Risotto And Cheer

The Good Life
Saturday, December 23rd

Guy Wraps up his visit with Karen & Andrew As they talk about what’s cooking for Christmas.


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Hey can I knew what about for the good luck congratulations to Susan Russell she was selected fifth caller for. Out of a bunch of calls for copy of pitching creativity there's a link that got left guy in the Iowa and you ought to go take a look at the what I've got a good left got dot com about my guess. Karen Page and Andrew Goldman Bergen learn about the book. Order a copy you know you probably can't get it and you might get a microphone we have a shipping facility in Hutchinson so. If you ship for expedited shipping from Amazon in my mobile again it when a great Kia. When a great book all right so you give that I wanna ask you a quick question. Animals say go by the U. Both of you offer your opinion and I don't know. What are you gotta cook for Christmas. And that's that's an easy. Yeah it it's that funny there's certain dishes that I can mean different. Things to different people at the holidays and obviously Turkey is. And stopping in and that green beer. National gators are big for Thanksgiving but what means Christmas is musher was soda. Added that if you've got. Beautiful wild mushrooms like enterprise that the green market New York City. And maybe get lucky in that gesture able little truffle aren't very little trouble. And he can be something incredibly special so I think entered makes an amazing is that. And to the way it's. It's become even better as we're talking to Russia and Baltimore. And he's of age is that Soto and those letters and its copiers and even as a Richard. So I actually use the book. Something you can others that would recommend just in the pocket and I can do that and then bill will Ali vehicle occupant went opens up to just that was. Well that was my next question in that red one would be. I think we're gonna go to California expo in California and we hit some beautiful California cabernet. That is just kind of waiting to make its debut of the upon the united California cap. Well the beauty of our result though with mushrooms. As you can go in several different directions and as a great wine maker told me one comment like that doctors. Do no harm with the food compared to the line and you can't hurt anything other than your wasteland with. And the habitat of the damage is up to enter I I tend to Latino and or whenever. Day sessions that's what I came to reach for myself but again on holidays it's really about sentiment and give it everything that Napa valley's been through. If weekend helped. They support it. In the in the aftermath evolved horrible fires that took place this epic an support for the preference in Napa Valley we're very happy to drink inept Alec having Christmas Day. And have a great holiday made the new year beep go with. Good health longevity and a bunch of new books in the coming years. And then thank you so much at what a pleasure happy holidays Yukio. The says they hear okay we're gonna take another quick break. That the yeah we better that we got. I get carried away and net. These commercials are not that it's fun for me but. Probably for you we will take a quick break we'll come back I got a killer one of the week I give it couple corners on some bubbly ought to be gruden. And net and that'll be at the show be right back.