Royals lose at home again

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, June 19th
Royals woes continue, plus a Wichita Wingnuts preview with Ted Woodward.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking new OK I SS which could cause number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. This is the case NSA sporting news or even dead. I can talk and high wind and knocked down power lines and Hutchinson. We've got the story. Temporarily I think. Just look at where those details just ahead I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays we are two days away from the official start of summer. More even more humidity this afternoon rain chances on the way we'll tell you wind and what to expect coming up. Strong winds knocked down a number of power lines and Hutchinson Monday night Hutchison played keep. Stephen beard reports crews were dispatched following multiple reports of power lines down. Firefighters were forced to drive miles on the way to battle house fire the woman who owns the homeless found inside her car in the driveway under high voltage lines. She was uninjured and was eventually freed by firefighters. And workers from west our energy. Workers made an unsettling discovery yesterday morning in derby. Around 10 AM dirty police responded to a call at a business in the 100 block of west market workers renovating and building discovered what appeared to be a coffin in the attic. Containing possible human skeletal remains. Confident may have been there for an extended period of time. The derby police department is being assisted by the Cedric county coroner's office to determine if the skeletal remains are human. Derby PD will also work with experts too attempt to determine the age and gender of the remains anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to call the derby police department. At 7881557. Rodney prize K in SS news so. Hitting safety issues a city of Wichita is temporarily shutting down the stoplight at 111 and Kellogg in a west Wichita. City NJ Gary Jensen tells KS and using intersections saw 86 accidents. Between 20052014. A quarter mile away at 119 and Kellogg they saw fewer than twenty accidents in the same timeframe for us. Why we have committed to doing trial. So we've done today to start things off this is not. We can monitor and see you word how traffic's doing make sure we're not constant safety concerns we will just move problem. For now access to 111 will be from maize road then the access road on the north side of Kellogg. Jensen says of businesses are facing major issues or if there are traffic backed up issues they will reconsider the light closure. The secretary of Homeland Security says the problem of separating families at the border that has drawn outrage is for congress to fix not the president. Secretary Christian Nielsen says children of illegal immigrants aren't being used as pawns to rewrite immigration law and a White House briefing she said protecting kids from traffickers and false parental claims are among the priorities along with their wellbeing. We now care for them. We have high standards we give them meals we get an education we get the medical care. Still policies have governors publicly saying they won't send guard members to the border to enforce the policy. Among them Andrew Cuomo of New York Democrat and Charlie Baker of Massachusetts. Republican. Colonel Scott Fox News. Some good news on the health front fewer Americans are lighting up these days it's another all time Lowell for cigarette smoking in the US new government figures indicate about 14% of American adults describe themselves as smokers that's down from about 16% the year prior while that's not much of a reduction researchers say the figure shows the general decline in smoking is continuing and that includes teenagers high school smoking rate is down to 9% also a new low researchers saying smoking campaign cigarette taxes and smoking bans are combining to reduce the number oval for all smokers Tom or Gotti Fox News. Is this icon Warren Buffett plans to open a new Geico insurance service center that will bring 500 jobs to Linux. The Kansas City area development council says the senator will begin hiring customer service and sales employees immediately. It below open in August and add 500 jobs over five years. Taylor says it is time. Now 704. Foreman and spent 7 o'clock. Give you were baseball recaps of the royals on the wing nuts coming up in baseball action tonight. Birthdays do sports just a few minutes it was the day the president of France demands the respect. That story coming up. On McCain as a sporting news received. And as a sporting news Stevenson down 7088 minutes past 7 o'clock. A prosecutor has cleared to people who fatally shot a man. Who voted three after opening fire at an Oklahoma City restaurant. Oklahoma county district attorney David Prater the announced Monday that Juan Carlos those aerial. And Brian of middle were justified in their actions and would not face charges. Both men Jon took a shot 28 year old Alexander Tillman may 24 after authorities say he walked into Louise on the lake and started shooting. Tillman booted a woman and two girls. FaceBook is updating its advertising policies to prohibit showing weapon accessory adds to minors. FaceBook currently bans ads for guns and notifications. Starting June 21 the social network will tighten its policies on gun related advertising requiring those selling gun cases pollsters and other related products into restricted their audiences to at least eighteen years of age or over the move comes amid the ongoing debate over gun reform and could be ruffling a few feathers FaceBook already under fire for accusations of suppressing conservative voices earlier this year Google's YouTube came under fire my Second Amendment advocates after announcing it would ban clips promoting or linking to web sites selling firearms and accessories. Increasing good when Fox News. He's young popular and sometimes blunt. But you better mind your manners around the French president in the United States reporters in Europe the president at press conferences and Hollywood actors in TV stars refer to him and his family with a lewd language but in France a lesson for a teenager during an interaction with president Emanuel micron some high school students were waiting to meet the leader of France zero somber landmark where hundreds of members of the French resistance a during World War II were X acute and as mr. McCraw on past one of the kids casually said how's it go on -- the French president stopped and said no we you can't do that no known all nanny explained if you are here at an official ceremony and should behave. So you call me mister president or sir okay the red face team responded sorry mister president Kevin battled Fox News when I treat my grandchildren you will address me assert. Or Mr. President. Sevens and. Now 10 minutes as 7 o'clock it's. And in traffic out there right now well those traffic volumes really are picking up on and not seeing anything slowing down too bad. Now we've got to of course the road construction at death Kellogg and I C 35 drivers getting used to that after the oath do have a lot of traffic. On now I won 35 up by the north junction this time traffic updates from cape and SF radio on jet chief noon. There's some talk about. Rain in the forecast the kids and storm trackers record them now for Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett good morning Laura. Morning I cannot go anywhere without someone asking me if it's really going hearing is. Overwhelming but it is how do you answer that. It's gonna rain sometime elites. And point it will rain secondary exceeded that it will be raining from so where is Hillary yeah. Yeah I you know iso yell we are looking for increasing rain chances through the date today for the most part here in the metro it should be nice and quiet is going to be high humidity can definitely feel that this morning. We have temperatures in the seventies underneath a partly cloudy skies the winds pick up again just your typical Kansas wind we'll see highs in the low to mid ninety's calling for a high of 982 in which a top for the most -- in those storms are steer clear the metro beware watch all this develop out across the western and northern half of the stage and then this all merge together and slowly work toward our area so hopefully this can all hold together and we can see a lot of his reign can reach our area but and expecting a rain chances to really increase overnight in your early Wednesday morning. A lot of these storms will lose their punch it's not really expected for widespread severe weather threat that we could be looking at some strong thunderstorms first thing Wednesday morning some heavy rain gusty winds on top of that with the rain chance pretty much to linger through the date tomorrow. Wednesday night into Thursday before we finally dry out for the Friday and citing into the weekend. Size is likely to fork as you go 20% chance for showers today. Just that small potential if we did see something menacing closer to our area but the chance of outlining. Right downtown is really slammed on general. At the radar and see and no not much out there right. East Moline okay afternoon that speed of the boy you can't get impatient you know yeah I know so yeah I've got atheist and outlined in the artwork and you do it's now day in and I've been mowing of the dirt not the well. That's a tough job. And like the dust bowl in the backyard there but. All right so it was him you know tomorrow morning Stephens and we can come on the air at 6 o'clock freedom going to be doing and severe weather or reduce. And do rallies and a look at some light rain showers and so a lot of this kind of runs out of gas by the time he gets here yeah which is some light rain. Which is get would you do that we can do the rain without severe weather. I'm looking for something's pleasant how much you. That sounds pleasant he liked it. So fairy tale he's an honest we're going to have a pleasant day today before we like mr. Rogers when you. This in my seat the panel's letter you can change what I'm. My track you stretch and could be all right but. Laura the gay as in Star Trek every forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett right now partly cloudy. And 76 degrees and we're looking at a south wind of only nine miles per parcel eighteen men out there this morning you might say. Yesterday and I had a high of 96 degrees normal life of the date by the way 88 so we've been B above the high. Just about every day for I don't know Baltimore but yet they're looking for the at least the possibility. Of rain showers here in the Wichita area later today let me take a quick look. At that. KS genus as weather center radar now and I'm seeing all the little blip yes. Down there on the Oklahoma line it between well Adam is probably rights and south of harper down that way. To the south west of which a little blip they're up around concordia. Nor the vice 70000. Showers up their says they'll move into the Easton. And a few blips on the map but not much a dispute over the of them not much of the question now that it. They have but not much happen out there right now but at least the possibility. Of a nice pleasant shower the degree and a today is Tuesday June 19. Two when he eighteen on this date in 1990. The infamous inland hurricane roared across south central Kansas wins from eighty to 120 miles per hour. Tore through a track from Pratt too important and it's odd. Pratt is around what 8080 miles west of Wichita spratt. Emporia is a good eighty to ninety miles on the other side to the east and Islam all that away several buildings on the roof to move. And almost all the TV and radio stations were knocked off the year it was a big win. 8200 that's hurricane fortunately capture. And why they called in mainland her again it goes eighty million dollars in damage and injured 33 people. That was a mistake in 1990. Lou. And think where I was working at the time Lucy I would have been net. They excel Kay radio while five point three adult contemporary there. During the Mike and Mac show at that time. And a uttered remember the little hurricane. I would mimic countless sports reporter the Wichita region and lit paper about it. I both of us to relieve. Strong media loop charging Jerry as stolen art yesterday at you've been listening yesterday was that my. Wife and I celebrate our fortieth anniversary. Wedding anniversary and certainly our congratulations. On that milestone as threw it up on the FaceBook and got a lot of rich happy occasion. People saying congratulated say what you picture view in your bride 48 years ago yes. She was she looks great you kind of look like a little bit of a deer in the headlights but you know. I let us. Hours they've David had no idea what was gonna happen. Well you know I don't know that life's journey and here we are 48 years later you make the commitment you swear in front of god you're gonna stay there and it I tickets are justly. And my wife told me at that time you know you just swore an oath in front of god you better take its social well he says he says does I do. When you say I do that's been to meet a new take it's seriously. But I know that. We've been lucky to. The real lucky that the city get there'll be used as a lot of people just don't have all admit that bad good fortune like with the matter just so I understand that. Anyway 48 we had a great evening I went to USC basketball game migrants Alou played a little basketball. Shelley had the twin granddaughters over the of the made some lemon bars. And she created me a fine home ladies tuna casserole that exists announcement that there is LA see them couple of people relieving you know liberals. Snotty people who live high on the hog for a anniversary. Always tuna casserole. Eleven well I mean McCann. You just had Father's Day weekend UH UH pretty tomahawk I don't the last couple months went to Stroud for trial on him but I'm in good shape eat allies. Under and didn't get a great a care thing at the training table there 718 Stephen tablet take a look at sports this morning with yet but we're we're looking at the young royals. The continuing to have. If you proud legacy as a way to put it right now the struggles continued in royals last night at home hosting the Texas Rangers both teams in last place in their divisions. That the royals make some headway against the Rangers wealth fixes did the have a lead in this one about midway through the royals though had a really good chance to make some things happen in the bottom of the fifth inning you've heard the game last night on AF H. Bases loaded. Well noted Hoosier from Cologne. Ground ball to shortstop which like to chicken run first issue. Double plays in home runs who played the royals' entire year they let us struggling pitcher also look. Rangers go on to win it six to three years the royals. Are now ten and 27. At home this season. Worst in the major leagues it cannot win home. And hurts. Royals continue to drop. They lost seven in a row there hosting the Rangers again tonight. Towards the end of this long homestand with live coverage of the Rangers and royals at 630 tonight teams start set the scene. Listen live on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975 FM. Before the game yesterday the royals traded their closer killed Lena Guerrero to the Washington Nationals or three minor leaguers. For double a third baseman a single it center fielder and his teenage pitching prospect. Of course the royals don't use their clothes are very much better and rarely have the lead in the ninth through some fruit of but you hate to see is that's another sad moment to see a guy that was part of that unbelievable. Bullpen just. Three and four years ago when they were in the World Series. And another link to that World Series team has gone on the rare treated the nationals. For three prospects. And the let's take a look at pro baseball tonight the Wichita when I just hope they're good prospect well. They these guys that these deadbeat yeah looks like couple these guys he said you know we need some help. Yeah it Philly yeah you know when she gets temper her good pitcher I just got it would certainly help the nationals bullpen. Hopefully the royals get some future stars and exchange could be a George Brett or frankly don't know you know. Let's take a look at pro baseball for the Wichita wing nuts as they are in the stretch where they are playing thirteen out of sixteen games on the road. The only three home games are the next three nights downtown Lawrence he wants state in the wing it tonight posting the Sioux Falls canaries. Wichita has won seven of its last eight planes in the baseball 705 tonight downtown. We know through right now tied for second place in the division five and a half games back. Minor League Baseball tonight it's the Southern League all star game in Birmingham Alabama the double A level Omar Ben Como former wing Mets pitcher is in double lay with the Minnesota Twins organization. He is number two in the Southern League with a 2.2 three earned run average this season. It's also got a record of five and one on the year in double play. Former wing nut Omar bin Como tonight in the Southern League all star game and happy birthday today. Two former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Gunther Cunningham. Who's 72 years old today. What's gonna that was the head coach in between. Marty Schottenheimer and Dick Vermeil oh okay. And and that if you go at a winning season his first year with the chiefs went nine and seven but they regressed in his second year and they got rid of them got Dick Armey. Happy birthday to former chiefs coach Gunther Cunningham who is 72. Today. Course we're very far away from chiefs football right about. Or five weeks from now we'll be starting our daily training camp reports the mayor told us. Yeah right here on Dana says on the content in the morning and people love those Jim what about 8158 in the morning we'll play Galilee in after it. We will have a ball towards the end of July so we're not that far off that's sports with Stephen Ted Kate and as at 722 year given differ rush. Live but by the way did you mention that. We are the radio home of the city teams you mentioned that I haven't done I got my subtext if you were in men we are the rate we are in radio home we did so well. Time for a prairie fire coffee break on K and as has very fired coffee. Is a freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans or roasted fresh. Right here in Wichita. And you do get very tired coffee you're office by calling 2673771. Or blind. At prairie fire coffee dot com. To differ Rush Limbaugh morning update union troubles at Amazon that's on the way Stevens at the morning. On Kate and answer yes.