Saturday's Powerball jackpot drawing has swelled to more than a half billion dollars

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 18th

There hasn't been a winner in 20 drawings.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS widget because number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on us. This is okay and is this morning news is Stephenson the I stayed Macintosh. Police since being killed five people suspected in terrorist attack we've got the story. Governor Brownback announces series with Kansas prison workers time to put words those details just ahead I'm Dan O'Neill. One man is dead at Kansas deputy injured following a police chase. I'm Taylor test meteorologist Dan Holliday right now the hottest thing in Wichita or solar eclipse glasses we'll talk about how won the temperature will be. And our forecast for Monday it's coming up. Police in Spain killed five people suspected of ramming a car and do group of pedestrians. At a town south of Barcelona. Police say the incident is linked to yesterday's vehicle attack on the busy Barcelona put us. Ian walk that left thirteen dead and dozens injured prices has claimed responsibility for the Barcelona attack. FBI counterterrorism official and ABC contributor Steve Gomez says with vehicle attacks becoming more common there are steps cities can take to protect crowds. You have the vehicle aspects to it these explosives that were found at tea house that went off C had been the use of explosives that was another aspect to it. And now you have these five people that are dead in a shootout with law enforcement and the potential that they had explosive belts that could have been used in the attack. All of this is very concerning. I'm man is dead and a Ponte county deputy was injured this following a police pursued it began in Edwards county in western Kansas according to the Kansas Highway Patrol the incident began around 1245 Thursday afternoon. Trooper attempted to stop a speedy empower law on US 56 and Edwards county. And was driving the vehicle with a woman passenger during the pursuit back continued into the town of Garfield the man driving the impala began shooting at the trooper. And a party county patrol car. The deputy caused the suspect to drive into a ditch which disabled the suspect's vehicle. The deputy suffered minor injuries and the suspect died from a self inflicted gunshot the condition of the woman passenger was not known. The Kansas bureau of investigation was called into investigate the case. Panel Neil Kaye in SS news. Kansas governor Sam Brownback held a news conference Thursday afternoon at the Eldorado correctional facility announcing changes. To the Kansas department of corrections page structure recruitment and retention has been a challenge for many years. But today we're taking it. Steps towards making pay more competitive at the department of corrections and a very competitive job market Corrections Secretary Joseph nor would join the governor for the announcement. All uniformed staff in the department of corrections system wide will be receiving any 5%. Pay erase and that's across all facilities. Here it elder radio uniformed staff will be receiving approximately 810%. Pay increase. Governor says this is an effort to retain experienced officers at the State's correctional facilities. Are vacancy rates have increased amid dwindling U officer recruitment. The annual you'd drink you drive you lose a safety campaign is under way all over Kansas. Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says more than 150 local and state law enforcement agencies are cracking down on impaired driving for the next two and a half weeks. This average is three people were injured every day and one person killed every three days in crashes where at least one drivers impaired by drugs or alcohol. You drink you drive you lose it's sponsored by the Kansas department of transportation. Safety campaign runs through Labor Day. Lot of excitement over next Monday's eclipse Tracy cal hall who's director of education and we're to browse. Exploration place to Cedric county science and discovery setter she tells can't insisting it was a total eclipse is rare. We have not experienced the land. And eight lean of the extent that international opinion. I won't we have not at one from coast to vote in the united state the ways that we're traveling in 1918. All of says Wichita area will see a 93%. Eclipse Monday. Theaters just in time now 7044 minutes past 7 o'clock. For about an hour away from our pre season chat with Mitch holds its. About Playboy's to Kansas City Chiefs will be coming up at 8:15 this morning mixture here for that. Big construction project on the way for senior services of Wichita. That story coming up on McCain NSA sporting news was Stephen Ted. McCain is his morning users to be dead now 708. 8 minutes past 7 o'clock on a Friday morning. Senior surges of what surprised planning a big construction project at its facility west of downtown. Development director Chris Heinemann tells can't just use it to six million dollar project that involves a building that turns out as many as a 1002 meals on wheels a day. The planning that's to tear down the church building. And rebuild new. We will triple the size of our meals on wheels kitchen it'll be a brand new kitchen facility. A second building the senior center will be renovated Chris Simon is our guest this weekend. On issues too funny 17 Sunday morning at eight on K and SS police in Concord, New Hampshire are trying to figure out who spray painted Nazi graffiti. On the headquarters of the State's Republican Party window was also broken vandalism discovered yesterday morning just days after GOP leaders in the granite state publicly condemned the white supremacist violence. State party chair Jeannie Forester is spanking democratic leaders in New Hampshire for speaking out against the vandalism. Whether it's a kkk or anyone else we do not condone violence and war vandalism this is there's just no place for it. And it is disappointing that somebody and would vandalized our building when we speak out against things like. Police are hoping surveillance video will help them make an arrest. The navy has completed its investigation into the deadly collision. Of a guided missile destroyer and a cargo ship off Japan in June. The USS Fitzgerald's team senior officers and senior enlisted sailor will be relieved for mistakes in the deadly collision off the coast of Japan at around seven sailors. They are among a dozen of the ship's crew who will face administrative action for their role in a collision. While investigation into that collision continues a top navy admiral said there was enough evidence to warrant removal. A NATO report also described heroic efforts of the ship's crew to save themselves and their ship from sinking. We Martinez ABC news the Pentagon is it is time now 71010 minutes past seven. What we Stephen says. And we've got a couple of things to avoid in traffic this morning traffic death. We've got eight accident 58 up 45 street north and Tyler avoid that intersection. Traffic accident there we've also got a traffic accident. At Douglas and senate test two cars involved in that went Traficant can assess brought you by Judy brother Carl's Goodyear tire. Located downtown at market and Waterman and he's Terry street mall and online at Carl's tire dot com home of the 3495. Oil change. And on the occasion as this storm tracker three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist. Leon Smith and and good morning Leon if good morning Steve I doing good and it looks like there could be some rain in our coming our way is of little far off right now looks like. I think is that we will fight and if it like that stuff like north south western Kansas that diving down in Oklahoma there's a couple little street or out firing. Read great bend it back in the court that up it to wait out right this morning we do get it straight shower would be. Was surprised better chances though. We had the afternoons a week if you do happen to get out of one of those. I related storms and not let that is today I get them locally heavy rains but what happened a couple of days now or set a gully washer and then cross the street cry. You know also the White House that we can Chapin and his Friday so about Saturday and Sunday I gotta get try to mobile launch tomorrow again. Also play catch up so regular one about it at this Saturday respectively that they report what. The rain out of your I think it's gonna be on pretty early in the evening I probably 9:10 o'clock which yadier will start to dry things out and we set up front hot. But dry weekend I will be back into the low ninety's sun comes up humidity may elect into the mid to upper ninety's so as your mullet a lot of what you. What is the right and it cool refreshing backed it up on which are one. You'll want you'll is but not on fuel and he's the de Jager want you'll what you'll. I wish them our. And it and off I should mention this or not we were talking about your make up the other day on TV and have either you are. It is you're really going in foreign or you're getting a heck of a ten you know that ticket. I ride. I write almost every day yesterday. I got that idea about a hundred miles it is beautiful afternoon and I wrote I do not put on has yet if the united. A little spray but still I mean about the wind and on the side. Or two to three hours every app you ride your motorcycle you're not writing don't you riding your motorcycle right guy that got you beat cost millions. And you wreck under while but it donkey you know that that. Don't put an impressive donkey. Ted walked in here a while knows is that he's George Hamilton and team. IIQ can I do get a little bit on via the red side but. I put all the sun screen and everything right is right you know operatives began. I can't stand up inside but it is my religious. The suit is that any show I've called replace it worked for him on the bike immediately we were. On out past Halstead and got around Sheehan. Did we get about a little broader vile mouth yet here are gorgeous had a typical paper light up like out there aren't the only ideal life. I you know popping up in southeast. Sound that exciting to me. I think I've liked it if I read or two ago. You get a little bit as an Shia. Thank you Leon we appreciate thinking and assess storm tracker three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist an announcement of an yesterday's high in which it on ninety degrees of normal life. 91 had by the way prairie fire coffee I've got a couple of right here next to me and if you're on breaking prairie fire call for your work your boss doesn't love you. 713 now Stephen Ted in the morning and I only had a had a drawing. For the power ball this week but apparently nobody wonders and another myth that the jackpot just keeps going up. ABC news correspondent Ryan Borough live in Chicago to Maureen Ryan. Good morning if you're hoping. Permitted to view the the numbers for Saturday strike and Daria don't have those. And fortunately it's it's rolled over nineteen times will be drawing number twenty. Men we have not seen a winners since essentially issuance of 500 intent. Oh million dollars and has gone higher than that this is in fact he did highest in powerball history and the eighth highest. Jackpot in any of the trying to of these factored Mega Millions. Or power also this is about the time half a billion dollars when people don't usually played against or dignity of the lights. Our I'll grab a ticket maybe I'll grab the ticket for the office maybe elbow and a couple of my neighbors or something like that that. I'd that is this is what we call amateur hour in the in the powerball. Drawing games. So how can they do a new and they do in Chicago where they draw the the numbers were to go with a ping pong balls or is it more to it. They're a big deal would go with the policy you've got 12345. Is just six balls in total five from the regular balls and then and then one powerball number. It's two dollars a ticket you're odds are I just terrible they're just awful lot about back to sugarcoat it for you it's. One in 292. Million. And that is that is one reason why we've in this bank rolled over. Twenty times so much but it's created this way on purpose they want speed big jackpots. Because. Com that's when more people play but also if figure with these terrible and very long odds. Are more people can which of these smaller nurses ball in the end yeah exactly exactly help. You know you go ideally your two dollars down you may win fourteen don't expect or he might win out some other prides itself more valuable. And it would still be went right to the people. People just drop their money down not picky about it and you probably lose. So that the computer actually prints out the ticket at the numbers for you or can you choose your own numbers I don't do this I don't know worked. He had done arable blaze. If you've got a lucky numbers you wanna play Gulfport a key divine sphere of five numbers I'd like to say that there's a rhyme or reason behind these numbers but now. A lot of people just go and slam their money down and just like these are random quick text mom. Unfortunately for people who play at this time when when the jackpot gets this I. You may see a split pot because so many people are playing now you know you've made even if you get all the numbers you may have to share that 510 million dollars with someone but he. I cash option that you say I just want their money up front in cash. Outright now 324. Million dollars that's before tax. Before taxes. For well that protect as he goes out to seven dollars and fifty cents. At what the odds are long been on your Ryan your run out and you'll probably. Now boost the odds by buying about fifty these tickets writer. And threaten Celek. I think you sir that is ABC news is not a right and burrow in Chicago what are behalf billionaire at the other drawing. Coming up Saturday in our ball it is 717. It was Stevens and I'm gonna. Present this story just in some of you may be out eating breakfast just to get your quick. You know line here alert that may be one pronouncement for just a moment today German customs officers say they have found and destroyed twenty. Rotten snake heads found in a package that had arrive from Nigeria. The spokesman for Munich's main customs officer cadets now officers discovered the state park where they X Rayed a three kilogram package last week. Marie Mueller said and officers then opened the parcel the stench of the rotten snake heads now was simply overwhelming and unbearable he had me at snake pardon. Muir said the stake it were immediately burn. To prevent the spread possible diseases. So the customs office has repeatedly to get rid of the strength is repeatedly intercepted packages from western Africa which Nikkei ads which are sent to Germany. As a delicacy. As an analogous. And let me somebody is eating snake heads again one room. The Germans have a taste like chicken 78 changed. And bed in the morning sports that would Ted Woodward and we've got a football coming up this weekend the. Purdue they and you can hear that was me figure that game right here. Okay and is effective pre season football game number two of four pre season games for the Kansas City Chiefs. And for the first time in the pre season on the road traveling to Cincinnati to take on the singles tomorrow night. These are two and a half point underdog. Now there are odds on pre season games and summaries. She's in the Bengals tomorrow night live at pregame coverage with Mitch told us begins at 5 PM game kicks off at 6 o'clock tomorrow evening. And that's of course live on your home the chiefs right here in 987 and thirteen thirty K and SS. Course will be talking live with me told this our daily chat with midstream pre season coming up at 8:15 this morning about one hour from now get a preview this game tomorrow night and keeps the Bengals that community fifteen we'll chat with Mitch and tune in tomorrow night listen to Mitch coverage of the game from Cincinnati. Major League Baseball after a day off the Kansas City Royals are back home to begin homestand a very important series this weekend the royals hosting the first place Cleveland Indians. Royals won four of their last five ever. Coming into the series games tonight tomorrow night Sunday afternoon with all those games and beat the royals and thrive on Sports Radio feet at 81240 AM. 975 F them. Chiefs begin the weekend with a month and a half to go in the season just one half game behind for a playoff spot in the American League. Pro baseball downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium last night. First place Wichita wing nuts taking on team that's leading the wild card race right now Kansas City T bones to the top four teams in the league. Wing nuts were down two to nothing going into the bottom of the fourth inning. Ho hum game so far. In the wing nuts put up eleven runs in the bottom of the fourth inning but four homers 50 era over. None no home runs it was all singles doubles errors ground out passed ball a certificate for it well this is now on that certain wild parties. State and state and get up. We know it's piled up eleven runs in the inning and won the game eleven to five. Wichita did prepare well in this series winning Florida five including the last four. Wichita has a big thirteen game lead atop the division was seventeen games to go in the regular season. We announcer home this weekend homestand continues there in division this week in taking on the Texas air hogs tonight tomorrow night Sunday afternoon. At Lawrence Dumont stadium. And happy birthday today to former chiefs defensive tackle voluntary po who had a nice five year run with the chiefs after they drafted him in the first round. He's now signed it will play this year for the Atlanta Falcons on Terry posed 27 today. We're speaking of the chiefs listen tomorrow night right here on KN OSS cheese singles and listen it's 8:15 this morning our daily chat with Mitch hosts. I'm so I'm excited. Imus said about the chiefs and set about football I'll I'll I'll have a football ball Simon. That's a great thing oddly excited once the season gets here Gary season football analysts cite me is that not a big deal but it it it's the other out there and they're brought passes and bought an attack once we get done after Labor Day. Then you're into and I and and I turn on the heat may be good fantasy football here. Yeah you don't want my interest and that is low is it waning mean it has been for years yeah I really couldn't careless. The come up with a new game toward. I did 741 now given ever Rush Limbaugh morning update Chicago pastor asking city to renamed parts in his neighborhood. Stevens head in the morning on K and cents.