Russia tries to pass video game footage as military intellegence

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, November 15th

The Russian defense ministry claims several trucks with chemical weapons had arrived in the rebel-held Aleppo, complete with footage from a video game released in 1995.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Reports even though the morning. Where the police investigating what caused homicide on the northwest side. But it title Giles has played Monday night to property belonging to a woman was found in Andover police went to the woman's house in the 2200 block of. North Park Ridge northwest Wichita. Nobody answered the door the next part of the case occurred early Tuesday. The repeating this back. Received. A call from the oh wait that police department in regards to race this is scared to call late. Property along with the vehicle was located LA that belong to this same individual. With property belonged to Andover. Officers forced their way into the Wichita home where they found 42 year old pearl Rodrigue is dead with wounds from a blunt force trauma. The woman's boyfriend for a few weeks of 37 year old man was apprehended in only for a now the forecast with Kate and assess Steffi neurologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning your cool front pushed across south central Kansas overnight behind that they'll give us a clearing sky with sunshine returning today are high near sixty winds will pick up out of the north up to thirty miles per hour this afternoon. Clearing cooler tonight are low in the upper thirties clouding back up and breezy tomorrow or Thursday's high 58. I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now mostly cloudy 54 degrees wind from the north now gusting to 31 miles per hour. Kansas has seen a 42%. Increase over the past five years. In the number of children removed from homes in which a parent is using drugs. State department for children and families reported Tuesday that the number of cases in which a child was removed. And substance abuse was a contributing factor grew to more than 18115. During the fiscal year ending in June. Five years ago that number was about thirteen hundred. The department reported the data amid questions from a legislative task force about why the number of children in Foster care has grown steadily in recent years. Some lawmakers see a potential tie between the increase and tougher rules for state cash assistance. Department officials said the agency's internal data does not suggest such a wink Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. The Kansas secretary of State's office says Neil Kansas driver's licenses could not be scanned on electronic poll books across the state. During last week's local elections. Kansas information networks Daniel Norwood has details. Elections director Brian pesky said on Monday that did not keep anyone from voting because poll workers manually type the names if scanners cannot read the Archos. He noted. That other acceptable voter IDs or elections such as passports can't be scanned. Kansas began issuing new driver's license that are real ID compliant back in August pesky says the problem first surfaced during early advance voting. But there wasn't time to fix the software issue before the election. Electronic poll book vendors are now. Updating software. The Transportation Security Administration says that it has not. I've had any issues with real ID licenses at Kansas airport security checkpoints. In the wake of the military takeover in Zimbabwe the national police force has recalled all officers on leave it. Zimbabwe's army says it has President Robert Mugabe he had his wife and custody. And is securing government offices and patrolling the capital streets. Following a night of unrest that included a military takeover. Of the state broadcaster. The senate continues to work on their tax reform bill which they hope to finish before the end of the year fox is Chad peregrine says it is a long shot. It's really gonna take a herculean effort. I do get this done by the end of the year I've talked to a number of sources who think that they can. Passed tax reform and get the same version eventually out of the house and senate and send that to president trump to sign. But doing it before Christmas is rough. Part of the problem is it just takes time you know there's no bill out of the senate yet. But they have to move it through the senate that might take a little bit of time and then you have to get the house and the senate on the same page and there's nothing magical that says you do that by December 24. I sometimes those deadlines do in fact help. He keep people here close to the holidays Christmas and and people you know start to be willing to vote for almost anything just to get out of a Washington. Democrats have called the GOP tax bill a giant tax cut for the rich. Attorney general Jeff Sessions testified to congress Tuesday. With some memories of suggestion about Russia from a trump campaign stamper the attorney general says he's being honest with congress when it comes to what he knows about potential trump campaign ties to rush job I want not except. And reject accusations. That I ever lie but Jeff Sessions admits to having a foggy memory months ago he testified he didn't know of any such connections but now. He says he does remember campaign staffer George Abbott doubtless proposing a get together between thing candidate truck and Russian president Vladimir Putin's. Sessions telling lawmakers he tried to make clear to happen jobless. That he was not authorized to represented campaign. Pepper doubtless has pleading guilty to lying to investigators about talking to people connected to Russia. In Washington Jill NATO Fox News. Sex 634 now Stephen Tim of the morning on cayenne S and speaking of Russians. The Russian Ministry of Defense has been caught distributing false images. It claims are from resent American operations in Syria but in fact. They shows scenes from a computer game. And an old Iraqi military video. The images shared on the Ministry's official FaceBook and Twitter pages are accompanied by caption describing the pictures as an Islamic state convoy. Leaving the Syrian city of Abu cobble dated November 9 2017. Russia had claimed these pictures showed irrefutable evidence that the US led coalition was working together with ice as troops. To promote American interest in the Middle East. Scenes from a computer game and Iraqi military video. Of the Russians are up to. With the campus these papers and outsource. Barely got a lot of knuckle heads over there. Wait they're trying to prove that we're promoting our own interest in the Middle East shocking shocking. Surprise. A professional group near Atlanta is fighting inviting white people to come meet a black person. That's a title of a networking event planned for Thursday in suburban Lawrenceville. Cheryl Moses is founder and president of urban media makers. The consortium for content content producers that's hosting the event. Moses says she didn't mean for the title of the event to be provocative but instead she wants to build relationships of trust and understanding. Says people who are angered by the event's theme don't understand what she's trying to do. She just wants people of different races to be France. Interesting concept. And what she called again they're calling it dead at unbeatable rappers low and or could have because. Meet them. Wiper iPhoto but the point is it dead the races don't mix general in social or or economic situations. That much and that's what does these people are trying to promote just. If you know somebody. Not without controversy we'll see how that goes not without first. 636 now Stephen jedi you're huge Vista. David the station a few minutes ago but it was a debt wind was picking up from north now yes it's so it's quite tea. Won't know the temperatures not bad getting them out of business is pretty stiff wind. Out there right now yep we've got to rent Stevens had trashed Kampman reader and a three level three which means it's good to educate it's to be knocked over. Trash cans out there just be be aware of that our countdown continues. Thanksgiving is just eight days no way a week from tomorrow and I'm sure tens already got his Turkey secured. But you probably don't cook a Turkey do. Odd he's not even like each one you do that your mom. My momma my brother working that out there were now. I got so much work to do between now and then I'd it's not on our radar not on the radar at all and I'm yeah I'm just gonna show up. And eat which is what I cubist. That yeah that if people are coming in from. Are leaving dad traveling here for Thanksgiving I mean for years and years. And my family on the Thanksgiving holiday we would head to Texas does spend Thanksgiving with. My wife's side of the family better known as my in laws. Hours of pretty good deal and every big fights are any problem well that's good zip that up pretty good crowd of people and one of course my sister and I want to have a four day weekend you don't want fights right and we didn't get to see it Shelley sister's very often it was net Brothers and get a good and it's him. Every year though. For years and years my son and daughter will tell you. And we would load up early in the morning and usually the 842 days before Thanksgiving. And hit the road southbound on 35 and if you've never done that. Just before Thanksgiving who don't get caught. Wednesday night. Trying to get through Waco Texas. 35. That it is like mess. That's what we've done and if you can do that could be closer look I'm policy yet what are you. I'm fifty years old and like I've spent. It's I'm only spent six Thanksgiving away from Wichita really okay. For a while I was in college. You know they're the other fourth and he has come the other auto dealers are I was on the road with the soccer volleyball team over his or teleconference always made their teams play on thinks the on the day after Thanksgiving why do they now I exotic pets stupid. Image really apply ice and or deny never did like that arrangement I don't think the players and either I don't think anybody. Who. And here's him by the way on Thanksgiving. Weekend like you're gonna come after the game and have effort. I guess that makes cents and the day after or that night. A day. Yet to make much sense of okay. Thanksgiving eight days away now 638 was Steve content type McCain is as commodities update the top left we're a plethora somebody's got morning town. Well good morning Steve. These entire kennel club like experience they keep trading new lows for the current slide and triple digit losses on the close. Cattle complex and experience at fort pull back on this boot to the upside has started back in August the couple back first Gerald guild contract is the largest. Catalog he reported Friday it is expected to be price naked. The only note closed lady yesterday for that pin straight session at all to close yesterday a blog gale Pollack settle lower 11950. Jim Peters three don't settle lower 15390. December Italy hopes to vote birdied he's been lowered to 997. The corn and soybeans traded and closed negative yesterday the corn futures made new contract runs for the second type. The passport trading sessions. January soybeans ever blows straight to October 4 in the dark commodity complex yesterday felt mostly. Biggie trading it closes. At the moment December Casey wheat penny and a quarter of the workforce 46 and three quarter December corn up perhaps opening 338. Gains only been three and three quarter iron 971 and amp. December crude oil 63 cents or 55 and 7 December gold three dollars and didn't entire 12186. Dollars. December has to be eleven dollars a day and eleven and air points lower 4566. And they have. The ever dollar index is 26 cents lower at 9346. In December that does teachers under to thirteen points lower. 2300262. For commodity trading like marketing advisory contact point for commodities on the program on the web by using. 866. Get to talk. Any idea why the Dow futures are heading south on us there's there. I will go well I hadn't seen depth and yet this morning early to give me any indication of what's going on that. You know we have some they'll fight yesterday we kind of came off the loan collateral we're seeing some follow through today at our dollar have been losing ground here lately also. Well. I don't scene thing in the in the national news this morning that would necessarily have any impact at all. What are. OK maybe it's getting close to Thanksgiving that has something to do with a did the dollars beginning does. They're Mel's are beginning to water over that Turkey but I and it's it's. As if it's affecting their judgment when it comes to commodity trading. I don't think. Turkey according buddhism. Now on and heated up Turkey you just wanna go to sleep right Turkey. And really. You should now. You don't that's right you daddy what are you have a big a great big stake at Thanksgiving here's a million. But actually this year. One of Boca Turkey and smoked brisket. Real. Yeah. Conspirator would be delighted I know you're a smoker but I started doing that this year is against the our first attempt at world. So I thought we had a party here and spoke to. Toy remember getting. I think at fifteen barely at that particular perfect. You would like to take it that. Went through a list of ideas we forgot you didn't not on your list I guess I'm rapid jump in next. You know there are a lot of lists and I'm not okay. Goodman's mean I'd. Take you down 642 now Stephen did coming up done grant CFP the money tracker. Doesn't talk about how severe weather affects us all. That's on the way Stephen dead 987 and thirteen thirty K in the best pass.