Royals so close to ending historic winning streak

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Friday, September 15th
The Royals had Cleveland down to their last strike before losing in extra innings.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 7 o'clock this is a decade and it says sporting news feed instead. I Steve Macintosh. Patient is a suspect. In the killing of Wichita psychiatrists. We got the story which is dog drinking water is experiencing a temporary unpleasant taste in order. I'm Dan O'Neill I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday a few storms are popping up on radar this morning in south central Kansas. A change in the weather pattern is on the way are complete forecast coming up. An explosion aboard a London train this morning is being investigated as a terrorist incidents. The explosion occurred as the train was stopped at the Parsons green stuff on London's scuba. Mark Abrams was in the train car where the explosion took place he says. The explosion created a fireball engulfed the car and burned several people. I know about and did they need is a wonderful thing. The explosion. And the far below politicians on my back and as far as who can help me. The Associated Press reporting eighteen people hospitalized with no life threatening injuries. In that explosion on the tube in London this morning. More information today on what you just 24 homicide of the year police called to. Holistic psychiatric services in the 600 block of north carriage parkway Wednesday evening. The report of an assault they found doctor a cure ready in an Alley behind the center suffered from numerous stab wounds. Lieutenant Todd oh Giles says an employee saw an altercation between the doctor and a patient in an office. After going office a disturbance was hurt an office manager entered into the office and observe the suspect assaulting doctor Reddy. She attempted to stop the assault which allow the doctor to flee the office. The suspect in case doctor Reddy out of the business where he caught up with them in the Alley behind the business where we believe the second assault occurred. The doctor was pronounced dead at the scene about twenty minutes later a security guard called police to report a suspicious vehicle at the Woodstock country club. Police found a 21 year old male was blood on his clothing he was taken into custody. And booked into jail Thursday morning jail records identified that suspect is Omar Rashid Abdul looks. Who was a client of doctor reddy's no motive was given. Which start drinking water is producing an unpleasant taste and order due to seasonal changes. In Cheney reservoir but officials say there is no health risk. To the public in a news release Don Henry with public works and utilities says Cheney reservoir one of two primary water sources for what you thought customers. Is experiencing a seasonal die off of LG. Which releases into the water our compound which can cause unpleasant odors and affect the taste. Once the change of water chemistry was detected the water treatment process was adjusted to account for the extra compound in the water. City officials will continue to monitor the water quality and make adjustments as necessary. Officials say customers should begin to notice drink you water return to a standard quality over the next few days. Dan O'Neill can SS news and other North Korean missile launch rattles nerves in Japan. Northern Japan awoke to the sound of loud speakers are learning residents that North Korea has fired another missile over the country. Telling them quickly to seek shelter so ballistic missile the second this month was tracked from North Korea to airspace about Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido before plunging into the Pacific Ocean you know local communal fury Japan commented swiftly on the new launch as chief cabinet secretary Yoshi heating sugita said the nation would not tolerate North Korea's repeated provocations Anthony Trotter BBC news Tokyo. The president now has now officially condemned last month's deadly violence. In Charlottesville Virginia. President trump has. We're learning more about what happened at the Florida nursing home where eight elderly people died Wednesday morning. ABC's Tom llamas says two back to back emergency calls came into the hospital across the street at around 3 AM a red flag to the hospital's head nurse. An hour after that a third emergency call from that same facility that was enough for the hospital's chief nursing officer cutie from. I along with another colleague decided that we needed to take a walk over to see if we can offer our assistance from says the staff at the nursing home was doing everything humanly possible to move patients to a cooler area with fans but it was too hot she saw patients dehydrated in distress I thought it was an extreme situation that we had to get people out. But things to that emergency response many worse eight. KE NS has used time now 7066. Minutes past 7 o'clock. And sports. The American Association series continued last night. Talk about what happened with the wing nuts and the Kansas City Royals coming up in its courts Lady Gaga are rushed to a hospital that story coming up. On the case and is this morning news was he'd attended. Okay and is this morning users even dead now 7099 minutes past 7 o'clock we're learning more. About the Washington's teenager who allegedly brought to our guns to his high school Wednesday and opened fire on fellow students. ABC's Clayton sand Dell has more forms. Oak end the suspect a fifteen year old sophomore we have not identified because he is a minor he allegedly told detectives he'd come to the school to teach everyone a lesson about what happens when you bully others but says he did not target any one specific but questions about missed signals shooter was known for posting social media videos firing weapons the sheriff says he wrote a suicide note more than a week ago and students say he warned them that he was about to do something information they say was passed on to school officials but apparently not to police. More than 50000 students are back in class as the school year begins in Wichita. Safety and security director Terry in Moses senator's staff of sixty are responsible to keep those students teachers and staff safe every school day. Moses tells K Unisys news eight police officers service school resource officers it is truly begin an opportunity for officers to. Build relationships with kids to talk to kids. We have I know. Several members the Wichita police department that took on jobs and law enforcement because of those relationships. That happened when they were in school Terry in Moses is our guest this weekend and if you Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight on K and assessed. Lady Gaga was rushed to a hospital Thursday. Lady Gaga is suffering from severe physical pain and according to a statement posted on Twitter he says it's not simply hit you know aware and care from touring it's apparently something more serious. She's in the care what she says of the very best doctor she's canceling a performance Friday and re addition aero earlier this week gaga revealed she suffers from fibromyalgia. Part of that battle includes chronic pain she's in the middle of the world toward no word of other days will be canceled Jason Nathan's and ABC news Hollywood. K and is has used time now 7-Eleven 11 minutes spent 7 o'clock Stevens did in the mornings. And so far this morning in traffic don't have any big traffic tie ups out there however we do have some rain in west Wichita. How about what better place than we haven't seen for quite some time traffic update on Kate in SS radio on did chambers. And now they can't assist storm tracker three quartet with Kansas today meteorologist. Leon Smith have been good morning Leon. Good morning. Well I've had good pretty good looks like we're gonna have some are they high end. In fact in west part of down maybe get some right now what's what's your radar showing their debt. And key in this list in ass kiss and whenever. No the problem letters yes and he. We knew what I'm like spoke well what has met or we have radar quite a we got a little emotional again. Progress at the airport wet which are starting to get Emery get wet roadways out there that now out. In light rain like maybe moderate rain at that I was gonna continue to push on stage we count in the veterinary era over the next. Hours so we have been on articles sprinkle and shower so this morning I'm gonna rain in the forecast that put into the it's a white out. Later this morning that we will redevelop the chance showers and storms. Later on today as well it's going to be hot windy and a little bit more cubicle restarting the outer ship. This rate we're getting this morning is not severe acute social welcome 120 somebody's. Yeah yeah hey anytime Harvick he's getting good the shower right now and it's like I don't up and it. Yeah some owners get some over there in Reno okay looking and looking good right now up. We've got spotty showers and storms originally from Oklahoma and Nebraska line right is central and is now. We get some good stuff westerners separate out who got that activity out there are. You know harper county big thunderstorm that progress of severe weather out of these. I got it locked the Bud Light and on the they're pretty impressive so there's a severe Ra I was it would just be yeah cloud to ground lightning strike up a vehicle like eight. But what breathing so well that. There's too hot windy conditions that we have been happy and. And Leon it's all aluminum that we can say obviously from the west to the east right now. Yes yes look west east and it is polluted not a really rapid pace is not going to be one of those things will rain all or not. Would appear that they go on again off again rain showers. Probably the mid to late morning hours and then what is it a break this afternoon before he fired Italy to separate. Okay thanks Leon the K and SS storm tracker three forecast. With Kansas today meteorologist beyond Smither and right now rain showers in Wichita 69 degrees south wind thirteen miles per hour. And a tragedy. A lot of tragedy in the in and a in the wake of hurricane Burma but this nursing home. A tragedy is something has got our attention right now on ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan is is live in Miami with us this morning morning Jim. Towards the sort of situation I think that anybody. In the country has family members in retirement and he's going to be checked you know blows what ones more frequently perhaps a court in Hollywood sort that the north your eight of those patients have died others are still in pretty actually hospital now captures the air condition unit went out and personal what power the topic that was the work like in an outlet working but. The eighties these stretch out or that or not during the storms so. The temperature at the beat that rise and there. The humidity had begun decline in some of the Asian tech or temperatures 106 degrees when the. And we heard a moment ago and updates it's that they did have fans in there but day and that I guessed it sounds like the staffers. Pretty much overcome with all of this going on they could move people fast enough to get him to a place of safety in and it just didn't sound like they were overwhelmed him. That's I think took a pretty terrorists that much what the medical staff that there's a hospital just across the street from that cursing all. And that's where the first patient went at 3 o'clock in the morning. That person died another patient in that short time later. Also suffered severe heat problems in. In and that's from the mother of staff officers their at hospitals and a walk ordered figures take a look it was Obama. Jim more in income that it would just like in open marketplace. They're hospitals that were running around that personal step try to console Asians into the world that at some of these bands. Eventually you know there was a line ambulance so I checked these people wait that hospital in to a different when several hospitals packed. Now ER. That the state has companionship that you know your who are you eligible to receive Medicaid. Payments and India are essentially putting up any deliberations until an investigation has danced. Jimmie you've got to realize that in Florida that if we consider retirement state they're probably. Thousands of nursing homes there with thousands and thousands of patients in them and adding these places have to be monitored to. By the state by the government from time to time make sure they're doing the right thing up. Well absolutely you know and this would have been some trouble for the owners at. Some well some fraud allegations technically 2008. Millions of dollars. In fines. But I think the right at the end even now. There are still retirement community nursing homes around Miami date that without electricity. The mayor was going right yesterday heading our backs are the places. And they're urging slower our electorate the power restored to post a nursing most of prevent a recurrence of that tragedy at Hollywood. All right ABC's Jim Ryan thanks Jim for being weather is as always this morning ABC's Jim Ryan live in Miami. With the aftermath of that nursing home tragedy eight people. Died in that thing it says 717 now Stephen dead and this is the last weekend for the Kansas state fair if you wanna get up there and save me about my wouldn't. Considered today or tomorrow. Could it'll shower today here tomorrow but. A doesn't look like anything severe. But the book should cool things off a little bit out there hopefully yeah so if you haven't made it to the state fair this year that's just about. Finish of that time to do that that is a terrific attraction. Yeah and they averaged a little over 350000. Visitors in their eleven day run every year and at. They're looking forward to may be having that many this year that are there whether so far has been fantastic. It's been great and it could be a little shower this weekend but the state fair. We'll deal with a shower act FOIA. Last time I was up there are several years together we dealt with a little shower there already sent. 718 now Stephen daddy and sports on Jan Chamber's tell us about. The royals play in the Cleveland indians' hottest. Team in baseball and fact this street there there are right now its hottest and many many years and what happened with the royals and Indians last. It the well at Kansas City Royals they need to keep winning keep their playoff hopes alive the start run out of chances. Just a little bit and well. It's got a four game series against Cleveland at Cleveland at a Tony one game winning streak going in the last night down in but. Els Adam down the royals were gonna win that game it was down to the very last strike in the ninth getting in Francisco adore that game tying double. That changed that tied things up and sent it to extra innings but the momentum it kind of clearly shifted towards Cleveland at that point. You heard that last night on T if H 12:40 AM IND 75 FM. You'll pitch well you don't like about the right field line. And then jumping around like they've. Series. Yeah that wells a big deal 22 games girls when he two wins in a row for Cleveland. And you know that that means they're only four teams away four wins away from the most of the longest winning streak in Major League history. And do the royals are going to be doing everything they can't beat you forget that yeah. Well it's healthy though not as they get they get. Well that's what else royals are still still have a chance to get in the playoffs and they dance they really need to go on a street. A taken and needs some wins out there Cleveland once again the royals at Cleveland. And that's going to be tonight broadcast start at 6 o'clock over on. KFH. 12:40 AM 975 FM. The Olympic gold eyes got five runs in the top of the fifth and that was enough to beat that. Wichita wing nuts yesterday 721. With the final score of that one. And it's the American Association championship series. It's now tied at a game apiece but winner take. And get some momentum shift through now because of the rest that series is gonna happen in Winnipeg so yeah I'll. So. And a series is tied it 11 bit. Not when an attempt to do it on the road now so we'll see how that goes the next game in that series game three Saturday night. At 605. We've got some college football on Saturday KU football over on KFH. Jayhawks on the road in Ohio facing the Ohio University bobcats. Regain started that when 9:30 AM kick off at eleven college football on eight and as as Saturday as well. Butler grizzlies hosting Iowa western pregame start at 630 on 987 at thirteen thirty K and SS and sports on Sunday. Starts and KF eight at 9 AM with the NFL insider show. At 11 o'clock you can tune in right here to 97 and thirteen thirty KMS passport pregame coverage of the Kansas City Chiefs vs the Philadelphia Eagles. Kick off at noon on that one of if H is hosting yours say airing the Kansas City Royals vs Cleveland to freaking started 1130 on that one and then of course an NFL Sunday. KFH joining the Dallas Cowboys on the road at Denver followed by Sunday Night Football the Atlanta Falcons hosting the Green Bay Packers. Also this weekend is a final note here college volleyball which does state. Opening the home portion of their schedules soccer volleyball classic starts today at Charles Coke arena. The shocker facing a pair of nationally ranked teams this weekend at. Chuck play number 8 Creighton at 7 o'clock tonight and on Sunday to shocker lady's face number nineteen Iowa State 230. I less than an hour from now. The play by play voice of the Kansas City Chiefs Mitchell this will be reduced for his Friday visit brought you by rusty X Ford. And an update and a big big win they had last week yes she was dead Mitch has to say about this week that's less than an. Our way right here seven Tony to keep differ Rush Limbaugh morning update. Russia's gonna talk about a study finds that women characters on TV TV are most likely mothers and wives. It's time for our prairie fire called me a break on K and is desperate fighter coffee. It's a freshest coffee in the Wichita area because I'm very tired coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita I have a cap. Right here on the into my arm of plastic and it got temporary prior right now as you can get prairie fire called read your office. Just like Steven dead by going 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. Stephen dad on Kerry in a sense.