The Rock is on a "Rampage"

Steve & Ted
Friday, April 13th

On The Blur we take a look at what's new in theaters this weekend


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Good morning it is 831 you're listening to 987 and thirteen thirty KM SS. It is Friday April 13. President trumps pick to lead the State Department pushed back on concerns that he's too much of a hawk to be the country's top diplomat. CIA director Mike Pompeo says he knows that terror and tragedy of war in the value of diplomacy. I tend to work to achieve the president's policies with diplomacy rather by sending our young men and women. To war. During a lengthy confirmation hearing with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Pompeo said he will work to restore morale at the State Department infill post left vacant by former secretary Rex Tillerson. Pompeo says he favors fixing the Iran deal even if president trump chooses to withdraw from the agreement next month. I'm Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. President trouble meeting with top military advisors. Weighing options on what to do about Syria has more potential evidence is revealed that the Asad regime used chemical weapons against civilians. French president Manuel Mack Brown says that his country has proved to Syrian regime used chlorine gas that France would not tolerate quote regimes I think everything is permitted. British prime minister treason may issued a statement that is highly likely Syria's president Bashar Al Assad was responsible for the attack to kill dozens of people and attentive do months meanwhile Syrian ally Russia has warned the United States that any military action in Syria. Could have serious consequences. Russia's UN ambassador says he quote cannot exclude. A US Russian war if the US takes part in airstrikes in Syria where there are significant number of Russian forces. That's Fox's David Lee Miller in Jerusalem the White House issuing a statement saying no final decision has been made. The subway sandwich shop in the 12100 block of south Tyler was held up Wednesday night police officer Charlie Davidson says two men entered the store. It pulled a gun on the 32 year old female employee and demanded money. The first suspect is unknown black males six foot to six to. Get a blue hoodie and there was a white shirt that was hanging out of the bottom of it's pretty dark pants starches. And again was armed with a silver handgun in his face was covered with a shirt. Like it suspect unknown black male 511 to six foot slender build black hoodie with red riding on the front. The suspects. But cash and they ran away. Investigators are trying to determine if these two men might be responsible for some other similar robberies in recent days the suspects match similar descriptions. A federal judge in Los Angeles says the drug administration cannot Thai police grant money to immigration cooperation. Federal judge Manuel reality should a nationwide injunction against the trump administration for denying community policing grants to cities in this case Los Angeles. Over the weight they decide to cooperate with federal immigration agent. It's this is about whether this city will commit. To cooperation. With ice in ways that it does not do now. Outgoing LEP chief Charlie Beck says the Whitney clock rate now is through technical information sharing and access to city jail. In a statement the Justice Department says the trump administration can legally give extra consideration to jurisdictions that prioritize safety the way they want. And that they look forward to continuing strong defense of their position. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. Significant moments inside and outside the Pennsylvania courthouse where bill Cosby's being retried on sex assault charges all five of the prosecution's additional accusers have testified telling of their encounters with Crosby dating back decades. The state hopes they will add to the aggravated indecent assault case filed by Andrea can't stand by establishing a pattern of Cosby's behavior. But the testimony may have taken a backseat to the back and forth outside of court. You can why I am college level of your game you're interrupting let me finish and then I'm happy to answer in London and that was that. It. How spat between kospi spokesman Andrew Wyatt and Gloria Allred who represents three accusers over 100 million dollar fund that caused these alleged victims asked for. Can't stand the lead accuser will likely take the stand today colonel Scott Fox News. Again SS news time is 836 let's take a look at that weather forecast heading into the weekend with meteorologist Dan holiday hello Dan. Good morning it feels like summertime when you step out doors but it won't be anything like this tomorrow morning. Once again we have that elevated fire danger or threat that's going to be what is this afternoon was strong south winds as high as forty miles per hour or high close to eighty we may have some areas of light rain mixing with snow overnight to other 34. And cold throughout the day on Saturday with a high 43. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. They today and the currently in Wichita. We will wind out of the south gusting up to 32 miles per hour it's mostly cloudy and 71. Degrees K Unisys news time is 836. And that means it's time to blur that fine line between news and entertainment that's why it's called the blur. And getting ready to head into the weekend. The box office movies are on our mind to add a chamber. Then that's right the rock goes on a Rampage. Overboard is stocked again and a truth or dare game turns deadly all this weekend at the box office here's Fox's Michelle Alina. I'm Michelle Leno harmless game of truth or dare among friends turns deadly when someone or some game begins to punish says. We tell lies at war refused to dare do things right. He now and Tyler Posey star. The building on Kurt Russell hit overboard is reboot it with and affairs as the mistreated yacht worker. Who realizes the wealthy spoiled owner falls overboard and gets amnesia. So she can't. People households into thinking they're related to. It's their perfect right title Bob's stars as John McEnroe in the fictional retailing in the eighties rivalries between young Borg and John Mack. What happens my friend and Dwayne Johnson leads cast of larger than life animals. In rampaged for a place trying to colleges. He shares an unshakable bond with cured the extraordinary intelligent guerrilla for the road genetic experiment goes awry transforms that general. Raging monster. That's not something down on. It's modeled after. Older video game this movie Rampage is. I've actually heard halfway decent things about it people basically saying it's a good bit. Dumb monster movie itself. Interesting all right at the movies this weekend I now. They're trying to spice up television golf. I think it's probably a good thing they alienate and GAAP. It's gonna happen at one event later this month faxes Fox's Matt Napolitano has the story you may remember. When New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera used to walk out to Metallica. Well the PGA tour is now taking a page from MLB the Zurich classic of New Orleans has announced that each two man team that makes the cut can take a walk up song to be played on the first tee before each of their weekend rounds the event is known for going rogue last year introducing team events to PGA tour golf. Golfers are all for it taking a social media in search of suggestions Matt volatile Fox News. They should be restricted harps. Court music I have to. But it's not that it's not bad but gas so big rock music Dylan on now okay at least funny. Probably picked like this casino or something it and somebody will. During last night's monologue Conan O'Brien made a joke about a top Donkey Kong player being stripped of his title. For cheating. One of the world's top Donkey Kong players has been stripped of his records for cheating. Yeah he was gonna be sentenced to life it turns out he doesn't have one so. And sometimes you don't have to work very hard for good it's funny joked yeah. I'm very hard at all with. Here's a birthday that goes a long way back today. Back in 1742. And l.'s oratorio messiah. Did you live in Dublin Ireland. Honolulu yup that's right. Who still performed centuries later. And I think this is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir iconic stuff right there gaffe and again that says it debuted live in Dublin Ireland. 1742. There's like. Thirty or forty movements that this is the one and everybody this season when everybody remembers its alleluia chorus there there are out there is a lot more to this end. Included in this part but yeah this is the one this is the guy is still today you know these are. Yeah I am used in movies CD eight. Yeah just that you'll hear this battle Syria. Okay well so that's a birthday. We'll stick with birthdays. And we'll go from handel's messiah. Two Al Green and I was. On his transition it is an interesting transition I didn't make yeah. How green the seventy years old today. Wanna see Mac and doesn't favor subtly now dreams Calgary absolutely. Soul R&B singer Al Green. Multiple hits starting in the late 1960s. And throughout seventies yeah of course he became an ordained pastor and began releasing gospel music in the eighties. Eleven grammys and was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. Nice the last half Al Green 72. Years old today and it. Another birthday and Ricky Schroeder. Oh yeah. 48 years old I. Mean he was born in 1970 is only 48 but he's got an interesting resonate yes he does he does it. Of course big everybody. First sign maybe first as the students over opens. Yeah now he bit yeah I think he did that boxing Millie before that yeah funding scheme with Jon Voight on the lamp yet remain the champion and a I think so it comes silver spoons sitcom silver spends does anybody remembers over opens. It's your career remember the name that I remember him around and I'm Esther yeah I suppose but here's a silver spoons for everybody all right. Might need a refresher. Pixels and there's no point. This is a hundred god can't. Judge issuing some cookies. Had a whole point outline a public school list could just what I need regular key. Can regular kids are going to know cannon say they might shock you think I mean it. If you wanna be a regular kid. I want you to be regular kid Jenkins is Rick is live already. So that was silver silver spoons or is there a yes Ricky Schroder he's also in lonesome balance and depth and now. I use in a lot and he sensed that. And a actor Ricky Schroder turning 4840. You're sold today that we have the cooler today the Blair. Every weekday brought do you buy pizza Johns in there is a Johns in derby sponsoring the blur what a great to be great to have him on board and of course there's pictures even Ted. Right there on the Wall Street Johns now you know they have pizza we would always tell about the needs it would silo they got spaghetti baked spaghetti with garlic bread cheese bread. OT's greatest addictive Steve Macintosh doesn't get us. Pepperoni bread there's child spaghetti play and here's their phone number in case you wanna get a carry out tonight or tomorrow night there open Monday through Saturday 7882011. Is that phone number they do great carry out business 7882011. You will enjoy it tasty pizza right there on take fifteen to 08 south Baltimore moved from Pete and John's in dirt reed. 844 with Stephen said here on 987. And thirteen thirty KM SS traffic and weather is on the way and it. They want their cut out back. Those details are on the way Steve intent on TM SS.