A rough night for the Jayhawks

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, January 24th

The KU men lose at OU 85 - 80.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Widget because number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. McCain has this morning news was even dead. I'm Steve Macintosh police say a man shot while trying to rob his store was not with a toy guns and we've got the story. Investigation under way in Oklahoma gas rig explosion killed five workers and it would work those details just ahead. Five KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday high pressure is building in from the western part of the country and the flames. That is what helped warm us up nicely for this time in January our forecast is coming up. Newly released court document show an agent for the US immigration and customs enforcement. He's facing federal charges temporal. Wichita television news anchor. Told local police that he was sending her sensitive law enforcement material and texting messages that were sexual in nature. Well probable cause affidavit made public Monday says Kate news anchor Deb Ferris met in March with police who photographed about 185. Screen shots. I'll text messages. Between her and ice agent Andrew plug it. Burris told the Associated Press Tuesday that club attained or asking to be resources and text of things that made her quote feel uncomfortable and scare. Public was indicted in July on two counts of exceeding authorized access to a government computer and one count of destruction of records. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. Police say a man who who was shot while trying to rob a store in southeast Wichita was armed with a toy gun. It happened it ponies Wigan beauty supply down south hillside. Police say an employee pulled a real gun and fired wounding the suspect twice. At 43 year old suspect was hospitalized with nonlife threatening wounds to his arm and chin the Wichita City Council held a work. Shop Tuesday to begin with a discussion of youth employment and wood to chop. Mr. proctor at the director of public policy and management Sydor Wichita State this gets up to the input they've received about last year's process. You give us a lot of great feedback about some of the barriers you can yeah. It may he next step forward for the this program things like transportation attack. About the purpose of the project is to create an approach for you to deploy but it Wichita and to measure community impact. The study is also recommended several items to help the project approved moving forward. Ronnie Price K it SS news. The remains of five gas rig workers missing since an explosion in Oklahoma have been recovered an investigation is underway Pittsburg county sheriff Chris Morris says authorities searched for the five missing workers after stabilizing the drilling site Tuesday. Bodies were pretty much located in the area that they were. That the presumed to be in working in last working Meehan in it's sort of work because the dog health dog houses of room on the rig floor typically used as an office for the drilling crew. An initial report blames an un controlled release of gas that caught fire Monday sending black plumes of smoke into the air the report also says a worker unsuccessfully tried to shut down the well Steve Rappaport Fox News. Police say a man in a rate town Missouri Michael Augustine mistook his neighbor's house for his. And killed the homeowner thinking he was an intruder. Fox for Kansas city's John tone has the story. Neighbors say he was met by the man living inside sixty year old Clifton came and there was a huge argument police say Augustine called 9112 report that he had an intruder in a chokehold but what officers arrived at his real address no one was there they soon found both men about a block up the street at king's house police believe Augustine was intoxicated. Because his speech was incoherent. And officers noted a strong smell of alcohol neighbors say paramedics tried to revive king for about thirty minutes. CIA director Mike Pompeo always praising the president's ability to grasp information from the agency I have seen. 25 year intelligence professionals receive briefings I would tell the president truck. This the kind of recipient of information at the same level that they are the former Kansas congressman speaking at the American Enterprise Institute. Marking his first year at the CIA. The president has been coming under fire by some for reportedly having a short attention span in high level briefings. Cain is just you son now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Big time college basketball game last night fifth ranked Kansas on the road at the eleventh ranked Oklahoma out of that one end up we'll have the highlights here this. Coach self coming up in sports Kansas wildfire danger could be high this spring that story coming up. On the Canas has sporting news is Steven says it. The Qaeda is as boring as was David Ted now 7088. Minutes past 7 o'clock. The wildlife danger of a wildfire danger for this coming spring goes behind. According to Kansas State University climatologist. Mary nabbed the whole thing is that history will not repeat itself. We're really concerned about it because they're the last two years since it independent candidate we have some really major wildfires. Both of them have crossed over into campus from Oklahoma as they've had a very dangerous player statement that well. A mail carrier in Hampton Massachusetts being called a hero for saving a life of an elderly woman in a burning house. Boston twenty five's Christine McCarthy has the story. When the smoke detectors went up mail carrier Kerry McDermott was across the street delivering a package I got to the front of the house. It's nice talking cleaned Kerry noticed a resident in her mid eighties she went back into the hall and delay. I ran up to work together cal Perry called 911 Hanson firefighters arriving to put out the flames Tuesday night Carrey accepted an award at the board of selectmen meeting fire chief Jerry Thompson calling Kerrey's actions heroic actions clearly how to prevent the tragedy potentially saving the residence life as Wallace two dogs that were inside. And preventing further damage to the house. For the first time a sitting US senator will give birth Illinois Democrat Tammy Duckworth has announced she's pregnant and due in the spring she will become the first US senator to give birth while in office. Duckworth was a member of the house when she had her first child and 20141. Of only ten members of congress to give birth in office. In a statement Duckworth says this toughest juggling the demands of motherhood and being a senator can be she's hardly alone are unique is a working parent. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. Stay in his has used time now 71010 minutes 10:7 o'clock. Can't continue to watch for traffic slowdown northbound at one by 135 just north of 37 streets stalled out. Semi tractor trailer above the hole we've also got the report now of a traffic accident at Douglas in Seneca. Southbound lanes are blocked there's no point out there. Traffic updates complete and at this radio on gas chambers and now the king is in the storm tracker three forecast in Kansas today meteorologist Laura van and give. Laura stay in millionaire yeah it's good morning so far it is cold out there are oxygen when he established soccer captures. Weekly reader window like for now Canada's north northwest X amount per hour fuel people who like we're in the teens but I don't win. To be a big factor today as you know ramp up toward the afternoon with continued sunshine beautiful Wednesday. It five. Very high and we got to continue to watch the wind especially to get through tomorrow the wind in a ramp up the back to keep you dry conditions. Early initially mentioned about the fired it right now. That's that going to be extremely high exports to borrow at what you do their part about otherwise guerrilla group controlled and spring like capture the January thaw. Part three. Talks about the northwest part of the state of the snow up there above frees things up that hole. That got warmer temperature is or today it minute by Eric I'm always exported that they'll melt. Easily will continue to get underway but you're talking double digit now your gonna get them. At the no pile of panic in the term brown was thirteen to Indiana. Thank Rajiv mature outlook and I have that here we desperately need the. I did not get out for Iran yesterday at too busy but that the day before I noticed that. The ice on the bookmark Kansas where I run it had melted so. He do you even know. I've definitely noted that as well I felt they get it looks like it's not going every free either for attack and it. Is that fair which stock the next seven days and forecasting temperatures every single day up out stick. Degrees above says he's beaten at that period marked at that it is like a case of the days I want. If you I think I'd we keep it then tomorrow's gonna warmup time before beautiful well. The sounds like beauty written all. Sounds good to let you out thank you they KS and stormed secretary forecast with Kansas today meteorologist. Laura Bennett director. Warmer breezy Tuesday across south central Kansas high temperature yesterday fifty degrees and Wichita normal life. Is 43. 712 now Steve contend in the morning and K and as tests and death today is as I said January 24 it was on this date in 1955. The rules committee of Major League Baseball 1955. Dead today announced a plan to strictly enforce the rule that required a pitcher. To release the ball within twenty seconds after taking his position on the mound. Boy they enforce the heck out Allen and it. Was in 1955 I would know where that now it was a roller. They did cylinder twenty seconds corsets won a Major League baseball's big issues right now is pace of play should play. And and the you know whether or not that's turning off the younger and potential fans. A bit what was times the pace of the game. Younger fans say that's boring and they move on to someone else was it happened Dumont to late have Dumont who instituted the 22 clock haven't locked out month outlined that they get animation in the NBC turner and I personally sick when he got to deal or your plan. Fifteen aimed at 18 you have to have a good pace of play in and so it o'clock out there for one. And it what are some of the game one of the thing of sync about the of those watch in my grandkids play but basketball and lane violation. But just a basket torment in her and often offensive player and used homestead the lane. It's three seconds or five seconds. The kids I figured dispose get five and those those guys so the thing and it's is a thing we've got to keep move and you know now that plain to see three seconds is three now. And then the open I don't know if this is the roots I was I think it was a rule when I was younger this it. You have to the time that the official hand you the ball at the for a foul line he got ten seconds. This year. Which is an attorney and long time but it also think that that long but it anyway there yes they have what they had or did have a toy second rule for. Major League Baseball what could still affect. On page 59 and then nine you still there he but nobody's nobody's paying any attention to it. One of our stories this morning involves. A workshop yesterday for the which does City Council. And a Keith blowing from the workforce alliance was there and they're talking about. Summer employment free for young people and some of the drawbacks and so forth and I just. It's an interesting topic I do have. Of course to get four grandkids and I get to. The of two oldest grandsons are seventeen and eighteen. And they have found work in a food places right there doesn't always need workers and they are the places though when you read you're not eighteen. They can't or they can't hire you and it's too bad as of some of these places where I think you could probably the kid kids could learn a lot on the job and and I look at that he when you start now working its like. I used to read about. Methods in Europe at different places three you had an artisan and they would have and a pretty Shannon tried to get the word I was looking for the apprentice where you would sit there. You would learn it learn a trade from a per annum and there was just a matter of vote beloved of the workforce. I wonder if they do that much anymore and the kids just show up and and they know everything. Anyway that encouraging. Use of plumbing I just think it's something that. If if you can do it if your kid can do it safely. Or your grand kids it's a it's a great way to start out life and and learn about how things really work. Still all theory you get what really happened Shia that's I guess invaluable stuff you started out you're actually doing you're actually in the food on that on the lie and a line because I was lying cook that he did how would did you have a guy who are pretty danger person who oppress you are mentor knew there that you sit here. Here's and here's a way to go to. No not rilya. I can think of a couple. Tutored me through and I worked with some some older gentleman I say older they were in their thirties forties in these guys were really good about that stuff they would they would they taught us and and taught us well. And one of the great experiences you have many of us have rumored drawn up at work in those places is he's. And we used to call it got over the counter which is a retail work where you deal with the public use. And that is the learnings are now that's the best that's really the test by fire anti. What migrants and it works is a greeter at one of the local restaurants Nolan. But let's say you're human plundering and that I've watched him and and listen to about what's happening him and he's gotten to where he's confronted these needles some. People who repent and ask throwing out and run and all the BC very low key apparently does real well all different sorts of situations yeah so anyway we encourage. Summer climate now he just does disarmed them with that Macintosh charm and I just charged ahead down behind a lot of you know from who never worked for me. 7718. Now Stephen dead sports that we Ted Woodward and we've got to talk about. K you basketball this morning that little. Little or a big surprise in north lately as. Straight game last night two heavyweights here at number five Kansas visiting number eleven Oklahoma last night jayhawks. We're pretty good shape three quarters of the way through the game that you had a ten point lead with nine minutes to go in this one. Then things kind of fell apart jayhawks. Started having trouble scoring down the stretch Oklahoma. Now Oklahoma in fact went on a 23 to eight run to finish things up most of those points for coming either by three pointers or at the free throw line. Jayhawks could not get the stops when they needed to yours the game last night on Cape May pursue grab what do you pray this is it sort. We've got a local mobile and devices won't have died from downtown. Won fourteen to go young. Dribbles across the baseline they kicked the we'll sell quickly gets above the floor but few points to relieve foot one minutes of good. Yeah that's not the only movement. Why they left relates to lots of wave this made sure we got there. We'll hold on this crowd going nuts. Pretty much get the point there Kay he was missing and Oklahoma was making things went right at the end now. And it take you in fact jayhawks only scored one time on their final nine possessions. And they missed free throws. Yeah an exit. Did not there yet and not convert the free throw line last night. Who don't pay as we gave in fact went one for eight at the line coach self didn't take him out he left and entrances eventually is gonna turn around it didn't insist. So coach self kind of took the blame for that one Oklahoma won the game 8580. Coach self comments after the game. I'm disappointed are higher for our guys because they try sword and and I screwed up because I mean so also up. Tightest scientists thought that was a percentage play for over course of the season. And you certainly didn't work out tonight. Jayhawks five game winning streak comes to an end that you know still in first place alone atop the Big 12 Conference but they've got. Fourteen is tied for second place just to gain back freedom down their necks so things are tight in the big twelve. Jayhawks take a road loss last night which doesn't happen very often KEU calls 8580. At Oklahoma don't talk about it tonight and K you basketball hawk talk with head coach Bill Self. 6 o'clock tonight it's on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. We have home basketball here in Wichita tonight for Friends University hosting Bethany women at 6 o'clock men after that. Friends women are ranked number 22 in the nation friends men right now are in second place in the conference itself. Both at home tonight. When check out some basketball here in town over and held a great show tonight we've got Jim go means basketball for Butler community college hosting the eleventh ranked Barton. Comes in with a record of nineteen ensued Dennis Higgins we'll have live coverage of the Butler grizzlies kind of knock off a ranked team at 715 tonight. That's right here on 987 and thirteen thirty K. And as best. That's sports with Steven says after a quick question when you do the talk show after of after game if you do with a chuckle locker room. Shell game and Indy look what what what to call volume is it more when they win or is it more people call when they lose lose via his people on a but their two cents what what and now what's wrong I know the answer I can fix it yes I guess it's human nature I ample vocal with the the second guessing the coach or Monday Morning Quarterback brings something like I gallon or one years the team wins and everything's gone good. You know that everybody's happy. I'd take a loss surveys are you using it about now sit there to have the Mike opener need to nachos right now I think. The had time for our prairie fire coffee break on K and SS. Very fired coffee is a precious coffee the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get prairie fire called read your office just like Stephen dead by calling 2673771. Or online. At prairie fire coffee does come off the seventh when he wants to even ten to keep it for Rush Limbaugh morning update Democrat leadership. Is taking fire for caving all the shutdown. Stephen deaths on K in a sense.