centered around those ten. The FAA did not make it mandatory order at that point. They are doing that now and they say that the you know the order will be made official the next couple weeks but unpaid. Airlines have already started voluntarily doing these inspections and it centers around us and blade arms. Because there have been problems with them occasionally breaking off. We even heard from the NTSB already on this week after the incident on Tuesday where you know prior Robert somewhat bad. There had been mental fatigue that they Doherty keen on the fan blades those cracks the tiny little crack in the android because. They're under a lot of stress. Can't even imagine pushing a lot of Air Canada you know didn't engines there. And they can sometimes break off because of that. Different bank had an ongoing sort of thing since August of 26 team. It's it's not that this week was the first time anyone when I don't quite look that might be a problem. Com and others you can bet if anyone more questions about why this wasn't make mandatory before now. Was yes a number release fan blades on the inside that the injured there and there's just for oriented attitude tremendous speeds constantly. And like you say after awhile. These little tiny stress fractures show up and and then ultimately. What happens one of blows off of something bad happened to them this is the first time I can remember. This kind of incident. In the years and I've been covering news is I don't remember this ever happening before just exactly like this. Yeah come in and south west actually says. That they're gonna gonna inspect all of the similar engine in its in its fleet within thirty days 700 planes. A lot of planes I'm the united authorities said that they would inspect 698. Similar engines in their sleep at southwest did take. At this engine. Though the one that failed on Tuesday didn't technically all under the FAA inspection proposal that was made last August. That's when they you know that I hate we we need my needed dated and then that and like that they didn't make it official and an order at that point. The southwest as well it would cover anyway. The NTSB says well we don't know because of part numbers change from time to time. So it's it's difficult to tell but they said that they that's one of the things they will be looking at is would it have. All of under that because they're going to be doing extensive look into the maintenance records and everything else that goes along with this we. You've got a number of airlines operating in in the US and I had several different manufactured to types of aircraft. So it's not like just one size fits all but the on the other hand you think it just one inspect them all periodically no matter what. An and I guess that's one of the things that you know hindsight 20/20 get Linda back on it knowing that they were back and forth about a deadline to get this done. Is probably zero comfort to Jennifer Reardon Stanley the issue that the woman who died on Tuesday when when all of this happened. You know it's it's it's just it's just a terrible week for the so. Mr. SA thanks for spending some time but this is boring we've they're Bridget. But she's radios and just undated powers regulators requiring inspections after southwest jet engine exploded the lower skilled. Nearly sucked out the window that are crafted the story but a little bit more. Elaboration there. From a Tony. 816 now with Steve content and if you if you've been listening to our forecast is morning excited about the rain. That apparently is coming our way I say apparently it looks like a pretty accurate thing but that we get some. Looks like the national rate later tonight and it's a coming up on 817 now Steven Ted it's sports time. Instead what Vernon that he get a pretty busy week in sports wise right lot of things going on it including some. Some goings from the Wichita State men's basketball program another one's guard Austin Reeves is a leading the shocker men's basketball program is going to transfer Alex. So eleven the players that were on the roster last year will not be coming back this year or six of those eleven were seniors who graduated. You also got. Two scholarship transfers that are leaving CJ Kaiser and Austin Reeves to walk ons have left the program and Landry sham it. Leaving shocker to go to the NBA so. Restocking and re loading that roster constant challenge now for the shocker basketball staff as another one's left Austin Reeves leaving shoppers. Wichita State baseball team is on the road this weekend the shoppers are ranked number 24 in the nation and they are visiting Houston cougars. First time a shocker to visited Houston for baseball action in 21. Years. It's a very tightly grouped bunch in the American conference right now eight teams are all within a game and half of first place soccer's Houston or two of those eight. We'll see what happens this weekend Mike Kennedy has the call. From all soccer baseball games in Houston this weekend to 630 tonight 6:30 tomorrow night 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon with some of those games live right here on 97. And thirteen thirty K and SS. College bowl playing in the national championships. We'll finish this weekend up in Lincoln Nebraska on the individual side of things Wichita State sophomore Joseph Rhonda and has made it to the national semi finals he's one of the last four bowlers competing for men's national title. Tomorrow. In team competition the Wichita State and women have made it into the final four unbeaten in the winner's bracket. And they have more competition in match play today. The Newman women and the little shocker men. Both lost yesterday's of their in the losers bracket now have to continue through the loser bracket today if they want to advance. Major League Baseball. Today for the Kansas City Royals they are in Detroit already been to Detroit twice this season this month. The royals in Detroit for a four game series this weekend it's a double header today night doubleheader today. Noon game one to 6 PM for game two and then again at noon Saturday and noon Sunday royals and tigers live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975 FM a the royals right now are at the bottom of the league and they are they have lost eight in a row. Off and are really struggling right now time to turn around. Yeah see if they can get it done in Detroit this weekend pro hockey. Opening round of the playoffs for the Wichita thunder they are on the road at tonight's game four of their playoff series at the Colorado Eagles tonight at 8 o'clock. However Wichita is down three games to zero in this best of seven with Tom must win tonight in order to keep the season alive. I am going to be inducted into the Wichita sports hall of fame tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock right hillside Christian church today 8330 east Douglas. The hall of fame class this year includes Gregg Marshall Paul Miller Mike Pelfrey. Great shocker stars. Jessica's smitten Laverne Smith great players at southeast title and on the great careers at Kansas their respective sports. He would very and other city league basketball legend. I am receiving the eighth annual Mal Elliott sports media in that the award following the likes of mark Schafer Rick bluntly Bruce hurdle Bob Lewis for seminar. Told Fernando Salazar others who have received that in debt deal honor well. Sonong looking forward that the folks wanna come to 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at hillside Christian church. East brought in double. So I but my experiences I've been to one one of these what these ceremonies I think my experience is that the athletes. Are are all there you guys are all there and it falls in just talk. Now with is there a chance to here's some good stories I Greg Allan ray diesel you're great story out looking forward that every fund. And in this has been terrific owner for using them no you vomit yeah we're mama Mary. Very humbled to be given this honor looking forward to his granddaughter. Congratulations and in pro football the Kansas City Chiefs have their schedule set the upcoming all. Season opener on September 9 against the chargers in Los Angeles it's jeez he played five primetime games this year a couple of Monday night games couples Sunday night games. And they will play a Thursday night game in mid December at home against the chargers the only home primetime game. On one of those Monday night games is in Mexico City against the rams. Sunday that MLB the Monday before Thanksgiving. And of course one of those big Sunday night games is at New England against the patriots. Three of the first for a be on the road three the final four will be at home. Your home for the chiefs of course right here on the Wichita radio dial is 97 and thirteen thirty K and S and was talking to the other day they sit. But I love those Fridays with Mitch alters did you guys do during the football season. This isn't just love those and we have a lot of fun we'd do a lot of fun and can easily were about three months away and already from a chatting with Mitch every day from training camp birdie to go Hardenne in July were only. Only three months bag basically late Matt aren't so it'll be here before you know what yeah. There you go that's sports with Stephen Ted Barrett at 842 down keep it here for the Hannity morning minutes showed says media misses some good news from Kroger. Steven has the morning on tape and assess. We invite you to listen to the Eisley financial our Saturday mornings at seven on 987 and thirteen thirty. An SS. What you're heading to your favorite camping spot before embarking on a cross country adventure. Flint hills RV hasn't recreational vehicles.