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Thursday, May 17th
...and the Rays sweep the Royals in KC: a sports update with Ted

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk and weather station depend on. The point 7 o'clock this is the case and as this morning news was even dead. And Steve Macintosh. Stepmother of missing boy not guilty in unrelated case we've got the story. Mobile home fire in southeast widgets on trying to put words those details just ahead. I'm Phil pulled over and Wichita coupled donates twelve million dollars to Wichita State University. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday a clear start to the morning across south central Kansas looks like ray whether this afternoon but thunderstorm chances increase as we head toward the weekend our forecast is on the way. A man stabbed at a convenience store and because Riverside neighborhood just before midnight Wednesday the circle K convenience store. Near Seneca and McClain investigators say an argument led up to the incident an unknown suspect got into a scuffle with an employee in the stand during the skirmish. Which the police sergeant Jeremy fogel says employees and barricaded the suspect inside the store until officers arrived on scene stabbing victim taken to a hospital for treatment. Police are investigating the incidents. Which top firefighters responded to a mobile home fire in the Oakland neighborhood in south Wichita Wednesday night in the 3000 block of sun view. Fighter crew said the home was heavily involved with smoke and flames after nearly an hour the fire was brought under control. The Kansas Red Cross has been called an assist to adults and three children who were affected. No damage estimate has been given an authorities are investigating what caused that fire. The stepmother of missing five year old Lucas Hernandez has been found not guilty of child endangerment charges. In case unrelated to Lucas's disappearance. Emily glass was on trial for charges of endangering her one year old daughter. Jury deliberated for less than an hour defense attorney Julia left Perez commented after the verdict. On behalf of and my glass her family and salmon Herman we are glad that this case is behind us and maybe Ekene can turn back to what's really important. Searching porn finds you look at Hernandez. Lucas Hernandez has been missing since February 17 Wichita State University says a Wichita a couple is donating twelve million dollars. Representing the single largest cash get to the school the university said in a news release Wednesday that oil producer Wayne bulls the and his wife Kaye committed to a league gift of ten million dollars to build a new home for the W Frey important school of business at Wichita State. Wichita State said he will name the building. The couple also plans to donate two million dollars to the university's geology department for the petroleum geology program and field camp experiences for students. When bulls he has terminal pulls the companies and oil and natural gas exploration and production company he founded in 1978. Still held a brand Kagan SS news. Officials in Hawaii are concerned about high levels of sulfur dioxide a as the eruption of the kill away a volcano continues Hawaii's civil defense administrator Thomas Martin knows says not much has changed day. Operation pretty much the same as the last few days we continue to. Monetary need active Fisher's. Haven't had any new break outs since last evening. About twenty volcanic vents have opened and ground so far sending lava and toxic gases onto roads and residential neighborhoods. And forcing thousands of people to evacuate. The Senate Intelligence Committee is. Is concluding that Russia did medal in the tally sixteen presidential election. A senate panel backing to 2017 intelligence community reports that formally accused Russia. A trying to interfere in the US presidential election and did so with the goal of helping one candidate over the other. I would I would readily concede that that by the number rubles they spent. They spent more I'm supporting dropped. Republican Senate Intelligence Committee member Jim Rice speaking to Fox News following a closed door meeting with former Obama administration officials. Ranking Democrat committee member Mark Warner saying in the statement. The Natalee was ordered by Russia's Vladimir Putin himself to help the trump campaign this in contrast to an earlier House Intelligence Committee report. He concluded Russia did not intervene to help candidate trump. But rather to divide Americans. Tom Graham Fox News. President trumps attorney Rudy Giuliani is urging special counsel. Robert Morris team to wrap up its investigation on the eve of the probes one year anniversary. Giuliani tells Fox News channel's Laura Ingram that Moeller has all the facts to make a decision. Giuliani says more has gotten one point four million documents he's interviewed 28 witnesses. Kagan assess your time now seven point 5:5 minutes at 7 o'clock. Road action tonight for shocker baseball have a preview coming up in the sports to lawmakers in Louisiana battle it out in a bar. That story coming up on the day and assist morning news was Steven says it. I can sell the T thirty K and it says she's into the morning Steve thanks to look for now 708 minutes past the fox. Megan Markel announced today her father will not be at her marriage to Prince Harry due to health problems. Quote sadly my father will not be attending a wedding she says that statement released by Kensington Palace. I have always cared for by a father hoping can be given the space he needs to focus on his health. Palaces don't reveal details about 73 year old Thomas marbles health issues. But the celebrity website TMC says he is hospitalized in California. After undergoing a procedure to clear blocked coronary arteries reportedly told the website he was OK but needed to rest. An update on cases of E. Coli linked to tainted lettuce. Nearly two dozen more cases of food poisoning linked to Romaine lettuce grown in Arizona have been reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saying the total number of people sickened by E. Coli is now 172. Across 32 states one death was reported in California at least 75 hospitalized including when he with kidney failure the CDC says the lettuce was grown in Yuma Arizona and was last harvested April 16 so it should no longer be in stores or restaurants because it's shelf life is only three weeks recently Sarah Fox News to lawmakers in Louisiana. Battled it out. In a drinking establishment. That's where Tuesday lawmakers decided to settle their differences over a bill by getting into a bar fight. The brouhaha was between represented a store bishop in state senator norm each favored both Republicans. This should describes it this way. We have a gentleman's disagreement and something that was our hands but vision admits chamber got the best album punching him several times at a downtown Baton Rouge bar. Cheever was mad because official blocked one of his bills chamber saying Bible store like a brother and sometimes Brothers fight. Oh charges filed and both men now say they regret the incident Sommer Gotti Fox News. And is as news time now seventeen and 10 minutes and 7 o'clock here on a Thursday morning is Steven did and its been kind of a morning in traffic so Clark breaks and it'll change going on. For a dangerous situation for one hour we at least chase going on the wrapped up. Pickup truck that they were chasing was throwing evidence out all over the place in over I'll Wichita speeding up to 9000 miles an hour finally crashed. Your Butler wrote in 77 north. And then that person custody and now they're trying to play solid evidence that he was thrown out of his truck including a semiautomatic guns like these sailors. And no we got the burglary police on the scene as Mount Vernon and water at that scene in looking suspect there's just west of broadly in Mount Vernon. Trapped upstate. The intent on take NSA right now they say is sandstorm record record camp with Kansas State meteorologist. Laura Bennett and good morning Laura. Something this morning. Clyde I'm here. Well it's a little quieter for you today that it has been in right. Yeah but that's all about to change naturally that's the hunger yours. Hey but today is going to be gorgeous it's up comfortably cool this morning we get temperatures in the upper fifties low sixties. It's a few passing clouds and literally nowhere project which is kind of weird and as Iago to the day today will pick up that light southeast wind five to fifteen and now booster temperature since the eighties and calling for a high of 87 still above the norm for this time of beer but nonetheless or priest guy should be a beautiful Thursday here in the natural. Might for some small storm chances as we go into the weekend timeframe also on just a twenty to 30% in Italy part of the day evening timeframe. As temperatures warm back to the upper eighties low nineties on Saturday then I'll be followed by a cooldown on Sunday and calling it happened half weekend with that. He storm chance such as we can't seem to shake off. It is going to be people who had now doors this weekend death. Ploy involved playing golf whatever and we've got to have people haven't commencement ceremonies on the weekend as well. I'm not going on out there. Yeah there's a lot going on but I think for the most part during daytime time periods and a lot of that's that's going on things should be all good and comes got up for a nice run yesterday afternoon of his ball will get a little bit muggy still. The not too man. You know rain in the morning didn't really help out all that much most likely house is like casting Mary hairstyle and a little better today in the rain has been so spotty. We were talking weather. Commodities as a reporter Tom left worries it will we use a widespread rain drops for about four days. You're asking for weeks him Dan that the bigger the crap but it's a little agree. Yeah I mean they would fall back into that pattern here the next couple weeks is that we typically get diets around this time we get a couple of days gorgeous green the greens are you in his non. Mario thank you are I think KS and storm front iffy forecast of Kansas today meteorologist Laura van and a yesterday's high temperature and yes I was 86 in which style right now. Partly cloudy 61 degrees and called. 713 now with Steve and Ted in the morning. Today is Thursday may seventeenth 2018. And on this date in 1973. A special committee convened by the US senate began it's televised hearings into the Watergate scandal. I was on this date in 1973. And of course it dull that ended up finally with the President Nixon resigning from office down the road noise but that's sort of on this date in 1973. Seated at a morning now here it. 97 at thirteen thirty K and SS and a doctor. An annual trip to see my optometrists yesterday and if you haven't infer that in for an eye examination lately and energy to go on like I mean. Found a couple little things and hit it I mean he really really do some procedures down and look inside your eyeball take pictures and all kinds of stuff and they debated a thorough job on me yesterday at about eye drops in and it was Gloria I'd for a couple hours and then have them a couple of annual cataracts doesn't worry about. But it was you know it pretty girl at a pretty thorough job I don't have an F changed rainy new glasses or anything like that so. I was up okay with what however the Internet area LA OK check open teacher. Even inferred optometry checkup like I was in a few months few months ago. How do you do contacts yet so I think once I was talking with the the and molasses like switch yet the woman who who is helping me. With the examination yesterday. If you saw him affected she never could Wear contacts she's had glasses since the fourth grade she said it's just a new context. And I've never been contacts Momo like my daughter they both. Have done and do consequences but I just can't do you know those glasses and make me look a little smarter thing. I hope you're there well I'm hoping. Anything. It's legal help. It's 715 Stephenson and again we just talked with Laura. About the fact that we're gonna have commencement exercises this weekend. A get two grandsons who are graduating from high school is weakened and a lot of you folks on the Audrey a litigant to order in Hartman arena for one. And Coca arena for the others this deep below the place and and a lot of people you know try and think oh where ours was moon. I guess it was. I guess it was two year may be reached the century to open notes at Purdue and now anemic. Where was my high school he's been for almost fifty years ago must have been very memorable. I think it was on which to us okay. But the gum mine was a symphony on century to century tune. So yes fifty years ago that we have labor union coming up this fall. Our fiftieth reunion that should be interesting you know keep people maybe that can be a topic of discussion where our graduation VM and remember it's. And oh what are my classmates is out there releasing the and accurate results did this thing against that. It is a big time and you know any yet to weigh that up. That's funny hat when they come into India. They mortar board the board now and in the little Hansel and I DD DD you can still had your chance audits the gallon tapper still hanging in my closet somewhere. Donald now one I'll never use it again mine are long gone and really where that tassel is and I would like to. One of those deals and you know you pay 75 bucks for a new word for ninety minutes I do a bit. And it had a little 68 on and I think out of that and it's all awareness though. It's not my mom's house in the attic cleaned up it did so I don't and the chancellor anymore and I don't have any proof but it gradually Virgil and about you know you're indebted. Diploma a diploma somewhere. That probably gone. I hope the UST 259 you're right I don't have any proof no diploma no proof no happened down enough and if you don't even remember where it's held maybe graduate. I'm starting to other that I'm having some rip after thoughts of this. Maybe I did Milton maybe about go back to X class blue. Like yeah boy he's food is yet. 717. Kind of fun night last night Lester we had our annual gathering of the Notre Dame club would yell and owner think now league together once a year and haven't at a dinner. And somebody comes down from the university in South Bend in it Google Talk gives full taught yes we all gathered last night and had an and a nice night to land can ask read where he had we're Clarksburg the large for now. The cat and win and win a fun night lets you guys still keep it together in and we found out that they had 84 inches of snow is this so winner and sounds Albania. 84 and that made assault kind of feel better how many about it and hear 78 where we got one a dusting of snow this winter maybe an inch. Now a little now. That'll make you feel better and we'll we're like all of a our Baghdad seven 790 Stevens in the morning it is sport standout did what. Are dead. Talking about shocker baseball this morning I did now we're down in the last three games the regular season as the shoppers visit last place Memphis for a three game series. The wrap up the regular season before it into the conference tournament. Doctors in Memphis going addicts and let's get let's get a rundown this one from shocker head coach Tom Butler who has a lot of respect for the Memphis head coach. Darren shone. Roth they cast battled through the season. That's when you talk about first class show on rock for. Not having seen. The courts they're guilty about it you know it doesn't matter of record last week and those kids play for him. That's the person that he is a winner he's always one. In we go back and you see many years. I was informed him. May go shocker in Memphis square off starting tonight Mike Kennedy will have pregame coverage starting at 6 o'clock this evening from Memphis games are about 630. And even listen live right here on 987 and thirteen thirty K and SS. Major League Baseball yesterday afternoon at the Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City where the royals. Gave up three runs in the top of the first inning behind three nothing in the early in the race is and never got back sample one a five to three for the three game sweep. Kansas City Royals have allowed runs in the first inning now on six of their last seven games so. There were behind in every one of these games right away and they are not winning these games either they've lost seven of their last eight. Tampa gets its first three game sweep in Kansas City in nine years off day today for the royals. Who are struggling right now. Men's soccer. Last night second round of the US open cup that national tournament continuing FC which it song on the road visiting it's also rough next both teams undefeated. Which talk behind 32 in the second half scored the last two goals and won the game for the three huge win for FC Wichita. It's now advances to the third round in the US open cup for the first time ever. Next a game will be in Dallas next week seed Wichita now three and oh on the season. Jim goes soft ball. Successful first round play at the national tournaments for a Cali and Butler. At the division two national tournament in Mississippi Kelly opened up with a three nothing went over Madison Wisconsin. Alley softball team now in the second round today at. Afternoon taking on LSU units. And in the division won the national judo tournament in Saint George utes off. Pushed back to back national champions Butler community college. Getting out of this tournament off to a start with a nine to one win over Walters state of Tennessee butler's 142 of its last 43 games. Second round play today for Butler softball that you on southern Idaho this afternoon. Pro baseball last night it Lawrence Dumont stadium final exhibition game of the season for the Wichita wing nuts one more tune up they did lose nine to Fargo Moorhead redhawks Wichita dropped three of its five. Pre season games opening night of the wing nuts is tomorrow night downtown at Lawrence is on stadium. Pro basketball in the NBA last night game two of the Western Conference finals Houston Rockets beat the Golden State Warriors in Houston won 27105. Ever. Coming off the bench for the rockets former Kansas jayhawk Tarik Black two points a couple of rebounds. That series now tied it one game apiece and a best of seven for the Western Conference finals. That's sports was Stephen Ted KN SSI did seventh funny to now. Rush Limbaugh morning update a study of women characters in entertainment media. That's all lanes even 10 in the morning on eight and amp M.