Royals win 3rd in a row

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Friday, May 25th
Sports recaps plus a weekend sports preview with Ted Woodward.

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Is this station Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news today and assessed Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station depend on. Good or 7 o'clock this is the case and as a sporting news receivers Ted dynasty I can talk. Remains believed to be those of Lucas Hernandez sounded RB Toby we've got the story. Prostitution sting on south Broadway hit more than a dozen arrests signed it will toward those details just ahead on KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday is an area of showers and a few thunderstorms rolled through overnight. Now we could expect to really heat up for the Memorial Day weekend our forecast and how warm we get coming up. The remains of a child believed to be five year old the weakest Hernandez have been found himself he's Harvey county and his stepfather has been arrested. Lucas Hernandez has been missing from his Wichita home since February 17. Harvey county sheriff Chad gay talk to reporters are deputies were dispatched here on the report of found. Body and when we arrived there's a body underneath the bridge up there appears to be a small human. And it's but it's. It's done recognizable. I mean it's just no way we can tell who it is because of deteriorated state of. The missing boy's stepmother 27 year old Emily glass has been booked into Cedric county jail. A bad guy with a gun stopped by a good guy with a gun in Oklahoma City shots fired inside Louise in Oklahoma City according to police the gunman entered the restaurant and fired several shots from a handgun as people were having dinner Thursday. When the suspect exited the establishment he's confronted by a citizen and citizen how to welcome and two guys went and saw the suspect the suspect is dead. Now that good samaritan is being hailed a hero potentially saving dozens of lives we just have some parts of the stop. Detectives are interviewing at least 100 witnesses as part of the ongoing homicide investigation might cancer Fox News Wednesday the Wichita police department conducted a sex trafficking sting along south Broadway. This is the night sex trafficking sting conducted in the quarter or areas since August of last year. A total number of arrests is 8516. Females. And 69 males. Arrested throughout all these nine differed assignments. Police officer Charlie Davidson says Wednesday's sting resulted in the arrest of one woman and fourteen men. Kansas utility regulators have approved the merger of the two largest electric companies operating in the state. The Kansas corporation commission's decision Thursday needs that to peak at based west star energy and great plains energy of Kansas City, Missouri will become subsidiaries of a new company called ever G. Great plains as a parent company of Kansas City power satellites. Missouri regulators approve the merger on Thursday as well both companies' shareholders overwhelmingly approved it in November. What star said at a statement that the new company will have an equity value of about fifteen billion dollars and one point six million customers in Kansas and Missouri. The merger is expected to generate savings and efficiencies. What star will give customers 23 million dollars in credits on their bills while KCP and no issue seven point five million in credits. Rodney price KE SS news president trumps threat to impose new tariffs on auto imports is prompting warnings from members of his own party president troubling slapping steep tariffs on automotive imports and looking to skirt congress in the process. The president has directed commerce secretary Wilbur Ross who investigate whether auto imports were a threat to national security. So we can act that congressional approval under the in 1962 trade expansion act. But those plans Armey Republican resistance senate majority leader Mitch McConnell tells Fox's Bret Bair on special report. I think all of us are hoping to look at all Lucia back and forth discussion about trade on another. Leading us and Jews the implementation tariffs or some larger trade war. Some Democrats also accused president above lacking a coherent trade policy in Washington Chama Angel Fox News. North Korea says it's still willing to sit down for talks with the United States at any time at any format. This just hours after president Donald Trump abruptly canceled his planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Owen. K and SS news I'm now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Soccer baseball team bounced out of the post season all weekend coming up for the wing nuts we will have. Lots of sports coming up just few minutes which don't river festival week away we've got a preview of that story coming up. On the cake at SS morning news was even there and it. Okay and is this morning news was Stevenson now settled on 9:9 minutes past 7 o'clock on Friday morning. This year's Wichita river festival begins a week from now on June 1. Wichita festivals think president Mary Beth Jarvis tells an assist news is that he's 400000 people or more will attend events. Within nine days we throw. 25 or thirty million dollars into the local economy. And that's awesome and that helps enhance our quality of place that. Really the big goal for us is that we create a sense of celebration and community. During those first you know ten days of June and everyone can join at. Mary Mitt Jarvis and were invited Smith number 45 Tim Norton are our guests this weekend and is used on the eighteenth Sunday morning at eight on Kate in SS. The teenager about to graduate from his Missouri high school was banned from commencement after a frank. Went out of control eighteen year old Kylie and she'll just wanted to play his senior prank than others. People are gonna do like releasing life my days. Or you know building and beach in the trial like the lobby area they. He had to do something different so he put his Truman high school and Independence, Missouri for sale on Craig's list. It was going for the bargain price of just about 121000 dollars. Trouble came when he wrote the reason for the sale was. The loss of students coming up someone reported the posting as a possible threat. Carlin actually meant plus students because the senior classes graduating he's apologized but he still booted from Saturday's commencement chill mate don't Fox News. A man and Kentucky's retirement dreams are shattered. When his house is stolen Roger Pennington bought a piece of wooded property and Butler county Kentucky as a place to retire he also bought a building on line and won't get onto his property. He was refurbishing it to make it his retirement can happen but Pennington left the property returning a few days later only defying his retirement home grown thought someone had cut a change to get access and there were tire tracks leading out from where the building once Wallace his future home and all his belongings. Gone Gary Baumgarten. Fox News K Ennis has used. I'm now 7-Eleven. 11 minutes past 7 o'clock. Some heavy traffic right now. At Iowa and 35 right around thirteen street north and south down there. Some pretty heavy traffic watch for slowdowns traffic updates from DNS this radio on jet chambers. And now the king is in store part of three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Laura van and good morning Laura. Hey good morning happy Friday happy happy happy yet. Yes so much caffeine and then you know we did some rain out there serious so that's great news and so far all his activities behaved. We do have some spotty showers that may be out on the turnpike this is stretching from Matt filled agreed to cast today. Burns and near a parts of a Bel Air also a casino night. My slight soured that's just popped up the but the one maybe something we have to keep a close eye on is what's going on near Walton to ignore the past and you mound bridge. And south and McPherson now we did have a line of thunderstorms that may be on the stronger side of things could be looking at some small hail gusty winds forty to fifty miles per hour this is sinking off to south and east I think for the most part into that. Parts of the metro which is say mostly dry the words and allow for that morning chance for some showers and storms were to clear out trial for the afternoon is going to be another hot one calling for a high of ninety degrees breezy south wind eight to eighteen. Deputy Evey time frame there is still that potentially can see history storm most of us should stay dry it is time period anything that gets going eaves and a clear out in the and we laughed for the heat to build through Saturday Sunday into Memorial Day calling for highs in the low to mid ninety's it is going to be downright steamy weekend overall. Look at those radar by the and it says it can't SS weather center radar and I've seen the shower you're talking about. Just the northeast corner Cedric county certainly gives some. Piano looks like Park City should be guy but he out of it's is that one little corner that is right into Bel air and that stretches further off to the north and Ian. Right if you're get in the northern part of the Butler county said that the turnpike ordered its shower right now on exactly so yelling at him this would have to do the severe weather this morning just a stronger thunderstorms farther to the north but. Noisy start but beautiful and the day they were you I'd federal your habits are in the afternoon to you may be likely to do closely tonight and I step yesterday afternoon. During a very pleasant rain shower in Wichita. Yeah you know what I actually. I was I was actually I was out of the gym and I happen and I walked down whoo man I would do anything to be back right now didn't buy time I got hold sun shining was beautiful you were out with GM or antigen. Sorry at the GM. And got a clear why I got. That to us. And yeah Graham and I just a T I elected the the national well the national weather center. National Weather Service total what point to three inches of rain yesterday just about what is the quarter of an inch which. Under current evidence do I even if you write the buckets but then you other some people that may be on the west side as I get anything yeah absolutely had a spotty there and he is okay. I know what that's daddy got a big weekend planned I know he's it's personal you may know what it's only did you. I'm parking up that the pool is gonna hang out lay low weekend and be back bright and early Monday morning I know what fifth went to. Should do is make sure and I don't know how are you are on this Padilla make streets of sunscreen on via via the sun. To carry yourself okay absolutely I myself I did a lot of running without any Centrino when I was younger and I paid for about fifteen years later so. My gonna go any further with a that that. Make hazard a spread the word I'll be out Jim and I this crazy I talked to every morning give me a slap on the science greasy yet do it well the thing is that. Has very fair skin about actually block and it. And very fair skinned that your you've never seen me but done on the amount amount of really attractive guy and I'm tumbled one you know so to care much it. Are you there hello sillier say this you have a great Reagan say at a gym or do they. That's a key assets or its report guessed the Kansas today meteorologist Florida I sure hope I didn't embarrass her. And it seems like he's. Speaking at all and good humor. This is that it may 25. This is a big old by the way yesterday's high wished I was 88 and premium. Those that are more today this is that the game whether history. I was on this date in 1955 attic like you two violent F five tornado struck northern. And north central Oklahoma and extreme south central Kansas this included the you don't tornado Ted heard yet and we had a cold. But somebody reminding me that Blackwell got hit by the bug is more opportunities. Yeah it was the same one it was a different ads are too. This for men had tracked thirty miles long. Averaging half mile wide. Tornado leveled most of Udall killed 75 injured 270. It also killed five dead children and this three miles northeast of Oxford and bring the total number of totality eighty. Still the deadliest tornado in Kansas is right. Now half mile wide say well we've been talking about tornadoes two miles wide to an app while. But a half mile wide and an F five that you don't measure how wide it is at the F five. Measures wind speed to ground wind speed and damage and damage the goal and afterwards to assess the damage and from what I saw again my. Late father in law gene went down there to help with the Salvation Army to blow his Villa el. And got some film of of the devastation it was pretty much his bat bat and it was pretty much leveled them and futile. And so this is still. The deadliest tornado in Kansas history is at 1030 at night. Maybe late in the night for a tornado that large to Vienna their own through in 1955 and remember 1950. I was a it's a very small child it in 1955 but. They didn't have sophisticated. Radars and have the kind of communication we have now something like this is coming up. We can easily see supplements under radar screen on T and some of the TVs and radios and get the word out for and the weather service is vastly more sophisticated now you. That was in 1955 you know TV whether. On TV in those days. The head of the people with. The boards behind him whether people that were two men felt the belt clouds little pieces of felt that the corporate clout over the Atlanta well it was very sophisticated. So this is in 1955 no color TV and while and again that was that you built our name and those of us who've grown up this part of the world. No guy and now you do to there was Stevens at 718 now seen into the morning sports tablets at Woodward and did the shocker baseball season. Come to an end of wreckage trying to keep things alive yesterday in the losers bracket of the American conference tournament in Clearwater Florida shocks taking on South Florida yesterday morning that. Wichita State got behind right away in the first inning and never recovered Mike Kennedy had a called game yesterday and here page two strikes away from a complete game victory here after going only two thirds of an inning against attackers in the regular season. Pictures Brown's hard dessert right at the alarm that's not rosy about ballgame oh. Soccer's down quickly want to retreat in the ninth column Sullivan. Finishes take complete game victory says UNICEF eliminates Wichita State from the turnabout by a score of 72. In the shocker Paul finished the season with a record of 3521. And one. Pro baseball last night Wichita wing nuts had a 52 lead in the eighth inning at Lincoln that lost the game Lincoln scored four late runs came back beat the wing nuts six to five there three game sweep at the wing nuts dropped their fourth in her oh. Wing nuts now will be home for the next week as they start a seven game homestand starting off with the Texas air hogs. The next three nights at Lawrence Dumont next three days at Lawrence Dumont stadium. Tonight at 7 o'clock you got fireworks tomorrow night 7 o'clock it's the first heritage night of the season for the wing nets that will be wearing old Wichita on job errors. Replica jerseys for the game of robbers. And on Sunday afternoon bark in the park bring your dog game and then Monday night on Memorial Day. Cleaver and will be in town featuring Rafael Palmeiro on their roster and there are one dollar tickets available at with duplicate or Monday night's game. So homestand against the wing nuts. Kansas City Royals last night begin a four game set down in Texas taking on the Rangers. And the royals. Haven't timed it not only got a winning streak going you heard the game last night and candy. He pitched so be swings things in the little batch of baby sit in comes. And it's a fourth RBI night for Salvador revenues. Rose lead it six nothing. To different having a healthy cells or the ladies have a heck of a week suited poignant it. As the royals win their third in a row first time they've done that all season long as they easily take care of the struggling Rangers 8220. Royals will continue in Texas tonight tomorrow afternoon Sunday afternoon all those games live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. High school tournaments and state championships are going all over the state in baseball softball and girls' soccer and track and field of course thousands of athletes every high school track athletes state tournament convening in Wichita. It's just the stadium for the huge. Track and field championships today and tomorrow assess the stadium. High school girls soccer congratulations to final four contestants bishop Carroll maize and McPherson. In their respective classes. The first is competing in the 41 any state girl's soccer tournament in north Newton. And in high school baseball congratulations to teens and made the final four derby in classic say. Hikes will take on bishop Carroll in five A today that's an ex stadium. Ending class four A division one. And in men's soccer FC Wichita has a home match 730 tomorrow night. At trinity academy stadium that's Wichita who think Tulsa athletic tomorrow night here in town. That's sports Stephen Ted KM SS. We mentioned the Wichita wing nuts have that whole weekend coming up it really takes is there Matthew. Fireworks inherited tonight bark in the park and all sorts of fun coming up refreshing cold beverages weekend. And we're giving away four packs DOC the weight Wichita wing nuts I'm going giveaway of four back when Mets tickets right now hate and you can use that for fact Freddie game you want to know about color number four. For that for Pak army now at 869. At thirteen thirty that wing nuts that. Quick update on the via. Possibility that the remains you know Harvey county are. Those of Lucas Hernandez gifts and step mom it only lasts as these. Popular news booked into jail yet it's his vision of interfering with the law enforcement officer and obstruction. Those of the charges they that are right now. That's legitimate looked informed him that night. 722 now Stephen Ted Kennedy for Rush Limbaugh morning update a new plan for the starving in Venezuela. That's coming up seated at the morning on eight an SS.