"Rosemary's Baby" is 50-years-old

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, June 12th
The Roman Polanski film hit theaters on this day in 1968.

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713. In his. In the morning Steve Bakken zone Ted Woodward at 830. An out of control wildfire has forced thousands of people living near Durango Colorado out of their. Homes looks like county spokeswoman meg in Graham says more than 2000 homes have been evacuated hundreds more are under pretty evacuation orders. I don't think anyone can say that the fact that we are having significant wild hour. Is that surprised. The area around rain has been classified as under an exceptional drought. Fire information officer Cameron access current weather conditions helped this fire broke quickly. We're facing extreme conditions with very dry vegetation hot temperatures. Low immunity I went in the rugged inaccessible terrain. It's too rugged on the west flank to put crews on the ground but they're doing structure protection in every other direction of the flames. And Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. Police have released more information about a stabbing a man stabbed this Friday night in southeast Wichita. Near hairy and George Washington boulevard. The victim. In the homicide there occurred in the 16100 block. Of Erie is identified as LeRoy Hudson. The 68 year old male of Wichita. Again I was a point person on the side of 2008 team. Police officer Charlie Davidson says a 53 year old man was arrested Saturday more 127 street south McLean. And was booked into jail for charges. Of murder and auto theft. The state objections board has ruled how the names of the fourth district's Republican primary candidates will appear on the ballot. Both parties strongly suspect that it was no accident that two candidates with these same first and last name are running against each other in the congressional primary. But a state board on Monday faced its own challenge. How should balance differentiate between the two Wichita man. Republican voters in the fourth district are now set to choose August 7 between representative Ron Estes the incumbent and Ron him Estes the challenger. The Kansas secretary of State's office devised Phyllis Steen after rod and fastest filed a challenge that freshman congressman and the GOP primary. The all GOP three member state objections board led by secretary of state Chris Cole blocked concluded that using a middle initial to distinguish the candidates on the primary ballots still might prove too confusing for voters. Ronnie Price KN OSS news. When the president Trump's top economic advisors has had a heart attack. The National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow it's been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. Presidential financing and a tweet from the Singapore summit that Kudlow is now Walter Reed medical center. A statement from Press Secretary Sara Sanders says cut those doctors are calling it a mild heart attack. Kudlow was just on CBS's face the nation this past weekend. Lasting Canadian prime minister Trudeau for criticizing the president over tariffs at the end of the G-7 the host. Canadian prime minister size taken what access you potshots at you on the either this Korean summit president trump pick Kudlow for the job last march till NATO Fox News. The southern Baptist convention's annual meeting kicks off today the. The need to movement has come to the Southern Baptist Convention. The annual meeting of the denominations leaders is held to discuss the church's business for the year. Delegates are expected to decide whether to approve a resolution acknowledging that women have been quote wrong to abused silence an object defied. By male leaders throughout the church's history. Longtime southern Baptist leader Paige Paterson has just one of the denominations powerful man to be caught up in scandal over accusations of their past treatment of women. Paterson announced Friday he would not to attend this week's annual meeting Tonya joint powers Fox News. Alex the forecast with K Unisys staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning day and good morning cloud cover will gradually be on its way out here early on and we could see an isolated shower or thunderstorm popped up just about anywhere later on this afternoon it as a frontal boundary will be right across the south central part of Kansas today's high 94. Rain and thunderstorm chances grew up overnight Saarloos 71 that scattered storms early on Wednesday with a high 86. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Halladay. Now cloudy 77 degrees have a southeast wind it fifteen miles per hour. 834 now Steven did in the morning here on KNN's says it is time for entertainment news. The third this morning with Ted Woodward to it. Now let's get the latest on net neutrality and see what that's all by net neutrality rules are officially go on and it could result in differences in your Internet service that change follows the repeal last year of an Obama aero regulations which required all data online is treated equally considering the majority of Americans don't have multiple choices for Internet service the rules were meant to protect consumers from provider slowing down traffic from services they couldn't pay think of it like a highway with a whole lane everyone can access the highway but only those willing to pay extra can take the less crowded told linked with the rules go on that could be what happens service providers like AT&T Comcast and Verizon. Can charge more for faster access to certain contents for. Make their own content easier to access FCC chairman Asian I argues the previous regulation was heavy handed and no longer necessary but cites the dawn of the commercial Internet as his example of why net neutrality is no longer needed in at that time you dialed into the Internet. And had your choice of providers with fox on tech number Larson Fox News. That's not all folks looney tunes returning. Yeah. Yeah. Giving regroup and. That's when he got to duck and all your favorites are returning in a new series of short form cartoons based on Warner Bros. iconic looney tunes cartoons franchise modeled after the early theatrical releases this studio said multiple artists will produce. One to six minute church written in drop by the cartoonist. Allowing their own personality and style to come through. The plan is to produce 1000 minutes each session with the content distributed across multiple platforms including. Digital mobile and broadcast the shelf Leno talks means. And speaking of loony tunes that. It was four it was seventy years ago on this day the release of the Warner Bros. cartoon Bugs Bunny rides again. Western. Parity of thirty westerns. It's it was a Bugs Bunny verses Yosemite Sam the second apparently they never had Bugs Bunny rides again. There's a scene in which Yosemite Sam states that he's the roughest toughest man sombre that ever cross the real grounding and I don't mean Mahatma Gandhi. However it Gundy was assassinated here so they change it. They changed it instead of the Mohamed and the line he needed to light known man beat Pam and the man. You know. Bugs Bunny rides again now seventy years ago today. Some might call it cheesy but one Minor League Baseball team has got a new nickname the step now. Island yankees the single in minor league affiliate for the ballclub of the same name had been looking for a new name for two years something that would tie have been better to the community in the New York City Borough of Staten Island. Well after a final five meant a fan vote. Say hello to the Staten Island pizza rats yes named in honor of the famed viral video of a rat hole in the slice down the stairs of a New York City Subway station. But the moniker change is not permanent the Yankees will only be the pizza rats for Saturday home games through the rest of the season. One home game actually offering pizza cutters as a fan giveaway. Bad thoughts on how Fox News. Yeah there. It's country music band opening for a rock legend Bob celebrity profile on country do this sisterhood Alyssa and it Barack and -- Stuart Stuart is Rod Stewart daughter Melissa's parents aren't Kathy Bailey and Michael Biden Barack of the alien the bullies it's you will Tor with rock royalty this summer opening first Steven Tyler ruby says their fans that is. They're also really good friends and and he didn't. Big accident on his kindness they aren't as you. We want to insinuate he's just like I associate more than. Are releasing the Somerset list of songs before their debut album I think this whole record just kind of night. I was really beautifully as for advice their famous parents gave them the. Please just be yourself and then keep your close friend so his clothes his loses you let me from the beginning and Italy and advances got to be really honest and then how mom at all times okay no your word and believe in yourself and then also remember they are only coming. Toward him. Fox News. Tommy west back on top again most beautiful thoughts always that's doctors. I'm Michelle Leno he's he's back on top of the billboard charts Kanye West grabbed his eighth consecutive number one in which he's in the 200. Some time. Nice the rappers easel over 200000 copies it's a mix of easy now sits next to Eminem is the only artist to debut at number one with eight straight album and he could make it. Her record breaking nine if his kids' egos of kids said he debuts at the top spot and. Real estate for the first time since being led MGM the rapper joins recent Pulitzer Prize winner Kendrick Lamar Lil Wayne and more. For the summer jam music event in New Jersey to celebrate its 25 anniversary with a jammed. He events highlight was battle between producers to Milan and with speeds to impact report which hits they've produced for others that's fox rocks. On Fox News. Steve we're gonna flash back fifty years ago today look at 1960 days. Some movie note from the state fact it was a west Wichita fifty years ago today the newest portion of twin lakes shopping center. Just about finished. It was a gala opening on this day planned to theatres located in the new sections you've met in late theater's new one and two. And also the first new indoor theaters in Wichita since the crest was built in 1950. With the eighteen years after the crest until win likes. Open a couple of theaters fifty. Years ago today. The leaders aren't earning no they're not there now and our national museum. We have to movie anniversaries today from that very same today it came out on this day in 1968 the Elvis movie speedway. They now fifty years ago today. Ellis hasn't NASCAR driver. Now. And these rates any kind of spends money on his friends and movies supposedly loosely based on colonel Tom Parker elvis' manager and his gambling habit amenities siphoned off else. That's get Elvis Nancy Sinatra build the XP Gale Norton bill seller Karl Valentine. Nancy says nationally. Carl balance as an in depth Elvis was paid 850 grand for this movie plus 50% of the profit. There were no profits all this all be tanked at the box office. Box office flop at the speedway came out fifty years ago today. Also coming up fifty years ago today in theaters rose Mary's baby. But that this is a disturbing him right team. Now the affair roads on festivities Ruth Gordon won an Oscar for her performance. It could be black or Maurice Evans and only deal Charles wrote them. One you pretty much universal acclaim from film critics it is a creepy movie it is rose Mary's baby came out fifty years ago Saturday. Yeah. Yes close. He about a guy yeah. Good news is wrong. The moon. Is. If those eyes are reptilian yes merely the director Roman Polanski wanted. Kind of a full figured girl next door type play that role he wanted Tuesday weld or his girlfriend fiancee Sharon Tate's. But they felt the and they need the big name it something with me a fair affair and she was great Patty Duke audition for their roles he did not. Robert Redford was the first choice plays liberal guy he turned it down Jack Nicholson considered briefly and he went with John testament. Rose Mary's baby came out fifty years ago today yeah apparently it was won a Stanley Kubrick statement. Rose in Thursday. Let's take a look at. Well is finished with a let's finish with some yeah box of chicken with the late late show James Gordon on CBS. I'll talk at all. Announced that they would be changing their names aren't home with a B. The company revealed today with great found bad that the this is accident needs it really is because since I moved to America I've been asking myself what can I find a bug up. I don't mind. Most of the people you know I hope a drunk I didn't know the people running the company would. Right now the based on the bug in two weeks the B little most definitely is down the bankruptcy. And let's check in with Conan O'Brien on CBS Japanese pop and whose members are all over eighty years old. Every single one is over eighty years now. Yet the bad is that known for their number one hits on. Where rabbi. Puts their never Tucson handy. I'm column not car. It never please don't slam that door yeah. Entertainment news in the blurs rocked the iron good friends at pizza John inserting their right there off the tape fifteen have a tasty pizza at 208 south Baltimore. Johns and learning a 44 now Olindo wealth managers created new business. It'd be awarded it would stop business journal coming up Steve at the morning on CNN sense. Stevens said.