A rocky weekend for a huge comic book movie

Steve & Ted
Monday, November 20th

Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League have a smaller than expected weekend box office take.


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Good morning I'm Steve Macintosh. Gasoline prices up the past few weeks according to Truby Lundberg double Lundberg survey. C average sized growth recess. In the past two weeks to an average to 61 for regular and this is eleven that's right over the past month. The highest and lowest prices for regular gasoline are San Francisco at the high end three dollars and 31 cents a gallon. And Jackson Mississippi on the low side at 222. Now the forecast with K innocent staff meteorologist Dan on day good morning Dan. Good morning you couldn't ask for a better weather leading into Thanksgiving a lot of folks have a short workweek and it doesn't look like we'll see any major storm systems affecting us all weeklong sunny and breezy today with a high 65. A few clouds 44 overnight been windy and cooler Tuesday with a high 56. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy 38 degrees we've got to south wind at sixteen miles per hour. Police are investigating after officers found a teenager dead inside a Kansas City, Kansas business. Officers were called to the business Saturday morning to check on a person who have been shot. Arriving officers found the teen had been shot at least once already dead police have not released the team's name or other details about the shooting. Kansas says it's unemployment rate dropped to three point 6% in October. The State Department of Labor reports that these seasonally adjusted unemployment rate last month was lower than September's three point 8%. And four point 3% for October 2016. Monthly unemployment rates have stayed below 4% since March. But the number of private sector nonfarm jobs was 4700. Lower and October than in October 2016. A drop of four tenths of a percentage point. It was the seventh straight month with lower private sector job numbers then and 2016. Kansas also lost 17100 private sector jobs from September to October a decline of 110 of a point. Labor Department officials said that retailers hired fewer seasonal workers than anticipated. Ronnie Price K and SS and. News the Tony seventeen Kansas election is officially in the books counties finished finalizing their results last week. This was a first election since local races were moved to the fall and voter turnout was up in many areas Shawnee county saw a turnout of around 19%. A jump ball about five percentage points compared to recent local elections. Election commissioner Andrew how old says when the local elections were held in the spring they came soon after federal voting which may have led to voter fatigue and. Lower turnout I think some of us are worn out with the ads with be emotional event of a presidential election so I do think given some time helps. Johnson Douglas in wyandotte counties also had higher voter turnout Cedric county turnout was flat compared to the last local election but saw jumps in areas where. You know there were contested races. Authorities have identified a body found in the Texas Panhandle as a Kansas man who was reported missing earlier this month. The body of 39 year old Luis Eduardo Moreno of liberal was found Wednesday along a county road north of highway 54 insuring Downey. Miranda was reported missing on November 2. The Sherman county sheriff's office in Texas Rangers are investigating Marino's death as a homicide according Amarillo TV IITV. A cause of death will be released pending results of an autopsy any web K and SS news. A Florida church has a message for those who might do its congregation Harmon the river at Tampa Bay church now has a signed posted with a stark warning quote we are heavily armed unquote. The sign goes on to assure any would be attackers that their place of worship. Is not a gun free zone the posting is garnering plenty of attention on social media column in the Texas church massacre where 26 people were killed. The gunman and that mass shooting you may recall was chased from the scene by an armed good samaritan and the mass killer was later found dead in his car. Tom Graham Fox News. 834 now making a 35 Stevens in the morning here on K and answer and it's. Andy 35 it is time for entertainment news alert jet chambers is boring today. We'll be talking about box office totals from the weekend. Police don't want to believe that's right we'll get a bit of a wrap up here from things that happen and over the weekend of course the big open was Justice League. That we'll see how the weekend box and if this numbers shaved down. Era shut down in this. Fox on film Fox's Steve Rappaport at fox thought. I'm Steve Rappaport 96 million dollars is usually a super debut what are super power again. I'm rich but not for a big budget film packed with superheroes is just. Far away. It's already here Justice League falling short of expectations Warner Bros. projected a 110 million dollar haul but it's still left the competition in the dust. A story about a child with a facial deformity opens in second place. This piece there's anything out of me when I eat. I would like him I swear I put him in my case. Wonder grossing 27 point one million dollars the family friendly drama ended up sandwiched between superhero movies. Very does god. Six. Fight. Or rag in Iraq finishes third with 21 point eight million the comedy sequel daddy's home to and murder on the orient express round out the top five that's fox on film. Last night he has death. Eight M eighties American music awards. Index Keith Urban actually managed three awards she got three inmates including favorite country album. Yeah singer took to the stage to thank his wife actress Nicole Kidman. Yeah. I. Not enact a tendency to let him a moment ago so much thank you eleven now on my car. Munchkin and species act and a bit of an urban also a favorite male country artist and favorite country song. Biggest award of the night went to Bruno Mars for artist of the year. Yeah also Diana Ross. Receiving the lifetime achievement award at the unit could screen singer was joined onstage. By her a family. During her speech I really. Love being here and I feel soul humbled. By this and they now lifetime achievement award Diana Ross. All of the eight and aides yesterday. We got some recording artist birthdays today steeler days dancer I dance some birdies here so here's the first one didn't. Yes. The Beastie Boys. Mike. You might see is 52 years old today he couldn't hit 52 yes as a member of The Beastie Boys might dealer Michael Stein and it's. Sold over forty million recordings worldwide. Put a few million here in the US in 2012 The Beastie Boys were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame I'm. So obese people that's right. Beastie boy named Mike did he just I'm just I don't know I think it's making me feel kind of old Mike he's 52 years old today. Well. If that's the well let's see singer songwriter. And guitarist Joseph Walsh. Celebrating his seventieth birthday today. Joseph Walsh successful recording artist for over forty years. Member of multiple stands. Source gained recognition singer guitarist James game. That is outstanding barnstorm of but of course the most well known for. I've been a member of the Eagles and say join the band in 1975. Is also released a numerous solo albums. He was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame with the Eagles back in 1998. I'm surprised that the net loan won't kid you that you put the Eagles in the rock and roll elated this little bit belated there yeah exactly so happy birthday to. Joseph Walsh. Let's see. On this day back in 1966. Steve. On Broadway in the open unload them. Cabaret. Think that. The Broadway musical set in pre World War II Berlin it's centers around characters in the seedy nightclub. The original 1966 production 18 Tonys. Including best musical and best performance by a featured actor. Joseph grace rose BMC right and in 1972. In the film version came out. You Academy Awards got there several laws call eight Academy Award in 1972. For cabaret. So Lola refit of replete. Big musical there and finally Steve we're gonna. Finish things off with a bit of a commercial year Steve you're recognized this. What's the thing that's operating environments where. London before you answer. Says windows and it it that's right windows Steve. Windows let. When Microsoft windows or one point oh I thought it was mobile pocket fisherman and I don't know Microsoft windows one point oh was released on the estate back in 1980. I wow yes OK Microsoft windows operating system was created in response to the popularity of graphic user interfaces. Rather than ten. Before that operating systems worked pretty much all text right. Nineteen yet to have to deal with yeah they. Now I didn't find much difficulty with that I was really get computers. By 1995. Windows was the most popular operating system and PCs at that position still holds to this day. This commercial features Microsoft employee and former CEO. Steve Ballmer selling windows one point oh and very effective in cotton yet right there at. The and yes it says except in Nebraska. I I've got to look this up I got to figure out why you couldn't get windows in Nebraska. Doesn't make a whole lots gets to eat. Enough that was hit on this date back in 1985. The release of Microsoft windows one week ago. Steve. The color every day is brought to buy pizza Johns and Larry that's right there at 208 south Baltimore. Suffocate fifteen and market in derby. In a you get McCall when they open up at 7882011. And it. Get yourself that salad. Sandwich. The spaghetti or of course that's fantastic Pete set the purveyors around bales of flats and exits pizza Johns in in derby. You've horizons Christmas concert at the Hyatt regency Wichita coming up November 27. I've got a family four pack if you like to go our good friend Ernest Alexander. But providing a lot of the locals there terrific singing. And a great Christmas program all the benefits. You've horizon that's on the November 27 if you'd like a four back. Thank you family. Give us a call at 86913. Thirty. 869. To thirteen thirty editor bill Roy the would stop business journal coming up changes for a local sports marketing company. Stevens head of the morning on K in SS. 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