Say Hello To Coleen Kirnan and Rhonda Villardo

The Good Life
Saturday, July 14th
Coleen & Rhonda are the owners & proprieters of Tuscan Women Cook where peple go to vacation and learn how to cook authentic Italian meals while in Montefollonico Italy!

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Oh. This is the good life. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guide our. Yeah I do want to borrow slim lay off of that trailer went out. Little little little bit of thunder but it's going to be a hot on the day and the best part is that Libya a moist humidity. AJ welcome to the program through bottom bunkers every Saturday. Here at the K and SS thirteen thirty included one studio. My good friend Max power he's on the board that we taking your calls later today when we. Do giveaway that kind of thing but more importantly. Let me give you an autograph talk about. To golf will join us first car calling Kern and Iran about Yarborough. These gals have put together. A business that you're gonna wanna hear about it's called tough and women cook. And guess what you get to do they had me Tuscany. Aid if it working vacation in. Real real work but working in a kitchen with. Battalion. And none of grandma to cook in the news this scenery in the food and the one travel we're gonna talk to them in just a minute. Know that we're gonna opt to dad's stock where my good friend from Pergo vineyards up call with. He's been talked about movie night and the stars featuring the tenth anniversary showing. Of bottle shock imperial vineyards in the in the I'm an open next week. About that. And then again. A new book that just came across my desk and a gal that I met eat real cook book 28 day kick start program. Gain real healthy eating real food. A Christa Sanders and the main yelled at put his put together with their partner. Is deeply do the cooking demo at you'll come farmer's market next week. Not today next Saturday. And she's going to be on the show and appeared to talk about Brooke will tell you more about that later got a great one and a week and different from Tuscany. Electric Cheney's at the sound what is going to be yet never had a can't wait people quirk. Without further ado let's talk about. Austin women cook and these Hugo fairness that the join us Colleen are you there. And Rhonda. Oh good now you we we gotta get one administrative thing on the way. I wish you were both in the studio or better yet I wish we were. And it in Tuscany overlooking the Rolling Hills and vineyard cement and the like and somebody fixing once wrote about. That being said. Yeah they ago that being said. You. I'll try and identify or if I ask a question and you know which it just say go out so we don't step on each other. It's one of the a minor hazards of heaven to folks on by phone but anyway. Let's talk about you girls. I think Rhonda why don't you start telephone with a about how you guys met. And how this company in this partnership and together. Well. Article and I met. And mutual friend and a friend of the art for many many years that we how we knew each other but didn't know each other. We met her years ago and this opportunity to cry. And women cook came about and we felt like it was a really good synergy between two bucks a week to get on. The company was started by. Couple who created it in the you can out and an eight bit careful respect in the years before bay option. Started commuting back and forth in me and wean we were lucky enough we come won the lottery and we bought this. And start actually writing it to get there in twenty XP. Now well. The web sites grating folks by the way while we're talking if you wanna cruise up the web site. Guess what it is housed in women cook dot com. And then if you wanna follow him on Twitter it's the number two SDA and that's it is and women cook and they're also on FaceBook. So when you guys did this this was kind of a big deal you guys were both successful and other endeavors part of this did you envision moving their living there full time part time do you. Were the schedule. In this beautiful village of month of quality. Well I a creator. Company had sort of best possible weeks right so. We lived there for twelve weeks the year which airs week in the spring and it tweaks and the ball. And that I am I I'm eve pierce though you don't mean there. When we're there. And I Ott director at Whitman in California without families you know being away from our camp for those twelve weeks but you know the bullet or willing to us. In the boat people placed under. Well you know I. You don't know this but in my prior lives as an air force Fata problem has been exhibited time and heavy on the airport. Service. And so most of my travels in Italy were in. Or northern Italy in the but he and I can't believe I never got into Tuscany is close as it was and I wanna go back my Brothers being in teases me about going back and that when I got. That press release from this when. Korea sent me your information I got excited that I went to your website and got really excited so. How can you not. Mean and so it. Also about how it works how folks can get involved if they want. Book a trip putting 9022 morning. Well it's quite easy go to our web site in China. We are sold out for this year yet to spot opened up just recently seeking go to the NC when their guard amber but direct the year we are. But it is just a wonderful wonderful trip if we could get a warning what are known us. And then we eat what we created in the morning and paired with winds of that region for lunch and we have a beautiful cuts that takes without him tour. All of our part that kept it lead he traveled 2 PM that amount that you or Deanna. We tore our silicon mountain political. Which is known for the enormously. Complying and have been on those. That light you would expect Serbia to Cheney's that you're gonna taste later attacks that they carry Nightline and you're talking about there. And we're right in the heart of the entity and right of the border county and just right in the middle. It has been much you know to bring Allen says the winds of our region just fantastic as well. Oh and did you guys have. Obviously had interest in and food you wouldn't of done this. One enthusiast. On both both parts. Yet I added people. You feel perfect trifecta. How much of these of the actual. Oh. Analysts say this and that travel planning you do view. Are you guys kind of part time travel agents to get people there'd you do work help with booking airfare and transportation. No we just once you get to that everything is taking care at the once you get to it was a month long ago. Which has no tourist by the way isn't about the drinking the weird numbers and experience right into our military. The restaurant sewers and receptor friend. And they they become our guests and as well so and people come back year after year though and try other areas there. We don't want to get to that we can hear everything fully all inclusive vacation. Where would one fly into it if we were coming to visit. Well I can't come from all over the world that would depend on what airport is best for you unfinished state it generally Rome. Too little farther from last. I'm then we're closer to warrant. We find that most cats from you that buying into round and then take it that the train or packet. Car or a hired car until our ability to about two hours to play. What are your toss a little about the village because you know I have seen and been in some of the best food ever ever eaten has been a little small part of Korea. We've you know and when I was there and sitting alert I would have six days off in a row. And I would go walk about and I would it must sometimes I'd take calling it a driver again go to Europe and out of the way built in the village could drop off. And just go cruising around and if it was on the weekend go to a market. Go to a restaurant and some of the best food. You mentioned something about restaurants in the village and how. Some of those chefs in addition to the known as the grandmas who who do some of the cooking instruction are their restaurants there in the village. Cherry you know what you described is basically what we planned. And we've done it for you that we sort doubts about that that's possible places to go. At that price it guide online though. These there's two restaurant and our little village and we do we frequent. They're just lovely we have the book and a and treaty should Gobi Richards is actually very well known international people know them and them to vote on a coat just to go to those restaurants. But I can't. Ticket question about that site are there are wrapped. Up 500 people live in the village so it's very tiny and typically it's like out to restaurants. That are very well claim in this tiny village is kind of the coup there's really nothing else in this village that would attracted tourists we have one ceramic shop. Run by a local woman other than that they are there aren't going to be near shops that are notorious. There's you know an 8 PM arm in the market can very tiny village which is what makes it the most appealing of policy. Echoing earlier point you truly are immersed in earmarks. People in their friend or one bar one are part of your coffee or your carry people running after an outfit. Home in I can just imagine. I would expect it those who work. In the village or from the village are in agribusiness. And producing some magnificent things to Colquitt. Get out of currently there are. Got a credit in there is is internationally known for has been on. And Victorian and he and Rico in his 800 Euro dollar and apple is. They know delayed airport is in no plea and his award winning in on talent just to truly special expecting. You know I can do it but I consider one of you do it. Kind of explain what vin Santo is because I know a lot of my listeners probably are not familiar with the dilution one. Well I think until the very special wine they call it it's basically didn't until like holding wine like opulent and they. And in hasn't you know wine and dammit it very highly revered. Date back. You know pre pre Roman you know that in its count as one of the earliest line and our wine maker between innings and he. Age is again internationally acclaimed for his stand on at least. Quite loudly protested in front of deputy taste with and from the ninety's you know 1990 four's that were quite lucky to be able to spend time and. It's called a meditation line and isn't sure why but it made for great that they that they app. Ordinarily you're great you're getting harvested in October great about buying while they're but they. Drop app. February there. There are super rich sugary and worries me and the labor. I'm eating out and not on the market you'll get your biscotti cookies in Q. He wouldn't ever do that we this particular award winning and not so it would be a complete and it's to consider why. It's so why can and can sit out for years no problem. And the best part about it is even if you can't drink. You can just barrier knows the glass. And snort the aromas and have great pleasure and a. Yeah. Let's talk about it and looking at the bit cost in the schedule and you guys have a lot of options if I happen to be touring in that area I could prearranged maybe a single day class but really. The weeklong experiences probably I would imagine the most popular. It is quite yet are we really only do this to date clap for groups or friends. That time because that Immersion experiences is really what it's all about and I think. If you go to our trip but I there. It's chilly night because. Very descriptive of art get past experiences. Well I got more question for him but let's take a break I gotta pay some bills but I can afford to book a trip and when he twenty. At the Scott Bauer and I'm telling you this is the good life and if you have never been to Italy you've been dreaming about going. There is no better way to do that yet you can go rent a house on your own. And as some of those come with some some cook help and some cleaning up and maybe even the driver. Well if you like that code and you wanna learn from Patrick and me in an old style kitchen with old world's oh preparation. This sounds like the thing to do it's called custom women cook. Tuscan women cook dot com and we'll look at some of the pictures. We'll tell you about that accommodations and come back from the break them.