Report says AI could create more jobs than lost to automation

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Tuesday, July 17th
The study looks at trends in the U.K.

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The 1 to 6 o'clock this is the case and assist hoarding is receiving Ted. IDs back in touch driven mostly cloudy and 77 degrees. A judge has ruled in Wichita woman accused of decapitate him her ex boyfriend's mother is competent for trial. Rachel Hilliard is charged with first degree murder in the April 2017 deaths of 63 year old Mickey Davis the mother of failures ex boyfriend. Earlier this year she had been found not competent and return to martyr state hospital pending Monday's reevaluation and Cedric county district court. Prosecutors say Davis was attacked when she went with her nine year old grandson to collect some belongings from home. The boy it was able to run away and call 911. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. It's a Russian woman is being charged by the justice department for allegedly attempting to create a back channel to Moscow. By infiltrating conservative groups like the NRA Tony nine year old Maria Bettina making their first appearance in court Monday after the Justice Department charged with conspiracy for acting as an on wrenched her Russian agent inside the US. Bettina is accused of conspiring to infiltrate American political groups including the National Rifle Association at a direction of a Kremlin official. Her attorneys dispute that she's an easy in the Russian Federation calling charges overblown. Meanwhile Democrats like California senator Dianne Feinstein say the charms think president comes failure to stand up to Russian president Vladimir Putin. And protect our national security look even worse in Washington shall mental Fox News president trump summit with Russian President Putin kicked off a firestorm on Capitol Hill. As fox is Chad paired her reports Republican members of congress are feeling they eat. Watched her watch has kept her on Capitol Hill. Most everybody on Capitol Hill had heard but what the president had said and that's why there was just this avalanche of reaction from both parties and then SaaS Republican. Senator from a I Nebraska who who doesn't mince words he said you know that he had constituents calling him and seeing him on the airplane and saying quote what in the hell was he thinking. When he said in reference to the president. But but one member of congress who apparently didn't hear word of all is Mike Connolly he's Republican from Texas he's a member of the intelligence committee. He led the Russia probe on behalf of the intelligence committee and said he was gonna give the president said the benefit of the doubt until we heard what he had to say. Democrats are hoping that helps them build a case to retake the house this year. It looks like Amazon's fix some website glitches that hit right at the start of Amazon prime day. But there was plenty of frustration for shoppers who had been hoping to get some Beatles on line. Amazon prime day was supposed to be a little bit bargain starting at 3 PM eastern time Monday instead the online giants let's say it was hit by glitches. And people hoping to show up instead got stuck in loops and any of them only getting a picture of a dog. They undetected dot com which tracks web site outages got reports of complaints from tens of thousands of users. Most folks have problems getting on the web site but also Tony 4% say. They were having problems with checking out as the problems hit Amazon tweeting that they were working to resolve the issue quickly chill NATO Fox News. The future of which draws public golf courses is up in the air major jet mayor Jeff Long Will tells KNS issues of public became aroused after the city said. It was considering closing clap cores in southeast Wichita. We need to have some conversation. Look in another option. And when he. Maybe make some kind has design change out there that might inspire more way. And you didn't regret simply. Advertise in art golf courses. Over the last several years and just do your people playing ball. Mobile comet during Monday's with the mayor on the Stephen Ted show right here on K and as as. The Harvey county sheriff's office has released the name of the man who died in an accident drown accidental drowning and Harvey county east park Saturday. 49 year old David Francis Maloney of Newton was found dead by first responders. Bologna had said to a friend that he intended to swim across a lake. Alcohol was determined to likely be a factor in the incident. An assist used on. Now 6044. Minutes. At 6 o'clock. Good morning David good morning. 9713. Thirty K head and says. 610 now 10 minutes past 6 o'clock. And this morning we've got some wet roadways in Wichita and places we got to marina there in which dark area. Now yesterday on at Kansas turnpike just after 9 AM it was a injury accident slide off injury accidents of the tiger played. Slid off the road so. Roadways are wet and slippery this morning he didn't have to be careful traffic updates from K and assist ratio. I'm jet chamber still working as we've gay initiatives deputy college's Dan Holliday good morning the day and good morning scattered thunderstorms have developed across south central Kansas. And a few of those may produce some isolated areas of brief heavy rain the high this afternoon now 81 and scattered storms again tonight Carlos 72. A few morning storms possible tomorrow Wednesday in 92 I'm tale SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now range in the area 78 degrees then the wind been picking up the past hours from the southeast. Gusting to 23 miles per hour. And warm partly cloudy day across Kansas. Monday which does high temperature was 94 yesterday normal line 93. And ticket quickly indicators as weather center radar the. Morning innate you can see well I can see on the screen that there is some light to scattered rain throughout Sedgwick county and the Wichita area right now. If you go south into Sumner. There's some pretty good rain in the northern part of Summers county back over to the west there. And good portion of real count getting showers I doubt and a real deport him the king announced the west go north of there and up toward great bending. Good portion of showers out there we got to right in the area Ted. And could be running for a little while here this morning. So we'll keep you posted on that 61212 minutes past 6 o'clock today is Tuesday July 10 2018. On this date in 1955. Disneyland opened in Anaheim California. You don't remember that night don't either but I do remember Disneyland. Who are the three hosts of that though opening but an opening broadcast on ABC. With a three host of that you don't. Bob Cummings and anyone Ronald Reagan and art and Art Linkletter yes. And I saw all three of those guys and I was out there but then on their 35 anniversary of that. Sat right behind Bob Cummings in a news conference he was really out of and saw the president is after President Reagan was president I Etsy and fairly close but yup. My family and I went out there might have for summaries this is uncharacteristic make decimal what visit my brother in California and will go to Disneyland is it. 195657. They've built like two years. And I remember staying at the hotel the motel. Which is Indy could look over the open great big open space a field clearly there was Disneyland see the cancel everything. It's. All Philbin now LA county and pulled us out a that's up my first shot at Disneyland now of course we church load testing course and the Walt. Bottle that land it was orange groves yeah it was Anaheim was considered out in the booties members why is he buying all his property up in Anaheim mountains that he knew what it was doing Walt knew he was doing I was. It was a genius and don't know about. At 613 now Stephen Ted at the Vatican official is headed to South Dakota. To consider promoting the case of sainthood for Lakota holy man. Who converted more than 400 people to the Catholic faith the Rapid City journal reports of bishop last year. Accepted a petition signed by 14100 people that ultimately cause for the canonization. Of Nicholas black elk. The Vatican official from brawl will arrive in Rapid City this month to potentially write a paper summarizing. Black male flight and virtues. That gale was appointed nick Atticus by Jesuits in the early nineteen hundreds. To evangelize on tribal on tribal alliance. If the official chooses write the paper and then be voted on by a theological commission all. And the issue will then be sent to the Pope who make kick off the miracle reporting process. So it's quite a process we were takes forever years. And we've seen them with the Wembley garner public upon your locally. The long process that they still gone further than inept and they were in the miracle stage of it but I think that's still. Part of the investment just partisan process alignment and again does they don't a little bit and it was O stated. Publicly or. Frivolous this fellow what they're talking about your American Indian a Lakota Sioux. That's kind of interesting and it won't. And reports is artificial intelligence AI could create more jobs in the number lost through automation. Research done by the UK professional services firm PW she suggest a high. Could create 558000. Scottish jobs over twenty years is where it is in United Kingdom. But as an example where can go further 544000. Jobs could be lost by 2030%. Resulting in net increase of around 141000. Reports as innovations such a robotic drones and driver as vehicles. Could create extra jobs at productivity and real income rise. And new and better products are developed. So if you're the driver was car in tune in Steve intent on in assess. Yet to have me drive the driver to driver to hurt and you actually reach their doing yourself Holler at the driver was driver do it one on or report I don't want to work. Yeah. 615 Steve intent and I'd like to thank. Those people who will respond to my FaceBook post going to get the point where the the the driver most I don't like that station in east start arguing with. Yeah the driver was howl and then brought. What was engaged and you target whose eyes were not Stan date days. I'm sorry if I wanna listen to it yet. I do bigger argument over a how did that guys a finger I'm sorry to take it and I programs and a program to do. While night. Driver was cars with that long anyway thanks to all the message me after right. FaceBook posting about my 48 anniversary in broadcasting yesterday and I tell you I like to do that primarily because. See who who's out there and look at it FaceBook and who don't respond to some old friends that. Susan. You remember her last name net Susan eubanks moser I think is her name now. And Susan was a year behind me in school she was Jerry my younger Brothers and Susan lived right across the street. From a us guys sounded off. And I gonna put this nicely. Susan was a fox she. She was a real. Good look at nice makes generally nice girl one of the you know launched it. To handle these boys in the neighborhood or demagogue overseas but she was wanted to respondent in another deal that's made people like that paradise it's funded Indy. Our good friend Jim Colby who. Generally there and so the cobra is doing is listening to deal Jim's a former former sports. Broadcaster he's now working for a lot of money out of spirit so. It's not that I did hear from folks had to face with a even down that debt in our manager Jackie she didn't email. A real and I haven't. I have a look at the text of a but I think it's probably says congratulations and that's probably about it. And it's always good to get a little recognition she didn't invite me launcher and it. 670 Stephen did you always hope you can always hope for a yeah. 618 now is Steven dead here on a Tuesday Martha some brain around the area again this formula that did and we simply don't sports now with him for more than. Of the all star break is one Major League Baseball in a home run derby that's all I know right now to. Those in the correct deadly. Home run derby last night prior to the all star game you heard it on KFH. And Bryce Harper on his home turf for the Washington Nationals in the nation's capital. But not a show there were 221. Home runs hit in the derby last night. City. And now fly ball to center field. Right we'll have the buzzer. Harboring an easy I don't. Bryce Harper ended up beating Kyle she wore her of the cubs for the home run derby title last night repaid plays slow pitch softball now. I've played and leave the team for about twelve years they had guys. Who weighed a 110 announcement it boarding your game with their crummy upward swing rice is filthy. That's not not. I don't know I hear those fans they love doggone crazy now as he stepped between the away with that. Read earlier home run their own and a good night. Tonight is the all star game itself. It's worth the royals do have a representative and they'll have a little bit of nice roll royals catcher Salvador Perez. Is on the all star team and will be starting for the American League his good friend Tampa Bay's Wilson Ramos was going to start but it. Ramos has an injury so Salvador Perez will start for the American league for the fifth year in a row. Course of Baseball Commissioner rob Manfred says he likes the fact that baseball does have a representative of every team at the all star game. I do think that tradition. Of thirty clubs all being represented. It's something that's important I think it's it's sort of symbolic in terms of the competitive balance in our game it's been so important to our success. And saw I think you know he's he's due kind of put a black mark on the club when you say don't know we're gonna pick 32 guys from your league and you don't. Not one for deal. Every team still does get a representative. Nights and a Salvador Perez is now a six time all star there's only one other royals had more than that. Would that be Steve Madden I left field. George Brett. I'm satellite on current royals well marking time yeah George be the guy and a bit. Last time an all star game was in the nation's capital was 1969. Those nearly 5049 years ago different stadium two or Alley out and RFK back then. And Willie McCovey was the big stars that Willie McCovey two home runs for the nationally there were nineteen future hall of famers and then played for the giants in England has been hitting first baseman about to explore. And Willie could stroke the ball mentally Kabila's good tonight is the 89 all star game you could listen lie ever. Our begins at 6 o'clock this evening and it's on Sports Radio okay FH 12:40 AM 975. FM. Last night. Wichita wing nuts were in action up in Lincoln that taking on the Lincoln salt dogs. And it was a bases loaded walk in the bottom of the eleventh that gave link in the win over the wing net's three to two last night. As an extra inning game got away from the wing nuts Wichita Falls one game behind for a playoff spot. Wing nuts in Lincoln again tonight taking them solve dog's in game two of this series 6:45. At this evening sports with Stephen Ted KNS. I know it's kind of early but it's already time for our prairie fire coffee Bronte and has fired up you bet for a fire call for the freshest coffee in Wichita area because. Very tired coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in which you're never too early. You can give Chrysler coffee bureau office by calling through 673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee. Dot com or practically to now given your for Fox News commentator Einstein's. He's talking about an important moral question. That's coming up seated in the morning on in assess.