Royal rookie's first home run is a grand slam

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Tuesday, August 15th
Cam Gallagher's 6th inning slam was the difference in a 6 - 2 win over Oakland.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS. Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 7 o'clock visited the case there's a forty users even dead and seeing Bakken zone. Bomb plots foiled in Oklahoma City we've got the story but judge dismissed his gun charges against the man infected and Kansas bomb squad. I'm battlefield. Jury reached a verdict in the steelers' opening trial. Until the program. The board members on Monday night of the we'll proposed but as for the upcoming school year they skillful Virginia says the governor. Scapegoating gavel of the location of the deadly weekend demonstrations and these flying for a while that's coming up. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Yesterday we hit 89 for the high in which it's not that we may warm up a little bit more today but rain could be on the way. Our forecast coming up. Kagan as his breaking news authorities say two children have been killed and several other people injured in an apartment fire in suburban Kansas City. CNB CTV reports the players started early today and complex and overlooked part. Fire officials say two men were hurt when they jumped out of a second story window and the children's mother also was injured. Heat exhaustion also sent one firefighter. Through a hospital and another was treated at the scene fire officials investigating the cause of the fire of the unit where the children were found dead. Did not have a working smoke detector. Children's names were not immediately released. Which are school board members got their first look at the proposed budget for the upcoming school year at last night's meeting. The 682 point six million dollar budget is counting on about 47 point six million dollars in additional states funding thanks to a new school finance formula recently approved by state lawmakers. The Kansas Supreme Court is still reviewing the plan to see for this constitutional. District CFO Susan Willis greeted board members with enthusiasm albeit slightly tempered. These. Yeah. If the budget is approved it would keep the district's property tax mill Levy flap which is something all board members agreed would be good for local taxpayers. Board members voted unanimously to publish the budgets and set a public hearing and final vote at the next meeting on August 28 they'll hold a brand can get SS news. The FBI has arrested 23 year old Jerry barn L pro allegedly trying to detonate what he believed was an explosive filled cargo van outside a bank in Oklahoma City. Authorities say the suspect admired Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh he's ABC's David currently. An undercover FBI employee provided a cargo van and a materials which far now allegedly used Friday night to assemble what he thought was a bomb smaller but like the device from 1995. He drove to the bank left the van in an Alley next to the loading dock and used a cell phone he expected to detonate the explosion according to court documents instead. He was arrested. A federal judge has thrown out one of the charges against a Kansas man accused of plotting to attack Somali immigrants in Garden City. US district judge Eric mill bring granted a defense motion to dismissal firearms charge against Curtis solemn. The decision comes in the wake of attempt US circuit court of appeal panel's ruling in May. In an unrelated case that found that a person. Convicted of misdemeanor domestic battery under a city ordinance can legally carry firearms. L one and co defendants Patrick Stein and Gavin right. Will still face charges of conspiring to detonate truck bombs at an apartment complex where Somali immigrants live. All three men pleaded not guilty at their trial was set for February 20 Dan O'Neill came SS news. The jury was unanimous in its decision for Taylor Swift and her team Monday at the groping trial in Denver and a hat and eleven year old. Alison turner was in court for the verdict Taylor Swift vindicated a jury agreeing with Swiss claim that a former Denver radio personality reached ups with skirt grabbed her butt cheek during a photo op for years ago. Any the last CCR I don't stand up for something. As you believe then. Thirteen year old Danielle Gordon calling swept the role models with social donate money so that other women confide sexual assault cases in court. Jason havens and ABC news Hollywood. North Korea's military has presented leader Kim Jong owned with plans to launch missiles into waters near Guam and quote. Ring the wind pipes of the Yankees. But at same time both Koreas and the US are signaling their willingness to avert a deepening crisis with each suggesting a path toward negotiations. The tentative interest in diplomacy follows and usually combative threats and advances in the north's missile development but it's unclear whether diplomacy will prevail. Today the Wichita City Council will consider issuing bonds to assist a small but growing company global engineering. Which the mayor Jeff Longwell tells K and SS news. There and a small company that they adding. Only about twelve jobs that. Well jobs are still important to us and so others. There ability for small companies to participate in some of these. Economic development type activity also. Long Will commented during Monday's with the Maryland Stevens who in the morning here on K in SSK. In assessing his time now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Late game for the Kansas City Royals on the West Coast last night we'll have highlights and details coming up in the sports competitive eating. KO. That story coming up on the case and this this morning news was even dead. As a sporting news is even dad. 799 minutes past 7 o'clock. Virginia's governor is putting part of the blame for Saturday's violent demonstrations in Charlottesville. On the American Civil Liberties Union. Governor Terry McAuliffe telling public radio's morning edition that Charlottesville wanted to move the white nationalist demonstration out of downtown into a part of open field about a mile away but the city lost a lawsuit filed by the ACLU keeping the rally downtown the ACLU Virginia's executive director is released a statement saying their lawsuit challenging the city to act drafted traditionally did not cause the violence adding rather than seeking to scapegoat the ACLU they hope the governor Lawrence from the past weekend to prevent it from happening again Bryan Burrough ABC news Charlottesville Virginia. US airport security screened a record number of passengers last month. Many of them got through faster than usual ABC's Andy field explains. The Transportation Security Administration broke two records this summer seventy million screen passengers and June 72 million in July. PSA is that invasions across the country to cut wait times but the biggest winners are passengers who pay and sign up for TSA preacher. Governments of most of those wait five minutes to get screens and they keep their shoes. All left up to their. He may be their number one ranked competitor in Major League eating but Joey chestnut fell short in his latest attempt to win a competitive eating crowned. This past weekend. At the Erie county Fay here in New York. Lucky for. Record when it comes up hot dogs he is the king of competitive eating. That was that the Nathan's Famous contest last month on Coney Island but this weekend in upstate New York chestnut couldn't keep up when it came to competitively eating kale choking down only 2016. Ounce bowls of brought kale and eight minutes. Gideon OG 822 and a half servings it's the second year in a row OG won the contest called KL yeah dubbed the world's healthiest eating competition Scott Goldberg ABC news. Some eleven Stephens and I don't think I can it do to mouth full details several of them announced it didn't live on its wrong and where is Lou. Now this morning in traffic get things right now. This traffic volume is really picking up especially. Eastbound on Kellogg right around 8235. Also. I'm looking at heavy traffic southbound on I 135. Up by the north junction traffic update from Kate and SS Radio One had chambers. Right now they can't assess storm tracker street forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Leon Stedman good morning early on it. Good point here I don't we are doing really well today thank you and how about yourself are you feeling well. Stealing one of the delightful and don't hold well here. Little what I saw you on TV just a moment ago and might I say just a little bit too much mascara okay. I. Not packed courtroom. A boy. We gotta look good to get a look at here. What are the apartment but what they get a fight them. Feeling good check it out or at it and start it now make daddy is Kenny can mean you didn't like all the make up counter Dillard's and beacon fund. It's a IQ make sure it Gregor absolutely you ought to. This process but we probably should talk a little bit about the weather this morning the muggy out there whose board feels muggy. It is it's rupiah site viewpoints are couple seventy degrees at that app and it will meet each in the air so yeah. But you start the day. Our border warm back up into the ninety this afternoon though that is. Worse keep in Miami. Or as we could be under eight you know that would keep index otter yourself so. What that person. Of course it. That renewed outlook or shout and dot every step up I 91 on a better chance of rain. You know some storm some tonight but tomorrow night is going to be tonight we have the question about simmering political front and the who'll now. Total facility Cabrera to break him yeah you'll be in the sixties by the time we reach September I think. Oh what they want Ito. Won't get very close schools you know already opened that for the high school football cracked Gloria and not all in the air but it is speaking out on a. Deterrence all right thank you sir appreciate it certainly came in SS storm tracker three forecast for Kansas today meteorologist announcement lament. Currently mostly cloudy and 72 degrees we have a south wind at nine miles per hour. It's 714 to Stephen dead and you know we think you might think the movie business is. Well. Pretty painless and safe place to be but the over the years and now and then. We hear about a stunt person someone being injured even killed and we have a story that's this morning from ABC news correspondent. Jason Nathanson now we've had a a person killed I believe a stunt woman good morning Jason. Take it morning app is on the set of dead pool to shooting in Vancouver. I mean is Troy Eric. It was her first. Bill and so on performer who's doing a motorcycle stunt yesterday morning. When motorcycle something went wrong and she ended up flying through glass window. And eventually died there. She was a professional road racer doing motorcyclists passages you know very well versed in the world motorcycle. Up some things went horribly wrong mr. You know there's always that bit factor that something can go wrong make it in my years on and on the radio I just remember the the one where the helicopter. Paula posted what was the movie I think it we should. What was it fun I don't they were Seattle pilots on many. And if somebody got killed on that that was actually one of the stars got killed there. Yeah and outlook that was that was years ago yup. These accidents are few and far between. Although we did just count on the Walking Dead. The worst performer. Died. Just about a month ago we had two accidents in which resulted in debt. In the past month which is it's rare for Hollywood but he made it does happen I think the last time numbers and diet may be seventeen years ago so we again to have two of these within a month it's kind of shaking all did Tom Cruise give her yesterday to. Did that was on Sunday so it's an impossible six and from the video footage that we saw on two NC. He was doing a spot where he was jumping across from from rooftops from building to building. And he hit decided the building. And keynesian get up after the stunt easily been pretty bad they have said exactly what happened to rule on how he's doing now. But that was pretty scary situation as well it was so high up on top of the building. And he just tip decided really hard. Nah I watched the older team he. TV shows and movies and whenever I have a fight you know that. They cut away just as somebody spartans opened using this guy roar on the floor who has a way got to look to look at the start but. But that's a whole different deal at those those bar room fight to nothing like brighten a motorcycle and do something crazy yeah. Now for sure concrete likes to do his own stunts so you know but it's always dangerous when you have a start his caliber. And worked so much money. Now when he's doing and conflict that it's dangerous it's dangerous for the production as well. You know here in the dead pool incident you know just a very very sad situation we. Make a really good point there education in the fact that these and these studios have millions and millions of dollars invested in those stars and they don't seeing gone wrong with them. Like to like Tom risking is its life and limb there. Sure they you know lucky he insists on doing it on the in the studio lets them you know I don't know. Could change after something like that. Not all right well listen thank you freeway appear perp report this when we appreciate it that is true you Jason Nathanson ABC news correspondent live from LA where it. Stunt woman was killed in the and accidentally spilling of dead. Pool true. 717 Stephen Ted this is up. Tuesday August 15 when he seventeen and if you don't have a calendar nearby Mueller militant it is. When a warm day across central Kansas Monday other Ozal muggy yesterday afternoon not a lot of breeze and I did run and it was the it was a little tough which does high temperature was 89 which sounds great but debt. It was still money to me now normal high for the date is 92. And so we were a little below that. On the state in 1939 the MGM musical wizard of laws. Opened at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. And that was in 1939 Ted. 1939. Wednesday. Heck of a year or entertainment that changed everything in Hollywood I mean you had not opened The Wizard of Oz I don't think at that time is a big hit movie editing took a quantum leap. Has he is 39 you had gone with the wind and just there's a host of others on what the wind is mr. Smith goes to Walton you know as a watershed. And in of course. And within a year or two where we're in the war about that wizard of laws wizard laws about all of young woman from Kansas caught up in a tornado. But they're little boat Tokyo. It happened today great movie it's still it's still pretty amazing all the easier Allah later like all the characters in there. The the ten man and they ended. The lion and characters agree they'd like to care if there's a sneak past it just. Perfectly at all you need pretty guarding us disagree and a cast of very talented people Judy Garland actually spent ten yeah finding her and making sure she was in that role in liberate our. Many guys that have told you before I think I remember the first time I saw that it was about war or five years old and had nightmares. About a small rich chasing me around the house and nightmares for a long time now while there is scary parts of that movie still day. I have nightmares this and it scared me was that the 30 the 3 PM apple up the tree brought out your girl. I ran out of the room now. Those two things a little bit like a staff meeting with our boss Nic Wise and can be like. It set seven. Dana Steve and dead and cyber force the deadly bird and had a while royals rookies late game on the coast and one of the royal rookies came through big time last night got it was a nice and quiet night out in Oakland for the royals are only 9800. Fans in the stands at least that was the announced attendance that you know probably less than that this the royals and the last place Oakland Athletics going out yet. On a chilly night in Oakland I was pretty much it even gain except for one swing of the bat that's from the back up catcher. Cam Gallagher. Some playing time last night in coming through your game last night on KFH. Okay. Okay it's okay. Well if he doesn't it that they might still be playing that I need to time but yeah that got the job done the royals win in Oakland is six to two. Third win in a row for the royals the only other royal in franchise history whose first career home run was a Grand Slam. Was another former. Back up type catcher Paul Phillips the former Wichita wranglers back in 2005. The royals are just a half game behind for a playoff spot with 44 games to go. Kansas City in Oakland again tonight taking on days live pregame coverage begins at 8:30 this evening. It's on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. In other Major League action yesterday the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix beat the Houston Astros to do nothing matches but two of the better teams in the major leagues. Former Wichita wranglers Zack Greinke picked up another win for Arizona killing six and two thirds scoreless innings striking out nine. Greenpeace fourteenth win of the season. And that the Diamondbacks get the victory another former Wrangler Jorge Della Rosa. Helping out the Greinke finishing up the seventh inning there out of the bullpen the Diamondbacks picked up another win. In pro baseball the first place Wichita wing nuts finally back home. Starting at eight game homestand last night doubleheader at Lawrence Dumont stadium fans got. Seventeen innings worth of action last night in the double header the first game went ten innings beyond the scheduled seven. T bones of the Kansas City T bones when the opener fight to the wing it came back in the seven inning nightcap and won easily thirteen to three or split of the doubleheader. Wichita still with an eleven and a half game lead atop the south division with twenty games ago. We nets host T bones again and I only one game on the schedule this evening nine innings as scheduled at 705 tonight downtown. And Lawrence Dumont stadium. And a happy birthday today in football to Bobby hunt the former Kansas City Chiefs safety greats. Defender from the 1960s. In the AFL has. Dozens and dozens of interceptions to his credit for you retired Bobby hunt is 77. Today and he played for the chiefs back in Super Bowl one. Speaking of the chiefs act daily live chat with me told us play by play voice the chiefs live from training camp in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Coming up at 8:15. This morning that it was our charity fifteen Minnesota daily chat with met here on pay an asset. Seven Tony to doubt you and your per Rush Limbaugh morning update Democrats saying they have to move further to the left. Stevens in the morning on K and SS yeah. While you're outside working in the yard take the time to judge decided on your house. 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