Say Hello To Bontanica's Kathy Sweeney

The Good Life
Saturday, October 14th
Guy's guest in this segment of food, wine, & fun for your ears is Kathy Sweeney. Kathy is the mistress of all fun things at Botanica. Kathy & Guy talk about up coming fun events including their holiday Illuminations, Unwined, and more.

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Yeah. Yeah. There have been brought back to the good lap I just stayed with a Thorpe who just joined us shame on you you can catch all of for a first part of the program meant in a sense radio dot com there's a link to that. And their podcasts and such available right after we get out the year thanks man. Who works diligently to label Edmund post. Right now my guest is Kathy Sweeney. She is the mistress of all fun things going on but Canada and there are so many different things going on and I hope you've enjoyed some of the events that have been there this summer. But it's not over just of the summer over. I can't welcome to the atlas. Not. The wind is our our our beautiful video thing going to be out. Add. Current web video to win the we filmed here about Cumberland. That online video added that on our face that made that quick on right now oh cool new and ago. Repeat that paid leave it at a quiet couple days ago though. You can and in that video. And I think well and are you out having fun did you say Europe and. I ran out of town and actually aren't and that. Well just recently voted. One of the top fifty places of America to live. Barry and I think that the it's expanding neck and there was none that I'm back and. Well let's talk just briefly about the panic in general and a lot of people think to summer times springtime thing. But there's still some fun stuff coming up and I think one of the coolest things in the middle winner is what goes on there with holiday lights tell us about that event. Yes they'll illuminate and says that the panic as big bad grade there. Our November 14 and it goes really think that our thirty are. So it'd every you mean outside 3830. In any chance former eighteen acre that botanical garden in US accurate light. Polity is allay we have. Over and now lie in eighteen different IndyCar and an area out. You can and come out and walk the guard and we have air alert each night we have. Buyer it but he can make more we were lit prairie fire yeah I'd Auckland and the team that. Antennas there every night. And then obviously an oil all of the light that that we have about the art and now. Look it. Added event an event at nearly 70000. Gas. Come through like the war is now. It is very beak. That they only tradition and there are a lot of patent. Out of our our community belliard is happy to be a part of back then. And I is that Adam and magical. And meet and holiday and green at the end of the holiday beer. Well you know regardless of what Tom a year Yugo and and it was you just go don't walk around the gardens go have lunch in the gardens go to an event. It's so pretty and there's something to be enjoyed about it every seasonal changes in the garden when we were film and our little promotional video for on one hand. The butterflies that were in the background by Aston and you know by the coy pond and the and the new Asian gardens. Really some magnificent. Magnificent stuff. He added that there is in there for everybody. And migrate an the monarch that are happening right out of habit and it had mounted now as a good sign. But then they also point out about it by how. And and the ever so. And it kind of wrap up but the back out now that. And most of the Ian then you can go out and EU and a better buys are eight and it's important. In any optical airline that it it is that boy we have our. Children garden is degree area is back. And exploring and and and that I in nature and he won does that kind of quiet. Afternoon and a lot eating and get our welcome to bring him down Boogaard bring out there's a little bad that's bad for everybody. Well that's just such a pretty places it's the twelve run it's a great place to have. In a private party there's there's. But you guys do a lot of fun events including. This series called unwind at WI DD. And I've been lucky do I've done to government I've got another we're coming up next week. What a great I did and it seems that we've gotten really good Terna. Get down it anybody and rest and an integrated bank and it will be held at our new low which is that a beautiful building. Are any Chinese Cardin of parents had aren't around back up. It can and add it different lines we are rat. The biting dinner with that class that wit as we aid bill is that neither president meant. And enemy you land and the learn all about all lying. Well and iTunes are. Just so happened that have the list the ones here who were. You show up at 6 o'clock we'll start promptly at six it's only 45 dollars for members and encourage you to be a member but Annika. And but only a fifty for non members and and this is not only opportunities five phone lines. But to have them with that are as well and you'll group be greeted with a glass. A Spanish cob up from cohiba. Beautiful bright. Bright crisp bubbly. It's brood it's kind of drive but it's really refreshing. And then I've got this Rask organ. Pretty highly rated and a great lighter style penile are perfect for this coming year as we transition from heat there winner. And then found a mob back that I do want the tribe and haven't so those will be new to me too it's called this Sanyo and it's for all by now backs and now back grapes in in Argentina near Mendoza. Thought we ought to have armor low 'cause we all like hello this is quotable laws. California addition the 2015 vintage and again. I highly rated and great fun. And I'm officially cabernet from what in my paper producers of all time in Washington State it's a chateau saint Michelle property it's Columbia crest at. H three H three stands for ports of the bills in the Columbia valley Ian. This is a magnificent cabernet that provides a lot of great line. For relatively low dollar it's going to be a lot of fun again it's called on wind it's a book Danica the ones of fall. October 18 next week. Starts at 6 o'clock you can make reservations by going to put Danica dot ORG. Click on events there's a number there you can call beginning questions and at the end the game will of Cuba Kathy thanks for being a part of a program today. Well I. Like that. Happen and Laura are you going again today. At that came out of our airline. And experience an accountant and he goes well have fun and we'll see you next week but Danica. They care. Quick break we'll come back with a one of the week a bunch of fun events coming up in. In and that will be would be over and that we got a note to block over fast. Don't go away.