A report card for hospital safety

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Wednesday, November 1st
Guest: Fox News' Jeff Monosso live from Chicago with the results.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS. We just cause number one in the news talk and weather station depend on. 701. Businesses that hate in SAS morning news Stevens says ninety it would word Steve Macintosh has today off it is Wednesday. November 1. Not the latest details on the terror attack in New York City. Wichita man has been ordered to repay the government for his court appointed attorney I'm Dan O'Neill I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Yesterday we only got to 42 for the high in which it's not today maybe twenty degrees warmer our complete forecast this coming up. The president of boost Pakistan has sent his condolences to US president Donald Trump and offered his country's assistance. Investigating yesterday's attack in New York City by an uzbeks national. Eight people were killed when a truck plowed down a Riverside bike path in the World Trade Center. Uzbekistan borders Afghanistan and is one of the most closed off post Soviet republics. Previously used Backus stand officially never commented or acknowledged any security incidents abroad involving uzbeks nationals. Investigators now releasing more information about what they found at the scene of that terror attack. Fox News has now confirmed earlier reports that police found it in and around the vehicle would this suspect had driven. That rented Home Depot truck notes written in Arabic pledging allegiance to crisis. I'm told one note in the vehicle and another appears to fallen out in a black leather bag that fell out as he exited the vehicle. After it crashed into a school bus Fox News has also learned out of that bag fell a hunting knife in a black leather sheet. With a bill clip attached to it a night he apparently did not use as he was flailing his arms in the streets of lower Manhattan. Waving to fake guns shouting followed lock bar. That's Fox's Shepard Smith reporting from New York City that's suspect was shot and critically wounded by police shortly after. The fire department has been on the scene overnight of a two alarm fire at a strip mall in northeast Wichita affecting Petro restaurant. A call came in about 2:20 in the morning today north west of 21 and wood on. Crews on the scene telling KS and news on arrival they found part of the structure fully involved in smoke and flames here's KS and speaking with Wichita fire chief Tammy snow her. Craig it's. Just got right back up on the green there. HVAC system and that's playing great many memories. Firefighter began in the restaurant which is now described as a total loss and a few other shops in the building. Did suffered damage. Sedgwick county sheriff's office is asking for the public's help in locating the suspect. On Monday morning a passer by found a woman lying next to the road near the train tracks along south meridian south of Hays bill. The woman identified as forty year old Thames and Kaczur of Wichita. The sheriff's office investigating this debt as a homicide. And identifying the suspect as forty year old Darnell Coleman from Wichita anyone with information about his whereabouts for the murder can call 911. The Sedgwick county sheriff's office or crime stoppers anonymously at 2672111. A Wichita man ordered to pay back the government for his court appointed attorney. After authorities discovered that he bought a luxury car while his case was pending. US attorney Tom Beale said at a news always that a federal judge Tuesday ordered entity Beasley do pay in the federal treasury. 34640. Dollars. The amount measly pay donate 2015 saudis. Beasley was sentenced earlier this month to just over five years in prison on gun and drug charges. He has said he was indigent and was given a court appointed attorney during his case. Following sentencing it was discovered that while the case was pending Beasley spent 76715. Dollars on the outing. On his credit application he said he had a monthly income of 101000 dollars not counting his wife's income. Panel Neil king and SS news. Wichita police have made an arrest in an animal cruelty case that occurred three weeks ago in the 18100 block of north. A man called 911 reporting a van dropped something off and an Alley behind his home he said he went to see but it wasn't found a brown female pit bull that was nearly starved to death. To the animal to vets office set animal is now recovering. Officer Charlie Davidson says police received a lot of tips concerning this case after it was made public Mets greatly help the investigation. As investigators. Were investigating they learn the original 911 caller was actually the owner of the dog. This led to further investigation. Which led to charges of misdemeanor animal cruelty and making a false police report. The suspect will be appearing in court. If someone has an animal they're not able to care for the proper way to get help just call a local veterinarian for guidance or the Kansas humane society. 706 with Stephen said Kate and SS. One more game to decide the baseball season and an online uproar involving dogs and testing on dogs. 706 was Stephen says that taken as ass. 709 receiving that in the morning here on stage and as ask one more baseball game the World Series game seven. Tonight for the fourth time in seven years the World Series will be decided in a seventh game. The LA Dodgers won a must win game six Tuesday night here at Dodger Stadium. Three don't want against the Houston Astros the fall classic is tied the Houston Astros struck first in game six George spring greatest sport moment of the World Series. Or one nothing astros' lead but the bottom of the sixth Chris Ballard doubled to score a run and then Corey seeger had to sacrifice fly. What inning later jock Peterson hit his third home run of the World Series boss Joseph must growth. The Dodgers held on for a three to one victory setting up the winner take all game seven. Wednesday night right here at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles I'm Jared backs Fox News. And online uproar this is over tax Payer dollars going to experiments on dogs. More than 230000. People had signed an online petition calling for an end or research done on Golden Retriever is at Texas a and M university. Students there say the dogs are bred to come down with muscular dystrophy and experiments that are cruel and scientifically useless. The lead researcher is Joseph corner Agee who the students say has been doing this type of research for over thirty years and hasn't found anything. Videos online show dog struggling to walk as their muscles are destroyed by the disease. But the school is defending the research saying the dogs are treated with great care chill NATO Fox News. 7-Eleven with Stephen Ted in the morning 987 and thirteen 38 MSS. And right now out there in traffic just continued to avoid the area green which road and K 254. Three vehicles involved in a traffic accident there so watch out and again that's. K 254. And it. This sorry that's that PT 54 out there watch out traffic. I agree with you hated him for Kate and SS I'm hit chambers. And hosting a look at today's weather here on the first in November it's the TS in storm tracker three forecast with Kansas City meteorologist. Leon Smith the roof and hello Leon. And yet I do unemployment for a fantastic view all of you're predictable little on the chilly side this story that would lock up that we will correct. Led breezed on my way but certainly. How much did we ever get any rain or snow flurries yesterday in the Wichita area. You know if you raise a couple of extra alert early post up. By you know stop all amount we had raced that probably about. We have been. Northwestern and there's but not in primaries that. Analysts give on the ground in reading it in which are just if you expect Cole in Albany industry. We get OK so yesterday we were. It game we should add about twenty degrees on top of that and they're honest they'll all it. Will be. And so that's that's why I agree airport get up to date for those sixty PO. Well I have worked out in the morning or afternoon I'll quit at this point but it really helped or bank that they'll. We should be mostly city are my neighbors and yet sixty cute for the eyes and peeping into the mid board. In this wouldn't be much more like a normal day's time a year correct. This would be almost spot on. Very idolize. That 6360. Or you write the range. There tomorrow we will be more at the change. And I had been a cool front comes through at some point. But it great on Friday night. There are pretty well not yet he. This week yeah the most beautiful. Saturday Sunday that would start or right of course out in the buy out there or that a lot. And it should be beautiful I on he should be in the midst. The details. You gotta. And welcome to November thanks Leon. That is BK SN storm tracker three forecast Kansas today meteorologist Lee on dismemberment it is 713 was even Ted KN SS. Some hospitals across the nation are not making the grade it. Let's find out what's going on just my not so from Fox News radio live Willis from Chicago this morning in Jeff's. How hula who was put together this this report card for these hospitals. Towards that it is nonprofit. Watchdog group good DC called LeapFrog have been doing this for a number of years. Basically don't 1000 people will. Died today. Every day due to preventable hospital errors. Objects left inside patients following surgery infections that are required so obsolete and even met a patient falls. LeapFrog system hospitals. Didn't participate in the study but of the ones that did 2600 hospitals and fifty states that look at the team. Including six in California and three New York to Doug failing sixty grades. Bill LeapFrog sit there are encouraged by dozens of hospitals and previously made failing grades that. Op made dramatic improvements and not just tried to make excuses for their low grade a lot of Rhode Island which was ranked fiftieth in mid 2012 hours elapsed. Are ranked first two day other states that made significant improvement organ went from 48 and 2012 to eight today Hawaii. I almost 36. Of about third Wisconsin went from 44 to six spent I don't know. Went from a nineteenth two to four in terms of hospital safety. Hardly talks has basic specs like communication between hospital staff nurses and doctors. Even hand washing. Could save lots. And I think Gary as you just demonstrated I think probably the of the goal is to shine a spotlight on some of this. Some of these preventable things and hopefully it actually gets taken in an improvement it's shown them. Yes you know one never knows when you go to the hospital. You what the outcome is going to be admitting news many people reportedly brought to the hospital for routine procedures and ultimately they get sick and I had some cases died. So it is it's it's it's good to have watchdog group the watching over things like that accepted a basic things like hand washing. A typically go along way for but these medical facilities. And than something that is not overly regulated any every every state and every. Every different hospital organization is going to have its own culture and things that they do right things they do wrong and I guess this kind of points up. Lot of the things some of new wrongs they can get it fixed. This it'd Jeff what's going on in Chicago today we did that would how to Halloween Gil last night any incidents are pretty good. Following them as far as I don't know that it would certainly well no no incidents. We we got cleaned up candy. We it is to respect. It was a it was a great it is really cold for Halloween but you know it's so windy city that's sampling scope but but Wendell. Has it been a cold fall up there. Yes and no it's been kind of weird I think it's probably much like Wichita where it's it's it's been unseasonably warm leading up the last couple weeks. And all of a sudden we got hit it a couple of different a cold fronts. Where. Easy a mother nature made it very clear that somewhere along this year errant woke up this morning in the thirties and let Thomas wickets it is expected overnight at least. Not to get data twice so calm yet so we're geared up for winter. And last year at this time it was you are going cubs crazy in the desert little vacant seat this fall not having that that. Rattle around with. Yeah I think so obvious on the outcome spam so I can't I can't totally sign up to that. If there. A lot of people were pretty disappointed this year where that would with the cubs you know lost. You know didn't they did that the World Series it should so it. Bomb plot to. I think it's just like have everything you know where you know YouTube got so it's such high hopes that for your achievement. And at what it meant for your city and what it meant for the cubs stability to to win the World Series after. That you know. Its century long drought. And she was huge and so. Booze demanded there's still people to dateline. W flags on the cars from last year that now. That's how excited people here at Chicago made it is look there hasn't been a championship mystery and it says Blackhawks. For quite some time. Jeff thanks for joining us this morning in second in for the information we appreciated. Fox News radio's Jeff my not so live this morning with a from Chicago telling us about those. Report card for hospitals are failing grade trying to get them to get back up to snuff. Thank you Jeff. It is 718 with Stephen Ted K and SS. Let's go ahead take a look at the world of sports and what's going on of course we just talked about it the World Series. The second year in a row going to a last game seven to decide at all last night. Special broadcast you heard game six right here on CNN assessed as the Los Angeles Dodgers were hosting the Houston Astros. Dodgers had to win to keep their season alive and they got the pitching and the enough offense to get that done. Here's some of the coverage on the Los Angeles Dodgers are radio network. A spokesman for the whiners of fifty. All of its. World Series. And that would be the final score Dodgers tied things up in the series now three games apiece in the best of seven. That leaves the baseball season with one last game tonight game seven in Los Angeles. The first ever World Series game seven at historic Dodger Stadium Astros and the Dodgers tonight with live coverage beginning at 6 o'clock this evening. It will start about 7 o'clock listen to a live game seven on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Tonight will be talking pro football right here on K and SS on your home of the Kansas City Chiefs it's the weekly chiefs kingdom show hosted by the voice of the chiefs Mitch whole list. 7 o'clock tonight listen to the chiefs kingdom show right here on your home of the chiefs 987 and thirteen thirty KM SS. And of course tonight they'll be discussing the Monday night win over Denver and previewing BS Sunday game. At the Dallas Cowboys tune in tonight and he's keen to show. College men's basketball last night in Lawrence third ranked Kansas taking on the gorillas of Pittsburg State in an exhibition game. First time that KUS ever played a basketball game on Halloween and it turned out pretty good case you with a 46 point win at. Over the guerrillas sophomore Malik Newman led the way with nineteen points. At one point early in the first have K you went on late twenty to zero run. Here's the voice of the jayhawks Brian Haney was more. Carol Vic motto that the best lot of pity jayhawk fifteen points and eleven rebounds. It just 26 minutes but the token Azubuike also with a double double of 7014. Despite playing just eight minutes Billy Preston locked him points for Kansas he can get banged up on the dollar to the court the coach self. With a collision early in the second half but your BO OK as pockets at the wrap up exhibition place one week from Tuesday vs forty state. Did you went to approve the six and oh the pre season. Brayan Pena that report and you heard the game last night on a faith. High school football last night the opening round of the playoffs for class 318. Heston advances with a 476 win over visiting Hutchinson trinity. Heston moves on at 73 into the regional around. High school boys soccer state quarterfinals held on Halloween last night. Among smaller schools and over central and McPherson both advanced to the final four. And in class 58 Kate announced carnal and bishop Terrell win to advance to the final four in class five day. Carol has only lost once this season 71 and one. And in college women's basketball last night's season opening win for Friends University beating back home in Wichita 7770. Friends ladies are ranked number sixteen in the nation. And off we wanna know start on the season that's sports Stephen Ted KN SS. It is 722 we Stevens said in the morning. Here on 987 and thirteen thirty KE NS as we have traffic and weather coming up and look. Hollywood's sex scandal keeps getting bigger. Bucks on that from the Rush Limbaugh morning update.