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Tuesday, August 14th
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Device even get the morning now Steve I could just have over 8:30 here on Tuesday morning. You talk firefighter has died battling California's largest wildfire in history. Lake County sheriff Brian Barton says the death of a firefighter is a true reminder of how dangerous to Korea is to. Hundreds of firefighters and I've seen every day we thank you thank you for coming to our hall or the world risking your life in a wave your family. And today tomorrow and the next year we will more velocity through your. Over 100 fire personnel stood respectfully during a news conference a fireman's identity has not been reached the city of Wichita will not be closing library branches nor golf courses in the 2019 budget which the city will approve today. The city law latter more than thirty new police positions mayor Jeff Longwell tells Kagan SS news or. And on they being. Many of those call him like amenities that then people liked to have but it's still at this point you know. Idle state. It's. For some of that is so one or two year. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Stephen did show here on tape and assess law enforcement conducted a DUI check lane traffic enforcement operation over the weekend Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says. It took place on south Washington street between Douglas and Kellogg. Now officers make contact with 300 point five vehicles. And through their contacts. There were eight DUI arrest. Including one. Felony DUI. Six open container rests. The checkpoint lasted for five and a half hour from late Saturday night into the early morning hours of Sunday. Kansas congressman Roger Marshall tells Kagan SS news house district one has been going through some tough times the district covers 66. Of the State's 105 counties. Mostly rural. There's a drought going on and up from just learn to council grove on the never been dry out of work. Are driving. Commodity prices forty years commodity prices in the paint. And now because that this trade war has been going on in spare grew weary. The price when yet another 20%. Doctor Marshall says he believes president trump favors a free market and doesn't want other countries to take advantage of the US government has rested its case against president comes former campaign chairman. Federal prosecutors have made their case against Paul metaphor the former trump campaign chairman charged that tax and bank fraud metaphor has pleaded not guilty. It's still unclear if he'll testify or potentially can call any witnesses before moving on the closing arguments. Lastly the star witness for the prosecution written gates a former man afford business partner who struck a plea deal spent days describing how he and man at fort used phony loan applications. In offshore counsel Heidi incumbent on the IRS. But gates also admitted to an extramarital affair and in does lament tracing questions from the defense about his credibility. In Washington Jared Halpern Fox News the forecast with gay and assess staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning we're seeing areas of scattered showers and a few thunderstorms around us and what weather is likely throughout most of the afternoon into this evening today's high 82. Showers and storms move on off to east tonight Carlos 68. Clearing Wednesday with a height 86. I'm KMS us meteorologist Dan holidays. Now followed missed southwest we ended six months six miles per hour and 72 degrees. 835 now Steve until the morning here on K an anxious time for entertainment news the blur with Ted Woodward debt. Arnold Schwarzenegger sparking an online conversation about mental. Hell in a -- message to former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger a Canadian man named Ali EDT hailed his battle with depression explaining he stopped exercising. To his surprise the former bodybuilder replied back telling him we all go through challenges we all go through failure sometimes life is a work counts but the key thing is you get up adding you take it one step at a time sorts editor's response motivated rallied to go straight to the gym the terminator star thrilled to see him power through using the advice to help author or seek him. I love that. Colleen paying it forward helping those sharing their own struggles with mental health. And exercise. And Chris in good when Fox News. A former WWE champ has passed away suddenly more on the wrestling life of the Danville police in Pasco County for a siege and not hard fell at his home hitting his head and succumbing to his injury. Not our became known to wrestling fans as the handle a two time WWF tag team champion as part of the heart foundation alongside real life brother in law Bret Hart. The handle became one of the wrestling bodies most recognizable characters not only 1980s and early nineties with his signature goatee and a hard Foundation's pink and black wrestling attire. After leading you then WWS in 1992 he would sporadically returned to the ring alongside three of his brother in law's Bret Hart Owen Hart and the British Bulldog. Not art is the father of current WWE superstar Natalia and the father in law former WWB performer Tyson to it. Present as we know him from the occasional appearances on the reality TV show totaled divas in the end they'll my heart was 63 years old man told Tom how Fox News. Lindsay Lohan doing you know make a man occult blood to the meat to movement. Lindsay low and apologized for calling me to accusers attention seekers in week. The actress told People Magazine I would like to on reserve ugly apologize for any hurt and distress caused by a quote in a recent interview with the times. Adding the quote solely related to my hope that a handful false testimonies. Out of a tsunami of her relic voices should not serve to dilute the importance of the meat to movement and all of us who champion it. The on explained your statement further making clear she stood behind the movement saying she feels strongly about it. And has the utmost respect and admiration for those women brave enough to come forward Michelle Perino Fox News. Tiger Woods on the golf course a stellar PGA championship performance on Sunday and that brought some big TV ratings tiger Sunday boosting the ratings for CBS sports the network reporting Monday that they saw a 69%. Increase in TV ratings from the final round of the PGA championship last year thanks in part to tiger superb six under 64 round that propelled into second place of the major falling just shy of a win against Brooks kept kept it though getting a shadow on social media from an avid golf fan president Donald Trump. Brooks kept it just won his third golf Nader and he did not only with his powerful game but with his powerful mind he has been a man of steel mature and why many victories including majors ahead of him congrats to Brooks and his great team on a job well on man volatile Fox News. How do you fix the Oscars. Kelly has a suggestion on how to improve the Oscars the former Fox News cable host now of course hosting the third hour MBC's today show says it be a whole lot better. If Jimmy Kimmel wasn't the most again she's coming out against the ABC late night comic not because she despises the guy because she says he's so anti drug and money did last time there was so many anti trump jokes that is just too political. Meg and Kelly sang at the Oscars one better ratings they really should consider stopping the political speech is. Think a lot of us don't wanna get a lecture on politics we're looking to have a moment of escaping we wanna hear politics we turn on cable news. And that is a very good point all these awards show whether or Stephen Colbert the Emmys the music was they all seem to have turned really political. Very anti trumpets the cool thing for entertainers to do but at the same time it runs the risk of turning off half the country. We've your media minute Howie Kurtz Fox News. Very interest yeah. Very. Let's find out what's going on in the world of music. Immediately known to demonize dropped her video for got to burn the opening track of her new album we'd. Dave seems to service. Queens origin story it's nice plays the role that the trade and monarch seeking retribution re claiming your former glory. Seems to fit right into the singer actress narrative and Gaza are examining. I'm not loose wheel goes Jeff Tweedy is her now memoir called let's go so we can get back in memoir recording and discord in the squillacote going to be released in November according to spin the book is ladies of the better part of twenty slight discussions childhood in Illinois is musical education and development and the evolution will go. Brady adds time New York has announced. It's an upcoming solo tour titles tomorrow as modern boxes US tour along for the ride his longtime producer visual coordinator at the tour. Which kicks off in November for Philadelphia we'll feature songs from New York's two sellouts. At fox rocks on Fox News. Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the movie air bud golden receiver. River this on the sequel air bud. In which the dog becomes of football. The star. That was it was not well received news of box office failed first Airbus did wells sequel did not know and got some pretty bad reviews and twentieth anniversary air bud golden receiver. Happy birthday to data Broadway lyricist Lee Adams who is nine before today he wrote the lyrics too little show called 55 birdies mood. But that it show. Which included a song that was this big salute to itself. And one of my favorite song went on a happy fix you know Adam 94 today. Steve it was fifty years ago on this day fourth national bank downtown concluded negotiations. And off the Miller theater building from its owners. In Los Angeles for an undisclosed figure. Course within a few years after that the Miller would be them Iran what is sitting there now. The lovely park or garage you know partner we lost the Miller. The parking her the Miller was it perceived as a bus very wide if you went in the you went down this then that kind of a lobby area and then he took it right and went upstairs now another big loss. So I was an interesting theater I love the Miller. Yeah and its system memory now. Fourth national bank bought it fifteen years ago on this thing. It was it was sixty years ago on this day edit Elvis Presley's mother passed. Passed away of course Elvis was dearly devoted to his mother Gladys. He kind of ran things in that family she passed away of heart attack sixty. Years ago on this day of course he bought her the pink Cadillac in pretty much modern Graceland and gave it to lower the live it and and here's a little bit of eldest talking about his mother. Possible at all right now. We might end up close and mothers are more prevalent in all my friend and companion. Someone that taught to. Underwear and I mean if I was a warrior program. Yeah kind of enemy. Meego Elvis mother Gladys passed away sixty years ago on this day. Finally Steve I know what you're doing last night on your couch in front of the TV watching the proposal on ABC. So what is drama including. This young man Steve. Trotting out his brand of. Dump oil on the earth. But that's a good thing because I really when you Celine. A group kind of a home for so I hope it goes over well and I hope that on myself. She. Leaned let's see your Meyer have met you yet but he sure that you best. Now on the show together and this is kind of weird I hope people like to officials there there really can't grow a beard. Socially in cedar admire Phil never make you cry if you're looking for last under romanced the millionaire guy. They'll he's no Robert Frost OP donor card fraud. Let me go towards league assignment for via net worth down on Newton minnow. Navy would Wright's mom and the entertainment and reasonable words brought to you by our good friends that pizza at Johns and Jeremy you know they have lunch specials every day and then 11 AM to 3 PM so check that out he'd like tasty lunch. Their hours are 11 AM 10 PM everyday Monday through Saturday. Right there at 208 south Baltimore off at 815 tasty tasty pizza pizza Johns in an army 44 Steven tip. Hill on which the business journal coming up hanging out and help wanted sign that. Pilots and all the way Stevens on the morning on the cake and a sense.