Rookie QB to start for the Chiefs in regular season finale

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 29th
A Chiefs update with Voice of the Kansas City Chiefs Mitch Holthus

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This is the station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS when she talks number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning it's 8 o'clock start this is the KM SS morning news was even dead I didn't look word. Beat mackintosh has the day off it is Friday December 29. Get a fatal shooting in southwest Wichita involving police officers last night those details just ahead of. Thought Kansas survey asked child advocates about the treatment of gay couples. I'm Dan O'Neill I'm KMS has meteorologist Dan holidays. It will be cold this morning on the way out the door but that's nothing compared to what we will experience this weekend are forecast for New Year's season is coming up. A police officer fatally shot a man in southwest Wichita deputy chief Troy Livingston said. Police got a call reporting there was a shooting early last evening on south McCormick near Seneca. The caller said there was a mother and the son of the had gotten into an argument and that the dad had been shot in the head. The collar then said that the father was dead and two hostages were being held. Thank you for being here and there officers. Discharged his weapon. That male 28 years old transported to a local hospital. Where he was announced today. Livingston said when police entered the home they did not find a deceased man is they've been told he adds that they believe they were given misinformation. On the call leading up to these events three or four other people were inside the home in time they were not injured and they are being interviewed. Which is this investigation continues. New York City is getting ready for the new year with beefed up security. NYPD commissioner James O'Neal says even with three terror related incidents in New York over the last fifteen months. This New Year's Eve will be well protected some ways you will see some you won't this country one of the most well policed. Best protected events and one of the safest venues in the entire world revelers in their bags will be checked transit and area hotels will be searched and secure New York City mayor bill the blog Gil says right now. Police can concentrate on security alone there are no credible and specific threats against your city at this point in time even so city leaders say they won't let their guard down. In New York colonel Scott Fox News. The Sedgwick county emergency communications non emergency phone line is going to be available from 9 o'clock at night on New Year's Eve. 2:1 in the morning on January 1 this line functions as an alternative to 911 that is meant to receive calls for non emergency nuisance is that do not pose a threat to life or property. Examples include complaints pertaining to parties excess noise and fireworks. The nonemergency number is 20901011. The nonemergency line was established to prevent an influx of nuisance calls a can block emergency calls from Regina call taker. The nonemergency line is activated during times of historically high call volumes. And is otherwise needed if someone calls 911 with a non emergency he or she will be transferred to the nonemergency line. Steve Macintosh OK in SS news state auditors have found that less than a quarter of the court appointed advocate for Foster children surveyed. Say perspective same sex parents are treated differently than heterosexual couples. But the peca capital journal reports auditors also found that about 37% of those surveyed. Were aware of a child who was moved from org denied placement in an LG BT home. In the report released earlier this month auditors said the results could be taken as a sample all guardians because the told response rate was only 34%. The auditors also noted that many didn't answer the question about how same sex couples are treated. Former Kansas department for children apparently secretary Phyllis Gilmore said. The survey quote clearly and Curry's only those who believe an issue exists to respond. Dan O'Neill came in assets and. News the White House is cutting some rules for hydraulic fracking the drug administration throwing out rules first tracking that have been proposed by the Obama administration. Those roles would have forced companies to disclose what chemicals they're using in the process. Of pumping pressurized water underground to break open hydrocarbon deposits corals have been held up at the courts is energy companies tried to fight them. Environmentalists aren't happy with president charms decision. Because of the potential risk to ground water the Center for Biological Diversity goals tracking eight toxic business. In Washington Jill NATO Fox News. Ices is taking credit for a deadly bombing in Afghanistan as nicest. Lost ground in Iraq and Syria the terror group continued to plot to carry out attacks around the world in 2017. Militants plan vehicles in the crowds and the Westminster and London bridges they also brand over pedestrians in Barcelona Spain. In Manchester England and then pledging nearly decisive set off a bomb during an area on a grind day concert. More than 200 people were killed the nicest bombed a mosque in Egypt Sinai Peninsula. Terror also struck in New York City twice once on Halloween monetary strewn a truck into a pedestrian and bike path ending in December as a man detonated a pipe bomb in a busy transit hub. In Washington Rachel Sutherland Fox News. It's 805 with the content in the morning on page and ask us. Our weekly live chat with the they've told us play by play voice that she's coming up in just ten minutes do not miss it big and SS news time 805. No Edelstein did in the morning and began as us. A state park in Florida has doubtless help wanted signs. So we'll look at floor. Well there wishing for mermaids now at Florida's Wiki watch he springs state park event they'll be holding auditions on January 13 to join the world famous mermaid squad there the Wiki watching mermaids have been performing year round in 72 degree of spring water since 1947. To qualify you have to show that you have the endurance to tread water for fifteen minutes and of course swim like a mermaid. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. The clothing company in Kansas recently had one of its products worn by a duchess Kate Middleton. The Christmas Day wardrobe for the duchess of Cambridge included that touch of camp says. The Lawrence journal world reports that Kate Middleton. Wore a Baum or an alpaca fur hat from talking Nazi base Peruvian connection on Monday it took Christmas service and Sandringham England. The company has a store in London and six in the United States including one in Kansas City, Missouri. Peruvian connection has operated Emeril talking moxie for more than forty years. That's the Kansas information networks Danielle Norwood. It is 810 was even sit in the morning on CN SS. We have a traffic accident now this when these eastbound on Kellogg. At Dugan road watch for a slow down there. Traffic accident he's been on Kellogg and Dugan road traffic updates on tape and as as radio and yet Jesus. Baghdad now let's take a look at that weather forecast here heading into the final weekend of the year let's check in with meteorologist Dan holiday hello Dan. Good morning we could have some slick spots on the roadway as some moisture is coming in from the south creating some freezing fog but by this afternoon a lot of gradual clearing sky he will be the warmest day of the week forest with a high 42. Colder air moves in tonight. Our loop twelve in Saudi tomorrow with a high nineteen on New Year's Eve for high eleventh I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. I can right now at Wichita we have cloudy sky breeze out of the south it is 38 degrees. C and S as. News now it's 8:11 Stevenson in the morning and CNN assess. Hey so is it time to drink prairie fire copy you know if you're not drinking prairie fire copy at work your boss doesn't love you. So I can check that box because we do have prairie fire copy your work yes. There's not that many people here in the building today to enjoy it but that's their problem note stealer here Steve not here to have his prairie fire coffee this morning bucks. I had some stereo in his place. Yeah. We did that story about the of the duchess. That's as Kate Middleton wearing that that. Perhaps. Yes on that was that it's it's made by a clothing company based in Kansas at big old now path tougher path it's it's black and big black furry hat right. And you you compared it to the hats that it that that what was that they did Dan Ackerley it and are actually did any of the Russian thrusters were wearing in the movies by I like us yes if you can picture that. If a picture that only a black and a so I had a look at upside looked it up and and Kate does look darling in the name in the hat from the Kansas but yeah definitely. And but you know then again she's very photogenic. She would look great with a can of hormel chili strapped or it do you feel good no matter what's what's on the check those tees where yes definitely but that hat look at center and out of the analyst looks pretty good good Christmas look on her even though it is. The hat from the Russians and spies like us. Yeah still it all works and makes it work yet it is 812 we'll see Ted K and assess the top twenty global concert tours rankings have come out. Average box office gross per city average ticket price per shows worldwide. Rolling Stones still top of the list. Bring in nine point nine million this year average ticket price for a stones concert 159. Bucks wow. Edit expensive ticket that's an expense today good top of the list U two's number two Coldplay three. Look who's number four Paul McCartney McCartney as part of his a year he came through which thought Kansas played in trust bank arena. Paul has taken in five point two million dollars this year. Concert stuff and his average ticket price 139 bucks out you know. Bruno Mars rounding out the top five. In a global concert tour this year and Neil Diamond fourteenth on the list he stopped in Wichita deadly India during his year. Seat anyone else did not man made it now has that ability on the list I don't vegan and also on the list stop in Wichita during the year but I'm not I'm not up on some. Well I was in a season by Garth Brooks when that last year which I was last here a year and a and I don't think he's on the list this year on the east tour is much. He had a bunch of different stops nearby and in Wichita during that and a payments to credit yet again. The curator of the. US Naval Academy museum that's place I would like to go yeah he was not exactly sure what would be found records indicated that five boxes. Long used to exhibit captured British flags from the war of 1812. Actually concealed more banners underneath there's a hidden compartment idea okay. But does they they took out all 61. Banners painstakingly. For conservation efforts and then they finally got down what was hidden. And they were pretty happy what they found a rediscovered a 46. More flags. Many game which had been captured by the navy in other nineteenth century conflicts. And those flags at all been sealed away from view for nearly a century. Those new found flags do include banners from conflicts in Asia. And from the Spanish American war as well. I. They had originally been put on display back in 1913. But then seven years later. They were covered up by the fifteen of flags from the war of 1812. So they are gone through their stuff and they found some. Pretty amazing old flags tomorrow night's Hampshire that they will be putting those on the spla. It is 815 Stevens said Kate and SS. We well we talked early this morning about Norman Rockwell. And we talked about Andy Warhol paintings. And will continue the theme chemical reactions are threatening to discolored and deep forma. The surface of Georgia okay he's famously vibrant dating experts are now hoping a new digital imaging tools to help them slow down the damage. Our conservationists in Santa Fe and in Chicago. Announcing a federally funded project they're going to develop new 3-D imaging tools to detect destructive build up in paintings by O'Keefe. And potentially other artists around the world. And their parents that are going to try to monitor this and see if they can of the build up on her paintings apparently so. Which emerged when facts in the original oil paints combined with alkaline materials and pigments and drying agents and ends up with a product kind of like soap. Kinda gets begins to take on the paintings and that's not good that are trying to figure out way to. Restore an awesome of that and it is 8160 Stevens dead on Kate and SS. It is that time every Friday morning we check in with me told us the play by play voice the Kansas City Chiefs. And that's that's our chat with miss today leading into the regular season finale to cheese in Denver taking on the Broncos on Sunday afternoon it. Good morning match. Good morning here toward it. Even so. Yeah it's pretty much at same time era. And so. But it it would have been shut out at premiere for the folks at American. I agree now. Are awesome but he's talking about a book that their impact on the overall economy to the region is. Is significant. But anyway yeah you need to your door and yes ago. Achieve living. Back to back division title for the first time ever. That took the pressure off this weekend nine other teams trying to get. Well nine of these slots of the open. Playoff slot near unanimous install program so. The three teams and don't worry about it achieves that your horse in the race sailboats slot that led to a very big week in some intriguing decisions will be the standard and. Right that leads into a week sixteen or you want to of the bill where mission number one on the list is nobody gets hurt. And you just you play the game and let the chips fall where they may answer like you said there are some other things that some players that normally don't get playing time it will get little feature on Sunday. And okay of the world congress has happened before and it readers in here was 2013. That was the last game which piece. Grow while cart in the year they could move their position right and sort of be decided in their game. To make seven starters inactive but the seven necessary inactive players which you have. And then he did not play another eight players what's crazy about that game as they put a 35. I mean Wichita ice is gonna play with fifty some problems. North what is it in other played an almost beat shouldn't be. The charters or city and being there javy is a missed field open. I could be the case this week and in researcher I was gonna you know yeah patterns. Who's down who's open who's gonna go out and try not to play him but the mayor the plan could you don't have enough. If it really be announced to the cut for homes were destroyed and of course a crew of close. Throughout the trees and. That has created a buzz like you said a man get get getting Alex Smith the week to rest and get ready for the playoff game the following week but. But is is I'm sure people will be tuning in and listening on Sunday to see how Patrick does. And can we start and Alex Wagner because honestly it's one of those things are human nature. What's around the corner in minutes the what the game show all taken what's behind the Kirk. It's so that you can have what's certain. What's in certain here's Alex Smith last year yet he's been number one rated quarterback had a the other problem is rated higher than Tom Brady. 26 touchdowns 56. The chiefs are on the verge if they don't turn it over in this game we will have an all time NFL record for only nine giveaway it's. And it ties. In the 2011 San Francisco Giants took it as a Dutch 49ers. You've got to the industry championship game and that was in court by quarterback by Alex Smith it's I think we take for granted. What Alex Smith has meant and doesn't into the story. I don't think there's any doubt about that and he's passed for 4000 yards and just put up a bit too pretty tremendous season. But it and. He's the current economic pragmatic Serbian well. You know exactly and over target a hundred mile an hour fastball. But he's gonna hit the black millions of play EZ if a lot of coal strike outs and he just needs when medics on morals or he just needs to have successful player also. We're gonna get ready that's next week's discussion but. People are excited about my home science and frankly Brit. Don't wanna do that expensive overlooking the amazing year. Honestly the best you've probably been accused quarterback ever including when Dawson hey Jerry. But what Alex Smith. First rookie quarterback to start a non strike game but it's decent steep fall or in 79. The Clemson tiger and the days of Dana or. Preceding homered Jordan. Yeah that's that's something the disgust right there because. People like really you gotta be kidding forty years since you started at quarterback that was. Drafted first. But that of that to that franchise for years and as a developer of an issue. As always have the least a quarter of a commute into right now on the line. Just invite 44 years and think about it my. First year last year Joseph Montana and released. Steve Bowen and at least Trent Green Europe over Oscar. And then it was triggering an advantage when it. Matt Cassel and it's just always been a Lisa quarterback team. Instead of taken them guy drafted him in developing. And they had the best they get the best of situations of murder first and equipment much. That it did prior to the start of the season was the best of situations gut the good veteran quarterback who does the correctly. And soaring the Karate Kid you know it was Patrick. All over its renewed Robert dirt but it bodes well for the future. Cecil try to take a four game winning streak into the post season at Denver on Sunday to wrap up the regular season at 325 kick off the course you can hear it all pregame coverage begins at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon here on your home of the chiefs on Wichita radio 987 and thirteen thirty. KM SS Smith told us I must ask you. How does this cheese Broncos matchup in the regular season finale somehow relate to Wichita State soccer football as part of our any plot a soccer football kids ADT's updates. Apologized to us so office. That just kind of follow me here in the big shout out to the original vote in American credit Gregory analysts now. It is the big impact if they have the doctrine are all apart doctors in Wichita who love this segment. And bark to strike American for a down east and west and Kellogg until the segment over notre is that right. Because back and forth like correcting me on number. Or so ago the obvious but I know annual up the sport respect. Because this young phenom quarterback reps waiting in the wings. And the change following in the there waiting for the quarter. Has been a scene that has been repeated often in the national football. The 1974. San Francisco 49ers. They had giant wrote remember you. Are stating your arms according earners go the record they get a guy by the name of the. Per year to do either quarterback. Brett you'll walk back when he was eagle quarterback. Burger get injured right before the start of the regular season. Well the organizers that drastic hit that the Koreans are excited about it a terrific training. And are likely to hear it let's play the kid. Helped Dick Nolan had urged the 49ers didn't play a bit much to the chagrin of the trade and so he puts in. They go get an old veteran but he norms the the old Philadelphia Eagles somehow try to probably have purple probably ala Oliver you know seventeen reports of it it would be kind of old transient error. Dork around in those kind of bad economic I'm not certain that finally the thing of what they want. They get want they want and the 49ers finally played it drafted it that they could not way to get on the field. And that wraps it here it was. All which got their doctors I'm only mentioned him last week. We did he gets drafted the kit is that being out here that plays great in the precision. And finally deported and a stranger on put accused in the game. But like fifty or one peppered all of this would. Although it is a pretty good job because now 49ers. You do at seven. Start that he's in his rookie year. And bitter did a pretty good job it was probable then. They've been goes to good after that you'll recognize starts in oil execs games but he played in the league. Until 1981. He became the local ties him look back up the Grogan the New England Patriots in the late seventies early yeah. We're young rookie phenom quarterback what you talked stated you don't in. Shuttle hey. You've been active and bring him back. And amidst this New Year's Day marks the seventieth anniversary of the shocker football team playing in a New Year's Day bowl game in the raisin bowl in Fresno. Terrific game I think when it was section was in that game or not mistaken that was his spot now his final game final game. Yeah Mike topic in the game and talked him before my. Was the grandfather of myself at all. Michael stole him main backer of the Mike and topic. Who is good friend of what would experience and played on that soccer team and still have your resemble featured. Off course. Course you know you can't play a New Year's Day bowl game if you don't have a team. And you can have a sweatshirt or logo on it you're looking at Politico article. You don't have the nastiest dugout and I. You weren't last. We Christmas shop in the reasonable shirt and predict what that the report presents the Pacific. Epic now the university personnel that you apparent Al. The other tigers. You know bring it back minutes bring it back here. Bring it back in time all of the rookie either on in the dirt and what the implies flavor it act. They also played here Mitch had a great follow on Sunday and happy new year. Happy new year to use it or. Thank you my upsets her weekly chat but Mitt told lists play by play voice the chiefs brought to you by American tag credit. 826 was even dead in the morning on CNN assess.