Retailers raising the gas prices in Wichita

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 27th

The Traffic Trackers start to see prices going up to $2.29 a gallon.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news Jay get SS which could cause number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 6 o'clock this is the case that says sporting news was even dead. I T thank you so much. More people for Missouri are dead after a one vehicle accident on interstate 70 in north central Kansas early Tuesday near ambling. Kansas Highway Patrol to prevent gardeners as a vehicle went off of. Roadway and rolled over the cause of the accident wasn't immediately known but snow was causing slick roadways in many parts of the state. The Highway Patrol identifies a victims as 47 year old Lisa loft. Tony year old preamble loft fourteen year old aerial laughed at eighteen year old Selena sends the ball from Kearney Missouri. Video images of Wichita boy being severely abuse. Months before his body was found encased in concrete in the home where his of his mother board friend. Were described in court documents backing up the mothers and boyfriends arrests. Wichita eagle reports images appeared to show the abuse occurred while Evan brewers Pollard was frantically attempting to get authorities to intervene. And a Miller and Stephen boat nine are charged with murder in the death of Miller's son three year old Evan Rourke. Evan had been the subject of a custody battle and a smaller contacted the Kansas department for children and families. Along with pulleys with his concerns. The new DC a leader is calling for a thorough review of the agency. Dan O'Neill Cano SS news. Two people remain hospitalized after Christmas crash himself Wichita police officer Paul crews as early Monday. A police officer near polian George Washington boulevard witnessed a Jeep Cherokee eastbound on pony with a green light getting hit by a southbound topple. This Jeep was driven by 29 year old you know. And that Chevy Tahoe was driven by between six male. The collision that cost both drivers to be objective from their vehicles. Which were transported to an area hospital with serious injuries. Investigators believe the speed of the Chevy Tahoe was a factor in the crash. Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsey recently told K Unisys news staffing. Is his biggest challenge right now recruiting and training police officers. Mayor Jeff Long Will cells can assist you as a city is working on the. Or spill figuring out how we can continue to add about seven the op over the next year's course are. Training center opened up this next week and we'll start a new class of officers who's going to be trained at the news. What start senator territory training in Europe or an innovation campus going to be great. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Stephenson the morning show here on K and assess after a white Christmas New England braces for bitter cold. Boston Tony five news reporter Jacki Hinrich as a story. Below freezing temperatures are here the stage for an extended visit very codes. Very codes for the next week and Temps will stay in the teens and twenty's during the day in and single digits at night with the most dangerous dips coming overnight Wednesday and Thursday. Cities around Massachusetts are urging people to be aware of the dangers that blew it with this breeze. Boston Worcester tweeting warnings to bundle up if you have to be outside and urging people to keep an eye on the most vulnerable who don't have a warm place day. K and assist you son now six hole or 4 minutes past 6 o'clock. 97. And thirteen thirty K ended SS. We are seated in the morning now 61010 minutes at 6 o'clock. Very cold out there but that's. Really about the only adverse traffic conditions. Not really a lot of moisture though didn't have this great this morning now that's good news. Roadways. Not particularly slippery. Hello left. Low humidity so everything. Going OK yes there on the roadways the gasoline prices in which stuff unchanged as well which villages in thirteenth a gallon. Here's what's on the swing traffic updates from cake and have this radio and hit Jesus. And now the forecast. We've gained an assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday is mourning now and good morning it might be worth putting on an extra layer of clothes to start today would wind chills running below zero. And hi this afternoon only expected around 23. He'll be cloudy tonight Carlo in the mid teens to finally break tomorrow and Friday as we warm above freezing Thursday 38. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays partly cloudy skies fourteen degrees river northeast wind at nine miles per hour giving us a windshield now. Of tuned to boot news. All right Billick cloudy cold Tuesday it grows chances to switch those high temperature yesterday was 25 degrees. Normal high for the date is 42%. Yet a little bit cold this is a Wednesday morning course feels like a Tuesday for us because we've been back to work. A couple of days. And as some of you have as well. This is December 27 on this date in 1947. The children's TV program howdy duty made its debut on NBC. As a youngster I can remember this at one of the very first television shows I ever saw or remember Howdy Doody. But the puppet named Howdy Doody with the you can obviously see the strings and all that but we didn't care. It was a fun show for little kids acres it was Captain Kangaroo route. And about that time and T bills which course of Mickey Mouse club that was a little bit later all but does Howdy Doody I think was of was the first. TV program just for kids debuted on NBC in 1947. Years ago and at seventy yes seventy years ago while. A Jack Russell Terrier had to be rushed to the vets. After managing to blew its teeth together. Owners of the third said he was looking extremely agitated and couldn't seem to open his mouth. Pad thirty said she knew something was wrong when she and her daughter return home after a shopping trip. Says she brought him back a treat and he wanted to eat it but he couldn't open his mouth and there was all this saliva everywhere. Then when she you look closely she saw that he had apparently gotten hold of some mailing cued up a leaflet. The Mets ended curing the leaflet and it had turned it into a sticky wallpaper like substance inside his mouth which glued his teeth together. A little doggie dentistry did the trick it Oscar has made good recovery. The Jack Russell Terrier is anything like a rat terrier and they are to their (%expletive) agers shorter they're different dog bit. They have like have a similar personnel admitted they will. But it especially young when police just about anything they will and he usually adjusted pretty well Jack Russell named Oscar. Gluing his teeth together. And I can add something in traffic now got traffic. Among all of a sudden some of the retailers are changing their prices real morning. Up or anyone else that's right so I think we saw this might happen go to gas some hostess and I'm still down as low as around to thirteen. But all of a sudden now we're starting to see a couple of stations switched to 229. Wow so that I miss and run out. Now so I just and I've got dumped up to an eighth of attacking gaps. Matt I filled up yesterday you look at a at night so that worked out for me but the headline this morning her head now the door that's right we're starting to see those gasoline prices change. Gonna be some places out there you're still gonna catch anywhere from 219 to thirteen Betemit and lagging in blood not the nets right but. They're start Miguel up today so I the year right here's Stephen did we warned the F. Thanks to traffic tracker packed forgive me that none. Authorities say a wrapped present that turned out to be a fruitcake temporarily halted service at a Seattle ferry terminal while police investigated. Washington State Patrol trooper Kevin 140. Says troopers were notified Tuesday that a suspicious package was found meaning the Christmas tree in the pedestrian waiting area. Fourteen us as a package was deemed suspicious. Because it was unmarked and was the only gift under the tree and so if they evacuated the terminal. They kept all inbound ferries away for about a half hour while the police bomb squad investigated and what was the potentially dangerous item. Fruit K okay question. Has anybody made a fruitcake in the last half decade. Somebody made into their opponent may well like communal wanted it to act it'd just been one that's been left around I think I understand like an item that. Never have cared for myself I understand the joke but I don't think I've ever seen an actual. I don't know if they exist of him I've tasted it a bit of an active people joke about him it right they are what they are. You need every nodded not like him or don't like him I just in my entire lifetime and never experienced one there are a lot of you folks Christmas time especially. And a little note Ximian. I'd it's a back to worked. Yes it back to work Tuesday for many of us at least was. Today's Wednesday others seem to be taking some year end time off. We're seeing some folks around here at the yet that the inner come radio stations taking some. You're in time off a well technically we're not seeing them because they're on demeanor beer and experiencing that they're not here right at the the void is. Obvious to us that other people around the building on the other hand. We're busy down here. That's what do I think the three of us are the only ones in the billing right now Kabila after that I up you know what. You may see it I know old bill will we do every morning if you're the regular listener. I know this sounds like it's it's it's really kind of Lucy deuce again and again. Funnel at that you know this thing is planned it yes it is programmed in day everything we do as we do it for purpose of a certain place at certain time. And we get these you know I'm sucking as somebody go today you know what are deadlines come out every two to three minutes yeah constantly. I and a Andy you don't miss some you have to be here. Other the other other formats. Music formats you know OK let's. Let's play three songs and stops at 25 minutes later you come back to the microphone. Right not that way. Know with this kind of format especially with Stephen to restate this and that's not what we have today we're taking you behind the scenes are a little bit and I know well okay by you. Yesterday was national whining day went on I can whine every I got a good you know. Got myself laws and accountants and he's staying busy you know taking a break notes. All of the kids in the schools were all taken a break I gotta say I'm not seeing as much traffic on which our roadways the last couple days I did that come and in this morning was it was the heavier than yesterday so maybe they've just gone home. After there night of debauchery around that yet that's probably what you're seeing him the bar traffic it is just this. This cold weather man this melts and it does take a little getting used to it really. And patients. I'm like I headed out the door yesterday afternoon to do sampling and she just about. Collapsed I have been out in the afternoon I that put in my sweats and went for a and it was twenty degrees. And and the only drawback who really. In my face skeptical because the rest your body when your movement that under wrap. Not bad I just trying to think back to August and think how much worse I hate that win and I do. When it's cold like this all I I hate real hot he's real cultural. Just like to be right there into the okay. I can't assist you stand up and up on 618. It's had over here with the stuff sports this morning and in this case if this was indeed. Bill Snyder's last. Bowl game he went out of a high note writer. Purdue we don't know coach Snyder will be back or not there. Last night was certainly a fun night for Kansas State fans well the second half was fun first half was pretty boring Kansas State was down 177. At halftime. Didn't do much. But boy the halftime speech must've worked because Kansas State came out and dominated this game in the second half. Against UCLA the cactus bowl last night in downtown Phoenix you heard the game last night on KFH. Alex tilted on them. You run it as the most rushing yards to the full game but they. For a touchdown. Alex felt that the off the bench his third touchdown. That he is that it came up big business faithful comeback victory over UCL. Kansas State outscored the Bruins 28 nothing in the second half. Complete domination Kansas State rushed for 344. Yards on the ground last night. And the finishing up the season winning five of their last six at and steered out in 51. Time they've won back to back bowl games in seventeen years. Quarterback Alex dealt him coming off the bench for a 158 yards on the ground career high. He was named cactus bowl offensive MVP accounted for three touchdowns on the ground and one touchdown passing. Ignite the case state and at the cactus bowl defensive MVP sophomore Denzel Goolsbee out of bishop Carroll high school in which he talks have got to think. They go forced fumble and recovery in the third quarter that led the case states go ahead touchdown. Kansas State had three and like we said 344 yards on the ground Bruins had 69. And K state was nearly mistake free wildcats had two penalties the entire game UCLA had eight. And the case state defense was really good stopping UCLA twelve times on third and fourth now. Says NASA story case take its bowl win beat UCLA last night and cactus bowl 35 at seventeen. Tonight is the academy sports and outdoors Texas Bowl in Houston. Texas taking on Missouri. Missouri everybody kind of forgot about them after they started out the year one in five. Missouri is now on a six game winning streak averaging 51 points per game during ministering Missouri's two and a half point favorite tonight. Listen to the Texas Bowl tonight at 8 o'clock it's on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975 FM. The only time Texas and Missouri government in a bowl game was in 1946. In the tumble while long ago back noise. Course the current Texas Bowl is. Pretty much the reincarnation of the old blue bonnet bull he's been played and he's live every year in out about this time a year. And happy birthday today too. Kansas men's basketball coach Bill Self it's fifty spy David today celebrating a birthday. Born on this day in oak mall the Oklahoma. Did not note that the and a happy birthday to Bill Self is fifty I have it today as sports with Stephen dead. KNS. Essex 21 now keep it here for Fox News commentator tot start earns. Thought about Republican opposition to Trump's. Judicial nominees. That's coming up Stephen tell the morning on Kate in a sense.