A restaurant associated with a TV chef closes in New York

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 2nd

Ted tells us about the scathing review of Guy Fieri's Times Square restaurant.


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Is distinction Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. And 830 feet from the morning's beat iTunes on Ted Woodward. The frigid start to the new year dangerously low temperatures and don't eight midwest states including parts of Kansas Missouri and Nebraska. Along with nearly all of Iowa Minnesota South Dakota and North Dakota. The National Weather Service issued a wind chill advisories for Monday covering a vast area from south Texas all the way to Canada. And from Montana and Wyoming on the west through a New England in the east. Now the forecast with Kahan is a stampede of all just Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning once again a brutally cold start today with some cloud cover cross Wichita and a weak system coming in from the northwest. Could give us a few flurries possible this afternoon otherwise or high 23. Tonight clear Arlo fifteen and then for tomorrow sunny with a high 31. We may finally get above freezing again by late this week. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now mostly cloudy ten degrees we released wind it. Three miles per hour. Which is a police investigating after a man was shot during a street robbery Monday. Condone the incident happened around 2 PM in the 16100 block of north Emporia. Wichita police Sargent Andrew doe says the man met with two people he had met on line to purchase a pair of shoes. During the transaction the victim was pistol whipped by one of the suspects and shot in the shoulder the victim was able to make it to a nearby house to call police. Sergeant doe says officers are looking for two people in a great vehicle possibly a mid 2000 Symbian pollen that fled the scene. The victim was taken to a local hospital where he was treated and released fill all the grand KMS us news. Investigators in new taller trying to figure out what caused a deadly Greyhound bus crash a bus was carrying twelve passengers from Green River Utah to Las Vegas last night when it careened off I seventy in Emery county. And plunged into a deep ravine the Utah department of public safety says a thirteen year old girl died at the scene the bus driver and two other passengers in serious condition taken by helicopters to hospitals. Eight passengers were transported by ambulances. Highly officials say road conditions and weather are not believed to be a factor in the crash. A passenger reported a medical issue with the driver. Investigators are trying to obtain video from a camera aboard the bus Greyhound is cooperating. Kathleen Maloney Fox News. Kansas city police say officers have found the body of an apparent homicide victim. Kansas City Star reports officers responding to a report of shooting. Early Monday found the body of an Hispanic man these twenties his name has not been released no arrest has been reported. The Justice Department is ramping up the fight on OP Lloyd abuse. Federal prosecutors say they have a tool in the crackdown on the nation's worst drug crisis in history. Better access to drug and health care data it's called the Justice Department OP I'd fraud and detection unit. And it gives authorities in twelve regions information on which doctors are prescribing the most how far patients will travel to seed them and whether any patients have died within sixty days of receiving eight prescription some experts concerned the focus may hurt patients who legitimately need pills others say doctors are just a small part of a problem that won't be cured without more prevention and treatment early and -- Fox News. A new report has Kansas ranked as one of the top ten best states for ants. And this information networks -- Boris has more according to the haze post a group called safe wise created a report on the most pet friendly states in America in Kansas race never eight best state for pets and 2017 to determine the best and worst states for pets safe wise looked at multiple factors including which states have harsh anti cruelty laws number of shelters veterinarians and registered breeders along with a number of pet friendly restaurants hotels and parks here are some other key findings Kansas had 87 shelters and 30% are no kill shelters Kansas has 370 pet friendly hotels and we also have 38 trails that allow pets to frolic freely. Doors down Stephen did frolicking freely very important that's you know Stephens at the warning on Cain and assessed. It is 835 down in time for entertainment news a blur with Ted Woodward talking about. Again on the topic of sexual harassment today Netanyahu and there's an initiative now to fight. Some of these allegations and what's going on in both Hollywood and on main street will take a look at that. Peace Witherspoon Ashley Judd and lord teaming up to create times up an initiative that includes at fifteen million dollar legal defense fund. To help less privileged women like Janet Anderson factory workers to protect themselves from sexual misconduct. In an open letter signed by some of Hollywood's most powerful women. And published in the New York Times the group also says they're going to be proposing legislation to penalize companies that tolerate harassment. And they're asking women walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes to speak out and raise awareness of harassment by wearing black. Jill NATO Fox News. And Mora sexual misconduct which of course has led to new beginnings for a former beauty queen. There she is. Then head of the new Miss America Organization Gretchen Carlson former Fox News Channel anchor. And 1989 Miss America now a chair of the board of directors. Three former Miss America winners will join her immediately on the board. Carlson says everyone has been stunned by the events of the last several days. Two weeks after leaked emails showed former CEO Sam Haskell and others gossiping. And mocking the appearance weight changes and sex lives a former miss America's two top leaders followed Haskell at the door. Carlson promising immediate steps to stabilize the pageant saying in the end we all want a strong relevant Miss America this and future generations. Teresa Crowley Fox News. To get closer look at Carrie Underwood and singer. And her recent injury country star Carrie Underwood saying not only did she break her wrist and that's all back in November she also suffered a facial injury. In a blog post Underwood writing that the injury required forty to fifty stitches. Cautioning her fans she might not look the same when she's ready to be seen on camera again. Underwood says she hopes the differences will be minimal. And she's grateful it wasn't much worse the injury apparently hasn't affected her voice the seven time Grammy Award winner says she'll be back in the studio next week. Jack Callahan Fox News as we round in the new year what's the latest in a rock and roll. Michelle we have Jay-Z NT 2017 with the star studded video titled family feud costar and rappers like fiancee and daughter blue IV the song from 444. Touches on daisies infidelity. Within video featuring rapper professing innocence beyond sane church confessional. I'm Becky ABD Verne today directed sure found spent more than 400 years starting in the future. In the year 2444. With a two out of infidelity politics and murder. Then it works its way back but not before working its way through different generations. Of course reference in politics time that you when some thought that making America great and making us afraid of each other. The video only available on the star studded title streaming network finishes and a church in twenty team with Blue Ivy Carter washing parents Jay-Z and beyoncé was. Until you again soon extolled the virtues of wealth and privilege that's fox rocks on Fox News. Take a closer look at the new movie father figure. Owen Wilson and any Helms team up for the new comedy some other figures as Brothers searching for their biological dad the film co stars Terry Brad shots would they complement has quite an act. There are some people just then they have that sorting gifted. You just believe what they're saying because it just seems true that he had. Asked. As Daniel Day-Lewis street tires we got a new guy you know next man standing that's the approach involved all. Well it's also the approach here in Hollywood it's only lose a brand known and we we get here. Brent show they say it's a film with laughs and Hart is a road movie incidents funny but you know I think it kind of sneaks up. On you and it's gonna pull on your heart strings and for Wilson it was a family affair as his brother Andrew makes. I carry me out he she was a process for a lot of the movie ends and has is great little cameo this season last harder than anything Ashley park N Fox News. Course yesterday was New Year's Day and that means one of America's great traditions out in Pasadena California in the Rose Parade. Floral floats under Sonny's guys thousands of revelers. Great New Year's Day tradition in the 129. Annual Rose Parade routes and on line long time Perez the fact of the eighteenth century act. Nineteenth century almost four hours were invented out. A grand Marshal is actor Gary Sinise there military flyover 39 floats dec Dallas Kallis flowers and show horses marching bands celebrities. Millions watching on TV among the floats and award winning entry from China airlines featuring a scuba diver floating above fish and coral reef. Rock and roll hall of fame artists earth wind and fire performer to top a red and white float. Recreating the floor of the famous Los Angeles area arena which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. The big Rose Parade yesterday. Happy birthday today to actress Cynthia Sykes. Tee is 64 years old today from Wichita. Unseen elsewhere and I've been in her home. I did not know that. Now with the story. Or older sister. And I that one time and at a Sunday afternoon a date and what it's like thousands they're rescind the running around that are eagle heights cheerleading uniform. There you go and I optical brands on the most incredibly good looking people ever seen in my life. And I left and never went back wow it was embarrassing for me to. The great I yeah its intraday Anderson football player which gets us they got a very big good looking guy out out there and by the family of the right up there north of the university event. If you will I like is there a connection right there are nice they don't remember me. Does not actress Cynthia Sykes is 64. Years old today happy birthday. Shelley and I saw Dunkirk who watched it on T down and pretty disappointing. Great visual effects and and that if you what does what people. Shooting each other all day that's good but there was no back again I'd rather see mister Vinocur. That's liberties and my parents and almost exactly the same thing under I just point. Finally a restaurant run by television star and celebrity chef guy CAD in New York city's Times Square has shut its doors for me all guys American kitchen bar serves last public meal on Saturday you know guys CAD is a guy from diners drive and a. And that's all she wrote yeah well. It's great she's not got a corner so that she personally got washed up. It's not sticky when you quickly about your knowledge right. It's all been. Front team. Little viral. And break our rob. My wife cannot stand that guy. Yeah uses a lot of women think he's sexy she's act in stand. Well of course the blessed that we talk about the restaurant it is now closed guys American gets it opened a five years ago and open in 20126 years. And it got a nose star reviews from the New York Times. I which I've got right here in my little handles day it's written is written by people wells of the New York Times who just absolutely ripped this restaurant. The entire the entire review was written in question form every sentence is a question at a reasonable and Evelyn again. IP Eddie have you eaten at your new restaurant at Times Square is did you eat the food it. Did you notice the manual is an unreliable predictor of what actually came to the tables closure deep fried boulder of ice cream just the size of the standards do. What exactly about a small salad with 45 miniature crew times makes guys famous big bites Caesar a big lead famous or see guys. I'm struck by how very far from awesome awesome pretzels chicken tenders are. If you hadn't come up with a recipe yourself would you ever guess that the shiny tissue of Reading that exudes grease on the plate that they either pretzels or smoke dominance. It as somewhere within the yawning a three level interior guys American kitchen and bar. Is there a long refrigerated pummel the server have to pass through to make certain French Fries already limp and oil saw the are also served cold. That's just the very short ports that that review of Baghdad at eight and L star review right. Or restaurant that has now closed its doors. That's entertainment news in the bowler rusty wire good friends at pizza John Saturday there's a place that serves good food or afternoons in 1969. And now to carry it into another year. Great stuff Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM it's right there on K fifteen it 208 south Baltimore. Pizza Johns anger and they'll get very player caught face. If you're not drinking Perry fired off rework your boss doesn't love you and your bill wanted to stop business journal coming up. Loaning money to local small business.