Royals and Wingnuts win, NFL says 'no' to M.D.

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, June 26th
KC beats the LA Angles 2 - 0, Wichita beats Winnipeg 6 - 1.

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Is this station which a talker. First for live team coverage of breaking news CNN SS Wichita is number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. McCain is a sporting news feed and then I came back into our self partly cloudy and seventy degrees. The Kansas Supreme Court has ruled for the third time in two years for the state spending on public schools is inadequate. Despite an increase approved earlier this year. The High Court rejected arguments from the states that a new law phasing in a 548. Million dollar increase in funding over five years is enough to provide a suitable education for every child as specified in the state constitution. But in a nod to the legislature's effort to court delayed its mandate until June 30 2019. Or until further order of the court. Its decision allows Kansas schools to remain open for the upcoming school year. The court said that by making financial adjustments the state can't satisfy the remaining issues largely to account for inflation and at school finance plan. The court last year found that parts of the school finance law or unfair to poor districts the court said in its ruling Monday that the new law resolve those problems. Ronnie Price KN OSS news. Police are following up on the shooting of four people during a gang related disturbance in northeast Wichita. Some of the victims were inside their home Saturday afternoon in the 14100 block of north Harding where multiple homes were hit by the gunfire coming from two street gangs. Officer Charlie Davidson read a statement from Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsay. But don't repeat will be increasing patrols in the area. Allocating resources. And working with stakeholders to identify those responsible. And involved. To ensure they are held accountable. A continuation of this violence will not be tolerated. When he people who have information. About this incident. To work with a our investigators. The cheaper to say that so far police detectives are received minimal cooperation from witnesses slowing the investigation. The four people who are shot include a 66 year old woman a 48 year old woman an eighteen year old woman and an eighteen year old man. They were all given medical care and released from a hospital. Three teenage suspects have been charged for a June 9 shooting near the keeper of the planes. The incident occurred when a nineteen year old female is exciting spots party bus. Police are initially called to a drive by shooting near the central and m.'s area when a party bus was dropping off passengers and a sixteen year old suspect fired several gunshots at the bus striking the victim. As a result of the investigation a sixteen year old male was arrested and charged with criminal discharge of a fire arm into an occupied vehicle and juvenile on procession and a firearm. The seventeen year old male was charged with carrying a concealed firearm and an eighteen year old male was charged as a felon in possession of a fire arm. Another vehicle struck but no one is injured. The woman was treated and released from the hospital police say this was not a random incident. Steve Boyer KN SS news a Lake County California wildfire that seemed contained is now burning out of control. Consuming more than 101000 acres of land in destroying some homes. In the process. Fox's Thom maker reports from the scene. On the fire was holding steady at about 8200 acres helicopters using water from cash quick thing years detect each of the still smoldering major hot spots to prevent burning in a burned areas. But firefighters knew already that today it was shaping up. Porch growth they're facing a lot of talent as what the terrain. And that and the weather creating some Arctic winds and those wins came up. Temperatures soared and humidity plunged the park quickly went from her mission to a full blown relapses hotspots blurred up into flames. Blood supply items. Democrats appear to be on the defensive over comments made by California congresswoman Maxine Waters waters all but encouraged members of the trump resistance to harass members of the administration in public during a speech over the weekend she now claims that's not what she meant. I believe. In peace well. Very peaceful protests. I have not calm but the climate anybody. But Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says he doesn't like the tone of waters original comments I strongly disagree with those who advocated harassing folks if they don't agree with both White House spokeswoman Sara Sanders and Homeland Security secretary Christian Nielsen recently forced to leave restaurants Tom or Gotti Fox News can't resist used on now 6044 minutes past 6 o'clock. Jim do the morning on K it is just now 61010 minutes at 6 o'clock. He gasoline prices in which saw this morning stole it. Trickling down cent by cent to 54 word today that it. That's what we're looking nasty traffic conditions out there this morning asking barely get we do have. They actually did that yesterday in I think over the weekend as well they did speak out that stop place along in a 111 street. So that project or that's a trial of not having it stop please bear has begun when you go on for another. A couple of months trescothick maintenance as radio on yes Jesus and now the forecast isn't he innocent staff. Beetlejuice Dan Holliday hit morning's Dan. Good morning we have an area of low pressure well up to our northeast and that's trapping some cloud cover around it. We could see you shower or storm popped up through about mid morning otherwise breezy today with a high of 92. Tonight there may be an isolated thunderstorms along the frontal boundary most of those will be two more east though Carlos 73. Hot for tomorrow with a heat advisory in effect for high 101 and I'm KMS just meteorologist Dan holiday help. Partly cloudy 71 degrees have a self printed at eight miles per hour today is Tuesday June 26 putting eighteen the rain and milder temperatures across Kansas Monday which toss I was 87 degrees normal high is ninety. Now we set record yesterday. Rainfall recorded at Wichita one and 72 hundreds of an inch that was a record for the date the previous record was set in 1939. Net. On this date in 1973. Parts of Butler county were bombarded with a baseball site able. No details were reported regarding extent of damage or injuries 1973 big hail storm in Butler county. And on this date in 1977. Elvis Presley. Performed his last concert. At market square arena in Indianapolis in now. Big day for you go fans last concert for Elvis almost is not around anymore nor is the building around any. US senator Joseph mansion. Cracked terrain of a US senator Claire McCaskill while performing the Heimlich and over and over on the fellow Democrat when she began choking. A spokesman for Manchin says McCaskill began choking during a luncheon. For demos senate Democrats Thursday. Mentioned use the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the blockage in the castle's throat but he cracked to rid of the profits. McCaskill says she's really grateful to Joseph she adds that a little bit of a sore rib for a couple weeks is no big deal. But that. Yeah of course she was a fellow Democrat if you as a Republican I'm sure that Joseph wouldn't say it. I have a feeling those senators there when it in that situation they don't care what party you're in just like. When Reagan got shot missed into the doctorate of your Republican you would make it. Police in Tennessee see him and forced a woman in a wheelchair out of her car. Before he stole and crashed the vehicle and I. Brokerage police say it'll slow the woman wasn't injured when the carjacking occurred Saturday in a restaurant parking lot. Deputies with the Anderson county sheriff's office located the vehicle as their pursuit in saluted. Suspect crashed the vehicle near an intersection. He was taken to the university of Tennessee medical center for treatment of undisclosed injury idiot his identity and condition. We're not release. Ago. Justice would have him end up in a wheelchair come on yeah encourage carjacking they want in a wheelchair with the terrible. Ache you know we. We share the stories of those who. Every morning you know those who are. Somewhat at odds with normalcy. For the fourth of July holiday falling on hump day if you less Americans may be celebrating and spending. That's right it's gonna be on the Wednesday the next ten days smack dab in the middle week. Because we didn't have a three day we indicated had a four day weekend this year you have to. It's an eagle five day weekend which a lot of people probably the fourth is a week from tomorrow in case you haven't. Yemen for ever heard about it and according to The National Retail Federation more than. 216 million Americans 87% plan to observe Independence Day next month 87 for. Are there 13%. That aren't observing it Independence Day and that's Amin is slightly down from landmark this last year's 219 million sow fear. Are those 13%. At all on its people decided America's out of that big a deal look in the into Independence Day anyway. Maybe they'd say well you know it's there we've got it and it'll always be there nothing's gonna change so there it is. I guess I have to look at that the other way you know I lived in Denmark would I'd be observing. Whatever. The next minute and then what I care enough. Food. At least would think if I lived there that I would at least. The voice service itself has some feeling for your home country though the motherland of the fatherland or whatever I think meet celebrating it basically is directly dependent on. Whether or not I get the day off for naught if that's their a lot of people while I have to work there's really not a whole lot of men to be done but yes you'd. They've move at least. 153 million Americans are planning to cut cut it could ever picnic. With friends and family 153. Million. They will spend a total about not a six point nine billion dollars on the food for their festivities. So Kroger is ready active. The first and second and third and Kroger Hillary's senate stuff on sale villains. That'll grocery stores. Now this calculates to about 75 dollars and 35 cents per person wants 75 bucks from her person. That's a lot of money for that's going out these big month missing you know hamburgers not in expense so like you're like her. Well thirteen fourteen dollars you know that's for one person. What if you're having hockey said as the party if you're having eight people like series you say buying eight relies even today at a party it's announced it says you add in friends over and cook and allies so pretty start to get pretty expensive goes from sixteen dollars per person how much of Pei potato chips amend it try to calculator. I think it's a little high. Would you spend that much of her personally Coca it's been 1520 bucks though hero. Amber's whatever they got to buy hamburger buns the average now we're still in about eleven box. And Lauren well. 75 dollars from a single item on. Okay. Apparently you don't have people over now I haven't had had a Zahn never. Now so it's not part of concern I don't have a big place of oil we don't have a really fancy house in the shall offer new thing. You know sometimes it's not very clean and are not in massive. In the price medicine thing. It inside jokes. At a near an American and make from a light housekeeping but it's all out you've been there yet just the Kennedy entertain many people know mine's house. Well you rely on the kind of like me you rely on the kindness of others to invite you to take their palatial estates is obliged son rights of law yes syndrome that denied always rely on the kindness of her right. Among right there to do when you're you know you're the same way. So you know you and I could have a competitor house but who might go to mom and debt. Or when he Brothers yes that's different that's a whole over the accuracy bingo. 617 now Stephen dead sanity five bucks a person. Seems allies. To safeties David to add another need taking food. And perhaps beverage and perhaps fireworks. And nobody's gonna wanna go to your place you don't buy big chunk of fireworks. We don't scored and Ted Woodward talking about I guess we nets and the royals an accident a little surprising surprising news from the royal. Right wow get a W yeah. Royals right in the middle of this road true they played three in Houston and they played one game at home. Then they go to Milwaukee for two and in Seattle for three. The thoughts of four city road swing although one of the games as a home. That was yesterday that was a makeup game regain got rained out in April mean Kansas City Royals and Los Angeles Angels. And the royals got the pitching they needed to get away yesterday did RC kind of pretty much a given that the royals aren't going to score many runs so you got to take advantage of the good pitching when you get it. And the royals got it yesterday there youngster. Brad Keller let's take a look at some of the action yesterday you heard it on KF eight. Nit right now clapping his hands as I take a look at that royals' dugout. Netted encouraging the young righthander. And admit they should know the offseason. Lips on his ranch in Georgia so I'm sure he's pretty proud of the way. This young man is good pitching for flowery branch Georgia. Pitch ground ball left side fielded by Bobby seats across the diamond in time how about that. Brad Keller the 22 year old right hander from flowery branch Georgia seven shutout innings the royals lead at one nothing. But that royals go on related to nothing and they hung onto the leak gas killer killer went. The seven strong seven and in the bullpen finished up the final two for the shut out Keller he was acquired from the Arizona Diamondbacks and rule five draft. Pretty good for the royals lately so nice job by killer royals get to nothing win in that make up game for the angels. Now the royals will head to Milwaukee. For an interleague series a couple of games against the first place brewers top team in the National League. And then the royals had a Seattle history itself. One another one game at home to be pretty good the royals have struggled at home all season long together nicely yesterday to nothing over the angels. Pro baseball last night up in Winnipeg Manitoba. For the Wichita wing nuts beginning at three game set up in Canada against the Winnipeg gold eyes. Jordan Cooper the former shocker with a strong start. And we know it's when it's 61 when nets have won nine of their last ten of the three and a half back in the south division. Wing nuts at Winnipeg again tonight into that three game set. In Kansas City Chiefs haven't doctor on the roster there's a doctor now come on NFL get with a. We brought you the story last month of Kansas City Chiefs offensive line Lauren do donate part of graduating with his medical degree from Montreal's McGill University well doctor do Ernie target. Actually requested a name change to his uniform asking the NFL to allow him to put do ornate part of MD on his nameplate on the back of his Jersey this upcoming season but according to Montreal station TV sports the NFL turned him down. The station based out of do Renee targets native code that says the decision may not be airtight as the chiefs' offensive lineman who signed a five year extension with Kansas City just last year is hoping the buzz from his medical school graduation will lead the NFL to reconsider Matt Apollo Tom how Fox News. Do any of the players have junior or the third or anything like that on their fears he's a wonderful. Yeah. My initial my initial thing is my initial take is no hope but don't thanks. And but you know the NFL. They start allowing one thing in every in and around. I thought I'd a law degree I want to ask why on his cue in the backed. Announced that it they've got to draw the line somewhere and let mr. mine. Other ago. Well we'll see Allen Alessio this all shakes out you know we're only about a month away from. Your daily training camp updates from the chief with me told list tonight starting in late July will have Mitch on every weekday and talked about training camp so we were only about a month away from that they'll have a good time and 8 o'clock errors don't regret your year here it'll get that's cranked up. You have four weeks and sports was Stephen's head caved in and spent. 622 now and keep an ear for us. Fox News commentator Todd Stern's 'cause gonna talk about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Not politically correct the only other show and you know this story now tides gonna jump on it today. David have the morning on tape and assess.