Rush Limbaugh talks about special KS 4th District Election

KNSS Historical Audio
Tuesday, April 11th

As heard Tuesday on KNSS, Rush Limbaugh starts his 3rd hour speaking for just over 2 minutes regarding the Kansas 4th District Congressional Election. 


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President had to weather broadcast excellence this is the most listened to radio talk show on American the most talked about at all. They most talked about and discussed post. On labels talked about program and a great to have you here and 802822882. If you. Wanna be on the program. Donald Trump recorded and yet it robo call. Want a special election in in Kansas today throwing his weight behind Republican. In a race that they the good advice or rubric. Here. All of invested in the Democrat winning the special Mike Pompeo. Isn't that Democrats can win the special election it means the Democrats win back the house. It means Democrats got to witness and it means that try ism is over if the Democrats can win a special election this so. Even report trumps hundred days or. Over it means that the bloom is off the roads and the nation realizes what a mistake they may withdraw and that they can't wait to elect Democrats that's how this is going to be portrayed. If the Democrats win the special election EMO. Kansas here's robo call trump made. We're going to do things really great for our country our country needs help broadest going to be helping us big league. But I need Republicans like run an assistant helped me get to jab does this is an important election there's really you very much more important and I need your vote Iran passes on Tuesday. That's a trump robo calls out the vote rob Estes. A seat held by Mike Pompeo director. At the at the CIA and folks I'm not exaggerating if the Democrats win this the media is gonna say everything I just seven war. It's gonna be in that even after not even after his first hundred in the country realizes what a mistake they made and can't wait. Every chance to vote democratic. Make no mistake about you people at Wichita this election you need to remember that. Because that's exactly how they're gonna play. US discloses this.