San Francisco's underwater Scuba Claus

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 20th

Children visit the diving Santa... separated by some glass.


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Is this station Wichita turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS widget because number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 630 teams in the mornings it. What word. A south Hutchinson woman who posted comments on FaceBook. Falsely accused accusing a teacher and being a child predators has been convicted of harassment. A magistrate judge in Reno county convicted 39 year old Melissa Watkins. Of four misdemeanors Watkins was sentenced to ninety days and each count and years' probation. The hutch news reports a teacher targeted in the post was providing Foster care for Watkins teenage son. The charges accused buttons of posting two photos of the teacher on separate occasions suggesting the woman was a predator. Now with the forecast with gay and assess stampede of college's Dan Holliday good morning Dan. And good morning with a cloudy start to today our temperature is running well above freezing. There will likely be around 52 for the hi this afternoon. Breezy tonight are low 43. And a strong cold front is going to move through tomorrow we should get to about fifty before diving into the mid twenties on Thursday night a disturbance will move in Saturday night in Sunday and that could give us a dusting of snow on K and SS meteorologist Dan Halladay. Now fog and mist in 47 degrees northeast wind at six miles per hour. A man robbed the weak state credit union in southeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says employees reported the heist before 10:30 in the morning yesterday. Unknown black male wearing all black clothing had entered the business. Armed with a black handgun. Point the handgun at them and begin demanding money. Money was given to the suspect. In the suspect fled the bank. Police searched the nearby neighborhoods of the suspect and a possible be nickel a black Volkswagen a sock. Investigators are looking and any possible connection to the robbery of a fidelity bank branch last week near thirteenth and wood on. The senate has approve the GOP tax reform bill by a 51 to 48 vote. Republican senator Orrin hatch of Utah says this tax reform plan will be good for the country. We're talking about Paul in this country out of the message said. It's gonna take us. The Democrats have called the tax reform bill a major tax cuts for the rich. The house is expected to vote on the bill today. When he seventeen marks the ninth consecutive year of rising year end holiday travel. It's 2005. Total year end holiday travel volume has grown by 21 point six million an increase of more than 25%. Jennifer Pollock Tripoli Kansas says he might be surprised. Dome when the busiest travel days will be. Wednesday and Thursday the twentieth and 21 are expected to be the most congested because a lot of people are taking advantage of that weekend right before Christmas so they've taken a couple extra days off so. Planning and patience is the key to making sure that you reduce the amount of stress on the road. To pick a police say they have arrested a 21 year old suspect and a 2015 drive by shooting. That killed a five year old girl the victim will only make coats Nichols was in the backseat of a car in Topeka in July of 2015 when shots were fired and a bullet hit her in the head. To take a police lieutenant Colleen Stewart says the suspect was booked in the Shawnee county jail Tuesday. Facing possible charges of first degree murder and criminal discharge of a firearm. At the time of the shooting police said they have few leads with only a vague description of a white car seen on the street around the time of the shooting. Police did not say what led to Tuesday's arrest Phil Noble brand Kagan SS news. 633 now Stevens did in the morning here on a year Wednesday morning December 20. To add one more day of fall. Right. I glitter starts tomorrow I haven't seen exactly what time it start to you know. I do night in the unified the National Weather Service will at that information available to us your take about three seconds if you look at up. Yeah but I too lazy. And AAA there it's reporting today and tomorrow. Should be the busiest travel days for the Christmas holidays really boy a lot of people must be taken off yeah dig up early. Thought I don't work all the way through what Bryant later. Yet what what they say 72 million people on the roadway and I wish I was on the I wish I was off for Christmas today and rarely are. I'm in the minority. I don't keep an eye on the airport Xena looked at traffic was like around dead you know ridge road over there so. Heeding the warnings this morning it seems to be fairly normal you know well as policy see depicted that it probably going to be up after awhile. Yeah this is it's a big travel day. And department a lot of people traveling to work right now listen to Steve attend the morning. What it may be boat so Christmas seat on what we talk about today and tomorrow and even Friday. You and you and Ryan Jim and talk about Christmas a lot. Why not as of the date when I'm crunch time I'm getting in the mood a really yeah. Anyway I'm not going over the river and we ever have travel we've got to Texas. When the kids were drawn up a couple times is he in laws down and we didn't go for Thanksgiving we get them takes only a couple times. With a stick close to home Christmas that. And you're not going anywhere new panel jazz not go to him now in Clearwater and he got a trailer that's about as far as I've got. If I go to my daughters out west Wichita over the river on the UB40 two million drive gone out there what she's up there near the Colorado border it seems in times. Santa Claus. Doesn't just sit at shopping malls in San Francisco he also does scuba diving. The California Academy of Sciences launch its annual scuba Santa showed Tuesday only in California and about a hundred children and adults crowded around a coral reef exhibit to watch jolly saint nick. Beat fish. One guy Hebert will structure towards bell also answered questions. Via underwater microphone about the Rafe and reindeer. He I five through the glass and posed for photos delighting children throw with a swimming Santa. The daily feeding runs through a Christmas Day one parent on hand says that tradition is a charming San Francisco spin on meetings and exactly. Yes Gallup are not here on get manner around here knows of if something's screwed ball's gonna happen something odd is gonna happen. In California not to tell you what they'll. The few times of that is San Francisco I'd dearly loved visiting that city that it's pretty kind of place on beautiful place out there. Authorities say a Pennsylvania woman stabbed her roommates. During a dispute over. And eight. I have police in Redding state charges against 54 year old Tracy Mitchell. Include aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. And according to a police affidavit that victim claims Mitchell was holding a pocket knife in one hand and a picture frame and the other as a argued in their apartment early Monday morning. She says Mitchell tried to striker with a picture frame as they both fell to the floor. The woman says she tried to hold Mitchell on the floor but Mitchell stamper once in the leg with a candy cane Mitchell. At the apartment shortly afterward the reading eagle reported Mitchell was taken to jail or 1000 dollar bills Elena. Election kill her roommate to just stabbed and was like casinos sitcom and no it's real life. Well of and it bloody go you go down there every data police department you at the blotter sheets. Into the trying sheets and they you find people are. You know they've beaten it be known each other for any to any people know each other can be. Police chief Ramsey yesterday. In an interview that you'll hear this week Hillary if you show that's a good owners. Yeah he talked about domestic violence and but huge problem for them PD as you note it. You're seeing that you're in the terror sheets you're seeing the crime reports but it is of domestic felt a big problem or. And another thing it wouldn't whenever there's violent crime involved that it's usually people who know each other evening and it's usually some now involving. Either alcohol or drugs success out yet we had a good conversation. The more I talked with its chief Ramsey weren't sold but he. He's Goodman in my big paper. A tall start off previous and you've been here a year now and it now two years now. And already you know becoming much you know he should cut in my first media mistake right out right now if you'd write a anyway it really good conversation. And I learned a lot about certain things such as up. How concealed carry is impacting the police department things like that it and I look Florida that. 638 now is Stephen dead time for the OK NSS commodities update with mr. Tom Loeffler of let's look at bodies get boring towns. For the second straight session yesterday we saw all the cattle complex. You know what prior trading peck quickly turned negative we felt they didn't close the the fear Cambodian ever larger plot that the closed near last week's lows as life is very quiet as traders are waiting defeat. Application developed in our feet yards in loans were made for the wickedly and also they also closed negative. Yesterday's close also have Campbell fifteen simple 14045. GMT Tuesday at two dollars and 45 cents to 145 clinic. And deadly dog and fifty cent at 6690. Soybean futures made another new low for the current slide on Tuesday and closed negative. We Peter for a label the holder I've been closed mixed in the court looks slightly possibly. The trend continues that the lack of market moving news sport are growing markets. Overnight mark Casey we've been trading opinion a quarter were 42 even three quarter. Parched corn is up three quarters of the Big Three 48 in the quarter January beans to to have the entire 958 they have. The reward crude oil up seventeen cents at 5773. If you were told by boat what it says article 46940. Mark Kiffin he's up eight points at 2692. And parts dollar index street has tired many too realistic in March they're just teachers that they 84 points at 24008. PD dying. Put commodity trading like marketing advisory contact or for commodities on the program whereby using he sick sick don't. Obviously two hours after you and good three hours up the united talked. Ted was still giving you grief over the fact that I thought you said they market and not at market. I want comical it was really big plays that actually yesterday I mean well I don't think I'd. About it I didn't simple about it all right yeah you wouldn't expect. Can we say what time we need to learn. On the death and that's. What it's done. I take it out it's a 640 Dallas even as he delivered done grants he can't beat a money record coming up. Remember spousal benefits there has done seated at the morning on Kate and SS.