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Monday, October 23rd

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Team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita as number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Morning feedback and constant foot birdie. Kansas reports its unemployment rate dropped slightly to three point 8% in September of but the state saw a small decline in the number of private sector jobs over the previous year. The State Department of Labor says the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate last month was lower than August race rate of three point 9%. And the four point 3% rate for September 2016. But the number of private sector nonfarm jobs was 5000. Lower in September. And at cent in September of last year Wichita area jobless rate 4% in September down from four point 7% in August. Now look at the forecast with Candace has stamped meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan. Good morning it was a fairly quiet start to the workweek but a series of cold front will move through one of those occurs mid to late morning and that will bring us a gusty north wind this afternoon at fifteen to 35 miles per hour are high close to seventy clear and 45 overnight 61 on Tuesday and by Friday night our temperature could be dropping below freezing I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 46 degrees of a south wind at nine miles per hour. Wichita fire crews battle house fires Sunday morning. Chris responded to the 16100 block evolution Sunday morning when they arrived flames were visible from the two story home. The back of the house was burned up in the blaze. Three residents had two dogs were in the house at the time of the fire but no injuries were reported the cause of the fire is being investigated. Ronnie Price K and assets. News one man died after rollover accident in western Kansas the I would patrols and it happened early Sunday in the area of US 56 in US 400 near Dodge City. Troopers say the driver was speeding on US 400 when he passed another vehicle lost control sending his vehicle into a ditch. Men's car and a culvert and roll it's multiple times the driver was pronounced dead at the scene he's identified as Robert Cintron best Spanish. Despite some bumps in the road the president drop and Republicans are still hoping for an agreement on health care. For president trump repealing and replacing obamacare has not been easy he told Fox's Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning futures are recent talks with Democrats may mean he has support now. People criticizing me for saying that I think we actually have the votes that can we were basically one short Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on NBC's Meet the Press says a recent bipartisan deal could get some Health Care Reform done we have a very good deal. McConnell should put it on the floor it'll pass overwhelmingly president trump has wavered on whether he fully supports that compromise colonel Scott Fox News. US Defense Secretary James Mattis arrived in the Philippines today and spoke briefly to reporters. Ahead of the meeting with the Japanese defense minister. This is our one of our foremost allies over many decades it's simply the usual coordination and collaboration. As we stick together to. Maintain peace and stability and worked on our plan for the future. A 22 year old Kansas man has pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide charges. In connection with the deaths of four Iowa residents. In western Nebraska the North Platte telegraph reports that just serves cisneros Hernandez of liberal entered the pleas Friday in Keith county district court. Cisneros Hernandez is charged with four counts of motor vehicle homicide and reckless driving and driving left of the center of the road. Prosecutors say he hit two motorcycles carrying two people each on July 1 near over law. Authorities say 54 year old Sheila Metheny and 61 year old James Metheny from Bedford Iowa were on one motorcycle. The other writers were 58 year old Michael wiese and 59 year old Caroline wiese who lived in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Cisneros Hernandez's next court appearance is scheduled for December 8 built all the brand Katy and SS news. 735 now Steven Ted in the morning here on Monday October 23. On eight and as asks. Beautiful autumn day across Kansas Sunday which does high temperature yesterday was 71 degrees normal hi 68. Not much wind yesterday and it's gonna be taken up today. From the north's on this date in 191510s. Of thousands of women paraded up Fifth Avenue and art New York City demanding the right to vote. And it was until five years later in 1920 that the nineteenth amendment. Guaranteeing women the right to vote was ratified 1920. Seoul and less than a hundred years yeah a hundred years ago now. We're almost to the point where we can say we've we've been letting women vote for more than a hundred years we've been letting them that's not very. You hop industry the weeds priority MP out the citizens of this great country care. Speaking of cities are salt it's time for our. Weekly check champ with our number one citizen which into Monday's with the mayor with mayor Jeff Long Will get mornings here. And how you could that your allowing me to be on the air. Well that's true but we've been inviting you to be on the air so I guess it's. You know you've taken as a our invitation right. That's probably rhetoric that senator or your quote there are thorough pre sell dusters celebrate okay. Listen. The Tyson food where were we add on now I understand there are three counties involved Montgomery. And cloud and Sedgwick in I know you've been involved and I know you know everything about it I'm the only problem again until now much. But you know this thing in sit they say this thing failed and Tom Ganassi because people said there was need transparency nobody knew what was going on. How to remedy that how do you do it from the get something negotiations without a vote which done. And so on were not quite there. And issues that really has been driven by account expression. And and so it's a matter of fact I think at that location. The reality of that camera there and brought him in the discussions we are bad. Some were scheduling some discussion especially to surveillance talked about you know what despite a court but. My understanding knows Clinton citric Arabic somewhere that would be an implant and so wouldn't really be. An opportunity it was target to participate and really socially can be union located in Riverside Laura now when you look at that your neighbor and now the fact that they've just it is a good by source like bit certain and the center which its arms so that. You know and needs a place where they gonna have some more government. Not interfere with residential neighbor and there's places and so recount in the chicken parks are like best about it or hear people's lives. Bring more jobs and so we will have a sit down government. Talk about you know. The placement of that but I have not had to read yet. We talked about it a lot of a lot of potential. Impact economically millions of dollars an impact jobs and so forth Turk and at this point though a year. You're tell me that. If the ducks are in the row you're not all in a row you're not one of the ducks or not. Phrase that product cricket. The chicken and you chickens in a row yet. Speak if the jobs we have a ribbon cutting and I try that five start polls and that going and on the east side at Angel. And and that's tonight that's the one thing that came here from the suit also out to Kuroda and just felt like what's so it was a desperate sort of aggravated they came here or not Indian and then. They're gonna have about 300 new jobs in the community and similar ribbon cutting has the night. What is the name of the is that place now the ballpark Burke all going aspirin Europe yeah yeah right here in our 91 Lebanese dug down here exactly right. You know why they came to which all they came to a stop because they knew they could be in the same building with Stephen Ted that's when the time. Maintenance and had a couple of our our members but he. Owned okay thank you thank you very much also what else is on what's else. A bit quick history yet and you know we don't have much I mean good vinegar and a chance to have. Senator two a couple of others saying the crime commission awards dinners that sweet. But the the big lenders as Wednesday as walk along well. You know we don't have 20000 dollars to hand out to people you come and walk with the mayor and have a great idea. Present he predicts 15100 dollars robbery. You know that. Now you know that. What kind of ideas you look at for well Republican or things that makes this city healthier more walked global. And gets people out. And and tight as people to lead healthier lifestyles when. I've got an idea right now if you examine the fifteen underdog I got a great idea if you ready for a walk after walk were nominated that but he could mean. I mean and one day and the EU. Could make it. Criminal law venture art. Go out as the couple one page application and you could get in there are now. Militants so we get these before ball match you don't demand and plastic right RI and we go over in Riverside it was sort chasing geese with them. Because the wild goose chase what do you think. Jason and Oklahoma. And that that are wild weird and wild each and indeed you know extend my 15100 dollars over here also put up. But it was tentative and have a hundred get a camera on a are there degenerate. I got to a Brazilian good ideas that Spain. Thursday nine Ers all at after right after might help you walk on their person hurt our biter and open outs or today. News rolled ice cream place that's when it first of right now real. What is rolled ice that's freezing rolled ice cream I don't know they pay him. They didn't make sure that done. Everything right on top of very cold and honor and I'm gonna get that experience and maybe they'll let me make them. You'll have to walk some more to walk off. So what else is gone on he's done a dinner at UN on in Iraq play. You know as Saturdays kind of a big debate do we have I'm on a panel for the beyond tolerance remote at. Tripped or remotely and then that came together from. A variety of different clergy in. That's a great mission and then Saturday night and the Asian that's all going to be really proclamation and that always break through that. I have two gigs buried I am going to being now will will break here. I am a surprise. Guests are global player story primarily to the boys and girls are buried nine. I'm gonna break out my chart sailors. And and a surprise story time watched. So at that. Story time villages Avnet. Under Israel the boys and girls there are only 400 opportunity our Ivan. And at a charity that ought. Well the good for the kids as easily make you know issued to granny free throw in the in the old hook shot there and a an armed enemy out there. Two hand set shot. Our core. And good for you. This it sounds like you'll be pretty busy you've got something schedule every day except Friday and it's the day you spending your hyperbaric chamber and the recharging getting ready yet. There anger okay. 15100 dollars of great boost case while B I'll be okay are. As always thank you for spending some time with his mr. mayor we appreciate that which the mayor Jeff Longwell. Mondays with the mayor semi serious every Monday through its. Yeah 743 now Stevens did and they coming up we've got local financial firm is drawing an editor bill Roy the which some business journal is gonna tell us all about it. Stevenson in the morning on K and assess.