Reviewing The History of The Dutcher Crossing Winery

The Good Life
Saturday, January 20th

Debra & Guy review the history and events that shaped Dutcher Crossing.


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Good afternoon welcome back there live I am got Bauer and every Saturday evening someone. We talk about food one and fun and you get to listen we call up who went on for years with them this. And maybe. When you're doing well and you got to get a cork I just for myself a little glass of Dutch are crossing Chardonnay this is the Costello vineyards. From Alexander rally from a big fan of everything out in a row is a rebel but. Which were gathered them I would be trying to figure we're gonna fix for dinner tonight Tom. Deborah Matthews my guess she is the proprietary is the big cheese if you will a Dutch are crossing in dry creek valley and Sonoma. Deb before we talk about winds let's talk a little work you know we were left the last segment with saying that you're gonna surround yourself with good people. And if I remember right was in and around 2001 that you found it and when measuring first release and manager and and to care. Our first strictly. And the line very. Our first statement since 2002 world. With anticipation. Of that 2005. Opening up the wind. So we're trying to. Gearing up for war. I ran and Kerry actually when I was talking to the islanders and the like me. At at at the winery itself. Totally snowing in. Dismayed the relationships hands but I understand and so theory. About the deal can never know it's gonna collapse. They caught them in here. Until we told them about recapturing initially Matt Nauman. And he was this pretty can't claim in India expect an amazing things that need if he did have like. This outlook in excitement from light attack. I clicked and that can be five and end in. Where'd generation apart on them were very close and the great thing is we have seen palace. She doesn't know what she's doing in the first ten replant it in case it together. He's like. Suddenly and meet you Don she's like okay we have big acting talent. We're just gonna move mountains in Ann Hanson on and we just took off from there we started with eight mines play in the first got together. Now we have over thirty different line we've been avidly too much on her. Good probable. Well you know the so it's gonna say Furl winemaker to have the opportunity to. Fallen to business with you. Who might have been a little bit risky at first glance. And he got over the fact that you're actually a repellent and ordered him but then for you to provide him the opportunity. I know that if I was the one maker and I could make all these beautiful ones and I'm not big huge quantity you don't intend to be the next Gallo of the next generation and but making these really spectacular winds of plays one of of single vineyard distinct this and and and letting him play and end at letting both of you play together and your little. Wineries sandbox I think it's such a cool thing and then to have great success and you have that will continue. Well congratulations up to this point now here. We should talk about some of the things that you had to decide on. As Dutch are crossing a dry creek value got that are much doubt you didn't have much input costs about the label. Share the story of the bicycle on the label. So that means labeled. Generally and where he. Call mean the they had in the war French wines have it it clearly had a picture. Our winery in it was. Kinda new troll enough early descriptive most French labels are. Well that's raids but it really didn't it resonated that they were but it did not resonate what the line actually lives in the label. In the bottle it it was so much more than what was represented. And I know are racist intent to not panic cover but let's be honest it's. If it's intriguing that you wanna go grab the idol look at the label you might give a shot at buying it in court. And so it didn't tell my story and I I made. Contacted and had several icons of the industry and great pine gap or respect packaging. Does that represented. What's in the Bogle who are a case of the great icon then. Of the valleys or tell me you. Maria he didn't I just listened because that deep very stupid not to. And I had an intended re branding itself at the figure out where where that on the came from and in challenge this aspect. Itself so we can't and on to rebrand. But we are the great label maker. And see kind of talk. The winery at my personal howls while we went out to the vineyards it's so that you can figure out. Who live who we word level then. And she settled on the high will buy it and our pain which is actually elected action. And that was the last yes my father gave to me before he passed away. And that's kind of the dream and my dad and I chase were several years before he passed away he died treatments before keen. You know real me. So desperately that I can on our journey into wine country together. And we do have direct look at that sits in the winery. We ride their regional and the parade splat. As as much as it take great story because as they choose story might and it was set to private humble man. You would be ward if I should know. That this story can he won't want any attention given to act. I figured it's located in reality. OK so you've got a winery in the few years you have a label. You've assembled a staff that obviously have work well for you and Terry Ganske. Is making spectacular ones. There was another part in here that we should address that is vineyard property. Council over the about. The vineyard at the winery and and where you source. The many groups the view you can put together. Hit it straight up I. Winery I only had 23. Acres of why. What you the lock it had no idea how in the armor and really kept her life and everybody's so 8 PM but. Choir anymore it was just. I Holmgren saying. Bulletin type a couple of years later today settled down I am much more. But in the meantime we grew our and that's part of our proprietors. But we went out and bought these beautiful group from the hype to victory injured. That represented this. Sonoma valley has come from Alexander Al me I'm from Russia burger. Comes from actually. Move mountains. And and so forth so. We knew we just did not want to make it state lines we wanted to showcase. Really who we were in northern California. And you know we're dry creek and tear and growing need in May to an amendment to correlate well we specialize in certain titles here. So we wanted just to have. Some extra offerings. But they had the from the very sources and so it. It's like finding a needle in haystack. It's about using your relationship that Cary. And then I developed over time and now my other winemaker nick breaks. Has brought to the table. And we went out search in the we have the Greek horrible fifteen different growers. And they're like family you know they see. Everything they do is agreed pieces that that might meet her sister to me pre nine from south. He had to ask winemakers but you know give them. They'd get days. And actually do it. So you know. It was searching for every thing. Them. That we needed. And then over time by again a little bit more consonants and we acquired several more tenured. One and Russian river lineup in the mountain valley in Netherlands creek. And a farming a little bit more on girl. Indeed becoming actually. I'm grape growers for otherwise it's as well so it's been kind of an interest in a pollution. Well. We're gonna take a little quick break we come back we'll taste some wind together talk a bit more with Debra pay endeavor I just saw I got the noted the while the mailing lists and vote you can get on the mentally students who after crossing one that your profit and finery and a wash my mouth and grouping. You're gonna do it the wind crews that I did in August that fear you're gonna do it in June. A beautiful and here. On the luxurious and adults and lottery with the cruises in and around Borger it's a great trip about that. Don't go away Deborah Matheny and yours truly will be back with some killer on the.