Royals win, and earn a series sweep

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 23rd
Royals first series sweep in almost a year.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news JNSS. Which could cause number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. Good morning 6 o'clock busy thinking of just forty yards receiving dead thanks team back in time. Now mostly cloudy and 74 degrees. A man shot fourteen people in Toronto Canada's Greek town neighborhood late Sunday night leaving one woman dead. Toronto mayor John Torre says guns are too easily accessible in Toronto. We have a gun problem in that guns are too readily available to too many people. In fact him you know the only people that really are supposed to have them are the police and very limited numbers of other people. And that is clearly not the case and as a problem that is international and it's a problem that's domestic. And we clearly have to do more about. The shooting left a young girl in critical condition police have confirmed that the shooter is dead after exchanging shots with police. One person is dead after a motorcycle crashed into a semi truck himself Wichita Sunday afternoon. In the 5200 block of south Broadway. Authorities say the truck was stopped with a hazard lights on with a motorcycle rear ended it ended the truck the identity of the victim has not been released. One person was injured in a house fire early Sunday at least Wichita up just after 5 AM. First responders were called to the 9100 block of east Arie and it was found inside the apartment and was hospitalized in critical condition. The fire was quickly brought under control causing damage estimate were not immediately available. The Kansas woman whose convictions in the 2002 shooting deaths of her ex husband and his fiancee were overturned. Has lost her bid ever trial judge removed from the case the. A PG capital journal reports that a judge on Friday denied the request by Dana Chandler to remove Shawnee county judge Nancy perish from future court hearings in Chandler's case. Shawnee county judge Teresa Watson issued an order saying Chandler request fell short of warranting appointment of a new judge. Parish presided over Chandler's double murder trial and sentenced her to 100 years in prison for the 2002 killings of Michael Cisco and Karen harper missed. But the Kansas Supreme Court in April overturned Chandler convictions. Things Shawnee county prosecutors falsely claimed that Cisco had taken out of protection from abuse order against Chandler before the killings. Phil global brand K get access news. What person is dead another injured after shooting at a church in Nevada Sunday that the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints and follow and police chief of Knick game and a Kevin Damon says the suspect attended services there before the shooting. After the shooting. He left the church on foot and returned to his home. Officers and sheriff's deputies. Surrounded the home of our hostage negotiator. Called and. They convince the suspect to surrender police say it looks to be a targeted shooting does not appear to be directed against the church. No motive no suspect in Houston where beloved doctor is shot and killed Friday on manhunt continues in Houston for the suspect who shot a renowned doctor in broad daylight. The Houston police chief says the murder of doctor Martin house connect once cared for president George H. W. Bush doesn't make sense and they don't even have a motive yet. The 65 year old cardiologist was shot and killed Friday at the Texas Medical Center he was riding his bike to work. The shooter was on a bike to when he fired two shots doctor neo climate worked when doctor house connect for more than thirty years. Who could have done this how could this have happened. It's completely. Unnerving and very much baffling. Police have released one sketch of the suspect described to be a white or Hispanic thirty year old man five foot ten. With a slender built Brian Dennis Fox News pianist has used time now 604 reported spent 6 o'clock. He's 713 thirty Kate as a serious Stevenson in the morning around six and ten in the past 6 o'clock on Monday. Gasoline prices in Wichita this morning. Some places to around 255. But it seemed better prices and there 254. Hydraulic in the cars that are stand at 253 Maloney and hillside so some stations coming down just that traffic updates. Keep an ass as radio one's dead Jesus. And the forecast looking in his his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning with a mostly cloudy sky across south central Kansas we've seen a few showers and thunderstorms start to slowly weaken just Norwest. Temperatures will likely be in the mid eighties by lunchtime at 91 for the afternoon to hide the party cloudy 71 overnight sunny 91 again tomorrow I'm Kenneth test meteorologist Dan Holliday and right now mostly cloudy 74 degrees little wind at eight miles per hour. Today is Monday July 23. Now this over the weekend in central Kansas was last week Wichita outside temperatures Sunday. Was here in 91 degrees of normal high humidity 93. And get a tainted definitely going to my car this morning itself it felt. Quite a bit nicer than it did there early mornings last week. It just doubled stuff that much. Cooler if at all it just Beatles the last you know a few evenings as Mary now yeah not as much time here management team their rounds. So I'm table to McCain is as weather center radar right now. And we had thesis area of showers over Kingman county. It's an east west to four. Line. And is moving generally to the east pretty slowly but Devin watching it in the red part of it which is that heavier rain headed disappearing it's kind of fallen apart. As a matter fact his right down near some of it down down the southwest corner of Sedgwick county we could see some marina that later on today with the showers and her. Now there's a big area out around Dodge City announced the west but it's a against moving slowly to these kind of collapsing. Some showers up around us well not that much more on addresses they just cloud cover it looks like yeah. It's here now a pretty good pretty good evening last evening I didn't go out doing last evening to do is step outside for awhile you're right boy it was a super. Get all muscles summer evening there it's me evenings here lately when it was just despicable outdoors it's. Today's Monday July 23 to 2018 on this date in 1962. The first public TV transmissions over telstar. One that took place during a special program featuring live shots beamed from the United States Europe and vice Versa. This was up the Brenda I mean you before that about an hour signing from Europe and yes on film two days later. But yeah you know I changed all that satellites. And the space program course that was before the the man and a demand line landing on the moon but does the space program brought along go toward that goal and all the stuff is coming out of it while. He talked about into the unit that's that despite the media. It's about the same or nearly as say Muslim League crossed a the continent with a railroad are back in 1969. And now they all have little satellite TV dishes on their homes. Get their TV from the saddle up now amazing. 1962. Swiss police say and if we have an Austrian family has little problem here. As was police in Austrian family allegedly hijacked a taxi crashed into a parking boat parked boats. Go through a hedge and then plunged off a four foot high ledge before trying to escape on foot. Police say the suspects a married couple and their ten year old daughter. Are accused of attacking that taxis sixty year old striker. Before stealing his car and driving erratically to nearby town. Police of the 38 year old father was not any fit state to drive. And had no license. The little girl taxi driver were injured and required medical treatment now what's. Apparently as long and I'm on the girl and want to add in has shoot Fuller. And mom and it insists it will own all of the right to do and everything else on ended. At 614 was Stephen dead in. That's about it does the fact he went to Kansas City over the weekend and talk about that throughout the. Royals want up to the royals game on Saturday Saturday night what a beautiful night. My gosh there was a billion and they weren't three in a row where talk about 101000 here on get a couple minutes he Minnesota's Bobble head night. In his Otis was there cookie Rojas was there former royals manager Whitey Herzog was in the house well. All the guys removed from the glory days yes and bill Roy from the Wichita business journals up there with his family at the museum gallery many men on the concourse. The pictures well. That is what you guys rob you know like Wichita can link up there was that Wichita State that was primarily Friday night again. In and had a bubble as a apparently gene Stephenson throughout the first tea house organized in a video on net. Machine out there kingdom's. Money I've feeling I think at some on FaceBook that he was there with gene Stephens innocent about that are your body cut but nobody would say that mate. And good and evil can be anybody in danger that there just examining contingent how is that it was a pretty labor eighth plus today plus yet. Ten out of ten or is it. Located its system to the little bit on. This to the west and think of the Expos senator okay. Near the downtown area I don't aren't that familiar with the taken but yeah how far is that the north there's a lot of sign injured in the Ayers as just a not especially okay it. And it's kind of in the lower level of a great all Harley-Davidson. Dealership that you seem kind of built not a stone. Right there on the expo center grounds and you know I'm going to that they can wells is going to be lame or is this going to be great and it was fantastic really they put some money in that thing and it is really really well done so I'm thinking that it knew that he was an evil. Evil and evil acts of field from Montana yeah I don't you Montana. Montana and blindly heavy that's being here into PayPal has to do with a connection to the Harley-Davidson dealer and and Malia and look at it and there's there's some connections there that they explain it. You know you're when you're going through late you're sitting there thinking well Butte Montana. Really missed an opportunity to have this museum there is that spurs should be but hey if it's into peak a fine and dandy and people have access to it now. Well deserved it is to earn any signage on the streets anything's not really his you have to kind of know about the time notes there. All right that sounds but boy it is if you. Have any. Identification of evil and evil or the 1970s. You will have not examine ways they have just fantastic. Well you know I've I've interviewed you interviewed mr. Kenny Owens themselves. Lebanon and to let these guys just you know big body. But being crazy now that every bone in his body broken once and other. And that's well chronicled the tennis step that he did now it looks like it's almost routine. These kids on bison are motorcycles you're neighbors and all kinds of certainly in 1970. Al I mean you could look at. Something like that as the precursor of what's going on now X game types. We'll tell you I would never ever wanna try to any of that stuff on a motorcycle or on a bicycle or anyway that's a you know he's praised the quality is jumping over the fountains a caesar's palace in. Get these huge ratings on wide world of sports on TV all the time in the seventies is amazing that they did a movie and what's that George Elton played a couple of movies. Yeah one was basically a biography called eagle and he had George Hamilton played him yeah. In a few years later. He kind of played immersed himself in veep I can needle. But you know Lauren Hutton was in one that now is. I had good stuff I've really had a good weekend it's did have a good weekend 618 is seated atlas Britain to lead a sports this morning. And we'll be talking about gun through the royal. Have a pretty good week and they have an analyst at really celebrated notebook pretty. Pretty rough ending to the first half of the season royals. Out of maybe they took the all star break the heart kind of calm down a little bit of course manager Ned Yost and they go enjoy your Forte is office to get deep breath and come back and compete that. And it seems like that's what they did that begin the second half of the season posting the Minnesota Twins at Kauffman Stadium. Yesterday's action between these two the royals are gone for three game sweep they hadn't had a three game sweep in nearly a year ago. Hadn't had a sweep since last July. But. The royals were trying to get things done yesterday it was a 22 game bottom of the seventh inning Beckett catcher drew view. Terra at the bullets to balls two strikes on drew two out 21. They'll pitch. Swing and a little blooper to shallow center and it got. And it's. Well it. The royals lead at the. I heard the game yesterday on KFH. Royals won the game five to three for the three games we. Life hitting back up catcher but you know GAAP and zero elsewhere. Just looking for a base hit try to drive in the go ahead run then the thing and I as a line drive at the center and heat got to get. In front of the center fielder in the royals took advantage first inside the park home run by a royals catcher. 27 year won't problem. Not topple. A president public and it would have been captured 27 years. Early ninety's first. I'm going to guess Mike MacFarlane told yeah. I don't know problem or let them take them down walked silently Don Juan and probably a little bit after an island and after a while we'll have done more good news or Richard's stuff. For the royals wanted to add five to three nicely done three game sweep for the royals and name me you know keep trying to keep winning streak on as the Detroit Tigers now come to Kansas City for the next three days. Royals and tigers game one of their three game series is tonight live coverage begins at 630 game laughter seventh on Sports Radio. Eight at 81240 AM 975. FM. Wichita wing nuts baseball yesterday downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium. We nets got only two hits. And the only to run they won the game to another blow up because I cleaver and only got two hits. We know it's got to run nominee you know seeing and RBIs singled in a solo home run later in the game and only two hits they both produce runs in the wing of twenty or nothing for three game winning streak. We know it's take three out of four against cleaver and to finish up the homestand and now the wing nuts aren't home for another three and a half weeks. During the national baseball congress World Series. Absolutely nuts are game and a half behind for a playoff spot right now they have two straight off days heading into this long road swing first time all season long gone back to back off days. And then head out on the road. Though was when nets are getting ready for the bats. And that. The sport is even Santana says you know couple birthdays today couple shocker basketball birthdays Terrelle Benton. Thousand points gore for the shoppers turning 38 years old today and Antoine Carr one of the shocker greats of all time. It's turning 57. Today. And we and bonds on Antoine Carter then Wichita heights high school long NBA career too happy birthday to those who shocker. Sports Steve instead Kate and SS. It's there's actually two down here receive a debt forgiven her for Fox News commentator I'd stars. Our war memorial crosses in dangers. That's gonna talk about that coming up. With Stephen did in the morning on tape and as as.