Robot strippers in Las Vegas during CES 2018

Steve & Ted
Friday, January 12th

CES attendees were checking out the robo-pole dancers at a local gentlemen's club.


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So far right and all that a little match yeah that's the Barcelona but the whole year going to end up with a car. Godaddy gender and where it's detrimental. It is 746. Was deep in debt in the morning here on 987 and thirteen thirty cave in as best. We're just minutes away from bill Roy is Wichita business journal of days. What's the latest in health care new development tools to listen on that and fifty minutes. Now it's time to dream big thing is there any. College men's basketball fifth ranked Wichita State wins by 35 points last night at east Carolina. Doctor's visit Tulsa tomorrow night to. The drug administration says it's going to allow states to impose a work requirement on able bodied Medicaid recipients. Trying to help people move from public assistance and keep jobs that provide their healthcare line. Extreme cold the temperatures this morning across south central Kansas wind chills well below zero. Three big things with the intent on 987 and thirteen thirty K and as fifth. Fired. Crews on the scene of a report of a garage fire near money and hillsides and watch for traffic slowdown in that area. Again this morning we've also got that stalled out vehicle potential traffic hazard watch for a slowdown northbound I won 35. And you're seventeenth street north traffic updates from K and as radio and gadgets. We look at that weather forecast here heading into the weekend at. Hi today's 23 degrees wind chills. And negative territory more cold air increasing cloudiness throughout today. It will be cloudy by tonight overnight low down to ten degrees looking ahead of the weekend and we mostly sunny. I tomorrow 23 high Sunday's. 41. Right now and Wichita we will wind out of the north. Under clear sky it is nine degrees. With a wind chill at negative seven. Weather forecasts. And assess whether brought to you by the monarch open it is 11 AM for lunch Monday through Saturday and noon on Sunday. One take a look at the menu can be found that monarch Wichita dot com. Great place to hang out the monarch in that delay no. 748 with Stephen Ted K and SS all right before we at the commercial break. I saw the headlines and robots strippers question mark. And Jad and shrugged his shoulders and I add after look neat story I think your right yeah. It was they would this this happened in Las Vegas at the CES technology show. Robots strippers were employed by one Booth apparently to lure people and from a distance the mechanical human Lloyds. On a strip clubs stage looked like real dancers in robot dragon but they need it'll closer up you find out they're clearly mannequins. With surveillance camera heads. Abstract police sculpted. On two female bodies. And according to the Associated Press copy they were Shimmy again thrusting their boxy plastic hips. And yeah. Which is the most description I've seen in an Associated Press story that at any level at apparently is somebody got excited writing that story you know right it is it's a shrug of the shoulders. It really analyzes I was looking at that thinking announced it's not even a very interest in tech demo and now. And so it just was an interesting and well there's a recent bitter cold snap in North Carolina. And it did toured plenty of humans from sticking their nose is outdoors however a group of alligators. Stuck their snouts into the frost and they hunkered down. The alligators at this a lot river swamped park in North Carolina. Found themselves under a sheet of ice. They did poke their nostrils above the surface so they can get some air. Kind of an odd scene. But it it is a matter of survival for the gators when they get cold they slow down their metabolism in their breathing they are reptiles after all the for the surface ices over they do poke their noses out of the water so they can continue breathing. The alligators or will be on the prowl again once the temperatures warm up. You don't usually think of North Carolina. As alligator country. But apparently did you have some gators. In North Carolina DA. But but but the couple is four and a half hours of Garry Shandling too much money to filmmaker Judd Apatow now who produced an upcoming HBO documentary on him. Apatow describing Shandling as a mentor he wrote for Shandling needed produce episodes Larry Sanders Show. Even interviewed comic when he was a sixteen year old high school student doing a radio show on Long Island. The documentary will prix presented in two parts in late march. An outgrowth of mini documentaries that app town made pursuant links funeral. Handling passed away a heart attack he was only 66. Just couple years ago. At the house film delves into a series of handwritten journals that Shandling kept for thirty years outlining. Doubts about his life and career. Garry Shandling funny guy. Love the Larry Sanders Show still one of the great comedies on television. And Judd Apatow doing a documentary might be pretty interest might be some good stuff there it is 7510. Stevens said 987 and thirteen thirty KM SS. We've got some of the latest on the developments in health care. How's that shaping up let's check in with bill raw way editor at the Wichita business journal on this Friday morning just LeRoy yeah. Intent he now the big story in the Wichita business journal weekly edition which is on the streets today medical simulation. Is the future of health care education actually it's happening now. In Wichita schools and health care facilities are Josh Peck takes a look at medical simulation work being done and went to top. Joseph crane is director of health science simulation of the Wichita area technical college he says the industry is exploding. Wesley healthcare hired 140 nurses and but he seventeen chances are most if not all of them learn their craft by working on line like mannequins. Or software simulating real life medical situations. New medical center chief nursing officer rather reporters as the ultimate goal was to provide the safest delivery of care as possible. The simulation work instills confidence in the provider. This week's top 25 list of which by area's largest health and fitness facilities the greater Wichita YMCA at the top 182600. Wichita area members. Genesis health clubs number two more than 71400. The rest of the top five derby recreation center blue stem wellness centers and he's bill recreation department. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and at Wichita business colonel not calm but Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Thank you bill love love love the list that come out on the in the Wichita business journal. Do you bet the bucket list is out too for the compilation of all 2017 book of lists all of them right there. We've got to pursue here. Now you get an at at the a vigil at the visit what they're what's your phone number of people want caught. You that 266. 6184. Right here mile. You go now I know Macintosh always gives you you know today's national sugar plum bumped and they look for a not so I don't I've looked out of see what your thought he we got a national Mars of pan days today. Well I'm not sure that has much of effect on my life this I don't sound like you either now. It is national curried chicken day. At dead Elisa and other. Less than enthusiastic response from the both from a variety and plus when they have listed here is national glazed doughnut day okay now we're talking I think now or more in our wheel house. Exactly. Thursday you know the glaze the you know. There's big they've come out when there's a billion different ways to do the donut but when when that when it comes down to brass tax let's face it. The traditional glazed donut is the bedrock of our society. Absolutely you've got that right and I am a 100% with you there I love legalized element in it pain if you do it right it's just it's just haven't. How. Its best ever what a great way to start today or finish today what is good. DO favorite place EU and went to doughnuts in your life. Well the we've got one that's right bias and actually one of my daughters were here for awhile you will sugar shack down there. 21 and Tyler we would love that place. Nice. Had a donut shop there in downtown over the park that we always went to. Is there for the rocket donuts I think his but the rocket builder it was very high tech rocket doughnuts or. Drawing appear in Wichita in my mind hang out with Kent Emmons donuts which was just a little bit to the east of east high school there on Douglas. And that stuff was just heavenly. Nice zones often more heavily immediately known as the day they went out of business I wept and I am already. It was a sad day for me. I am still taste all right national glazed donut day. A little bit about that for an hour for bill Roland what about if you could talk with you get in the 8 o'clock hour some good dad. Now that is it editor bill roll away with a local Wichita business journal update it is a 755 with Stevenson in the morning. Coming up the cage and as S morning news which Stevens.