The Research & Development Of "The Meater"

The Good Life
Saturday, November 25th

Guy's visit with Joseph Cruz continues as Guy & Joseph talk about Joseph & his partners Teemu Nivala & Dauson Chang design and development of their wireless meat themometer.


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Definitely welcome for the good life you know every Saturday we talk about blue line and fun today it's a little more about fun and cooking we're talking about meet her NBA TER. It's a gorgeous piece of engineering. We're gonna talk about that here in just a cycle and my guess Josep cruised he's one of the three executives of brilliant company a company that you'll probably hear more about the future call option as in an app on. 'cause what makes meter showed different is it Bluetooth that's one thing. But you download a very cool app that. Allows you to do some pretty cool things with fewer meat thermometer and you go well at the you do with a meet the you're gonna not burn your meat at those cards. Joseph let's talk a little bit about the the manufacturing process okay its idea that you guys sit around come up with the idea. But it's it's not as easy as it sounds although you guys seem to do it fairly quickly of bringing an idea into a product that I'm holding in my hand minutes. This is bamboo wood in with so many cool innovative things in that you just don't even think about. From the back cover and in just one single double a battery that. Charger meter unit in the magnets on the back so that it couldn't you know click up over this side of bureau of and then. Pretty cool design did you guys sit down with paper and pencil did you find a manufacturer that now work with you got to do it. Well I. Actually yeah it is you know how he would that the meat thermometer. Quote low. That the main thing for us and where are two things in Atlantic treaty speak in wireless. Meat thermometer can. Us you know. That wired that we incurred. And we are RPI. This needs to go and onshore YouTube at denounced them. To experience yourself with wired monitors where you're looking on the grill or smoker I unit in yet and leverage these sneak. That tackle choir maybe you end up in the bottom. And that remove via the loot India. All the grilled and you know move the wired. Wired that are huge so. What we want it to do is take the unit electronic usually that would get out of oven or grill. Miniature. And put it all and probe and you know it really outline we envisioned. That the crop well. But also the same time we news you know what we can't get the mountain mama. And design something that. Some you know no one has ever seen that war so you know what. Let making meat thermometers that. A charger that could hit or actually there are a look at a meeting more modern look at that picture in and you know keeping that concept you think OK well it was just another meat thermometer. You mean buttons at. I. Classic with how deep epic look like metal. Then it's just another kitchen product or kitchen gadget you broke your era. Injured roar so you want to make it look nice couple. And added that it through to the back of the U. To the side of your cabinet you grill you can put it up on you. Refrigerator. So loudly. The only. Leo later minded yes these seemingly. You know it's pretty it is is like decided it's moderate and just the idea to use magnets to close the bamboo wood to. Sliding live on the back over the battery you know a little stuff. It says a lot out. Well I like. Would I when I look at this and and that I see that you have. A bigger unit that holds four meters and charges tell us about that unit and was that like designed for like restaurants or your of people would mile club and we think that. Well actually. With that of larger. I'll be on the bigger issues. Meaning to add to. Have a solution for and that is that the wire connecting it. We use Bluetooth devices you use. Opposite biases before and you know sometimes you just meet longer range. So we developed a product called in or opt out work into. I'll start shipping that product before the end of the year but essentially what that doctors. Is that it takes your allegiance to. And that indeed that collecting. From the meter pro. And bridges that too white for example your home network so you're turning the meter Coke from a loot and mom that are. Well like I meet them so this way any bone connected to Leo what network can monitor a coat and this is especially. Useful land that either you are smoking something outside. Our Ian your cooking on the grilled by you know you're doing a little slow type of quote where immediately called for an hour two hours let's say. He is beat the thermometer or than meter and to meet you any idea that it closed the meter Croat. It is in a block metre blocks and that day and a two year old white fight network and now you want inside your problems on cook. Mystery solved that problem you know now we. Currently kilometers or. Three thermometers where you know usually you would open up the grill at the data monitor in there and read temperature and and you you do that and taking. Ten minutes maybe even every half hour but because metres of lead in me and you know you can. Keep a lid closed keep the oven door closed and there are in for a really. Cooking process. Well an old one of the things tonight that also attracted me was the fact that you get to signals. It on your application on your phone earlier monitoring your cooking products. You get the internal meet temperature which of course and you can set a target meat temperatures that Wilson alarmed your loan. But you're also that they ambient temperature which as you said for somebody is cooking outside. That's really important you know it's cold and windy and you're Alessio if you're using chart or Libya the restock PO box or. You know if you're used in college you may have to crank it up a little bit. Because this is the internal temperature at the meet. Not at the cot the limited or anything like that. Correct you know there's no way you. People would do it today they would use to meet mummers 12 to mention the internal temperature to meet. And another era ambient temperature probe that. At close to the grilled about two inches away from underneath circuit and measures that the truce heat and being applied to meet. So instead you know I think those two senators to wires going in QQ grill or smoker well we thought. Okay well it and monitored sticking out of the. The food aid and went to the temperature at the end. One of the advantages or on. From where. He wireless system that. You get to sensors on a single probe. And be able to Muster actual he'd been by the. I wanna talk about the apple little bit but let me tell you and I haven't filled out my. You know I got a notification online to fill out the a a product review and I will used the other night. Work like a champ. The only minor issue and I think other folks have had that is news with a single unit relying solely on Bluetooth. Your phone needs to be pretty close to the growth in recovered grow environment. It's still work is is there going to be. A fix other than the block of four. Where I can use Wi-Fi. To. Intercept the Bluetooth Sig Miller and Mike that. Well I absolutely am actually let you ask. That goes back to when we originally designed a product we thought okay well. We designed a product with my wife and step on it. I don't arrangement and mentioned it. Court not very practical might actually hurt by large and they are incredibly power hungry so we mentioned. Mean standard full force Smart product that is the energy and we are okay how at least all news this. Range issue well number one we're gonna build. And that well take that signal to your apple white fine. And you know that whole system we cult leader link. But. Today if you want to extend didn't you don't need to have the meter block you can actually used. Another tablet. You may get another phone Laura and I had. Amazon Kindle and you connect that to the probe. Outside and make sure that. Tablet second device connected to what I network. And then you villagers that it actually is already deep adding a leader think. I'm in able so once you that device outside. Now walk into your home Whitney York. The phone or year round your primary device and wanted to from there so instead of having are actually using second Smart device. To be eaten too too like I. So cool and Andy app is very intuitive. The display is magnificent in fact if you go to good luck got to come recorder to meter the dot com NBA TER you can see that he got a great gift that not only shows you the the meter installed in the block beautiful. Wooden block but also is she what it looks like on your phone and quick to download. There's been a bunch of them downloaded it and just give you a lot of information and very usable graphic display in a guest. I would expect nothing from a company called an option. Other than a great display. I have a couple questions for where we need to take another break can hang for another five minutes or so you've got school.