Save it or shred it?

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, June 12th
Moneytracker Don Grant tells us what documents to keep around, and for how long.

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She ended today I'm giving out amended noise but when I'm really you can't you win it back. Parents and half the government one. And in our country to fail. 8713 thirty K in SS. Seated in the morning now 647 on a Tuesday. Three big things. Wichita homicide totaled 22 of the first 23 weeks of the year since motorcycle riders critically injured in north which. Historic meeting between leaders of US and north for the three big things even dead on page and as as. And this morning we've got death. Now this morning we've got to westbound Kellogg exit northbound I eight to 35 is closed. That's closed until October so it's gonna Claude wild a move again that is the exit their grants to north found that Iowa are a northbound I 235 from what's found Kellogg. Closed until October. Traffic update from opinion if that's your deal on gas chambers mostly sunny and hot. Today with a 20% chance for rain this afternoon. The high of 93 degrees. 50% chance for showers and storms tonight the overnight those 71 then Wednesday 50% chance for showers and storms high tomorrow 87. Now mostly cloudy 79 degrees we have the southeast wind at seven miles per hour. Sick and assess whether Ron you by the monarch. Featuring the largest Felix defense Perkins admits he's in the state of Kansas. About our coverage of military discounts for current and retired veterans the monarch. In Toledo it's 49 now done rents. Ciampi the money track or less this morning. The Stevens Ted poll question today on our web page it is his radioed Eric on Father's Day is June 17. How will you celebrate a day at the lack of picnic. I era the grill 0%. Take dad out for a little. 0%. Now a nice card 14%. That's what Donald and simple quality time together 86%. Last tempers to it gets go to guys to share those people on our website go to that website they're cheap. Right now they're having steak patient yeah they're not state residents and gone bad well. Well what they're gonna stay here and listen to Stephen Hill with the 'cause it's cheap it's free of Greece. If we charged or whatever it's rewarding. Just so you where if you're too it is it's priceless if you're really keeping you ought to be literally oh. You're kidding you Stephen did pulpit on our web site. Guinness has a radio don't count. China's auto sales rose seven point 9% in May from a year earlier as producers of electric and gasoline electric hybrid vehicles more than double. While to 102000. And industry though those groups in an environmentally conscious Chinese all the time you get them you know they are safe. A judge would say sales of suvs sedans minivans rose to one point nine million. Total vehicle sales rose nine point 6% to 2.3 million. The Chinese are those people are getting they're getting on the road big market they're getting on the road and you know US and global markets rose modestly Monday as investors made preparations for president trumps meeting with. North Korean leader Kim Jong or. In Singapore the Dow rose five point CS and rose just under three points NASDAQ rose fourteen points. I've done rent CFP they'll Lotto tracker. He's talking about save it or shred it the. Exactly but amateur draft corridor exactly he hit her right. And did my service as an actor prepping to get a full year of tax information to my accounted. Usually takes a couple of weeks before cleanup that home office and refile all the documents and hold the information needed to file I don't like taxes nor do I like taking care of those darn papers that. Yet this thick you know in your files and all that well what do I keep and what should I shred. Many of many of us has switched to. I keep electronic copies were at least seven years some of them. You know some from the inception of the delivery system. Of course you wanna check with your financial. And insurance providers to learn what shall have access to and for how long. Or couple all electronic diet documents in a file labeled. With the year of your taxes and keep them on say a flash drive or in your state deposit box or homes say. A cloud copy it would work as well. Whether electronic or paper brokerage investment and banking statements should be kept for at least three years. After that many people will keep the fourth quarter or the December statement. Going back much longer than that. Just to see how their accounts have grown now when trades are made in York county trade confirmation is often sent. That's in your financial accounts your investment accounts. No need to save these as all that information will be in the deep tail section of your. Year and 1099. Statements it's also it showed up in the details of the month earlier the quarterly statements. Tax returns along with a all supporting documents should be kept for at least six years. Many will shred the supporting docs after that and just keep the return so that they can track income over the years to see where you've been handed it to. Pair that against your Social Security statement. Receipts for large purchases like cars televisions furniture and jewelry should be. Kept until you dispose of that property and electronic copy would be best kept kept in a safe place or on the clout. Personal documents like birth and death certificates and initial insurance agreements and passports should be saved forever. Property records of current holdings. Need alterations permits etc. are kept until you sell the property and have filed. Andy gotten a clean bill of health on your taxes and of course if you have any questions you give me a call number 6342222. All right done today is national peanut butter cookie day. Well then why did see Charlie make cute chocolate chip cookies she didn't know oh okay every day's Shelley's. Should could well at saint Shelley's day every day brought in about four dozen we've got three left so you better hurry while. Now another layer Alabama's. American agricultural extension educator George Washington Carver was the most well known promoter of the net. Carver compiled 105 Pina recipes from various cookbooks. Agricultural bulletins and other sources. Including an innocent recipe for good peanut butter cookies eat out here butter cookies are good they are and I like to. And if we had a dozen in here right now we have one or two I would indulge. As anybody here we can send out to get those I'm sure they're in but he had to do it on their own. Dying because I can pay for it. Peanut butter cookie says that these two gentlemen 655 now Stephen Ted coming up at 7 o'clock at the top of the hour the case in this as sporting news. President from the North Korean leader meet in Singapore we got the story right here with Stephen to death on KE NN sense.