The retirement savings gap is growing

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, September 12th

The wealthiest families, have the most saved for retirement.


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National story in the news concerns me the most and why the fact that Kim Jung un is six to twelve months. Tonight 8713 thirty. We're she'd intended in the morning now all three big things. Apple's coming out with a new iPhone today the price tag up to do 1000. Dollars. Jeff Davis resigns after ten years on the which of those school board to fly. Man injured in house explosion near rose hill the house demolished destroyed three big things with Stephen's head. And this morning in traffic does that traffic volumes really starting to have picked up out there now and we're starting to see the slow downs. Especially in that road construction that Kellogg in 1935. Eastbound especially. Running very slowly. Through there right now it's very heavy traffic traffic update. From Kate and as as radio on kids chambers sunny today with a high of 85 degrees. Much like yesterday. Mostly the news tonight the overnight low 61. Wednesday sunny with a high of ninety outfitters guy home and 57 degrees K innocent whether it's. Brought to you by the monarch featuring the perfect patio for conversation and cocktails. These great evening for the monarch in the patio. The bomber covers a military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch. In Toledo 649 L Stevens dead to the Stevens head which comfort dot com bowl. Is right there at the top of our web page came in as his radio dot com you can take the whole. Today's question is it's time for the Kansas state fair will you attend each year. Don grant GOP the money tracker that you're gonna ask for a fried chicken or none of this is about the state fair done well. You know you've moved on you have. Okay. What's the what's the food this year you know they used to have like that the Krispy Kreme cheeseburger. And got deep fried butter fried so what is it what is that this something dead beat him beat. A deep fried lord I'm not sure. I hear the three options if I may go on sop I may go if there's an event I want to attend 7%. I've been planning on it 27%. No. 66%. Job that's covered and a people who wrote that page apparently not big. Fair goers. And jets as we've had pretty good response from missing amount and a there are missing out and find. When you go on that. I'm not going to make it this year alone than your missing I had at first I mean you know. Life has peaks and valleys and sometimes you just can't go. You do you really know what new foods they have that you I don't know what age it's more like final yeah that's just yet it's more yeah yeah. And others also peanut butter bacon burger. Stuffed pickle on a stick. What's not to. Does say stuff piccolo and stick. Perhaps stuffed with more pickle I don't know yet not shall loaded teeter tot called haute option let's talk. As they really clever and it deep fried bacon cheeseburger. I thought that I can't I think this is sinking to only about that the a Wall Street yesterday the Standard and Poor's 500 index made its biggest gain since late April. As a rose by six points to finish at a record yeah. The Dow gained 259. Well wiped out a month of losses linked to international tensions as well as worries about the lingering effects of recent hurricanes NASDAQ Composite. Jumped 72. Samsung says it aims to launch eightfold global Smartphone next year. Under its galaxy note to brand oh boy you flip phone out novel. Now back to the future. Thank you for in rejecting. Your knowledge about football but I think quality. Blackberry elbow sat 51 now Stephen Tim Ager charged up retirement savings gap grows his Don grant CFP money tracker and social media expert and anyway. I'm a take it away why don't see that the gap between the ultra rich in the middle class and the war has gotten a lot of media attention in past years. That's probably because it continues to widen as a rich get richer the middle class struggles with higher bills and stagnant wages and the poor get poorer. The same goes for retirement savings. The Economic Policy Institute the EPI. In a 2060 report shows that the top 1% of families. One point 08 million or more stashed away in 2013. That's in a retirement account that's more than 200 times. Of the fiftieth percentile medium working age family had saved that those just had. 5000. Dollars saved in the same year. Now on ninetieth percentile household. Had 275000. Dollars put away which is 55 times a total of the media and in camera family. An eightieth percentile family had about 1151000. Savings which is about 23 times that of the median family. Now good income creates greater opportunities for well now that's pretty obvious middle and lower income families. Don't make saving for retirement as much of a priority. As wealthier Americans do. That's not for lack of opportunity but for lack of any common choices to fund retirement. One of the easiest ways to fund retirement is to have money come out of your checking account or payroll before you have the opportunity to spend it. Budget accordingly with other income never pull money from retirement accounts for any reason other than retirement. And the earlier you start the some of the smaller percentage your paycheck will need to be put away to reach your goals and of course if you have any questions you'd give me a call. Number 6342222. To. Don today is national day of encouragement. I am really. Wanting you. To talk about that this day and I'm behind you on this. I'm I'm 100% behind you on Monty just put a sock in it for. The day is dedicated to uplifting people around us. And making a positive that you're encouraging me to shut up wearing a full day of encouragement was intended for all of us to do something to offer encouragement. To those around does weathered as someone at work. Or our personal lives I think it's a great idea. It is on I would like to encourage you to do something about those many faults that you added to. There's something and leave it. And I encourage I don't wanna encourage adored it hit you on the way out dad doesn't like this tonight so I had to encourage amended slightly different way when hero of the year daddy. Yeah I mentioned that this morning and I said do we have to do this guy ask how. Pardon the opportunity to do something rather seem to have its sought to. I would say that there's nothing worse than forcing someone to be complimentary so you don't have to it's you know now they just encouraging him to be encouraging. You never seen encouraging word to anybody. You resume. Moscow I do I do I but the thing yes that one more what more spoonful of Mac and cheese please. I'm encouraged that they did that to serve you exactly everything you do is seems to be self motivated. Now no. In contrast yours truly well I encourage you to do you know. Why can't someone encouraged themselves. Yea yes do. Apps sometimes there's nobody there to help me god jet. Right you're all on the back end of this because we live in Kansas were never heard a dirty word when word got exactly give you the final word on that and in turn 12 minutes into our body be quiet well ideally you virtually fifty the other come up with that funds like thank you sorry senator your positive feedback. 655 C content coming up 7 o'clock thinking in his this morning uses the content longtime member of the which does snowboarding is calling it. Quit so that's accurate.